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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #132

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (8/02/2004)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary--  urls...

01) --top stories--

// an outstanding article in several ways, which is focused on the  
upcoming new
// iPod but in no way limited to this device. what the article  
demonstrates is a
// dimension of electronics information available in datasheets &  
// which can help decipher the probable in the possible and the  
possible in the
// probable. see the downloadable .pdfs for an idea of how the  
reasoning for the
// feature sets in the software could or could not be made available to  
// and likely by many manufacturers of cutting-edge competitive  
devices, where a
// software update can unveil hidden hardware features otherwise  
// what is impressive and very worthwhile in reading is how the  
universality of
// electronics presentation of data (how a chip works, pins,  
performance) can be
// used in a type of information archaeology to dig into the context in  
which a
// social-technological device is evolving. these questions relate  
between the
// realms of software/hardware interaction, and electronics is a  
language which
// bridges this gap, as it is the literacy and language in which such  
// and thinking and interpretation are discovered and shared. the  
// of electronics, in a sense, may be like the dissection of a strange  
being as
// shown in older paintings of medical discoveries and explorations in  
how to
// perform a procedure or experiment in order to learn how something  
// in a sense this could be a type of hidden reservoir of valuable  
// (and ideas, as the more who can imagine can also help develop ideas  
// this article may be different from pure specifications speculations  
& pure
// technical analyses as it considers decision making within a cultural  

Backstage: Sneak preview of iPod 4G "secrets" // *** deconstructing  

How brainwashing came to life and thrived // neuroethics, cog-lib... **

	'"The Manchurian Candidate" remake brings to a wider audience  
questions  about the role of the state in brainwashing and mind  
control, a topic usually  reserved for the "nutters" on the Internet,  
as a character in the new movie  puts it succinctly.' .. 'Updating the  
politics of the era, the Communist evil empire has been  replaced by a  
multinational corporation, Manchurian Global. Updating the  science,  
hypnosis and brainwashing have been augmented with electrodes in the   
brain, microchips implanted in the body and electroshock.' .... '...  
experts in neurosciences asked about the technology in "The  Manchurian  
Candidate" agreed that true mind control  --  the ability to create   
specific thoughts or memories with brain chips or electromagnetic waves  
  --   is still the stuff of science fiction. But the movie's theme of  
medical  technology morphing into nefarious military applications  
resonated nonetheless.' .... 'Microchips have long been used to track  
animals and to tag surgical implants. Today's microchips, which are  
about the size of a grain of uncooked rice, can now be linked to Global  
Positioning System equipment for surveillance and equipped with  
technology to relay information about vital signs remotely. A "brain  
fingerprinting" technique is already accepted by some courts;  
scalp-measured brain waves can detect so-called guilty knowledge, such  
as familiarity with people, objects or even terrorist training. Just a  
few weeks ago, the Food and Drug Administration approved the first  
implant to treat a mood disorder: an electrode placed on the vagus  
nerve to treat depression.'

The Politics of Oil
How one of the world's richest industries influences government and  
The Center for Public Integrity- Investigative Journalism in the Public  

Make magazine: Technology on your time
The First Magazine for Technology Projects
// O'Reilly press. via engadget.com

	'Make brings the do-it-yourself mindset to all the technology in your  
life.   Make is loaded with exciting projects that help you make the  
most of your technology at home and away from home.  This is a magazine  
that celebrates your right to tweak, hack, and bend any technology to  
your own will.' .. 'Coming early in 2005, Make is a hybrid  
magazine/book (known as a mook in Japan).   Make comes from O'Reilly,  
the Publisher of Record for geeks and tech enthusiasts everywhere.   It  
follows in line with the Hacks books and Hardware Hacking Projects, but  
it takes a highly visual and personal approach.' .... 'Make's promise  
is: If it can be done, we will help you do it.  We'll help you make  
sense of all the technology that's in your life...' .... 'There are all  
kinds of Makers, making all kinds of things.   Through Make, you will  
meet extraordinary makers who create one-of-a-kind things for all kinds  
of reasons.   A maker can serve as an intelligent coach, a dependable  
(and approachable) alpha geek who knows what to do and wants to help  
you learn how.' .. 'Our goal is that all of us can learn to become  
makers, just as we might learn to cook or use woodworking tools.    
There are makers at all levels of experience and we can learn from each  
other.   Make will provide a web site for a community of makers who are  
willing to connect with others to share their experiences and  
collaborate on new projects.'

