Re: Different policies

From Flint Jones <>
Date Fri, 19 May 2000 12:02:23 -0400 (EDT)

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> The Electrohippies are NOT HACKtivists.

The media think they are, they think they are, and alot of subscribers to
the hacktivisism list think they are.  As the debate over what a
hacktivist is hasn't ever been resolved... I think we will have to go
with the benfit of the doubt on this one.

> They are more up the ally of Internet Terrorists/Extortionists.

Oh get off it.  They might be inconviencing come folks, they might even be
acused of censorship (however ineffective).  They aren't engaged in any
kind of violence.  Yes, they end up effecting alot more than just their
targets, like service providers and others along the same path, but not 
much more than push technology or spam might.  Its hardly "terror", and 
to toss them into the same category as people who kill people for
political reason... well, you might as well call them a government then.

Extortion is a stretch too... at best their tactics are just media
propaganda.  I don't think the powers that be stay awake at
night fearful that their websites are going to go down from to much load.

> Check out the hacktivism mailing list archives on the web site to see this
> debate from a few months ago so we don't have to relive it. :)

Yeah... the archives are good... but could stand to have a search engine.


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