(Fwd) [ISN] FBI involves itself in Verio merger

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InternetNews - ISP News

July 6, 2000 InternetNews - ISP News Archives

FBI to Scrutinize NTT-Verio By the InternetNews.com Staff

Tokyo-based Verio Inc. is being scrutinized by the Federal Bureau 

According to the Wall Street Journal, the FBI Thursday raised 
security concerns about the Japanese company's attempt to acquire 
U.S. Internet service provider.

The FBI registered concerns with the Treasury Department about 
(NYSE:NTT) planned purchase of Verio (NASDAQ:VRIO) because 
agency is
concerned that foreign ownership of Verio would inhibit its ability to
maintain surveillance over its telecommunications network.

NTT posted a $5.5 billion offer for Verio in May to acquire the final
90 percent of Verio it did not already own. Verio provides Web 
and network services for about 20 percent of the Fortune 500 
in the world.

The FBI contents that in order to protect U.S. facilities, it must be
assured that only U.S.-owned companies can be used to handle 
Internet traffic. In the past, the FBI has also insisted that the
companies employ U.S. citizens to handle potential wiretapping

NTT announced Friday that the Treasury Department's Committee on
Foreign Investment in the U.S. would conduct a 45-day review of the
planned merger.

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