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Date Sat, 7 Aug 2004 17:42:13 -0500

Electromagnetic News & Views -- #134

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (8/07/2004)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts
13) Special Section: Remembering Nuclear War

00) --commentary--

* wondering when someone will 'will' their computer harddrives and  
media to the
great internet archive in the future-searchable info-archaeological  
aether zone.

* technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) equipment seems to be  
the ideal
equipment for artists who are interested in electromagnetism to  
investigate as
ways of mapping space, detecting frequencies in a place, and mapping  
EMFs and
environments and signals. not for reasons of human-human surveillance  
but as a
way to get a sense of the EM environment. the equipment seems centered  
on very
high-end devices, yet it is curious what happens to the old stuff, the  
junk if
there is any that partly-works, such as field probes and various  
devices. hope to work on an esoteric list of tools that maybe someday  
could work with TSCM people to experiment with in terms of  
and visualizing fields and waves and energy readings and  
the flip-side of this equipment is ghost-busting (in my view, not  
given that EM physics are a question, still mysterious) and maybe there  
is an
inbetween realm for all of these approaches. with a ubiquity of  
at issue, the people who actually know the most about it may also be  
able to
bring unique understanding to a total view, from the physics to the  
and aesthetics and history and anthropology of such seekers of things  
as TSCM pros seem best able to investigate and interpret invisible EM  
(ex. frequency counters, spectrum analyzers, hand-held EM/RF/? probes.)

* recently wrote to google labs regarding a search engine idea i have  
had for
long time, hoping to get to pitch it, and got the 'no thanks but no  
thanks' --
though it would be nice if someday these companies started to think  
about very
different models not just of interface (as has been done) but also  
logic, ways
of using the models at the core of the intersection of mathematics and  
(venn diagrams) to scale through and across mutiple sets of data  
and in a way akin to fractals, with a multi-valued logic, readily  
will work on making the idea open-source content though will probably  
work on
'the home server' idea prior to any sharing of search engine ideas.  
right now
the first content (made possible with Illustrator!) for the EM  
education section
is almost ready to go online (have no idea how to make the page to put  
it on..)
on the one patentable idea I was hoping to someday develop, as it  
seemed to be
good enough to invest the effort in doing: programmable electromagnetic  
though, being incompetent in most things private-profit-oriented in  
the idea is not going to the last thing done in life, but the first,  
and not to
sell the idea by seeking permission for money to develop it, instead to  
give a
good educational idea away in hopes others will find some value in it  
and will
continue to cause of EM education which is direly needed in k-adult  
the reason the EM jewelry is of particular importance is it is tied to  
a long
mystery and the mystery is not yet resolved, yet sending the idea  
onward soon...

* have not found one thing in the 'old style' or 'old school' DIY  
learning methods that could not be improved in terms of usability,  
packaging, basic improvements, and in most realms it seems there is  
this gap in
how things are designed (they are not, actually, very well designed at  
all) --
for instance, a decent quality solderless breadboard comes with binding  
yet there is no system for regulated power supplies besides high cost  
power supplies which can use the banana jacks to bring some custom  
power to the
temporary layout of a circuit on the board. instead, the option is to  
in bits and pieces a system using a wallwart, banana jack adapters,  
wire, and
a y-adapter to a custom wallwart, and just for a single line-powered  
board. it
is this type of inefficiency in design (where boards ship with binding  
yet are unused or just plain not-useful) and a system designed to work  
as a
total system - to save through some economy of design which is not  
present in
the current way things are made, sold, packaged. this is actually the  
given if one wants to improve the economy of trying to use batteries  
for every
circuit and needing custom holders for each, then reusing wires so  
often they
start to get frayed (why binding posts help, and banana jacks, you plug  
in once and they are robust) -- that neither option allows ease-of-use  
in the
realm of electronics hardware. finding basic supplies and components is  
it truly cannot be said in any other way, a nightmare scenario. that  
is, if
one is coming into this as a beginner, a learner, a novice, and trying  
to go
small scale and build up what amounts to a basic toolkit, hardware  
and components. this gap is met at the beginners end of things by the  
packaged 'courses' in basic electronics, which come in kits yet do  
little to
explain how to do things yourself, it is basically a how-to on concepts  
in this it is helpful (to some degree) yet it is also missing something  
that one can construct something yet not understand really how it works  
functions or the properties of why it is constructed the way it is, and  
is this gap that is met by straight textbooks with equations -- the  
for those who see 'the forest' and not just the technical detail of  
may find a general approach to electronics very difficult without a  
or, traditional approaches to electronics that serve a technical  
other approaches exist, in part, yet a basic education in  
could accomplish a lot by improving upon existing systems and making  
more accessible to novices and also teachers, to share the knowledge and
not just repeat the equations. electronics (and EM) are ideal for a  
interdisciplinary education in that culture, physics, math, technology,
and many other things can be explored simulatenously. 'the wheel' is so
often being repeated that instead of trying to accomplish a  
understanding of this existing model, the focus will be more that of  
which are not going over the same material in the same ways, and thus to
not rely on a solely or even primarily technical vantage in offering  

