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From brian carroll <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Sat, 28 Aug 2004 21:35:59 -0500

 Do-It-Yourself: Circuitwood with Creatures  // photos

took some photographs of the completed circuitwood
project awhile ago and made a basic how-to page, as
the project itself was a lot of fun and a great learning
experience. so, in the sense that it can be replicated
and adapted to other purposes or ideas, there does
seem to be educational value in teaching electronics
concepts through analogy or aesthetics. this was not
exactly that, but it did offer evidence that it is a way to
get imaginations involved with EM abstractions in a
way that is familiar, fun, and tangible in its end result.
here are two photomerges of each side of the project:

circuitwood with creatures, side 1. bc -free 2004.
click for large photomerge (360K) of side 1.

circuitwood with creatures, side 2. bc -free 2004.
click for large photomerge (270k) of side 2.

critiques, feedback, ideas, suggestions appreciated.
brian, microsite: http://www.electronetwork.org/bc/

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