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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #130

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (7/27/2004)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary-- (electromagnetic context...)

01) --top stories--

Energy efficiency - how do you measure up? // 10 question online quiz.

Heating up a cold theory // knocked down but not knocked out. via  
MIT professor risks career to reenergize discredited

	'Now the soft-spoken Hagelstein, who won accolades in the 1980s for  
conceptualizing a laser critical to Ronald Reagan's "Star Wars" defense  
plan, and cold fusion have a shot at mainstream science again. Three  
months ago, the US Department of Energy quietly agreed to examine what  
cold fusion supporters say is increasing evidence -- culminating at a  
conference at MIT last summer -- that the reaction exists and is  
reproducible. If the agency agrees, it will likely mean an injection of  
both funding and legitimization for the forgotten research.' .. 'The  
Department of Energy review is focusing attention on a small band of  
scientists, including Hagelstein, who continue to work on cold fusion  
long after its public demise. There are an estimated 100 to 200 of  
these researchers in the world, many suffering from stagnated careers  
or damaged reputations because of their refusal to give up on a concept  
the vast majority of scientists say doesn't exist.' .... '"These are  
smart people" studying cold fusion, said Mildred Dresselhaus, an MIT  
institute professor who served on the Department of Energy review board  
that recommended against funding cold fusion work. "What are the  
reasons they are still doing it?"' .... '... over time, cold fusion  
scientists have become members of a small, close-knit culture unto  
themselves. They visit each other's labs. They have their own  
newsletters. They have their own conferences. And every year, their  
results get stronger, the group says, results that cannot be explained  
away by error or any other reason other than a new nuclear process.'

[and] The Saint. 1997 // cold-fusion movie referenced above...

[and] Scientist's violent death shocks cold fusion research network //  
thanks *

Iran carries out threat to resume building nuclear equipment

	'"We are back to where we were six months ago," a Foreign Office  
official said, after Iran carried out a threat to resume manufacture  
and assembly of uranium enrichment centrifuges.' .. 'According to  
diplomats, Iranian officials several weeks ago broke seals placed on  
the equipment by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). It then  
resumed building and testing the centrifuges, which can be used to make  
fissile material for a nuclear weapon.' .. 'Iran was angered by a tough  
resolution passed by the IAEA in June, and threatened to resume uranium  
enrichment after being rebuked for failing to come clean on its  
suspected weapons programme.'

The Electric-Cosmos.org

	'There is a revolution just beginning in astronomy/cosmology that will  
rival the one set off by Copernicus and Galileo.  This revolution is  
based on the growing realization that the cosmos is highly electrical  
in nature.  It is becoming clear that 99% of the universe is made up  
not of "invisible matter", but rather, of matter in the plasma state.   
Electrodynamic forces in electric plasmas are much stronger than the  
gravitational force.' .... 'Instead of wasting time in a futile battle  
trying to convince entrenched mainstream astronomers to seriously  
investigate the Electric/Plasma Universe ideas, a growing band of  
plasma scientists and engineers are simply bypassing them.  A new  
electric plasma-based paradigm that does not find new discoveries to be  
“enigmatic and puzzling”, but rather to be predictable and consistent  
with an electrical point of view, is slowly but surely replacing the  
old paradigm wherein all electrical mechanisms are ignored.'

[and] Electrical Cosmology

Birkeland and the Electromagnetic Cosmology // 1985. .pdf

[and] THE ELECTRIC UNIVERSE by Wallace Thornhill - // CD-rom

	'The Electric Universe exposes the ignorance underlying modern  
cosmology. It shows that the key to a true understanding of our  
universe and the recent history of the solar system comes from  
acknowledging simple electrical interactions between all matter in the  
universe. The result is an astounding concordance between ancient  
testimony of planets battling in the sky with thunderbolts, and modern  
plasma physics. Proof of the thesis comes from the unique electrical  
scars of battle seen on the surfaces of those planets. The result is a  
glimpse of the exciting new science of the third millenium."'

