Re: Ehippies new DoS tools and information

From Ahmad Alhattan <>
Date Sat, 11 Mar 2000 12:57:28 -0800 (PST)

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Talk about freedom of speech ,Pan. You should be
thankful to god that at least by sending your previous
email your still a live. Think about the others in the
other side of the world, where if they wrote or even
said something that they strongly believe in, within
in seconds they will be put behind the sun (In jai).
In addition, you get to access the Internet without
you being censored nor your email is scanned before
you even view them, itís a privilege you should be
thankful for as well. Any how, freedom is God giving,
but with today bureaucratic reasons freedom is no
longer god giving instead its human controlled. 


--- Hal <> wrote:
> So the ehippie situation is not actually a
> freedom-of-speech issue as we
> accept it in this country.  Instead, it is much akin
> to protestors
> shouting down an attempt of, say, the KKK to hold a
> news conference. 
> Also it is akin to a private newspaper refusing to
> allow gun ads.
> Pan wrote:
> > ZoeScanner wrote:
> > > Greetz!    I support E-hippies...(in fact i
> kinda
> > I disagree based on one basic premise: Preventing
> other people from
> > accessing the attacked site is blocking the right
> to free speech,
> > something I value greatly. Putting out our own
> message in creative ways
> > is different that preventing others from putting
> out theirs.

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