// having made a complete enclosure-based electronics project  
(fiberoptic light
// in a box with switch) it was realized that even with the recommended  
tools a
// lot of the techniques to make a well-constructed box were yet to be  
// taking dremel router bits to a small plastic box, while fun, can be  
// this article says a hacksaw is the way to go. in any case, the idea  
of 'kits'
// has not been of particular curiosity except for being able to make a  
// generator (sine, square, pseudo-triangle waves) for instance. or,  
the surplus
// guts of a product sold as bare mostly-working circuitboard without  
// one surprise is in a .99 cent strobe light board, to make it work  
just add a
// push button switch to trigger a (very) large capacitor to fire  
// one reason for an enclosure and such boards is that, not thinking it  
// can give a person a very large shock if handling such a board while  
// if their fingers happen to shorten the circuit by touching solder  
points on
// the back of the board and as a result get a wicked shock. for this  
reason it
// would appear standard for boards using high-voltage and house wires  
// the best books (i've found) for safety procedures is 'robot  
building' and
// 'junk bots' which includes safety glasses, safety mask, gloves,  
mask, etc.

Electronic Construction from A to Z // overview...
"Everything you wanted to know about building stuff but were afraid to  

	'Exhaustive research (2) has shown that out of every 1000 kits which  
fail to work, exactly 985 times the problem is a mistake by the  
builder. Exactly 7 times it is a minor manufacturing defect in a  
printed circuit board. 5 times in a thousand it's a faulty component.  
And exactly 3 times out of a thousand it is a mistake by the designer  
of the kit (most often when they have made a change "between versions"  
and missed some minor detail, and that kind of problem only lasts for  
as long as it takes one person to build the kit and send it back).'

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

Jerry Lewis: Medtronic's pain-killing buzzer a joy // neurostimulation  

	'But a little more than two years ago, Lewis' doctor suggested an  
implantable neurostimulation device -- often referred to as a "pain  
pacemaker" -- made by Fridley-based Medtronic Inc.' .. '"It saved my  
life," Lewis said. "Medtronic saved my life."' .. 'Lewis was so  
grateful he offered to become a global spokesman for the company in a  
campaign called Tame the Pain, beginning a kind of lovefest between the  
two. For a fee Medtronic calls "nominal," Lewis now travels the world  
to tell the story about his delivery from pain.' .... 'Never far from  
Lewis is his patient programmer, a handheld device that resembles a red  
computer mouse, complete with small, turquoise-colored buttons. It  
allows him to control the level of electrical stimulation to his  
spine.' .. 'Neurostimulation zaps the spinal cord with tiny electrical  
impulses. In Lewis' case, doctors cut out some of the bone in his spine  
to make way for two leads, or wires, that connect to the pacemaker-like  
neurostimulator, which is implanted in his abdomen.' .. 'When he feels  
pain, he presses a button on his programmer, causing a kind of tingling  
effect. Lewis describes the sensation as quite pleasant.' .. '"I've had  
an erection for nine months," he said, delighting in a reporter's  
stunned reaction.'

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

// one thing about digital cameras is that film does not limit the  
amount of
// photographs a person can take (if costs for film and developing are  
// and thus, possibly, more photographs may be taken (just for fun)  
than would
// otherwise. it is wondered the amount of photos taken in film versus  
// and stored though not printed. as of the thousands of photographs  
taken if
// few are printed, it may not mean that they are not seen (on the web,  
or in
// future picture-screens, an electronic development of picture-frames  
as a
// type of photo development process). it is guessed that 'displaying'  
// photographs in sequences, in everyday settings (as in relation to  
// would have a lot more photographs being shown, printed-images on a  
// via digital media cards - and printouts a subset of new display  
// the lack of affordable, non-internet-based, LCD display screens and  
// in hacking a solution for novices (kit) make it uneconomical, as are  
// what happens to print-outs anyway? a stack of photographs to be  
piled up into
// boxes of photographs, some are framed, yet only one per frame versus  
// photographic frames (animations, images, movies) which could hold  
// to gigabytes of imagery which could be cycled-through, especially in  
the art-
// gallery realms, where DIY culture consumers are ready to share their  
// (ala future shock and culture consumers of Alvin Toffler, and  
photography as
// a potentially changing medium as more begin experimenting with the  

Digital memories survive extremes // a better (floppy) disk...

