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From Pan <>
Date Sun, 12 Mar 2000 03:40:42 -0500

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Hal wrote:
> So the ehippie situation is not actually a freedom-of-speech issue as we
> accept it in this country.  Instead, it is much akin to protestors
> shouting down an attempt of, say, the KKK to hold a news conference.

Funny you should mention  that metaphor. Here in Ann Arbor, the KKK
tries to speak every year. There is a group of "protesters" who show up
to throw rocks, bricks and fight with the police. In other words,
prevent the Klan from exercising a legal right. This group has damaged
several city buildings and hurt many people (one of which was a forty
year old women who's crime was to be a wife standing by her husband who
was one of the speakers. Other casualties have been peace keepers who
have attempted to protect city hall. This protest group does more damage
than the KKK. Not only do they prevent an organization from the right of
Free Speech, but they destroy our city. To speak out against this
"protest" group, whom I call THROWROC, I modified one of their flyers.
In other words, I did something that attracted attention and offered an
alternate point of view.

The original is here:

modified version is here:

This also applies to the web. I would rather see a site "flyered" with
an alternate point of view than prevent a group or corporation from
speaking. Not to mention the more destructive a hack, the more the
government will come down on hacktivists.

Sensory Research

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