01) --top stories--

// nuclear diplomacy versus VP-Cheney as pointman for the John  
// the thing about the .US that is reflected in all its consumer  
mediated waves
// is the 'constant threat' of ballistic nuclear missile attacks from  
N. Korea
// (tied in with terror warnings) and this to National Missile Defense  
// or wrongly) funding and its advancement-- and little or no  
affirmative news
// or views of outside (.US or .EU) diplomatic efforts such as .CN and  
.RU in
// North Korea, and also the nuclear diplomacy of Libya's leadership  
who, by
// this administration is repeatedly hound-dogged for doing what was/is  
// but used and abused as a 'symbol' of evil, as the former union  
states are
// still referred to in such idiotic and disrespectful terms-- that is,  
if the
// idea of nuclear diplomacy has some importance over nuclear  
armageddon. the
// 'super-ego' status needs a reality check of the many players and  
// involved and necessary for a balance- that which the current  
// cannot, will not, and actively seeks not to avoid for any and every  
// the problem is the solution in this approach-- there needs to be a  
// nuclear threat so as to justify the old industrial approach to arms  
// which cannot be run or won-- without breaking the pubilc state into  
// which is just fine if one wants to privatize a country and rule by  
// but does not fit the spirit or letter of the law in a democratic  

Diplomacy Fails to Slow Advance of Nuclear Arms // disengaged and  

	'American intelligence officials and outside nuclear experts have  
concluded that the Bush administration's diplomatic efforts with  
European and Asian allies have barely slowed the nuclear weapons  
programs in Iran and North Korea over the past year, and that both have  
made significant progress.' .... 'The desire to pursue a broader  
strategy against Iran's nuclear ambitions is driven in part, officials  
say, by increasingly strong private statements by Israeli officials  
that they will not tolerate the development of an Iranian nuclear  
weapon, and may be forced to consider military action similar to the  
attack against a nuclear reactor in Iraq two decades ago if Tehran is  
judged to be on the verge of making a weapon. (In contrast, North  
Korea's neighbors, especially South Korea and China, are seeking  
stability first, and disarmament as a longer-term goal, diplomats from  
the region say.)' .... '"It's very frustrating," said one former  
official who left the Bush administration recently and believes that  
the administration has failed to draw clear "red lines" beyond which  
North Korea would not be allowed to expand its arsenal. The official  
noted that Mr. Bush and his aides had been talking as if North Korea  
and Iran would follow the model of Libya, which disarmed earlier this  
year in an effort to re-integrate its economy with the West. But, the  
official argued, Iran does not need to do that because it has robust  
trade with Europe, and North Korea still receives considerable aid from  

// $5 billion agrifuel R&D, $10billion clean coil/energy efficiency,  
$10 billion
// auto industry fuel-efficient retooling & ~$5,000 efficient vehicle  
tax credit

Kerry Offers Plan for U.S. Energy Independence

	'"We have to control our energy future," said Kerry...' .... '"America  
will be safer and freer when the resources that  fuel our economy are  
in our hands and when we develop new  energy sources in our country,"  
Kerry said.' .... '[The Public .US Energy Plan] would also set twin  
goals to have, by 2020, 20 percent  of the nation's motor fuel and  
electricity come from  alternative sources such as solar, wind, ethanol  
and biodiesel fuel.' .. 'The Massachusetts senator has made energy  
independence a  centerpiece of his White House bid...'