[and] Synopsis 2. The Electric Universe

	'The Electric Universe model is a coherent "Big Picture" of our  
situation in the universe, spanning many disciplines. It highlights  
repeated electrical patterns at all scales that enable laboratory  
experiments to explain the strange, energetic events seen, for example,  
in deep space, on the Sun, and on Jupiter's moon, Io. The Electric  
Universe works backward in time using observations rather than forward  
from some idealised theoretical beginning. It provides simple answers  
to problems that are now clothed in fashionable metaphysics and  
mysticism. It is more interdisciplinary and inclusive of information  
than any prior cosmology. It points to practical possibilities far  
beyond the limits set by current science.' .. 'The Electric Universe  
model grew out of a broad interdisciplinary approach to science. It is  
not a technique taught in universities. The Electric Universe is based  
more on observations and experiment than abstract theory. It recognizes  
connections between diverse disciplines. It concludes that the crucial  
requirement for understanding the universe is to take fully into  
account the basic electrical nature of atoms and their interactions.  
Strangely, this is not the case in conventional cosmology where weaker  
magnetism and the infinitely weaker force of gravity rule the cosmos.  
Such a simplification may suit a theoretical physics based on  
electrical neutrality of matter in Earthly laboratories but it does not  
apply in space where plasma dominates.'

[and] Preface: The Electric Universe

	'Given the extreme fragmentation of established science today it is  
difficult to imagine that the enterprise as a whole could ever  
"correlate all its contents." Yet extraordinary strides toward that  
"someday" envisioned by Lovecraft may now be possible through a new  
approach - one in which electrical phenomena receive the full attention  
they deserve, and all appropriate fields of evidence are included. To  
some, the prospects may appear every bit as disturbing as Lovecraft  
imagined. But for those who instinctively seek out unifying principles,  
the new horizons will be at once breathtaking and hopeful...' .. 'This  
introduction will present a new "deep focus lens" for viewing the  
physical universe, from sub-atomic particles to galactic realms unknown  
before the Hubble telescope. The Electric Universe is a holistic answer  
to myopia* -that narrowing of vision which naturally accompanies the  
fragmentation of knowledge and learning. For those with the courage to  
see clearly, the required "unlearning" of fashionable ideas carries no  
real cost whatsoever. The terror Lovecraft envisioned is only the first  
rush of uncertainty, when ideas long taken for granted are thrown into  
question by facts and simple reasoning previously ignored. The "piecing  
together of dissociated knowledge" will only require us to confront the  
deep contradictions in things experts have long claimed to know. With  
the courage to see clearly, the adventure itself could well be "the  
most merciful thing in the world," adding new insights into the  
greatest dramas of early human history and vital perspective to  
humanity's situation in the cosmos...'

[and] The Extended Mind: Recent Experimental Evidence // free online  

	'We have been brought up to believe that the mind is located inside  
the head. But there are good reasons for thinking that this view is  
much too limited. Recent experimental results show that people can  
influence others at a distance just by looking at them, even if they  
look from behind and if all sensory clues are eliminated. And people's  
intentions can be detected by animals from miles away. But perhaps the  
commonest kind of non-local interaction mental influence occurs in  
connection with telephone calls, where most people have had the  
experience of thinking of someone shortly before they ring, or knowing  
who is calling when the phone starts ringing. Recent experiments on  
telephone telepathy have given highly significant positive results. So  
have experiments on email telepathy. Rupert Sheldrake will show how his  
hypothesis of morphic fields and morphic resonance could provide a new  
way of understanding the extended mind, and of going beyond the usual  
mind/brain problem.'

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

US nuclear clean-up carries major risks // DoE is 35 years ahead of  

	'Allyn Boldt, who was a senior chemical engineer at Hanford for 25  
years, fears that any problems at the site will jeopardise the  
expansion of nuclear power he believes is necessary to meet the world's  
future energy needs. "The clean-up decisions at Hanford are being made  
by administrators driven by political and career considerations," he  
told New Scientist.' .. 'That may not lead to the best decisions, he  
says. Even if the clean-up goes according to plan, Boldt claims there  
will still be 260 square kilometres of groundwater exceeding drinking  
water safety limits for over 10,000 years. And ground contamination  
means "several square miles will be a national sacrifice zone that  
cannot be excavated for hundreds of thousands of years", he says.' ....  
'According to Alvarez's study, a risk estimate from US Nuclear  
Regulatory Commission implies that there is a 50-50 chance of a major  
radiation or chemical accident at Hanford over 28 years of operation...'

Boy in Norway Rides Luggage Conveyor Belt // like a merry-go-round...

	'Surrounded by bags and suitcases, the boy rode the entire length of  
the belt, passing through an X-ray scanner in the process.'

Risky Mines Stuck in Stone Age // wireless sensor nets...

Our Dangerous Electricity Infrastructure // NYC stray voltage

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

E-waste: send to trash? // relates to flooding and e-waste dangers.

