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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #133

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (8/05/2004)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary--  (keywords: Cheney, nuclear, politics, corruption)

01) --top stories--

Nuclear Safety Lapses Won't Be Revealed // Cheney nukelob: 'ignorance  
is security'

	'The government will no longer reveal security gaps discovered at  
nuclear power plants, hoping to prevent terrorists from using the  
information, regulators said Wednesday.' .. 'The Nuclear Regulatory  
Commission announced the change in policy during its first public  
meeting on power plant safety since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist  
attacks. It drew barbs from critics who said the secrecy would erode  
public confidence in the agency.' .... '``We deliberated for many  
months on finding the balance between the NRC's commitment to openness  
and the concern that sensitive information might be misused by those  
who wish us harm,'' commission Chairman Nils Diaz said in a written  
statement.' .. 'Michele Boyd, a lobbyist for the consumer group Public  
Citizen, said they had not struck that balance.' .. '``The public has  
zero confidence in NRC and making this information completely out of  
the public, not available, does not bring any more confidence,'' Boyd  
told the commission. ``The commission could have come up with more  
creative ways of making the information public.'''

[and] Nuclear Power Plant Lobbyists Shape Post-9/11 Security Tests //  
VP Cheney

	'Wackenhut has a strong incentive to discourage the mock terrorists it  
hires from mounting a realistic security test...'

// in otherwords: vote for privatized energy policy by Enron and  
// note: invading Afghanistan and Iraq has had nothing to do with  
energy prices.
// nor the fact of lost OPEC surplus as a result:  rhetoric is  
ideological WMD.

Cheney Blames Democrats for Gas Prices:  Vice President Cheney,  
Campaigning in
Arkansas, Blames Democratic Opponents for High Gas Prices // VP is a  
loose nuke.

// it is accurate to say VP Cheney has raised gas prices through .US  

[see] Crude Oil Rises to a Record on Concern About OPEC Capacity

// last paragraph has key quote: almost as high as OPEC embargo prices  
in 1970s.

[and] Oil's relentless rise continues: US oil prices have continued to  
hitting record highs on fears over  threats to supplies in Iraq and  

	'Oil prices could touch $45 a barrel in the coming weeks, according to  
international economist Julien Seetharamdoo of consultants Capital  
Economics.' .. '"The oil market is spooked because of a lack of spare  
capacity, but so far production has kept up with demand," he told BBC  
News Online.' .... 'Opec president Purnomo Yusgiantoro said on Tuesday  
that oil prices had reached "crazy" levels, but he added the  
organisation was powerless to cool the market.' .... '"There is no more  
supply," said Mr Yusgiantoro, who is also Indonesia's energy minister.'  
.. 'High prices are underpinned by soaring demand from the fast-growing  
Chinese economy and recovery in the US.' .. 'The cost of oil is  
sensitive to any development which could affect the global supply  
situation, such as instability in the Middle East or warnings of  
possible terrorist attacks.' .. 'On Tuesday, saboteurs blew up an oil  
pipeline that supplies Iraq's main refinery and feeds the country's  
main northern export line.'

[and] Kerry aide: Cheney should release SEC testimony

	'An adviser to Sen. John Kerry's presidential campaign urged Vice  
President Dick Cheney on Wednesday to release U.S. Securities and  
Exchange Commission testimony regarding allegations Halliburton failed  
to inform investors of a bookkeeping change in 1998.' .. 'The SEC  
announced Tuesday that Halliburton had agreed to pay a $7.5 million  
fine to settle the investigation into the bookkeeping change that  
occurred while Cheney was heading the oil-services firm. The agency  
said the change was legal, but that Halliburton failed to adequately  
inform shareholders...' .... '[John] White, in a conference call  
arranged by the Kerry campaign, said the settlement was another example  
of a Cheney penchant for secrecy, that's included the administration's  
refusal to release names of individuals the vice president met with as  
part of his energy task force.'