// in other words: energy security is national and international  
// the reason Cheney's .US private energy task force is not .US public  
// right now is not because of senators, it is total corruption  

[and] Dems: Ousting Bush will fix energy troubles

	'The plans offered Friday were outlined in the candidates' book  
released Monday, "Our Plan for America: Stronger at Home and Respected  
in the World," which posits that energy issues have gone beyond  
economic considerations to become an issue of homeland security.' ....  
'According to Kerry, the path to independence is to explore and develop  
new energy sources, improve energy efficiency, diversify existing  
sources and reduce prices. A major key to accomplishing these goals, he  
said, is to revamp U.S. diplomacy.' .... '"One of the reasons why oil  
prices and all the derivatives, gasoline and others, are so high is the  
instability in the world and in America's relationship in the world  
community, and a fresh start -- literally Senator Kerry taking office  
-- I think could quickly begin to restore American relationships in the  
world community and quickly get the so-called instability ... fear  
premium, which is currently in oil prices," said Kerry economic adviser  
Roger Altman.' .. '"I think you could see some improvement of energy  
prices quite quickly by virtue of a new president without all the  
baggage and a fresh start internationally," he added.' .. 'Once in  
office, the campaign says it would vastly alter Bush's attitude toward  
foreign oil producers.' .. '"You're likely to see a very quick change  
in the approach towards Saudi Arabia -- none of the coddling that  
you've seen in this administration, none of the kid-gloves approach,"  
said former National Security Council head Lee Wolosky.' .. '"This  
administration, you have to keep in mind, as it was announced this  
week, received the most gifts of any country from the Saudi leadership.  
... What you're going to see as the senator has said over and over  
again is an approach of naming-and-shaming and if necessary freezing  
certain individuals or financial institutions or even countries out of  
the U.S. financial system that do not respond appropriately to the  
imperatives of U.S. national security."'

// this is a very interesting critique of the catch-all rhetoric that  
// in the current .US administration lead to, a dumbing-down of policy  
// available to, say, avert endless war and drain all resources to be  
// to changes, and that no changes can be made because things work just  
fine as
// they are (for the few who believe theirs is the best of all possible  
// energy independence could be incremental, and cover every nation in  
the world
// as it is as important that China and Japan and the .EU and Russia  
and South
// America and Africa have enough supplies yet also regulate  
consumption in such
// a way as to not waste fuel (and money/treasure) that could go  
towards needed
// improvements in developing medium- and long-term, viable, livable  
// it may be that there is both a need for some energy independence, by  
all, at
// the same time as energy 'interdependence', as a balancing act.  
whereas today
// things are obviously out of balance, unsustainable in terms of  
// and the insatiable appetite for cheap, now increasingly expensive,  
energy. it
// has been wondered what the future for Saudi Arabia holds if it  
continues too,
// as much as an oil economy could be liberating to enable changes, it  
may also
// limit changes to keep things moving, the oil flowing, the economy  
churning as
// a machine- yet when it is over, there could be little changes as a  
result of
// such a mechanism. curious what the Saudi's and other Middle-Eastern  
// invest in R&D for solar and other energy development, to save, not  
waste, the
// precious resources which maintain the cultural traditions. and if  
adapting to
// changes in energy, within a traditional context, could address  
issues that a
// purely oil-based (ideological) approach may not allow, if it were to  
exist in
// a singular view of what is the worth of a nation's exports in terms  
of ideas.
// this is another question, too, if taking into consideration if the  
plans of
// 'terrorists' to take over Saudi oil fields were to actually occur,  
it could
// send the entire cultural order that exists for centuries and more,  
into ruin
// through a further limiting of an entire culture and people with a  
single idea
// of oil. this singular obsession with oil as the value of a society  
may need
// to find balance and moderation, and if ideologies do not allow for  
this it
// could destroy the cultural fabric that holds people together, --  
this is to
// say that if 'terrorism' were actually successful with oil, it may be  
a curse
// to control such a resource without the perspective of much larger  
human aims.
// and if such a control failed, those who cause it would become  
enemies of all,
// even in the places where the common ideologies support a cultural  
// when the oil money stops flowing through the same channels, all  
would change,
// and not necessarily for the better of the common person, in the end.  
// is why today's tactice of demonizing and sanctifying, used as a  
// ploy for a straw-man for pre-determined agendas, may be too  
short-lived for
// the radical questions of fundmental changes needed, and that those  
// are the top of the agenda, through diplomacy, working through it  
// though it is also possible for a total restrategization of .US oil  

