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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #131

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (7/29/2004)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary-- (importance of democratic energy policy)

01) --top stories--

[em-related quotes] Full text of John Kerry's speech

	"We value an America that controls its own destiny because it's  
finally and forever independent of Mideast oil. What does it mean for  
our economy and our national security when we only have three percent  
of the world's oil reserves, yet we rely on foreign countries for  
fifty-three percent of what we consume? I want an America that relies  
on its own ingenuity and innovation — not the Saudi royal family." ..  
"And our energy plan for a stronger America will invest in new  
technologies and alternative fuels and the cars of the future — so that  
no young American in uniform will ever be held hostage to our  
dependence on oil from the Middle East." .. "I've told you about our  
plans for the economy, for education, for health care, for energy  
independence. I want you to know more about them. So now I'm going to  
say something that Franklin Roosevelt could never have said in his  
acceptance speech: go to johnkerry.com."

An Energy Independent America // member of rock band 'The Electras'

A Plan For American Leadership In Energy Technology // Johnkerry.com

	* Improve Efficiency In Automobiles.
	* Improve Efficiency In Government, Homes, Offices, And Communities.
	* Make Coal Part Of The 21st Century Technology Solution.
	* Ensure And Expand Natural Gas Supplies And Safeguard Gas Markets.

A Plan To Explore And Develop New Energy Sources

	* Increase The Use Of Domestically Available Renewable Fuels
	 - Such As Ethanol - By 5 Billion Gallons By 2012.
	* Develop Domestic Supplies In Areas Already Open For Development
	* Diversify The World Oil Supply To Include Non-OPEC Suppliers.
	* Increase Renewable Energy Production.
	- Incentives for producers.
	- Incentives for investment.
	- Funding and support for more research.
[note: .US VP Cheney is reported to be saying that there can be no  
'perception' of weakness with the ongoing wartime fiascos. that is, to  
be able to cleary see or perceive an ineffectiveness, versus the actual  
problems themselves which may still be legitimate weaknesses, whether  
strategically or ideologically -- that continue to endanger all by  
keepign to a misperception, willful or not, that the situations can use  
a good dose of 'perception management' to make them seem to be better  
or more stable or more strong than they really are. case in point is  
with nuclear policy in wartime, in the domestic and policy fields--  
that a case can be made for increasing nuclear power, breaking  
treaties, etc. for a greater strength. the weakness is, is that this is  
not true nor accurate given dynamics beyond the control of any one  
government to administer the truth of all matters. it discredits  
outside observers their role in understanding a situation by needing to  
defer to authority on the assumed wisdom of a given course. that is,  
'strength' is assumed, yet the weakness of nuclear weapons or power or  
trade or breaking treaties is _never calculated as a weakness, nor the  
cost of dangers associated with these (protection, and even insurance,  
the public pays for any risks by decree, should anything bad happen).  
therefore, upon reading in the local paper that the state's nuclear  
company is laying off hundreds or even thousands of nuclear power plant  
workers, in order to be more efficient and save money, is, well, a  
contradiction in terms in terms of strength and security-- it is a  
weakness if nuclear plants now, still, cannot protect themselves (they  
are among the worst weaknesses and most dangerous in the critical  
infrastructures) and yet this is the energy planning VP Cheney says to  
be the greatest 'stength.' How plants are going to be able to better  
protect themselves with many more now unemployed at these very plants,  
when previously they already could not could only be managed as  
'strength' and 'greater security' by major misperceptions. such as:  
greater security through downsizing people, not bombs and nuke waste.
in other words: strengthening public ignorance of nuclear security  
weaknesses. (note: this type of statement from a person who is against  
lawyers suing doctors for malpractice while his own rogue doctor went  
awol online with net drugs while declaring him fit to serve for VP,  
bypassing a public medical records review.)]

Prairie Island nuclear plant operator to cut jobs // local news (reg.  

