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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #124

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (7/07/2004)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

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01) --top stories--

// absolutely exceptional speech, ideas, knowledge of the dynamics of  
not only
// energy security, but this in the context of the transformation of  
// some great references to the use of whale oil, edison, and more.  

Senator John F. Kerry -- "Energy Security is American Security"
Center for National Policy, Ronald Reagan Building, January 22, 2002

Iraqi Oil-for-Food Official Killed:  An Iraqi official killed this week
in a car bombing was in charge of the Iraqi investigation into  
that the ousted regime siphoned billions from the U.N. oil-for-food  
an official of an Iraqi political party said Saturday

	'"It's possible that he was killed because of the investigation, which  
is a serious issue," Qanbar said. However, [INC's] Qanbar said it was  
too early to say whether he was targeted because of the investigation.'  
.... 'Earlier this year, the Iraqi newspaper Al-Mada published a list  
of about 270 former government officials, activists, journalists and  
U.N. officials from more than 46 countries suspected of profiting from  
Iraqi oil sales under the program.'

Foreword by Senator Tom Harkin

	'A local rebellion occurred in several rural countries of west central  
Minnesota in the mid- to late 1970s over the decision to locate an  
electric powerline through good farmland there. The campaign of  
opposition by farmers and their supporters is now an established  
chapter in state history. Lore about the "bolt weevils" who toppled  
giant steel transmission towers at night has been passed on as a  
compelling image of rural people's resistance against power companies  
and state authorities. The events of the powerline struggle amount to a  
noteworthy episode of populist protest, and this book remains that  
story's most thorough telling.' .. 'The fact is, though, that today we  
probably read this book mostly because we know that one of the story's  
tellers, an activist college professor a the time, Paul Wellstone,  
eventually became a U.S. senator—a senator who would make unique and  
dramatic contributions to our country's history an dpolitical life in  
his far-too-brief career. After cowriting this book, Paul went on to  
participate in, teach about, and write on other Minnesota and national  
political struggles throughout the 1980s. Then, in 1990, he was elected  
to the U.S. Senate. He promptly carried the kind of fight and values  
described in the book straight to Washington, where he shook things up  
for twelve years and rocked the system right up until the terrible day  
that his life was tragically cut short.' .... '~Powerline is about  
power, both electrical and political, and about justice. It is also a  
study of political process—not the way textbooks say it works, but the  
way it really happened in Minnesota.'

Dick Cheney should reveal influences // open the record - public  

[&] More litigation will follow on the Cheney energy task force //  

	'This case received a great deal of press attention because Justice  
Antonin Scalia refused to recuse himself from it, despite his  
duck-hunting trip with Cheney. And unsurprisingly, Scalia did indeed  
side with Cheney in the case.' .. 'But rather than write an opinion,  
Scalia joined a brief dissent by Justice Clarence Thomas that would  
have resolved the matter in Cheney's favor -- and resolved it on the  
merits, going into the constitutional issues involved.' .. 'But that  
did not happen. Five other Justices -- Kennedy, Rehnquist, Stevens,  
O'Connor and Breyer -- preferred to send the case back to the Court of  
Appeals, as noted above. They based their ruling on a number of fairly  
esoteric procedural grounds.' .. 'Finally, the remaining two Justices,  
Ginsburg and Souter, wanted to send the case all the way back to the  
trial judge -- and allow it to proceed.' [subheadline: 'November  
election results key to future of case'] .... 'If Bush wins, and Cheney  
is still his vice president, it is difficult to predict what will  
happen. But there are a number of possibilities...' .... 'In short, it  
is not clear what will happen -- and much depends on what the D.C.  
Circuit does. Still, I remain hopeful that the underlying lawsuits in  
Cheney v. District Court will open the records of the National Energy  
Policy Development Group.' .. 'That is the right result legally and  
constitutionally -- and the right outcome for our democracy. We deserve  
to know if private interests are unduly influencing purportedly  
governmental bodies.'

U.S. flies radioactive items out of Iraq

	'In a secret operation, the United States last month removed from Iraq  
nearly two tons of uranium and hundreds of highly radioactive items  
that could have been used in a so-called dirty bomb, the Energy  
Department disclosed Tuesday.' .... 'Nuclear nonproliferation advocates  
said securing radioactive material is important all over the world.'

