Re: FBI\'s System to Covertly Search E-Mail

From ZoeScanner <>
Date Sat, 15 Jul 2000 03:05:47 -0700 (PDT)

[: hacktivism :]

Nothing new actually, I just now made
the Newz.
Here is a cnet story about fbi & Earthlink,
Janet Reno digs (into) it..

Another story concerning email.. blame a glitch?
Incompetence, like ignorance is NOT bliss. 
"It goes all the way to the white house."

What are *They calling it This Time?

Seems to be an Ongoing mess rearing it's ugly
from Time to Time...Do about it? Encryption.

Little else Can be done about "it" at this point.
*They have too strong a foothold to just uproot
*They are cow...ah.. patties.

This (surprise?)Flareup is just another factoid
of the argument In Favor of EVERYBODY Learning
How to Use Encryption.

Want to stop a runaway train?...take away it's

If there is nothing  out there *They can read,
maybe they will get bored N go home.

We have not been grumbeling about this for years
for no reasone....
Learning how to use Encryption is NOT really THAT
hard to do. 
Granted, it IS a little time consuming..BUT! It
works, so?
WHY NOT do it?

Nothing Worthwhile is ever TOTALLY easy OR free.
There is always a price of some kind to be paid.
Encryption seems such a SMALL price compared to
the alternative.

Consider driving a car? 
If you want to drive, you must learn how. 
There are no small amount of things one must
learn ABOUT the car also, to be a GOOD driver.

(I gives me rabies too.)
There ARE some really BAD drivers...just as there
are some whom do not know one end of a
motherboard from the other..AGH! 
This is because they 'get behind the controlls'
BEFORE they learn how to use them!
 Accidents looking for a place to happen.
 Often taking others with them.

My advice?

Read the manual/s. read the Faq's.ALL of em.
 Buy a book. Take a class (or2) if you have to.
Download some pages off the Internet 
(How To's are everywhere) that will SAFELY guide
you through the process....Then..practice.

Dont just'jump behind the wheel' & expect to get
somewhere. You might have an "accident".

Bless the News Media for jumping on this
bandwagon....JQP tend's to believe implicitly
what the media sez. So Maybe NOW they will see
the light! ?
We can dream.....

Har! inadvertantly, They are helping Us!
LOLOL! hehehe  ha!


--- wrote:
> [: hacktivism :]
> this is not a good thing. what can be done
> besides jamming it as we are doing 
> w/ echelon (JED)wht do u sugest???? awaiting
> answer. thanks john-francis.
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