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Leonardo had not created, like etoy did, any specific email list, nor
specific website. Although Leonardo Finance (Transasia) is looking for
a mediator, the lawsuit is still on the air, and Leonardo is actually
looking for funds to pay their lawyers' bill (see below).
Their appeal to protest has also been translated in spanish (see
http://www.iris.sgdg.org/actions/leonardo and

by the way, have you heard of this french affair where a computer
engineer broke the code of banking cards ? the crypto code is available on
and the case summarized on http://parodie.com/humpich + http://www.humpich.com.
Even if it's another David vs Goliath case (and the engineer has been
condemned), this affair points to a fundamental & technological
problem of the e-commerce : what's the deal with "this kind" of
privacy ? France seems to be one of the most secured country for
e-banking, but even "our" code has been broken...

furthermore, and Xcuse this long & multiple posting, a new news
service has just been launched : H-N-S, HACKTIVIST NEWS SERVICE, which
is now available, in french, @ http://www.samizdat.net/infos/hns


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> >Dear leonardo friends,
> ================================================
> >
> >Again I need to express the thanks of all the leonardo
> >network for all the letters of support and encouragement.
> >We are proceding with our legal filings.
> >
> >Meanwhile our legal and other bills are mounting. We
> >have just heard of two generous donations to the
> >Leonardo Legal Defense Fund. One from the Langlois
> >Foundation, and another significant donation from
> >Martin Anderson , a donation which will be matched
> >by an equal amount from his employer. We have
> >raised almost $5000 to date but this only covers
> >a fraction of our bills at this point.
> >
> >One other way you can help is by buying a Leonardo
> >Legal Defense Tee Shirt = you can buy the Tee shirt on
> >line from zero23 in Nova Scotia, Canada and they
> >mail it directly to your home. In addition to providing
> >valuable contributions to the legal defense fund, by
> >wearing these tee shirts you bring additional attention to
> >the Leonardo Affair.
> >
> >
> >Several artists are donating design for the tee
> >shirts , we thank them for the generous donation:
> Joanna Sheldon,
>  Miklos Legrady,
> Gregory Chatonsky
> and Antoine Moreau.
> >
> >
> >The first two designs are now up on the zero23 web
> >site. We hope that you will consider buying a tee shirt
> >and contributing to the Leonardo  Legal Defense Fund in this
> >way.
> >
> >here is the URL:
> >
> > http://www.zero23.com/leo/leo.htm .
> If you cannot afford to buy a tee shirt, maybe you
> would be considering adding a link to your site.
> >

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