SQUID Magnetometry: Harnessing the Power of Tiny Magnetic Fields // via  
Lab researchers are pioneering new medical uses for SQUIDs
superconducting quantum interference devicesfrom pinpointing
brain tissue that causes epilepsy to monitoring fetal heartbeats.

newsphoto: American Electric Power chairman, chief executive and  
Michael Morris answers questions during an Associated Press interview
in his Columbus, Ohio, office, Tuesday, June 22, 2004. Morris, leader
of the nation's largest power generator, has called for an international
commitment to control greenhouse gases. (AP Photo/Paul Vernon) // ***

[and] Five EU Nations Ready for Kyoto Accords

	'The European Union head office said Wednesday only five EU states are  
ready to implement a 1997 United Nations accord next year limiting  
carbon-dioxide emissions and chided other members for dragging their  

Dark Matter And Dark Energy May Be Different Aspects Of A Single  
Unknown Force

	'According to the latest estimates, dark energy makes up 75 percent of  
the universe and dark matter accounts for another 23 percent, leaving  
ordinary matter and energy with a distinctly minority role of only 2  
percent.' .. 'Scherrer's unifying idea is an exotic form of energy with  
well-defined but complicated properties called a scalar field. In this  
context, a field is a physical quantity possessing energy and pressure  
that is spread throughout space...'

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

Spain Protests British Submarine Visit // **

	'A diplomatic confrontation brewed Wednesday between Spain and Britain  
after Madrid called in the British ambassador to express its "profound  
ill feeling" over the planned visit to Gibraltar of a nuclear-powered  
submarine.' .. 'The HMS Tireless, which stirred protests when it  
visited the port four years ago, was to arrive on Friday. It was not  
clear how long it would stay or why it was visiting.' .... 'The  
submarine was towed into Gibraltar in May, 2000 with cracks to its  
engine cooling system. Its repairs took a full year, triggering  
protests by people on both sides of the border concerned over the  
environmental threat.'

Now hear this! Or better yet, try not to // fireworks as toxic noise...

	'Summer is a frustrating time for audiologists, the folks who oversee  
our hearing health. It's the season we're mowing the lawn (95  
decibels), riding motorcycles (110), listening to rock concerts (120),  
exploding firecrackers (150) and watching fireworks (130 to 190,  
depending on how far away you are).' .. 'Compare those noise levels  
with a conversation, 60 decibels.' .... 'Mullins said both the length  
and intensity of a noise figure into how "toxic" it is to a person's  

// somewhat sordid with the abuse of internet presciption drugs by the  
VP's doc,
// as it is an issue used by the same people to stop others (elderly)  
from the
// ordering of internet prescriptions so they can save money in staying  
// yet it has been lambasted as unsafe for purchasing  

EM-related quote from: Cheney drops doctor over drug report // rogue  

	'The magazine said that over the 2-year period ending in December  
2001, Dr Malakoff spent at least $46,238 online on Stadol and other  
medications, such as Xanax, Tylenol with codeine, and Ambien.'

Phone battery flames injure teen // 'fist-sized flames'

	'...Witnesses saw flames coming from the bottom of the phone, where  
vents are installed to prevent overheating batteries from exploding.  
The battery, once wafer-size, was "the shape of a sausage with one end  
open," Huddleston said.'

Air crews look at radiation risk from flying // radiation workers. via  

	'The union for pilots at American Airlines is trying to increase  
awareness among air crews that they are being exposed to enough cosmic  
radiation to fall into a U.S. government regulated category of  
radiation workers.' .. 'The longer a person travels on a jet, the  
higher the jet travels and the closer the jet flies to the north or  
south poles, increase exposure to cosmic radiation, which comes from  
deep space and the sun. The Earth's atmosphere largely shields us from  
cosmic radiation, but planes fly where the atmosphere is thin.' ....  
'The exposure levels for air crews fall well within federal guidelines  
for safe exposure for a healthy adult but the Allied Pilots Association  
said the radiation exposure could present risks for the foetus of a  
pregnant woman. A foetus has developing cells that are more likely to  
be damaged by exposure to radiation than an adult.'