	'The memory cards in most cameras are virtually indestructible, found  
Digital Camera Shopper magazine.' .. 'Five memory card formats survived  
being boiled, trampled, washed and dunked in coffee or cola.' ....  
'Most of them did fail to get through two additional tests - being  
smashed by a sledgehammer and being nailed to a tree.' .. 'Even then,  
data experts Ontrack Data Recovery were able to retrieve photos from  
the xD and Smartmedia cards.'

Cruise Ship Runs Aground in Alaska // ecotour fuelspill. via  

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

Background Briefing by Senior Intelligence Officials // ** (no plan  
B/C/D, etc?)

[and] quote: U.S. Warns of Qaeda Attack in 'Near Term'

	'The elevation of the threat level for the financial institutions was  
triggered by the recent arrest of a Pakistani computer engineer who may  
have been involved in Qaeda communication efforts. A senior American  
intelligence official, while not discussing the source of the  
information, said analysts were reviewing recently discovered documents  
that amount to "a potential treasure trove." Officials emphasized that  
the threat information went beyond intelligence "chatter" picked up  
from intercepted communications or Internet traffic, which has formed  
the basis for past warnings.' .... 'Mr. Ridge said he was concerned  
that Al Qaeda might seek to attack financial institutions in one of  
three ways: the physical destruction of a building, an outside  
cyberattack intended to cripple financial markets or an internal attack  
that would allow someone within an organization to disrupt its  

[and] Captured Qaeda Figure Led Way to Information Behind Warning

	'The figure, Muhammad Naeem Noor Khan, was described by a Pakistani  
intelligence official as a 25-year-old computer engineer, arrested July  
13, who had used and helped to operate a secret Qaeda communications  
system where information was transferred via coded messages.' .... 'The  
Qaeda communications system that Mr. Khan used and helped operate  
relied on Web sites and e-mail addresses in Turkey, Nigeria and the  
northwestern tribal areas of Pakistan, according to the information  
provided by a Pakistani intelligence official.' .. 'The official said  
Mr. Khan had told investigators that couriers carried handwritten  
messages or computer disks from senior Qaeda leaders hiding in isolated  
border areas to hard-line religious schools in Pakistan's Northwest  
Frontier Province.' .. 'Other couriers then ferried them to Mr. Khan on  
the other side of the country in the eastern city of Lahore, and the  
computer expert then posted the messages in code on Web sites or  
relayed them electronically, the Pakistani official said.' .. 'Mr. Khan  
had told investigators that most of Al Qaeda's communications were now  
done through the Internet, the official said. After a message was sent  
and read by the recipient, the entire communication and related files  
were deleted to maintain secrecy, he said. Mr. Khan had told  
investigators that e-mail addresses were generally not used more than a  
few times.'

Computer glitch grounds two U.S. airlines // glitch as  

	'Wagner said a database malfunctioned that "basically runs every  
aspect of our client operations -- aircraft dispatch, crew scheduling  
(and) reporting weight, passenger load, balance."'

Extreme Bluetoothing // 10m -> 1Km hack

[em-quote] Balloons: Red-faced, white  and blue

	'Codebreakers:  It's hard to keep a secret with 15,000 nosy  
journalists hanging around. The National Journal's "Convention Daily"  
has discovered the Secret Service code names for the Democratic  
presidential ticket.' .. 'John Kerry is said to be "Minuteman," an  
apparent reference to the Massachusetts farmers and colonists who were  
always at-the-ready to assemble and fight during the years leading up  
to the American Revolution.' .. 'John Edwards reportedly is code-named  
"Speedway," presumably inspired by the obsession with NASCAR in his  
home state of North Carolina.' .. 'Teresa Heinz Kerry is said to be  
code-named "Mahogany."' .. 'National Journal said it got its  
information from sources in Massachusetts' "scanning community" who  
spend their time listening to chatter on law enforcement radio  
frequencies.' .. 'Secret Service code names are badly kept secrets that  
often are known by reporters covering campaigns or the White House.  
President Bush has been "Trailblazer"; wife Laura: "Tempo." [Cox News]'

