~e; (nuke policy) mole surfaces?

From brian carroll <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Sat, 28 Aug 2004 12:28:16 -0500

// this would go a long way to making sense of .US nuclear (and other) 
// in the sense that it has been largely irrational for .US national 
// note: Sharon mentioned invading Iran, next, at the onset of the Iraq 
war, as
// a precursor to any public statement of .US war plans announced to 
the public.
// thus, .US foreign policy was being announced from inside of another 
// (another oddity, why is a close aid to a .US governor a citizen of a 
// country? thought rules forbid non-citizens access to us.gov 
// this scandal broke a few weeks earlier, all that is demanded is an 
// person leaves country immediately, making statements in their 
foreign press?
// if anything non/dual-citizens work in .gov positions poses security 
// whyso: decision-making may not be in the best interest of the local 
// thus, the threats raised by nuclear issues could benefit another 
country at
// the same time severely endanger abilities of a host, by proxy or 
// why is this EM? nuclear bombs, nuclear reactors, nuclear war, 
nuclear peace.

Pentagon Official Suspected of Giving U.S. Secrets to Israel // 
nuke-policy mole

	'American policy towards Iran is now of critical importance to Israel, 
which is increasingly concerned by evidence that Tehran has accelerated 
its program to develop a nuclear weapon. The Bush Administration has 
become concerned that Israel might move militarily against Iran's 
nuclear complex.' .. 'American counterintelligence officials say that 
Israeli espionage cases are difficult to investigate, because they 
involve an important ally that enjoys broad political influence in 
Washington. Several officials said that a number of espionage 
investigations involving Israel had been dropped or suppressed in the 
past in the face of political pressure...'

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