Frequent Tanners May Be Lured By The 'Feel-Good' Effects Of UV Light

The Dawning Age of "Silver Tech": // sensor nets. via macsurfer.com
Networked devices that keep tabs on at-risk elderly patients
living at home could soon provide better care -- and cut costs

	'Welcome to the dawn of the "silver tech age," when chipmakers,  
software developers, medical-device manufacturers, and network  
suppliers focus their smarts and growth plans on helping the elderly  
where they live. Until now, most efforts have been aimed at improving  
care within hospitals and doctors' offices. Now the focus is shifting  
to the home -- and for good reason. Surveys show that 95% of older  
adults want to live in their own home for as long as possible.'

[related?] Elderly crucial to evolutionary success of humans // elders  
+ .nets?

That's Not My Hand! How The Brain Can Be Fooled Into Feeling A Fake  
Scientists have made the first recordings of the human brain's  
awareness of
its own body, using the illusion of a strategically-placed rubber hand  
trick the brain. Their findings shed light on disorders of  
such as schizophrenia, stroke and phantom limb syndrome, where  
sufferers may
no longer recognize their own limbs or may experience pain from missing  

	'They found that one area of the brain, the premotor cortex,  
integrates information from these {three} different senses {of vision,  
touch and proprioception (position sense)} to recognize the body.  
However, because vision tends to dominate, if information from the  
senses is inconsistent, the brain "believes" the visual information  
over the proprioceptive. Thus, someone immersed in an illusion would  
feel, for example, that a fake limb was part of their own body.' ....  
'Dr. Henrik Ehrsson:  "This study shows that the brain distinguishes  
the self from the non-self by comparing information from the different  
senses. In a way you could argue that the bodily self is an illusion  
being constructed in the brain."'

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

Gadgeteer Hands On Review: Fresh Odor Eliminating Light Bulbs //via  

Centenarian sprint record foiled
A South African man's bid to become the fastest 100-year-old to run 100  
was foiled when a power failure stopped the electronic clock timing his  

Ohio Wants U.S. to Freeze Nuclear Waste Removal // historic story...

	'"It is the basement from hell," said Jeffrey Wagner, a spokesman for  
Fluor Fernald, the contractor selected by the Energy Department to do  
the disposal work.'

[and] Researchers Probe Island For Radiation

	'The group, with the permission of the US Department of Energy and the  
aid of a grant, travelled to Amchitka Island to measure how much  
radioactivity is leaking from underground blast sites. The remote  
island was used for three American underground nuclear tests in the  
1960s and 1970s.' .... 'Visiting the abandoned island was a poignant  
experience, Unsworth said. "It was the frontier in the Cold War…the end  
of the line against the Soviets. It was such a needless test. We saw  
such a pristine wilderness area, and you've got to ask yourself if it  
was necessary to do that. It was a little bit haunting."'

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

RFID Tags in New US Notes Explode When You Try to Microwave Them // via  

[and] The father of RFID // via E-QA. precursor: radio-operated door  

	'After that, he disappeared into obscurity, collecting royalties and  
enhancing his invention. Over time, the price of RFID cards fell from  
about $5 for a door lock card key in 1973 to roughly 50 cents for an  
RFID tag today. What was once affordable only for the highest security  
locations in the 1970s is now a virtual throwaway technology. By 2007,  
RFID tags are expected to cost only about 5 cents.'

// talk about liability issues in waiting. legitimating identity theft  
en masse.
// citizen's band e-mail => social security #'s, e-commerce, private  
// ISP to client encryption should be standard, as with webhost FTP by  
// slogans for the society of surveillance: 'everyone's a wiretapper,  
are you?'
// (by the way is there no difference between 'temporary cached' and  
// the conceptual language, pre-electronic potentially, or pre-digital,  
may not
// be able to grasp the differences or similarities due to technical  
// and a fundamental rewrite may be needed to get realism back into the  

Court Creates Snoopers' Heaven  // prepare your sniffers...  

	'Last week's ruling means that e-mail has fewer protections than phone  
conversations and postal mail.'

Effects of a Nuclear Explosion

Nuclear Weapons Test Map

The nuclear car wash // irradiating shipping containers...

Digital Video Makes Inroads With Police: TiVo-Style Digital Video
System Makes It Easier for Police to Record Law Breakers

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

3% of Iran’s Electricity To Be Generated From Recyclable Energies

Japan Scandal Emerges Around Nuke Program // economy? reliability?  