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

Writing is on the wallpaper for noisy mobiles // follow-up. via  

	'British scientists have found a way to mass-produce  
frequency-selective 'wallpaper' screens (FSS) on a large scale for the  
first time. The screens are metal grids designed in an intricate  
pattern which filter out some radio signals and allow others through,  
depending on their   wavelength. They can be fitted to walls and  
covered with real wallpaper so they disappear from view.'

Energy Department Bans Some Removable Storage July 26, 2004

[two cartoons] Mother Goose & Grim

Feds take relics from a small biz // near nuke lab. via engadget.com

	'Federal Bureau of Investigation agents seized a roll of "Secret"  
stickers, an old hard drive and music case from a Los Alamos business  
that has sold lab salvage for the past 50 years, said Ed Grothus, owner  
of The Black Hole.'

Pentagon memo reveals bugging // via drudgereport.com

	'Sorting out why the listening device was inside the walls of the  
office, with a cord leading to another office, is just one issue that  
had to be addressed by Joseph E. Schmitz, President Bush's pick three  
years ago to be the Defense Department's top cop.'

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

// similar issue yet the opposite spectrum to what is going on in Iraq  
with air
// conditioning in the desert. as if AZ.US is a walk-in grocery cold  

Phoenix residents urged to conserve energy as temperatures rise // ***  

	'Phoenix-area utilities started asking customers to conserve energy  
after fires at two transmission stations earlier this month reduced  
their capacity to deliver electricity. One of the first energy-saving  
suggestions: Push the thermostat a few degrees higher.' .. '"It all  
starts with the air conditioner. That is the piece of equipment that is  
responsible for 50 to 60 percent of the total bill in the summer," said  
Scott Harelson, a spokesman for Salt River Project, a utility serving  
the Phoenix area.' .. 'If customers raise their thermostat a degree,  
they can save 2 percent to 3 percent on the air conditioning portion of  
their energy bill, according to Arizona Public Service Co., the area's  
other large electrical utility.' .. 'But in this desert city where  
temperatures regularly climb above a scorching 110 degrees in the  
summer, people just love the cold air blowing over them.' .. 'It was  
artificial cooling, after all, that helped turn Phoenix into a booming  
Sun Belt city in the first place. After World War II, when air  
conditioning became cheaper and more available, people and corporations  
moved in. Between 1950 and 1995, Arizona's population grew 462 percent.  
By 2002, Arizona was the second fastest-growing state.'

VILLAGERS relish electricity
Fiji Times - Fiji

U.S. Oil Co. Helicopter Missing in Nigeria

06-- Electromagnetic current & human affairs

An Open Letter to Closed Minds

'Cybernauts' Gather in Spain for Party

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

Making fast food that much faster // interstate call center drive-in  

	'Each time a [Minnesota] drive-through customer places an order at the  
speaker box and menu board, it is transmitted to a computer screen at  
the [Colorado] call center, where an employee reads back the order to  
confirm it.' .. 'The order, along with a photograph taken at the  
drive-through location, is then instantaneously printed on a video  
screen in the food preparation area of the restaurant where the order  
was placed.' .. 'A photo? It's taken to match customers with their  
orders, and it's destroyed after the food is served, Bigari said.''  
.... 'Cook called a phone company, which installed a high-speed data  
line for use once the restaurant remodeled and reopened in September.  
The restaurant also offers dine-in service where customers can place an  
order from a table-side phone. Those orders are routed through  
Colorado, too.' .. 'In the event the call center service would fail,  
Cook said, the restaurant still has the capability and technology to  
take orders in house.'

Two Pepper Sprayed Over Phone Call At Fla. Movie // via drudgereport.com

Space images show relentless floods in Bangladesh-- The worst flooding  
15 years has displaced 20 million people in the low-lying country //  

	'Satellite images have revealed the devastating impact of recent  
flooding in Bangladesh, with two thirds of country submerged in water.'  
.. 'Pictures taken by the NASA satellite Aqua on 22 July show water  
covering areas of Bangladesh and eastern India.' .... 'In one image  
produced by MODIS - coloured to show different spectral signatures -  
vast regions of flooding are shown across Bangladesh. The flooding is  
shaded as both dark blue and white. Blue represents the spectral  
signature of water while white represents light from the Sun reflected  
by ground water.'