[and] What Cheney Should Have Known: // scandals, like flys on  
Being CEO of Halliburton apparently didn't mean being privy to a
key accounting decision that boosted pretax income by almost half

	'VERY RARE SCENARIO.   Who's accountable? According to the Securities  
& Exchange Commission, the buck stops with Halliburton's former  
controller and chief financial officer, who are being fined and sued,  
respectively, for their roles in the debacle. But the one person whom  
the agency specifically excluded from blame is the man who served as  
CEO at the time: Vice-President Dick Cheney. In a rare move for federal  
law enforcers, the SEC issued a press release on Aug. 3 declaring that  
"the investigative record developed by its staff" did not justify any  
further charges.' .... 'Will the issue of what Cheney knew, and when he  
knew it, ever be resolved? So far as the feds are concerned, it already  

[and] SEC widens Halliburton inquiry on Nigerian deal under Cheney //  
	'The commission subpoenaed documents related to the contract to build  
a liquefied natural gas plant in Nigeria, Halliburton said in a  
quarterly filing to the commission.  The payments are also under  
investigation by Nigerian legislative and executive agencies as well as  
by the French authorities, it said.' .. '"The Nigerian investigation is  
clearly something that is not going to go away," said Poe Fratt, an  
energy industry  analyst at A.G. Edwards & Sons in St. Louis, Missouri.  
‘‘On top of that you have the investigation into the Iranian  
activities.’' .... 'Halliburton’s quarterly filing did not cite any  
Cheney role in connection with the Nigerian and Iranian  

// if there is a future for innovations in nuclear power it would seem  
// critical to keep an international project moving ahead despite  
// the Hubble telescope far outweighed its foreseen benefits, and maybe  
// the ISS currently afloat) the investment will lead to innovative  

US to halt nuclear fusion project // taxcuts now mission-critical R&D  

	'Planning for FIRE was actually begun in 1998, when the US Congress  
directed the DOE to pull out of ITER. Since then about 50 researchers  
have been working on a "preconceptual" design for FIRE. But the  
approximately $2 million annual budget for this will come to an end in  
September.' .. 'In 2003, the US rejoined ITER, and now the DOE says  
FIRE will not serve as an alternative even if ITER falls through.' ..  
'"We do not have a backup plan," Anne Davies, director of the DOE's  
Office of Fusion Energy Sciences, told New Scientist . "We are focused  
on making ITER work. If ITER doesn't work, we are going to have a lot  
of reassessing to do."'

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

Personal Preparedness Guide // Washington Post does what the .US DHS  
has not...

* Preparedness --  Personal Planning / Coping (.pdfs)

* Radiological -- Dirty Bombs (.pdf)
* Radiological -- Nuclear Bombs (.pdf)
* Radiological -- Power Plants (.pdf)

Preparedness: Dirty Bombs and Radiological Threats.
With Michael Levi, Director of the Strategic Security Project,
Federation of American Scientists. Thursday, July 18, 2002; Noon EDT

Carnegie Mellon And University Of Pittsburgh Scientists
Discover Biological Basis For Autism // MRI...

	'... The new findings indicate a deficiency in the coordination among  
brain areas. The results converge with previous findings of white  
matter abnormalities in autism. (White matter consists of the "cables"  
that connect the various parts of the brain to each other). The new  
findings led the researchers to propose a new theory of the basis of  
autism, called underconnectivity theory, which holds that autism is a  
system-wide brain disorder that limits the coordination and integration  
among brain areas. This theory helps explain a paradox of autism: Some  
people with autism have normal or even superior skills in some areas,  
while many other types of thinking are disordered...' .... 'The brain  
likely adapts to the diminished inter-area communication in autism by  
developing more independent, free-standing abilities in each brain  
center. That is, abnormalities in the brain's white matter  
communication cables could lead to adaptations in the gray matter  
computing centers. This sometimes translates into enhanced  
free-standing abilities or superior ability in a localized skill.'

Mayo Clinic logs onto Blue Gene

	'A project on individualized patient care, planned by Mayo and IBM,  
involves using data mining tools to provide customized information for  
each patient to his or her practicing physician on demand. This could  
allow doctors to access information regarding a patient’s disease,  
research, clinical outcomes and response to therapy of other patients  
with the same conditions, Mayo and IBM said.'

// curious if the prevailing 'model' of the human (earth, or other  
system) may
// be now considered a hybrid (hardware/software) 'circuit' vs.  
// that is, parts natural, artificial, virtual. as the mind-body  
division no
// longer exists in the neuroscience being conducted, and the analysis  
of human
// behavior seems to tie into a conceptualization of circuitry,  
readily. often.
// i.e. the circuit or model of circuitry is in question, not a  
universal truth.
// (~every brain is different, every body is different, though patterns  

Depression Traced To Overactive Brain Circuit // debugging code, quirky  

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

Polystyrene homes planned for Afghans // oil-related. (not bulletproof)

	'In Afghanistan, the foam would be wrapped in a low-tech layer of  
chicken wire, then covered in a thin layer of concrete.'