	'Nuclear Management Co., the operator of Prairie Island and five other  
nuclear power plants in the Midwest, will eliminate up to 700 positions  
in an effort to reduce costs and improve efficiency.' .... '...  
representatives of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers  
said the job losses could antagonize workers and jeopardize safety at  
the plants.' .... 'In a recent survey, the IBEW found that 80 percent  
of Prairie Island's employees believe their future at the plant is no  
longer secure. Ninety-three percent of those surveyed said morale at  
the plant was low.

Wiring a Convention, Version 2004 // *** TSCM-related? Wireless  
	'Mr. Libin runs the convention's wireless coordination committee, and  
he enforces his own brand of zero-tolerance justice. Armed with  
advanced detection equipment, Mr. Libin maintains a lookout for radio  
pirates.' .. 'With so many wireless cameras and microphones, so many  
walkie-talkies, so many cellphones and so many law-enforcement  
agencies, "this is probably the busiest, noisiest radio frequency  
environment on the planet right now," said Mr. Libin, a 45-year-old  
technology consultant from Woodmere, N.Y. "We've been working for  
months on a plan to divide up the frequencies, and if someone is not  
complying with the plan, we have to shut them down."' .... '"The  
operations, technology and logistics of the event have to demonstrate  
and reflect our competence to govern," Mr. Gruin said. "If something  
goes really wrong, it's like, well, if you can't run a convention, how  
can you run the United States? So for us, that really raises the  
stakes."' .... 'The marriage of technology and journalism - and not  
just in television - is increasingly founded on advances in wireless  
technology, and that is where Mr. Libin and his wireless SWAT team come  

// 'the ether' still exists as a valuable concept and  
// proof has been referred as among the weakest experiments of all  

[book review] How electricity gave us a shock // via SciTech Daily  

	'What [Simon's] found was that electricity struck gaslight-era people  
as a scary, occult force in its own right. Like apparitions of the  
dead, electricity was thought to be an emanation from the  
all-encompassing ether, what James called the "mother sea" of vital  
energy that invisibly surrounds the world.' .. '"When Walt Whitman sang  
'the body electric' in the 1850s," Simon says, "he was not being  
metaphorical. ... Emotions, thought, will and spirit - all were  
manifestations of electrical energy."' .... '... Simon convinces you  
the real reason people were so leery of electricity was their old,  
ether mind-set...'

Logochip // em-edu

Getting Started with LogoChips- // .pdf

20 things to do with a LogoChip // .doc

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

MRI Breast Cancer Test Benefits High-Risk Women  

Transplant hope for stroke sufferers
Stem cells locate brain injury and form replacement neurons in rats.

	'Stroke is the main cause of disability in adults, and is the third  
biggest cause of death in the United States. The condition occurs when  
a blood vessel carrying oxygen and nutrients to the brain becomes  
blocked or bursts. Brain cells then start to suffocate and die.' .. 'It  
is hoped that stem cells, which can turn into many different types of  
cell, will be able to replace the damaged tissue.'

Scientists Finger Surprise Culprit In Spinal Cord Injury // ATP vs  
healthy cells

Nanotechnology Precaution Is Urged // .UK Royal Society...
Minuscule Particles in Cosmetics May Pose Health Risk, British  
Scientists Say

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

Life has gotten even shorter in digital age
Technology raises issues of obsolescence, data 'rot' // great. **

	'There are no easy solutions. But there are key questions, and perhaps  
some surprising answers.' ..... 'On average, consumers expect color TVs  
to last more than 11 years and home stereos more than nine, according  
to a 2002 survey for the Consumer Electronics Association. They were  
less sanguine about the longevity of cellphones and PDAs: about 4?  
years each.' .. 'More often than not, a product's shortened lifespan  
has less to do with mechanical failure than with something ''better''  
coming along to supplant it...' .... 'Indeed, format obsolescence is  
the toughest challenge, says Rand Corp. senior computer scientist Jeff  
Rothenberg. Even a simple text file includes code that must be  
interpreted.' .. 'It is tempting to think that a clever future digital  
archaeologist could decode such a file, Rothenberg says. More likely,  
it will be as impossible as it was ''for us to read hieroglyphics  
before the Rosetta Stone was discovered,'' he says.'

