From jjf <>
Date Tue, 4 Jul 2000 20:27:54 +0100

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It has been almost a year now and I know a lot of people will throw their hands up in horror at the mention of what they believe to have been an ineffectual action devoid of any comprehensive strategy, but I would like to put forward the proposition that another "Jam Echelon Day" be held.

Last time round the press picked up on it very quickly and in the months following this a number of mainstream news sources started taking the issue further and "uncovering" more and more about the system; most notably ZDNet (see their Echelon special: who also raised the issue of **private** Echelon-like systems which might be as powerful or even more so than those run by the UKUSA alliance (

As hacktivists we should be extremely concerned about the capability to intercept our communications, be it by governments or (unaccountable) corporations. That is why, after a year, I think it is time to remind people about "Big Brother". It may be a waste of time to some, but it can do no harm to "jam echelon" again.

Anyway, think about it and perhaps this year the day can be a bit more coordinated.



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