[and] Kerry's Goal of Independence From Middle East Oil Divides Advisers

	'"Things will be said in an election year, and we take it for what it  
is," said Nail al-Jubeir, spokesman for the Saudi Embassy in  
Washington. "These arguments tend to be what you find on a bumper  
sticker. People think Saudi-bashing is the answer to energy  
consumption, but we're not over here selling you S.U.V.'s or defeating  
fuel-efficiency standards."' .. 'Yet while the Saudi elite may  
understand the need for Mr. Kerry's rhetoric, others in the kingdom see  
a downside for both nations. "This is not good from the point of view  
of attacking another country or in the way the U.S. public sees us,"  
said the Saudi official who insisted on anonymity. "And some people  
will use it against the U.S."' .. 'The Kerry campaign, however, did not  
see drawbacks to the message.'

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

Association of mobile phone radiation with fatigue, headache,
dizziness, tension and sleep disturbance in Saudi population

Indian Dam Threatened // overflow from monsoon...

Lightning jolts teen working on computer // via drudgereport.com

	'Mike Bergeron ... was in the basement of the home about 9:30 p.m. on  
Tuesday when lightning struck the roof of the house, traveled through  
the electrical lines to the computer and shocked him.' .. 'Linda  
Bergeron said the impact of the jolt sent her son flying about 5 feet  

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure


04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

// the headline below, mentioning a virus 'charges' a PDA is  
misleading, not for
// relation to the story of a very slow-moving if not stationary Trojan  
// but that the virus does not 'charge' the batteries of the PDA it  
attacks. so
// such a headline is hard to read and included here for this aspect.  
also, it
// is wondered if such a thing could be possible, that a virus or  
trojan horse
// could somehow make its way into the battery system of the PDA and  
control a
// function such as charging or discharging, the way the circuit itself  
// (i.e. so that a 12 hour battery life may be put to 12 seconds, and  
// may be ruined if the flood of power was surging through circuitry.  

[em-headline] Trojan Horse Charges PDAs // same old story from  

Image flaw pierces PC security // .png

	'The most critical issue, a memory problem known as a buffer overflow,  
could allow specially created PNG graphics to execute a malicious  
program when the application loads the image.'

Small security firm puts spotlight on big vendor bugs:
Research company says it has discovered 67 undisclosed
vulnerabilities in major vendors' software // oracle db

	'In general, he has established the reputation of being a pro bug  
hunter,...' .. 'To software vendors, Litchfield could potentially be  
seen as either a predator, constantly seeking to discover their  
weaknesses, or a best friend, someone who makes them aware of their  
vulnerabilities before they are compromised.' .. 'But either take on  
the affable 28-year-old seems ill-suited. Neither exuberant do-gooder  
or one clearly touched with schadenfreude, Litchfield seems to be what  
he says he is: a techy.' .. 'Before he turned his focus on bugs,  
Litchfield was interested in animals...'

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

Mexican unions threaten to cut electricity, phones in pension protest

	'Unions threatened Thursday to cut off Mexico's electricity and  
telephone service during President Vicente Fox's state-of-the-union  
speech on Sept. 1. It would be the closest thing to a general strike  
the country has experienced in decades.' .... '"The electricians' union  
has proposed "turning off the switch" on September 1, and the telephone  
workers' union could take the same action, by taking the telephone  
service down," said Eduardo Torres, spokesman for the Mexican Telephone  
Workers Union. Mexico's former telephone monopoly, Telmex, was  
privatized in 1990.' .. 'The Mexican Electrical Workers' Union, one of  
the country's most radical, has already decided to cut electricity on  
that day, said union spokeswoman Monica Gutierrez.' .... 'The unions  
have been unhappy with sweeping government privatizations of the 1980s  
and 1990s and have expressed fear that pensions, too, will be  
privatized and trimmed.'