Forest Fire Sensor Inspired By Nature;
Bonn Zoologists 'Copy' A Beetle's Monitoring Device

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

Democratic National Convention Security Forces Deploy
BIO-key’s PocketCop (R) technology // via engadget.com

	'With PocketCop, patrolling security officers will have real-time  
access to driver license information, including driver photographs,  
vehicle registration, stolen vehicle information, weapon registrations,  
wants and warrant information and access to local, state, county and  
federal criminal databases...'

Phone Outage Hits Athens, Olympic Sites // power outage, now telecom.  
via drudge

RFID Hack Could Allow Retail Fraud // ** interesting read...

	'The RFDump software allows a user equipped with an RFID reader, a  
laptop or PDA, and a power supply to rewrite the data stored in ISO  
15693 tags, the most common tags used to host the EPC (Electronic  
Product Code) information traditionally stored in bar codes.'

Wi-Fi Security Spec Ratified // 802.11i, via TechNN...

	'802.11i's encryption protocols are based on the AES (Advanced  
Encryption Standard) and meet the limited encryption requirements for  
the Federal Information Processing Standard 140-2 specification for the  
protection of sensitive information.' .. 'The new standard will add  
Layer 2 security to a Wi-Fi card, sufficient for wireless access inside  
a corporate network, Ritch said. In the early days of Wi-Fi, Intel  
recommended users connect to a VPN while roaming wirelessly, even when  
inside their corporate network.' .. 'The security provided by 802.11i  
is sufficient enough that IT managers can eliminate VPNs except when  
workers are connecting remotely, such as at a hotel, Ritch said.  
Intel's own IT staff plans to relax its security restrictions, she  
said, eliminating the use of internal VPNs while employees are inside  
their own network.'

NIST says Data Encryption Standard now 'inadequate':
It says the encryption algorithm should lose its certification
for use in government software // hacked, cracked, and stopped...

	'The advent of massively parallel computing has rendered DES  
inadequate to protect federal government information, NIST said...'

Intelligence officials clamor for information sharing

E-voting critic calls on hackers to expose flaws // hack-the-vote

	'Speaking at the Black Hat Security Briefings here, Rebecca Mercuri, a  
fellow at a Harvard-affiliated research center and a noted e-voting  
critic, called the current voting process a statistical game of shells,  
one that e-voting machine makers are playing for profits.' .. '"The  
data is not being collected in any meaningful way," she said. "Citizens  
should demand full accountability in election data at the precinct,  
county and state levels." .. 'To hold voting machine makers to their  
promises of security, hackers should try to circumvent the systems and  
reveal their problems, she said...' .... 'Mercuri also showed data that  
indicated that the latest touch-screen voting machines don't perform  
significantly better in elections...'

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

Moscow withdraws threat of a ban on oil sales by Yukos // impacts oil  

	'Oil prices fell from record levels reached on Wednesday on relief  
that oil deliveries from Russia, the world's No. 2 oil exporter, might  
not be disrupted. Yukos shares rallied more than 20 percent, erasing  
Wednesday's steep losses.'

NZ electricity demand continues to run hot
Scoop.co.nz (press release) - New Zealand

Court ruling favors fish over more electricity from river dams

Laziness book shocks French electricity company

06-- Electromagnetic current & human affairs

and Artefact Creation: Practice, Digital Media and Support Tools
April 12-15th 2005. Submission Deadline: 1st October 2004
Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK

	There are important challenges facing the creativity community, not
	least of which is to reconcile the broad base of disciplines and their
	contending agendas with the need to establish a clear sense of  
	albeit an interdisciplinary one. Some of those challenges include:
	* What should the focus of creativity research be?
	* How can digital tools for supporting specific creative domains be
	transferred for the benefit of all people in any domain: in other words
	produce generally applicable results?
	* Can the effectiveness of a given tool in helping a creative person
	accomplish his goal be measured, and if so, how?
	* What is the impact of using different tools and technologies on  
	creative tasks and how do we conduct comparative studies in this area?
	* What are the critical breakdowns in the creative process across
	domains and whilst using different forms of digital media.
	* What is the impact of collaborative work on our notions of
	ownership and intellectual property rights?