[and] Polystyrene  Facts

	'Styrene,  a petroleum by-product, is the primary raw material from  
which polystyrene is  made. Styrene, first commercially produced in the  
1930s, played an important role  during World War II in the production  
of synthetic rubber. After the war, much  of the use of styrene shifted  
to the manufacture of commercial polystyrene products.  Synthetic  
styrene is also used in the manufacture of products such as automobile   
parts, electronic components, boats, recreational vehicles, and  
synthetic rubbers.  Today, you or a member of your family will probably  
use a product derived from styrene.'

5.6 million light bulbs recalled; may break when used // Sylvania.  

	'The 60-watt B10 Decor light bulb can detach from its base, cutting or  
burning consumers who try to touch it. An exposed filament can shock if  
touched while power is turned on.' ..'The clear bulbs, sold in packages  
of two or four, were labeled as ``ceiling fan'' and ``double life.''  
UPC bar codes on the back of the package end with 13323, 13329, 13333,  
13442, 13445, 13454, 13565, 13650 or 13721.'

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

// having previously modified a cgi-database, and now reading and  
learning more
// about relational databases with Filemaker, an old idea comes to mind  
about a
// basic quality of databases in that each unique bit of information  
can be its
// own field, while the more common data can be shared across many  
records. in
// the case of 'private' details and 'public' needs, and in a realm of  
// databases (or health records, or whatnot) it would seem possible to  
use an
// anonymous 'public' name for the general record without the detail of  
a single
// person tied to whatever detail may be reviewed, versus everything  
about one
// person when just looking for a series of details to match a database  
// this is to say that if everyone had a 'public' profile of, say,  
"human being"
// without race, gender, creed, religion, or other irrelevant  
census-like data,
// yet which may access 'known aliases' as one field in the record for  
a 'human
// being', one of many, then a review of a public set could be  
conducted which
// would isolate only the fields related to the search, and not as a  
// this differentiation between 'public' and 'private' language would  
appear to
// be, if not identical, closely similar to public and private  
information in a
// database and similar issues involved. if a public database is being  
run by a
// private eyeballing of data, the private information is where  
searches start
// as everything is considered to be part of the same record, it is  
assumed that
// 'dossiers' more than 'data fields' are accessible by more and more  
in the new
// surveillance society being built by for-profit companies serving  
// whereas if there were some constitutional rules for protecting an  
// search and seizure of database records, without some greater causes  
// than mere suspician and access, but a tangible focused targeted data  
// it would seem possible that boundaries betwen the public and private  
// could be met by creating better database models the way the law was  
meant to
// serve and protect individual life, liberty, and the pursuit of  
// (that is, human beings on the whole are not terrorists, by any  
// (in the .US the use of social security numbers is illegal yet  
widespread and
// is what makes it very easy to steal identities, and also how data is  
// in the public and private sector, in which public data is being  

9/11 report light on ID theft issues // ***
Scant mention raises civil liberties concerns

	'... Buried deep within the 9/11 commission report — on about 10  
pages, starting with page 393 — are suggestions for dealing with the  
deeply connected problems of terrorism and identity fraud.' .. 'The  
report does note the importance of the issue, however. Impersonation is  
cited as a key tool for terrorists. "Travel documents are as important  
as weapons," the report says. "Fraud is no longer just a problem of  
theft. At many entry points to vulnerable facilities, including gates  
for boarding aircraft, sources of identification are the last  
opportunity to ensure that people are who they say they are."' ....  
'Terrorism and identity theft go hand in hand, experts say...' ....  
'Mark Rasch, once head of the Justice Department's Computer Crime unit  
and now a consultant with Solutionary Inc., said the fact that identity  
theft is as easy as it is makes terrorism watch lists essentially  

FBI wants to eavesdrop on fiber links // CALEA

Hacker creates malicious Pocket PC Trojan // via macsurfer.com

	'The Backdoor.WinCE.Brador.a Trojan installs as a 5632 byte program on  
the PDA, and can be used to gain complete control of file uploads and  

Biggest ever Windows upgrade gives security boost // 80Mb download @  
2nd url...

	'Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates said the upgrade, dubbed Service Pack  
2, revises less than 5 percent of the millions of lines of code that  
make up Windows XP – but adds more value than any update the company  
has ever done.' .. 'Some of the nearly $1 billion that's gone into  
Service Pack 2 also will be used on future versions of Windows. But  
Gates said it was absolutely necessary to give away the security  
advances now because of the barrage of attacks plaguing Windows-based  
computers.' .. '"If we weren't viewing this as such a key priority,  
then we wouldn't be giving it away as a free thing," Gates said in an  
interview with The Associated Press.' .... 'the new system  
automatically turns on a Windows firewall to better guard against  
attempts to infiltrate personal computers. It also creates a "Windows  
Security Center" to help users monitor their various security sentinels  
– including those from other companies, such as antivirus protections.'  
.. 'Service Pack 2 also fortifies protections on the Internet Explorer  
browser and offers tougher policing against e-mail-borne attacks.'

