Gnutella Possibilities

From Chris Wilson <>
Date Thu, 18 May 2000 23:30:33 -0700

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Gnutella is a distributed file sharing system which enables people to
easily make files available for others to download.  It doesn't rely upon
central servers as Napster does, nor does it place restrictions on file
extensions.  It's based entirely on an open protocol, and as a result, there
are about 22 clients available on the web.  If you're not already familiar with
Gnutella (which is probably unlikely), see:

Mostly, this network is being used to share mp3s and pr0n right now, but I was
thinking that it might be a good idea for us to make anarchist writings
available for download when we use Gnutella.  There's the possibility that such
documents will be located when multimedia hounds do their searches.  Plus,
using the network to share information of a political or activist nature will
allow Gnutella to develop into something more significant that a global
"piracy" network.

I've got the Anarchist_FAQ (both in zip file and tarball form) located in my
shared directory, along with other docs, and I'm going to continue to add to
that.  If others start making political information available for download when
using Gnutella, those who aren't so political will have a greater chance of
being exposed to our ideas (although this will require, at the very least,
enough curiousity to download our files when they stumble across them).  The
time and effort required to do this is miniscule compared to say, maintaing a
web site, and every possible avenue of drawing attention to libertarian
ideas is helpful.  When I do a search on "anarchism" within Gnutella, it's not
finding any matches.  I say that we should change this.


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