Dutch pacemakers win buggy race // 2nd url video...

	'The contest was held to promote mobility for the elderly and attract  
funding for scootmobiles, which are much in demand among pensioners.'  
.. 'A team of Rotterdam pensioners took the chequered flag after  
completing the 250-metre course of speed bumps, wooden ramps and  
plastic slalom cones, Reuters news agency reports.'

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

China launches spacewomen hunt

Ultrasonic Squirrel a Mammalian First. AFP

Nothing is simple in car electronics

	'Question: My 1995 Bonneville has 193,000 miles but still runs like a  
watch. Last fall, my daughter had a new stereo with a remote control  
installed. Since then, the car has blown 20-amp fuses on the right side  
under the dash. Power door locks, power radio antenna and fuel pump  
fuses blew at first. The locks and antenna work consistently now after  
replacing those fuses, but the fuel pump fuse continues to blow  
intermittently when the radio is on and sometimes when it's not...'  
.... 'Answer: ...'... This problem illustrates one of the difficulties  
in adding aftermarket electronics to modern automobiles...'

Plastic Dummy a Cell Phone Guinea Pig // antenna diversity. via  

	'A poorly dressed plastic dummy with a liquid-filled cranium and cell  
phone strapped to his hand is much like millions of other mobile phone  
users across the country: He is trying to get better reception.' ..  
'Magnolia Broadband Inc., a small company in Clinton, N.J., has been  
driving the life-sized dummy, ``Bob,'' around New York and Kansas City,  
Kan., to determine how its new wireless technology called ``antenna  
diversity'' fares in different environments.'

// interesting, a car could function as a portable generator during  

Electric cars that pay // V2G e-drive vehicle as powerplant:  

	'"As electric-drive hybrids begin to penetrate the auto market, you  
now have distributed power generation on wheels," says Stephen  
Letendre, an economist at Green Mountain College in Poultney, Vt. "You  
also have an asset that's sitting idle most of the time - just waiting  
to be connected."' .. 'Of the more than 235 million vehicles in the  
United States today, only a few thousand are hybrids. And these lack  
the extra internal circuitry and external plug necessary to give  
electricity back.'

A towering solution for cellphones // e-infrastructure as wireless  
antenna mount

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

Software helps ease pain for cube dwellers // interdisciplinary  

	'The NRC, renowned for its work on pacemakers, the Canadarm, and a  
meningitis vaccine, concedes there is no such thing as the perfect  
cubicle, but there are cost-effective ways to make it better.' ..  
'Noise, distractions and lack of privacy are the biggest complaints of  
people who work in open-concept offices, the NRC reports in a  
comprehensive study posted on its website. To help remedy that, office  
planners can log on to the NRC's new on-line tool to avoid some of the  
common pitfalls and evaluate the effects of various design choices. If  
users plug in information on the height of the partitions, the amount  
of workspace, lighting levels and materials used in construction, the  
software "then calculates physical effects and addresses which features  
of the design might affect occupant satisfaction most strongly," the  
NRC said.'

Earthquake-proof housing gets shake-up // em-architecture
Mexican project brings the house down in quest for safer buildings.

