Re: Ehippies new DoS tools and information

From Hal <>
Date Sat, 11 Mar 2000 10:00:13 -0800

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Being a former journalist with major newspapers and presently a writer,
I am perhaps hyper-sensitive to the freedom of speech.  However, that
freedom cannot be abridged by any level of *government.*  People fail to
make that distinction.  An employer can indeed restrict the freedom of
speech of employees (threat of firing) as can private entities by
denying access to one who desires to speak.  Ditto on the public
boycotting (or simply failing to support) a print or electronic medium
which does not present a popular opinion.  Considering that there is no
threat or destruction used against them, no one has the freedom of
access to a specific medium (except Public Broadcasting, etc.) or a
right to a specific time and circumstance of presenting their message. 

So the ehippie situation is not actually a freedom-of-speech issue as we
accept it in this country.  Instead, it is much akin to protestors
shouting down an attempt of, say, the KKK to hold a news conference. 
Also it is akin to a private newspaper refusing to allow gun ads.

I, also, find much merit in the ehippies position since they apparently
support a seemingly legal way of operation, AND they take responsibility
for the action in ADVANCE.  Like Zoescanner, I also feel that it is
sometimes necessary to move to action rather than remain in


Pan wrote:
> ZoeScanner wrote:
> > Greetz!    I support E-hippies...(in fact i kinda
> I disagree based on one basic premise: Preventing other people from
> accessing the attacked site is blocking the right to free speech,
> something I value greatly. Putting out our own message in creative ways
> is different that preventing others from putting out theirs.

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