	'It was supposed to help revive Japan's troubled nuclear program --  
and curb the country's heavy reliance on energy imports. But as Tokyo  
considers long-term plans to switch to an experimental, recycled  
nuclear fuel, it is also facing new allegations that officials misled  
the public in the past about less pricey alternatives.' .... 'The  
allegations that policy-makers concealed data about reprocessing fuel  
costs marked the latest setback for the nation's nuclear program, which  
has been plagued by recent safety violations, reactor malfunctions and  
accidents.' .... 'Japan's 52 nuclear plants account for nearly 35  
percent of its energy supply.'

ELECTRICITY Transforming Rural Senegal Into 21st Century // **  

	'Senegal’s poor countryside has been transformed into one giant work  
area by power projects, which are run by the Senegalese Agency for  
Rural Electrification (ASER), a government outfit formed in 2001.  
Workers are everywhere, putting up solar panels and poles to connect to  
the grid.' .. 'The project aims to raise the percentage of Senegal's  
324 rural counties with electricity from nine to 15 percent by 2005,  
and at least 60 percent in 20 years.' .... 'People in the countryside  
are delighted by the advent of electricity, which is needed for  
lighting as well as for educational, irrigation and conservation  

-- Power Outage Delays Flights in Boston 
-- Update 6: Official: Yukos Bill Could Be Restructured 
-- U.S. Restricts 3 Oil Tankers in Security Crackdown 

Total Shuts Oil, Gas Production in Nigeria // strike. privatization  

	'Elf Nigeria, a subsidiary of Franco-Belgian-owned Total, stopped  
production of the 235,000 barrels of oil and 187 million cubic feet of  
natural gas it normally produces each day, the company's Nigeria  
spokesman told The Associated Press from the capital of Abuja.' .. 'The  
shutdown accounts for roughly 10 percent of Nigeria's total production  
of 2.5 million barrels a day.' .... 'In Nigeria, the unusual,  
precautionary shutdown began Friday to prevent violence or sabotage,  
Elf Nigeria said.' .... 'The United States, Europe and Asia  
increasingly are looking to West Africa as one alternative to oil from  
the politically volatile Middle East.'

newsphoto: Iraqi oil workers

newsphoto: Bolivians clash with riot police, protesting energy policies

newsphoto: 'Bolivian Indigenous Aymara fishermen line up their boats in  
to cross a cable to provide an  island with electricity in the Titicaca  
south of La Paz, Bolivia on this June 2003 photo.' .... 'As several  
Latin American countries, Bolivia the poorest  of South America, has
seen the gap between rich and poor increase during the years of economic
liberalization and now struggles to retake  control over its state
companies and energetic resources. (AP Photo Dado Galdieri) // ***

newsphoto: 'air conditioner clothing' creation

newsphoto: .US Marine guarding .IQ electrical power corridor

FARMERS block road, demand electricity
Indian Express - New Delhi,India
U.TV - Belfast,Northern Ireland,UK
ELECTRICITY bills may ignite a revolt
New Zealand Herald - Auckland,New Zealand

06-- Electromagnetic current & human affairs

Electronic Game Use Is Associated With Childhood Obesity

U.S. city's lights-out policy saves migrating birds // via Energy News  

	'Turning out the lights of city skyscrapers is helping to save the  
lives of thousands of birds migrating across North American cities to  
their spring breeding grounds.' .... 'Migrating birds can die not only  
from the impact of flying into plate glass they do not recognize as a  
hazard but from exhaustion after flying incessantly around a source of  
light to which they are drawn. Dazed and disoriented birds not killed  
on impact may be snapped up later by predators such as crows and sea  
gulls who have learned to regard such sites as rich hunting grounds.'

about--> Somalis brainstorm on rebuilding: A group of about 150 Somalis
are meeting in the capital, Mogadishu, to discuss rebuilding the  

Somalia NICI Infrastructure
	'There is no national telecommunications operator in Somalia. Domestic  
traffic is virtually non-existent as the infrastructure has been  
destroyed by the civil war.'
	Digital main lines : na
	Waiting list for a telephone line : na
	Public telephones: na
	Public telephones per 1000 inhabitants : na
	Mobile cellular subscribers: na
	Cellular subscribers as a % of total telephone subscribers : na
	Telecommunications revenue (M US$) : na
	Telecommunications investment  (M US$) : na
	Computer per 100 inhabitants :na
	Television Broadcasting: na
	Radios per 100 inhabitants :na
	Television receivers per 100 inhabitants :1.4 (1999)
	Pay TV decoders: na
	Cable TV subscribers :na
	Home satellite dishes/antennas: na
[and] Transportation and Communications in Somalia