	'In a giant lab in Mexico, Sergio Alcocer is shaking buildings beyond  
breaking point, in a bid to find the recipe for affordable housing that  
stands up to frequent earthquakes.' .... 'He carries out his research  
with the help of a US$500,000 'shaking table', which is a 4-metre-wide,  
square platform mounted on electronically controlled hydraulic jacks.  
He and his colleagues build replica houses of up to three storeys on  
the platform, then hit them with simulated quakes until they fall  

Gold charges up electron by electron // atomic graffiti
Scientists master fresh aspect of atomic manipulation.

	'... Instead of moving atoms individually, IBM scientists say that  
they can change their electrical charge, electron by electron.' ....  
'The electrical charge of an atom is one of its most fundamental  
properties. It influences the way the atom reacts with the rest of the  
world, and also how the atom transfers electricity to its neighbours.'  
.... '[Repp] adds that a string of neutral and negative gold atoms  
could theoretically store information, like the series of 'on' or 'off'  
switches that forms the basis of binary computing...'

Solar quakes fuel hot spikes on sun
Shock waves propel matter upward to generate spicules

Brazilian Scientists Control Crab With Computer

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

Electric fields assemble devices // nano-electronic nano-photonic  
	'The method, dubbed Field Controllable Assembly, is compatible with  
contemporary optoelectronics manufacturing methods, and could lead to  
low-cost, rapid assembly of optical and electronic devices, said Alan  
O'Riordan, a research scientist at the National Microelectronics  
Research Centre.' .. 'The method takes advantage of the electric charge  
that most objects carry. "The response of these charges to an  
appropriately configured electric field may be exploited to direct the  
transport and ultimately the self-assembly of the devices," O'Riordan  
said.' .. 'The researchers' self-assembly device contains an array of  
electrodes on a silicon surface that allows them to put electric fields  
of specific configurations on the surface of the chip. The fields can  
be configured to attract electric charges at a particular spot and  
repel it everywhere else. The right configuration causes components to  
rapidly move from one spot to another. Once the components are in  
place, the transport fluid is evaporated and the components fused to  
the surface by melting and cooling the chip's tin-gold contacts.'

LCD prices to fall even faster, researcher say // new production  

Video devices 'may kill iPod' // via macsurfer.com

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

Iran Defies Pressure, Resumes Tests of Nuke Plant // via  

[and] Europe trio seeks guarantee on Iran nuclear policy // nuclear  

	'French, German and British officials met Iranian counterparts in  
Paris yesterday to restart negotiations over Tehran's nuclear  


Sandia Supercomputer To Be World's Fastest,
Yet Smaller And Less Expensive Than Any Competitor // em-arch

	'Japan's Earth Simulator, currently the world's fastest supercomputer,  
has a peak eight megawatts of power compared to Red Storm's projected  
two megawatts and takes up approximately three times the space.' ..  
'Red Storm, an air-cooled supercomputer, is being developed by Sandia  
and Cray Inc. using mostly off-the-shelf parts.' .... 'The main purpose  
of the machine is work for the U.S. nuclear stockpile: designing new  
components; virtually testing components under hostile, abnormal, and  
normal conditions; and helping in weapons engineering and weapons  
physics...' .... 'Visualization will occur inside the computer itself  
-- a capability unique to Red Storm among supercomputers.'

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

Oil Prices Hold Near Record

Canadian banks hit with computer glitches
60,000 personal lines of credit affected; officials say problems fixed

	'The specifics of the "technical problem" still aren't known by the  
bank, but Poole said it's investigating what caused its online system,  
called EasyWeb, to be unavailable for several hours last night.'

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

[book] Intermediate Robot Building by David Cook

// short mention of SFX in Las Vegas and the electronic baroque of  

[EM-related] Before Steven Spielberg, there was Michelangelo // SciTech  

[quote] A Blow, Perhaps Fatal, for Libeskind's Spiral in London //  
virtual bldg

	'"You know, it's funny," Mr. Libeskind said, "a lot of people in  
America say, `When I went to London I looked for the Spiral.' Well, it  
hasn't been built yet. The irony is that it has been around, people  
refer to it and relate to it. The only thing that is missing is the  

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