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

Belgian Gas Pipe Blast Kills 15, Destroys Plants // leaking gas  

	'At least 15 people were killed and more than 100 injured  when the  
explosion ripped through the underground pipeline in  the industrial  
zone of Ghislenghien, near the town of Ath, 25  miles southwest of  
Brussels.' .. 'The chain of explosions, described by one witness as a   
"mini-Hiroshima," destroyed two factories, leaving a large  crater  
between the plants. Bodies and debris were scattered  over a 500-yard  
radius around the disaster site and scorched a  wide area.' ....  
'Fluxys, jointly owned by Royal Dutch/Shell, French utility  Suez and a  
group of municipalities, said it had halted pumping  along the line and  
taken measures to keep supplying customers including Gaz de France.'

BURGLARS cut electricity, put residents at risk
Philadelphia Inquirer (subscription) - Philadelphia,PA,USA
ARGENTINE homes save on gas, electricity to meet energy crisis.
MercoPress - Uruguay
DEREGULATION of electricity called a failure
Baltimore Sun - Baltimore,MD,USA
PRIVATISATION of electricity gains pace
Gulf Daily News - Manama,Bahrain
DOWNED lines leave 261 without electricity
Staunton News Leader - Staunton,VA,USA
ELECTRICITY prices may hinder Irish companies - SFA
Ireland Online - Dublin,Ireland
STATIC Electricity Causes Bellevue Fire
Omaha Channel.com - Omaha,NE,USA
INCREASED Demand for Electricity On FPL's System Spurs Multiple ...
Hispanic PR Wire (press release) - Miami,FL,USA
ELECTRICITY Expo 2004 to be held in HCM City
Viet Nam News Agency - Hanoi,Vietnam
BRAZIL issues new rules for electricity sector
Planet Ark - New York,NY,USA
PRIVATISATION will improve electricity, water supply
Times of Oman - Oman
PHOENIX asked to keep saving electricity
Washington Times - Washington,DC,USA
FOREST Slash for Biomass Electricity
SolarAccess.com News - Peterborough,NH,USA
GERMAN processors suffer electricity price increases
Plastics & Rubber Weekly - Croydon,United Kingdom

06-- Electromagnetic current & human affairs

[google] define:electra

	'1.  Electra -- ((Greek mythology) the daughter of Agamemnon and  
Clytemnestra; persuaded her brother (Orestes) to avenge Agamemnon's  
death by helping her to kill Clytemnestra and her lover (Aegisthus))'

[google] define:electra complex

	'1.  Electra complex -- (a complex of females; sexual attraction to  
the father)'

[and] Jung // counterpoint to Oedipus complex...

	'Carl Gustav Jung claimed that young girl's desire is for the father,  
known as the Electra complex , which is basically a reverse Oedipus  
complex. This is often falsely ascribed to Freud. In fact it aroused  
Freud's anger for he had more complex construction of the female  
Oedipal complex:.....'

[and] Electra and Her Impact on Greek Art and Culture

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

Broadband over powerline interference (video's) // 18MB. via TSCM-L...

EM-headline: Kerry Plans Tv Blackout In August // mediapol strategy

Sixteen-inch submarine

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

surfwax: News & Articles on Electricity

Robotics Trends: Robotics Technology That Assists, Entertains and  
Protects Us

// here's an image of the multiple-projector image mentioned in  
previous news...

“We believe this is where Osama has hidden the donuts…” // via  

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

Cool Sounds:  University physicists have created a freezer that can  
keep ice
cream cold using sound waves. As this ScienCentral News video reports,  
isn't just a "cool" trick—it can also help the environment // via  

	'They are using a process called thermoacoustics to create a "green"  
chiller. " Thermoacoustics involves essentially using sound to produce  
cooling," says Bob Smith , research engineer at the Penn State Applied  
Research Lab . "It's the interaction between sound and heat."' ....  
'Greenpeace has promoted other non-HFC refrigerants for more than a  
decade. Their "Greenfreeze" movement caught on all over the world, but  
not in the U.S.'

[and] Greenfreeze:  A Revolution In Domestic Refrigeration

Fascinating facts about the invention of the Refrigerator
by Oliver Evans in 1805. REFRIGERATOR

The History of the Refrigerator and Freezers

Fascinating facts about the invention of
the microwave oven by Percy Spencer in 1945.

Fascinating facts about the invention of
the Vacuum Cleaner by Hubert Booth in 1901.