SENA to waive off outstanding electricity bills of farmers
Hindustan Times - New Delhi,India
BEATTIE admits electricity debate damaging
ABC Regional Online - Australia
SEVERAL Moldovan villages cut off from electricity supply.
ITAR-TASS - Moscow,Russia
STORM cuts electricity to patrons
Burlington Hawk Eye - Burlington,IA,USA
SA consumption of electricity drops
Business Day, South Africa - Johannesburg,South Africa
EU Commission could probe Portuguese electricity, gas deal
EUbusiness - London,UK
BJP, Cong CMs chorus against free electricity
Indian Express - New Delhi,India
ELECTRICITY prices will not fall | 20:22 August 06 | B92
B92 - Yugoslavia

WARNING of Impending Electricity Shortage // managing electrification...

	'Without investment in new energy projects, Mozambique is in danger of  
running into an electricity shortage as from 2007, the chairman of the  
publicly-owned electricity company, EDM, Vicente Veloso, has warned.'  
.... 'Currently Cahora Bassa is effectively owned by Portugal, which  
has an 82 per cent stake in the dam operating company, HCB.' .. 'The  
Mozambican state is a minority shareholder, with only 18 per cent. The  
government wants to take full control of Cahora Bassa, but negotiations  
with Lisbon have been slow. The Portuguese government claims that HCB  
owes the Portuguese treasury a debt of about two billion dollars.'

06-- Electromagnetic current & human affairs

ELECTRICITY Needs More Women // ***
AllAfrica.com - Africa // rural electrification and women's  

	'THE Southern African Electricity Distribution Summit has identified  
lack of women empowerment in the electricity sector as one of the major  
problems facing Africa.' .... 'In most African countries, women are the  
most affected by energy scarcity and related environmental degradation,  
thus community projects in the areas of water purification and energy  
should be carried out in order to enhance their capacity and help solve  
their plight, [Maduray] noted.'

// there has always been something to the amplification if ideas in  
rock & roll
// music that has become a type of cultural structure, which can be  
seen in the
// .US with early Bob Dylan's going from folk guitar to electric  
guitar, and in
// the playing of rock music (or whatever style) as if in a  
revolutionary way.
// it is for this reason that the below story about a bunch of well  
// musicians who share what is a huge international stage, when  
combined, may
// also be considered part of the media pantheon, as with films and  
other types
// of cultural exchanges/communication. thus, a series of concerts for  
a certain
// cause, if Aids Relief or Farm Aid or Rock the Vote or Vote for  
Change, is on
// par with the control of mass media by news-entertainment corps.  
which easily
// skew views to fit a marketable demographic and controllable consumer  

[em-related] SCORN IN THE USA // musical scale of e-amplification of  
Bruce Springsteen on why he's going on tour to get George Bush out of  

[em-quote] motion emotion by Alan Sondheim // via syndicate-l

	'my cat has a great bandwidth of emotion.'
07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

Ford unveils gas-electric hybrid SUV // 36mpg Ford Escape SUV, ~huge  

	'The hybrid Escape uses a 200-pound, 330-volt battery pack to power  
the vehicle at low speeds and in stop-and-go traffic. A 2.3-liter  
gas-powered engine kicks in for faster speeds and to recharge the  
battery, which also captures part of the energy that would otherwise be  
lost during braking.'

The car that changed the world // great story. Model-T anniversary...

	'The first Model T came together in much the same way, costing under  
$1,000 -- compared with high-end Packards and Cadillacs that went for  
more than $3,000. Even Oldsmobiles and Buicks sold for around $1,350.'  
.. 'Then Ford and his engineers began to model their manufacturing  
system on primitive assembly lines used to make bicycles and sewing  
machines, as well as the "disassembly line" in Chicago's meatpacking  
plants, in which a cow carcass moved along a line of workers, who would  
take it apart piece by piece.' .. 'An influential American in the early  
20th century, Ford departs the White House in 1927 after visiting  
President Calvin Coolidge.' .. 'By 1914, the Highland Park plant  
churned out Model Ts at a clip of one per 93 minutes --the time later  
fell to a dizzying one every 24 seconds -- allowing Ford to drop the  
car's cost below $300 by 1915, in the price range of the average  
American then grossing about $300 a year.' ..... '"If it hadn't been  
for Henry Ford's drive to create a mass market for cars, America  
wouldn't have a middle class today," wrote Iacocca.' .. 'Increased  
travel spurred appeals for better and more roads, the development of  
suburbs, the oil industry's rise and a boom in gas stations, strip  
malls and motels.' .. 'But the assembly line itself had the biggest  
impact on American society, Hyde contended, in making possible the  
swift, mass production of everything from computers to "fast food."'

