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From Thom Saffold <>
Date Mon, 3 Jul 2000 08:44:34 -0400

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GREAT response!  I was in Seattle with DAN, in DC, in Detroit (OAS
protests), and will be part of the protests of the National Governors
Conference next weekend and R2K in Philly.  Like you, I have found that
there is a lot of sophistication in the average protestor's assessment of
the problems globalization represent.

Your observation that "when the "kids" start profitting from the f'd up
system they won't think it's so bad after all" is very relevant to me right
now.  I turn 50 tomorrow, and every birthday for the last 15 years, I've
taken time to look at myself in the mirror for about an hour and ask, "Is
this going to be the year you sell out?"  I've seen it over and over as I've
aged--friends of mine (usually men; women seem to be stronger in their
convictions) start being more concerned with earning money and owning stuff
than living to bring justice for all and to end exploitation of those whose
stolen labor fuels our standard of living.

So far, I've only gotten more radical, and I'm organizing a Direct Action
Cooperative and Center in Ann Arbor, MI, designed to organize local
progressive and radical groups to "push the envelope" and be more bold in
using direct action tactics and be more aggressive in getting our messages
out.  But I'll still do my ritual tomorrow...

Rev. Thom Saffold
Ann Arbor, MI

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