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

West-east pipeline to alleviate energy shortage in east China

	'The welding of the last pipe of China's landmark project to pump  
natural gas from the resource-rich west to the  energy-thirsty east in  
Gansu Province, northwest China Tuesday morning, announced the  
completion of the project through which the economically developed   
east will get a gas supply of 12 billion cubic meters each year.'

// strangely enough have been obsessed with solar panels since first  
using a
// palmtop for writing in the early 1990s (Zeos PocketPC) as a way to  
// without power issues. and in working with solar panels lately, the  
idea of
// powering a solderless breadboard or mostly future projects based on  
// engines, has brought the idea back into consideration. many use such  
// battery chargers for rechargable batteries though to me one of the  
// grails would be using solar panel material  
// material to fit a design) for projects which are more like BEAM  
project in
// which they are autonomous and may even charge off of very low  
ambient light
// over long periods of time to then empty into and run a circuit  
// such as a digital picture frame whose frame is made of solar panels  
// which then turn on the frame after a period of stored energy (or  
pushing a
// button, also) to display photographs on energy-efficient color LCDs,  
// cycling through them or playing an animation, while storing solar  
// in a recent dream (day or night, unknown) the holy grail for solar  
in this
// case would seem to be if one could 'paint' the solar cell onto a  
// in that it may be like two-part epoxies, or a bike-tube-repair kit,  
in that
// there are a series of steps one must go through to make a painted  
solar cell
// work, such as applying coating1 then upon this cathode wires1, after  
which a
// new layer of material is painted (on an electronic picture frame,  
say) which
// is then tied into wire2 that creates a complete solar panel as some  
// based application of 'painted' solar materials which would power a  
// this is in contrast to a separate device, often somewhat robust and  
// made of metal, glass, delicate solar cells, very toxic (i thought i  
// in how they are made), and tying this into already existing material  
// for instance, if the watch i use by Casio uses what is basically a  
// rechargable battery via micro-solar-panels embedded around the LCD  
// can power such a device with so little solar power, it is assumed  
that much
// larger surface areas could suffice for powering proportionally  
similar LCDs.

How-To: Solar charge your SPOT Smart Watch (and an iPod) // iSun to  

SAN Diegans urged to conserve electricity
San Diego Union Tribune - San Diego,CA,USA
ACCIDENT takes out electricity // SUV
Adrian Daily Telegram - Adrian,MI,USA

Weak gamma ray bursts may be common

06-- Electromagnetic current & human affairs

// maybe the Veep suggested it: 'go blog yourself!' or, 'blog off!'

CIA Asks Bush To Discontinue Blog // *** see mockup pop-up. via  
TSCM-L... <http://www.theonion.com/news/index.php?issue=4031>

	'On Saturday, Basham asked to pre-screen all blog activity before Bush  
posts it online.' .... 'McLaughlin said it's likely that Bush will  
eventually agree to submit his blog for review by the Secret Service.'

Robot’s public defender // deregulated zones for.JP robots...

If you haven't heard her, you haven't been listening // the voicemail  

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

Toyota mulls U.S. production of hybrids

[em-quote] Uphill Racer // incredible article/story/almost fable...
Jim Gronen steers clear of his boyhood Derby scandal.  BY ERIC DEXHEIMER