	'Telephone system: the public telecommunications system was completely  
destroyed or dismantled by the civil war factions; all relief  
organizations depend on their own private systems domestic: recently,  
local cellular telephone systems have been established in Mogadishu and  
in several other population centers international: international  
connections are available from Mogadishu by satellite.' // Internet  
Service Providers (ISPs): NA	
07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

// Greg LeMonde is a local .MN here. never knew cycling was measured in  
// the idea of a bike-as-a-computer has been thought about, as the bike  
// seems to be an attachment yet most other intensive technologies  
(say, F1 race
// cars, and factory equipment, and space shuttles, etc) are using  
// sensors in their materials, to gauge performance factors. not that  
this is
// something necessary, needed, desired, or allowed even in the Tour de  
// though it would seem that bicycles may someday incorporate current  
// systems, possibly computing, into the frame, if some automatic  
features were
// possible to enhance the riding experience, performance, safety. if  
one is to
// use magnetic brakes, LED lights, horns, mirrors, it may be possible  
that a
// bicycle could incorporate some fundamental systems, like a lock &  
key system
// or motion sensing alarm (not car alarm-like) without adding to the  
// and innovate for media, too, what about mounts for video/cameras on  
// if not mistaken, early Tour riders/winners, were smoking during the  

Tour de Lance: The hardware that makes Armstrong an unstoppable cycling  

	'Lance Armstrong is obsessed with numbers: He measures his seat height  
by the millimeter, his food by the gram, and his performance by the  
watt. Such attention to detail is de rigueur in cycling, one of the  
most data-driven sports of all. Consider the numbers behind the Tour de  
France: 21 days of riding; 2,110 miles; 5,200 calories burned per day;  
a peak of 1,000 watts output at any given moment (enough juice to run  
seven iMacs)...'

Light rail's voice has hints of Mozart // local Mezzo soprano and  
	'Susan Spongberg, Humphrey's talent agent, not surprisingly said she  
is perfect for the LRT job. Humphrey's voice is soothing, musical, kind  
and yet authoritative, Spongberg said. "It's hard to find all that  
rolled into one voice, and she's nice besides. Passengers will be  
listening to the announcements and asking, 'Who is that woman?' "' ..  
'It's the same woman who was the voice for Honeywell's home security  
system (as in, "The garage light is on") and for some voice-mail  
systems ("For information about our services, press 1"). It's the same  
woman who played Mother Abbess in "The Sound of Music" at the  
Chanhassen and who was the featured soprano at the Guthrie's " A  
Christmas Carol" for the past three years.'

-- BBC ordered to make its website less commercial 
-- Radio stations worldwide celebrate the birth of rock 'n' roll 

Professor gives Cisco manual away for free

New Technology Could Transform Every Train
Into A High Speed Cracked Rail Detector // *

A simple radio with three parts // *** DIY radio. via electronics-qa

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

Republicans fight back against Moore with 'conservative Cannes' //  

	'The American Film Renaissance, to be held in Dallas between September  
9 and 11, will showcase more than two dozen feature films that,  
according to festival organisers, deal forthrightly with the "war on  
terror" for the first time in US cinema. A series of documentaries will  
also be shown which take on prominent critics of President George W.  
Bush, such as Moore, whose film has sold out in cinemas across the  
United States.'

How A Battery Works // via PHYS-L

[and] Print your own triangular-ruled graph paper

EM-quote from: Knowing Their Politics by the Software They Use

	'The Web sites of Senator John Kerry and the Democratic National  
Committee run mainly on the technology of the computing counterculture:  
open-source software that is distributed free, and improved and  
debugged by far-flung networks of programmers.' .. 'In the other  
corner, the Web sites of President Bush and the Republican National  
Committee run on software supplied by the corporate embodiment of big  
business - Microsoft.' .... 'Both the Microsoft Web site software and  
the open-source alternative, the Apache server running on Linux, have  
had security problems, said Richard M. Smith, a computer security  
expert. But the Microsoft software, he said, "clearly is the least  
secure of the two Web serving solutions," given its susceptibility to  
infection by malicious computer worms like Code Red and Nimba.'