[and] Ford Model T page // (search for 'electric')

	1908 begins production
	1915 electric headlights replace gas lamps, electric replaces bulb horn
	1919 electric starter offered as optional equipment
	1920 electric starter cars use electric lamps
	1926 electric starter made standard (22 years after start)
08-- electromagnetic matter & information

// 'complex' search engines are not unlike pop/cigarette machine  

Search Individualized by Demographics // *** via techNN...

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

Computer science school breaks with tradition // Northface. via TechNN

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

Iraq Shuts Al Jazeera Baghdad Office for a Month // mediawar

	'Iraqi Interior Minister Falah al-Naqib said this week that Arabic  
satellite channels were encouraging kidnappings by showing images of  
hostages threatened with execution.' .. 'Another government official at  
the press conference said the station had "encouraged criminals and  
gangsters" in Iraq.' .. 'Al Jazeera's Ballout denied the charge.' ..  
'"We are not a political organization that is for or against anybody.  
We display what happens on the ground as objectively as possible and in  
a balanced way," he said.' .. 'Ballout said the television would  
continue to cover events in Iraq despite the closure. "I'm not going to  
say it will be easy, but again a creative journalist will try to get a  
comprehensive and balanced story out there," he said.'

Denmark, US sign radar base deal
The US and Denmark have agreed to upgrade a radar base in Greenland that
could eventually be used in America's controversial anti-missile  

	'A deal was reached this May, but further negotiations would be needed  
for the US to use the radar in their missile defence system,  
Greenland's Deputy Premier Josef Motzfeldt told the AFP news agency.'  
.. '"Greenland's clear position is that we are opposed to a development  
that can threaten world peace and relaunch a new arms race," he said.'  
.. 'After Friday's signing Per Stig Moeller said Denmark was not  
fundamentally opposed to missile defence.' .. 'But, he added, "we have  
said yes to that (Friday's modernisation agreement) and nothing  else".'

S.F. man says beheading video is a hoax // mediawar

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

Record oil costs deflatestocks // VP .US Private Energy Policy = Public  
Oil Tax.

	'"The longer world oil prices remain at lofty levels, the greater the  
danger of an imminent U.S. economic slowdown," said Joseph Quinlan,  
chief investment strategist with Banc of America Capital Management.'  
.. '"At current levels, oil prices represent a tax on personal  
consumption and a growing expense for businesses," he said. The  
downturn in consumer spending is particularly dangerous, he said,  
because U.S. consumers drive growth both at home and abroad.' .. 'The  
discouraging retail sales news blasted stock prices. Many investors had  
hoped consumer spending would bounce back last month after a poor  
showing during June.'

// VP Cheney publicly defended Enron's acts during this period in  

[and] Enron man admits manipulating energy market

	'A federal grand jury in San Francisco had charged him with 11 counts.  
Through a plea agreement, he admitted to one count in exchange for the  
government dropping the others. As part of the deal, Forney must assist  
California and other public agencies in their lawsuits accusing the  
industry of inflating energy prices.' .... 'Forney, the manager of  
Enron's trading desk, pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud --  
specifically, that he promised to supply energy Enron did not have and  
that he improperly collected electrical grid management fees for  
Enron.' .. 'Enron's scheme to charge fees for services it did not  
provide was known inside the company as "Forney's Perpetual Loop," the  
indictment said.' .... 'Prosecutors also accuse Forney of concocting a  
scheme that involved buying energy from California and later selling it  
back to the state at inflated prices, making it appear the energy was  
generated elsewhere.'