Stuttering More Than Talk – Research Shows Brain's Role In Disorder

	'"Adults who stutter often have great language skills, meaning they  
don't have problems with rules of grammar or with the sounds we use to  
code the words of our language," Weber-Fox says. "When they speak,  
however, their motor output falters, so they pause or trip over words.  
We wanted to evaluate the brain activity when they were not stuttering  
and, in fact, when they were not having to engage their speech motor  

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

MP3 creator returns with 3D sound // pen-based iosono workstation.  

[more] MP3 Pioneer Debuts Spatial Sound // with photos of  

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

China's Internet Population Grows 28 Pct. // e-commerce and world  

// sensor networks could have a large impact on information  
environments and
// the ability of data to be collected, compiled, shared, and analyzed.  
// with powering such devices could go beyond batteries to vibration  
and micro-
// solar and wind, to keep a datalogger running, then to burst out  
// in the domestic realm, wired sensors systems could help in an  
automation of
// future dwelling functions, related to activating various adaptations  
// on heat, humidity, wind-speed, weather forecasts, sun-position, smog  
// if one were using a weather station atop a house tied into a home  

Wireless Sensor Networks Spread to New Territory

	'Wireless sensor networks can be deployed in hours in places where it  
could take months to set up wired networks. Analysts estimate that  
wiring accounts for 80 percent of the cost of many sensor networks. And  
wireless networks, unlike wired systems, can be easily rearranged:  
moving a node can be as simple as pulling it off a Velcro mount and  
sticking it somewhere else.' .. 'Each point or node on the wireless  
network needs components like radio chips and an antenna, and each node  
also needs a battery or some other power source.' .. 'But individual  
nodes, already sometimes as small as a deck of cards, are steadily  
shrinking as more functions are integrated into their digital cores.  
The nodes broadcast data to a central computer for processing, either  
directly or, in large networks, through intermediate traffic management  
devices called gateways.' .... 'Sensor networks are being designed not  
only to collect data but also to serve as the nervous system for  
electronic controls that turn other machines on and off in response to  
changing conditions.'

[and] 'Thin client' concept returns // via macsurfer.com

	"In a server-centric computing system, software updates can be pumped  
to every machine at once, and individual computers can be shielded from  
viruses and attacks."

// like an old stereo cabinet, computer servers and media servers could  
fill up
// such a rack-based modular system though the distribution model of  
wiring in-
// wall or wireless brings up the question of the basic/core design of  
// themselves. as with woodden balloon-frames, potentially the  
functionality of
// office design could be incorporated into residential housing, or the  
// telecom/datacom closet could be a data hearth around which  
structures build,
// such as several storey vertical access with radiating ceiling/floor  
// with back-up power generators and integrated security systems  
working as one.
// then multiple devices could access the data on a variety of platform  

[and] The X-mediazone Sage 103 digital home entertainment server

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

Techies Reshape 9/11 History // relates to Vivisimo's and other WWW  

[and] The 9/11 Commission Report // 12.2 page 374. (pdf page 391)

	'Recommendation: The problems in the U.S.-Saudi relationship must be  
confronted, openly. The United States and Saudi Arabia must determine  
if they can build a relationship that political leaders on both sides  
are prepared to publicly defend-- a relationship about more than oil.  
It should include a shared commitment to political and economic reform,  
as Saudis make common cause with the outside world. It should include a  
shared interest in greater tolerance and cultural respect, translating  
into a commitment to fight the violent extremists who foment hatred.'

Vanunu ordered to stay in Israel // nuclear whistleblower freed from  

	'Mr Vanunu says that he has no more secrets to reveal and that the  
travel ban infringes his civil rights.' .. 'The Israeli government  
argues that he is still a security risk.'

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

Oil hits $42 on supply gloom ahead of U.S. data // via drudgereport.com

Google Stock a Big Ticket // IPO per-share target price of $108 to  

PluggedIn: Back-To-School Gadget Prices Take a Fall // 5-10% decline in  

	'Because many popular electronics products have been around for a few  
years, their prices are dropping and their quality is improving, making  
them both more attractive and more affordable for students, analysts  

[EM-related] Defense Firms Have Better Earnings //  

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

// found this funny.... campaign e-mail artifact:

	From: "Bill Clinton" <info {at} johnkerry {dot} com>
	To: human {at} electronetwork {dot} org
	Subject: Setting the stage for victory
	Date: 27 Jul 2004 11:54:50 PDT
	Reply-To: "Bill Clinton"

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