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

Kuwait Bans Fahrenheit 9/11 // mediaculturewar

	'Saudi Arabia opened its land and air space to coalition forces that  
liberated Kuwait, and Kuwaitis are still grateful for that.' .. 'Last  
month, the state-owned Kuwait National Cinema Co. asked for the movie  
to be shown in Kuwait, but the ministry denied its request. The company  
monopolises cinemas in Kuwait and all movies have to be sanctioned by  
government censors.'

A Pipeline of Influence: Even before he became VP, Dick Cheney
and Bush fundraisers were crafting national energy policy

	'Stuart Gilman, a former special assistant to the Director of the  
Office of Government Ethics during the mid-1990s, thought some scrutiny  
may be justified. "I don't doubt that they are good people and they  
think what they are doing it is right but they have vested interests,"  
Gilman said.' .. 'Among those regular attendees was indicted former  
Enron CEO Ken Lay. In a twist of irony, Lay directed the NPC's Finance  
Committee and was essentially the group's treasurer...'

CFR to Bush: Stop Israeli strike on Iran's nuke sites // via drudge

// hopefully 'aiming' via LCD-viewscreen is nothing like when using a  
// (i.e. looking off-target to frame a shot within a grainy, tiny  

Scope-camera maker invents new product // digicam-gunscope (Virilio).  
via TSCM-L

	'The tiny one-ounce camera can take up to 90 photos that can later be  
downloaded onto a personal computer.' .... 'to see in the dark —  
exposing their position to criminals.' .. 'Adirondack Optics’ camera  
can pick up infrared and ultraviolet light. A small computer screen  
mounted onto a gun provides night and infrared vision for police.'

// this is EM related because some of this tension has to do with types  
of arms
// and equipment being sold and developed by both .CN and .TW which  
happens to
// involve some of the most sophisticated radar and other EM systems  

Beijing warns of war with Taiwan // 2008 if tensions continue.

// there were also some radiation experiments in Minneapolis during  
this time...

[EM-related quote] Buried secrets of biowarfare // note: HVAC and  

	'At the time, planners regarded bioweapons as a valuable military  
option -- more devastating than chemical weapons, but more selective  
than a nuclear attack.' .. '"Biological agents can really cover more  
territory than nuclear weapons," Walter said. "Biological's better than  
nuclear because it doesn't destroy the buildings."'

Navy's second Virginia-class submarine christened by first lady /  
USS.TX nukesub

	'Bush said watching the Texas approach completion made her feel like a  
mother about to send her child off to the first day of school. But  
armed with torpedoes, Tomahawk missiles , mobile mines and a built-in  
staging area for Special Forces commandos, the Texas will be more than  
capable of taking care of itself.' .. '“May all who encounter her upon  
the seas remember, 'Don’t mess with Texas,’ ” Bush said before she put  
bottle to bow.'

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

Broadband prices crash around the globe // via macsurfer.com

GE hopes its solar will top $1 bln per year by 2010

NYSE's Thain Proposes Plan to Automate More Trading // via  

	'New York Stock Exchange Chief Executive John Thain proposed that the  
exchange allow for more electronic trading, potentially taking business  
away from the 1,366 traders on the exchange floor.'

Interview: Helen Greiner, Chairman and Cofounder of iRobot, Corp.

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

Eka Nayan Lingam 1996 installation:
(gypsum cement, electronic components, videotape)  54" h.

Nest 1989 installation: (mixed media w/videotape)  80"x91"x48"	  

	'In NEST I am particularly concerned with the role of television in  
the nurturing of children. The piece uses the electronic medium itself  
as a kind of feedback mechanism through which "nature" and "culture"  
collide in the brain of the viewer. Perhaps this unfamiliar  
juxtaposition can strip the TV information of its mesmerizing  
camouflage so that, like the featherless birds and naked video monitor,  
its underlying content is exposed.'

An Anarchist in the Hudson Valley in conversation:
Peter Lamborn Wilson with Jennifer Bleye // great. via cryptome.org

	'... It seems clear that in human society, despite the best  
intentions, technology has alienated people to such an extent that they  
mistake technological and symbolic action for social/political  

1984 - Mother Goose & Grim // got chip?

Wooden Mirror // latter urls are demo movies. via macsurfer.com

goCAD project pictures

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