Re: security software: InTether

From ZoeScanner <>
Date Sat, 15 Jul 2000 02:45:15 -0700 (PDT)

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Looks really neat till ya get it out of the
Snake oil, Yes..As Lorax said. 
Why? B'cause..4 1 thing, think of the mess this
prog will leave behind...fragments all over the
& if people dont clean & defrag often...crash is
No wonder they have a nifty lil 'eraser' for sale
right below this.
A; using the DoD as a reference is supposed to
ENcourage buying this thing?
B; nothing 'cleans' a hard drive.It must be
COMpletely written over...usually at the cost of
cells here n there.Or worse..

No M.I. whisps of smoke.Fini.Gone.As if it never
existed.Sorry..false advertising there..HAR!
They even admit it shreds the file/s...the shreds
have to go somewhere...nasty.

Who? who is gonna want to "clean' their hard
drives in this manner on a REGular basis? Most people,
consider the bulk BB deals in daily? that
kind of 'maintence' would ever happen...Not.

I predict a fun time watching this mele' if it
catches on...(bet'cha We get blamed for most of
the crashes & damaged files..
bad hackerz..bad..bad.)

erasing & rewriting.
I 'have' done it several times.
& had bad sectors turn up 9 x outta 10.
( trial & error, I learned..)

 Looks like a lot of hollow bells N whistles to
Just the ticket for BB.....they eat this stuff

Just had a frightening thought!
(it happens)
I hope no public service businesses
offices..or banks fall for this.
Or we might see electronic Armageddon. 
At our expense no doubt. 
They will have to tack the catastrophic cost of
massive repairs on to someone...

I think it's pretty...but has no fire.

Wont last long before it 'breaks'.

Not a serious alternative.


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