	'As the August race approached, Lange later explained, he worried  
about his nephew. He feared that throwing Jimmy into such a vipers'  
nest unprepared was foolish and naive. "We had done everything," Lange  
told a reporter. "I had Jimmy down to weight, the car balanced the way  
I wanted. I knew we had a fast car. But we also knew what we were up  
against. I had files on other cars.... So we said, 'What else can we  
do? How can you make a car faster? Have we done everything?'"' ..  
'Eventually, the Lange team's brainstorming landed on an obviously  
illegal tactic. They decided to place an electromagnet in the nose of  
the car. Jimmy activated it by pressing his helmet back into a button  
installed in the headrest. When the metal gate holding the cars at the  
starting line fell forward, the magnetic attraction gave Jimmy's car a  
slight tug.' .. 'Lange would later claim that he was just repeating an  
idea he'd heard from other drivers. In fact, he confided to Jimmy,  
other cars probably already had magnets in them. "We knew Jimmy would  
be running against all those chauffeurs in professionally built cars,  
and maybe other cars that had magnets, so we figured that in order to  
be competitive we should probably try one," one magazine quoted him as  
saying. "It was the only thing we could think of." In a twisted  
adherence to the rules, Lange insisted that Jimmy install the illegal  
device himself.' .. 'The small magnetic tug was enough for Jimmy to win  
the world championship. But his moment of glory was short-lived. He was  
found out almost immediately -- observers claimed to have seen the  
Lange car "lurch" forward -- and the uproar was deafening. Jimmy may  
have been doing no more than others, but his car had crossed an  
invisible line.' .. 'For a child's car race, the fallout was huge. As  
Derby officials investigated, Lange was criminally prosecuted in  
Boulder County by an eager young district attorney. A quarter-century  
before anyone had ever heard of JonBenét Ramsey, Jimmy Gronen and  
Robert Lange became Alex Hunter's first exposure to national publicity  
and fame. Ultimately, Lange agreed to pay a $2,000 "settlement" to the  
Boys Club of Boulder.' .. 'The story of the Soap Box Derby scandal was  
top-of-the-fold news for months after the race.' .... '"When it came  
time to write the rules [for a boat race later in life, said Gronen]--  
e.g., no batteries, no engines -- everyone wanted to detail all the  
things you couldn't do. I became extremely annoyed. I'd been through  
the race process; I knew how corruption occurs. So I said, 'Let's just  
write a paragraph explaining the spirit of the race, then have three  
judges decide whether entries qualify.' Listing every way to cheat  
encourages people to think of ways to go through the cracks."'

Kerry Opposes Media Consolidation Trend // via drudgereport.com

	'Kerry said the power of the media should not be in the hands of a few  
and there needs to be a greater balance in the industry.'

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

Introducing MegaMath // LANL educational content...

Halloween Prop Menu : Light Flicker Box // DIY

Halloween Prop Menu : Lightning Simulator // DIY

Halloween Prop Menu : Add Sound to Your Props

IBM offers Cloudscape as open source code: Big Blue releases
database's code as open-source to spur Java application development

Lab Experiments Simulate House-to-House Fire Spread // NIST (WTC fire  

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

Skin used to transmit key data // the electrostatic effect: skin as  

// VoIP phone, fax, printer, copier, advertising, multi-function  

Epson aims to turn TVs into printers: Consumers will soon be able to to  
product catalogs and magazines from their television sets, if Epson has  
its way.

Tech Researchers Get $5 Million To Smooth Out Kinks
In Electromagnetic Propulsion // EM railguns... (is it a giant  
	'... electromagnetic propulsion is so intense that it severely damages  
the guns and launchers that use it.' .. 'The heat and friction caused  
by electromagnetic propulsion is much different than traditional  
chemical acceleration (such as the explosion that propels a bullet from  
a gun) and is not yet fully understood. In fact, electromagnetic  
propulsion produces certain effects that currently defy scientific  

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

McCain condemns anti-Kerry ads, calls on White House to follow suit //  

Debugging NSP's Monticello nuclear plant // *** 1998

Net virus posing as Berg video

Oil Pipeline Sabotage In Iraq

	'...the main pipeline running from the area to the Turkish port of  
Ceyhan has been damaged and exports halted.'

Weapons Freeze, Microwave Enemies // plasma, UV lasers...

	'Aside from paralyzing potential attackers or noncombatants like a  
long-range stun gun, directed-energy weapons could fry the electronics  
of missiles and roadside bombs, developers say, or even disable a  
vehicle in a high-speed chase.' .... 'Some experts believe the use of  
directed energy will be limited by international law and treaties.'

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

Saudi economy to post 6.4 percent growth

Oil Prices Hit New Records Amid Renewed Concern About Russian Oil  

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

// what is interesting about seeing the guts of an iPod is that it is  
not all
// that different than most anything electronic when opening it up,  
besides the
// unique components (small harddrive). that is, what is unique is an  
'idea' of
// value in electronic form. that is, the hardware, software, design,  
all add up
// to the idea. even the often lauded 'click wheel' looks little  
different than
// the common switches found in PDAs or calculators on the circuit  
board - that
// is, its interface may be innovative though the guts appear to be  
more common.
// (though, not being an electronics engineer, maybe this is not the  
case with
// the layout of the circuit board, its technical design, power  
management, etc.
// though seeing what appears to be a piece of foam is surprising,  
maybe certain
// electronics use such things. it would seem to be prime battery real  

iPod Dissection, Click Wheel iPod Dissection

Raw Chip Photos // nice (software to hardware?) design sequence...

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