~e; programmable EM jewelry

From brian carroll <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Sun, 8 Aug 2004 22:37:12 -0500

(I've finished the proposal for programmable EM
jewelry and now have made a few links yet still
need to figure out some structure for the yet to be
fully parsed out in advance EM education section.
So, this is online now and is an example of how
electromagnetic education may materialize itself...)

This is a proposal for an educational tool which
intends to make DIY electronics education more
accessible by marrying today's programmable
microcontrollers with display technologies in a
setting in which to learn about how computer
coding relates hardware with software ideas,
all in a kit format, as described and illustrated.

Open-source patent: programmable jewelry
for electromagnetic educational instruction

(ideas/comments/critiques are appreciated,
and please send the URL to any who may
find interest in the concept. thanks. brian)

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