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Date Tue, 28 Mar 2000 08:48:19 +0100

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Hacking is the art of looking for and taking advantage of security flaws in
operating systems, devices and whatever that can be exploited.
Is hacking illegal or not ? Depends in the point of view and how you do
things ! If you hack your own network for security measures that not illegal
for sure. If you hack a corporation with previous autorization for a
security test it is not illegal !
If you hack a system cause someone said "I will offer $$$$xxx$$$ if you can
hack this" then hacking is still not illegal...
Now if you hack a system that doesnīt belong to you and you havenīt got any
kind of agreement about that...well in that case hacking can be considered
Hope this helps you in your essay.
Keep Smiling

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