~e; nuke policy, war, and peace

From brian carroll <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Sat, 28 Aug 2004 22:53:36 -0500

// it has been strange that the offer to give guarantees, by word and 
// have been rebuffed over a certainty of nuclear weaponry, and not 
// with as a beginning opportunity for checks and balances in the 
// the duplicity of language/words may be more to do with those seeking 
// find what they cannot, but sure of it, so distrust all forms of 
// agreement and nuclear diplomacy. as if someone is meeting half-way 
(let us
// get to the table with nuclear issues), & the other refuses to 
consider it.
// the lack of leadership in .US foreign policy on nuclear diplomacy is 
// it consists of accusations, war, and rhetoric, and no peaceful 
// even (now private citizen) private diplomats have worked on their 
own to
// twork in a realm of words, deeds, treaties to bypass Neocon 

[and] Spy Arrest Said Possible Soon // why mole, nuke issues related

	'Separately, Iran said Saturday it would continue its nuclear program 
but provide "guarantees" not to build atomic weapons, and warned 
Washington it cannot stabilize neighboring Iraq and Afghanistan without 
Tehran's help.' ..  'In a wide-ranging news conference in Tehran, 
Iranian President Mohammad Khatami said the wall of mistrust separating 
Tehran and Washington had become thicker during the Bush 
administration, adding he hoped American casualties in Iraq would 
affect U.S. public opinion before the November election.' .. 
'Washington claims the Iranian nuclear program is aimed at building 
atomic weapons, but Tehran says is directed at generating electricity.' 
.. '"We are ready to do everything necessary to give guarantees that we 
won't seek nuclear weapons," Khatami said.' .. '"As Muslims, we can't 
use nuclear weapons," he told reporters in Tehran. "One who can't use 
nuclear weapons won't produce them."' .. 'He did not elaborate on the 
nature of the guarantees, but Iran has already agreed to international 
inspections of its nuclear facilities and military sites. Khatami 
reiterated his country would not give up its nuclear program.' .. 
'Khatami's statement marks the first time Tehran has so publicly said 
it would provide guarantees to ease international concerns about its 
nuclear program.'

[and] Analyst Who Is Target of Probe Went to Israel // spy trauma...

	'At the center of the investigation, sources said, is Lawrence A. 
Franklin, a career analyst at the Defense Intelligence Agency who 
specializes in Iran and has served in the Air Force Reserve, rising to 
colonel. Early in the Bush administration, Franklin moved from the DIA 
to the Pentagon's policy branch headed by Undersecretary Douglas J. 
Feith, where he continued his work on Iranian affairs.' .... 'Franklin 
works in the office of William J. Luti, deputy undersecretary of 
defense for Near Eastern and South Asian affairs. For years a 
bureaucratic backwater, the office has been in the thick of the action 
since 2001 because it formulates Pentagon policy on Iraq. It played a 
central role  as the U.S. military prepared for the spring 2003 
invasion and since then as the Pentagon has overseen the occupation.' 
.. 'Feith has been a controversial figure in U.S.-Israeli affairs since 
the mid-1990s, ... who urged Israel's then prime minister, Binyamin 
Netanyahu, to abandon the Oslo peace accords and reject the basis for 
them...' .... 'One Israeli official familiar with the situation said 
yesterday ... "... It's a nonevent, from the Israeli point of view...'..

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