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

edgebots - The Grant BEAM page // ** image and circuit diagram...

solar powered walker// image **

The Phototropic head page // images **

Pummers and Things That Flash // robot images **

[and] (solar powered laser pointer)

[and] chunk of crystal (internally illuminated)

The Photovore page // images **

The Turbot page // **

The Artsy stuff page // *** flower sculpture, solar lantern

The Miscellaneous page // fanbot! ** aibo-tail....
*** <http://grant.solarbotics.net/images/MISC/Edgebots-121_2149.jpg>

movie page of all of the above // in .avi format...

a few great EM-related photographs from this persons' page

March 9, 2003 -- Leaving the city on my way home. It was very cold  
-32C (-25.6F)  the ice crystals in the air reflect the city lights, The
mercury vapor lights  make the blue streaks and the sodium lights make
the orange color. No trick of  the camera either this is how it looked.

check out this daskboard powercable hack!!!

// something is going on (in mn.us) with architectural-infrastructural  

Lines of Communication - Sally Grayson // **

Miscommunication - Sally Grayson // ***

In many directions - Sally Grayson // **

13-- Remembering Nuclear War

59 Years Later: The Legacy of Hiroshima
How the Press Was Spun: Part V. Managing the news at the dawn
of the Atomic Age, a special daily report all this week.

	'Clearly, with publication on Sept. 5, 1945, of the first stories by  
American reporters who had briefly visited Hiroshima, U.S. officials  
had a public relations problem on their hands. The lid on Hiroshima was  
starting to come off...' .... 'A confluence of events on Sept. 9  
suggests that American officials, right up to the White House, had  
indeed initiated a public-relations campaign to counter the first  
articles from Hiroshima.'

In the Shadow of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
The Cultural Conditions of Unconditional Surrender

	'Perhaps it is George Taylor's gloomy credentials as a hawk, a  
dangerously- anti- Communist- conservative, and as an intelligence  
insider that makes his voice such an intriguing one in the chorus of  
those questioning the necessity of Truman's deployment of the A-Bomb.  
While out of the A-Bomb decision making loop Taylor and others at the  
OWI knew Japan was ripe for (pseudo- unconditional) surrender. Like  
many others, Taylor later came to believe that Truman's decision to use  
of nuclear weapons had more to do with "scaring the hell out of the  
Soviet Union" than it did with saving the inflated estimates of  
American lives some argued would be lost in a Japanese invasion and  

Destruction at Hiroshima // Thursday August 9, 1945...

	'Photographs show that four and one-tenth square miles-60 per cent of  
the city's built-up area-is completely destroyed. Only a few skeletons  
of buildings are shown standing. No crater is visible in the  
photographs but it seems that terrific heat from the bomb kindled  
tremendous fires which, while hot, swept over streets.'

1945: US drops atomic bomb on Hiroshima

Pressure grows on Japan to listen to foreign A-bomb survivors // in the  

	'The team was sent by the Nagasaki prefectural and city governments as  
part of a program by the central government to support about 5,000  
registered radiation victims living abroad, including some 2,200 South  
Koreans. Among others are North Koreans, Chinese and Japanese  
immigrants in the United States and Brazil.' .. 'Most of foreign  
radiation victims were in Japan at the time of the bombings as  
prisoners of war or forced laborers.' .... 'The government provides  
financial and medical benefits to A-bomb victims, who are strictly  
defined under the Atomic Bomb Victims Relief Law.' .. 'Under the law,  
however, both Japanese and foreigners born to the victims cannot  
receive aid unless they were in the womb at the moment of the bombings  
in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.'

// 'the hibakusha - the Japanese name for those who survived the  

Lest we forget-- Nearly six decades after the US dropped atomic bombs on
Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Justin McCurry reports on efforts to ensure that
the horrors of a nuclear strike remain etched on the collective memory  
// ***

	'Gathering within sight of the burned out shell of the former  
industrial promotion hall near the epicentre of the blast, they will  
remember the 200,000 people who perished in the immediate aftermath or  
who died later from the effects of exposure to radiation.' ..  
'Remembering the A-bomb, though, is becoming an increasingly local  
affair. Representatives of just two of the world's seven acknowledged  
nuclear powers - Pakistan and Russia - will attend.' .... '... the  
voices of the hibakusha are being drowned out amid the din of real  
politik, especially in a region that is coming to terms with a North  
Korea emboldened by a nuclear weapons programme.'

North Koreans abandoned in the shadow of Hiroshima // radiation  

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