Wi-fi sensor net aids wine makers // wifi-wine...

God's Number Is Up: Among a heap of books claiming that science proves
God's existence emerges one that computes a probability of 67 percent

Check out How Movie Distribution Works

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

'Magic ink' that makes metal grow // *** ink printing cheap & easy  

	'Even though privacy groups have voiced concerns about the potential  
misuse of the technology, RFID tags look set to become commonplace  
soon.' ..'But looking ahead, the metal printing technique could also be  
used to help miniaturise devices. Mobile antennas could be printed into  
the casing of the phone, for example, reducing bulkiness in mobiles.'  
.. 'Or special wallpaper could be printed which could covertly block  
radio frequencies, such as mobile phone or Wi-fi (wireless broadband)  

// thought Sony was turning their business model toward consumer  

The insider scoop on what’s so very wrong with Sony // consumer  

-- Kerry's e-mail // VP candidate first publicly announced to  
campaign's list...

Lasers Key To Construction, Manufacturing Advances // Darth LADARs...

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

Israel shows nuclear plant images // potential for nuclear diplomacy...

Israel's Presumed Nukes to Become Issue // ~in search of tacit  

	'Israeli analysts warned against even low expectations.' .. '"There is  
no foundation for a change in Israel's policy of nuclear ambiguity  
under present circumstances, and the topic is not on the agenda," wrote  
Gerald M. Steinberg, a fellow at the Jerusalem Center for Public  
Affairs.' .... 'Because it has resisted international pressure to sign  
the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, Israel does not formally have to  
declare itself as a weapons state or agree to any curbs on its nuclear  
activities.' .. 'That leaves the IAEA and the rest of the world  
guessing about the nature and scope of Israel's program.'

-- ElBaradei Will Not Pressure Israel on Nuclear Issue 
-- ElBaradei visits Israel amid fears of nuclear rivalry in Mideast 
-- Israel Concerned about Iranian Nuclear Ambitions, says IAEA Chief 

[and] Iran, Syria Say Israel Has Nuclear Arms, Is Threat

[and] Iran slams Powell's remarks on Tehran's nuclear program

TPM Inteview with Sen. Joseph Biden (Delaware) // neocon focus: nuclear  

	Senator Joseph Biden: "... Now, when [the Bush neoconservatives] came  
into office they had two overwhelming preoccupations and necessarily at  
the expense of everything else. There's only so much gray matter able  
to be brought to a subject matter in any administration. It is not a  
criticism; it is kind of hard to walk and chew gum at the same time on  
this stuff. People don't understand that. There’s  only 20, 30 people  
in an administration who are the intellectual energy and center of the  
administration. Every administration.' .. 'And what did they focus on?  
National missile defense --- from the day they took office, at the  
exclusion of everything else. The preoccupation was palpable. And  
that's why I made the speech. I didn't know it was going to come on the  
11th.  But I said it was going to come and it was gonna come relatively  
soon. Because they ignored --- I'm not arguing they could have stopped  
9-11.  But I am arguing that all the resources --- the intellectual,  
political, and military resources --- were focused on, except to keep  
everything else just sort of bouncing along, on national missile  
defense. After 9/12, all the focus went, whoosh, Iraq. So what did we  
lose with that? ..."

Iraqi Oil Pipeline Breached // unknown unknowns...

[and] Saboteurs Halve Iraqi Oil Exports // known unknowns... (7/3/04)

	'An oil official said one of two pipelines feeding Iraq's Gulf  
terminals was on fire in the Faw Peninsula and a shipping agent said  
this had cut exports to 960,000 barrels per day.'

[and] Iraqi Oil Depot Attacked

[and now] Kirkurk Pipeline Ablaze // feeding Northern .IQ powerplants...

// very difficult to draw a line where the 'public' and 'private'  
aspects of any
// electronic media begin and end. though it is mostly taken for  
granted in the
// day to day media cultures, it seems to co-exist with both, or  
somewhere in-
// between these. though the idea that 'there is a public' represented  
in the
// media can be found in peaks and valleys, say with a state funeral or  
// national event, or of course, the horrors of war. there is something  
that the
// television is able to do today, with space-time-place that others  
simply are
// no longer capable of doing in traditional experiences of space, and  
that is
// to have millions experience within the same structure the same event  
at once.
// in a sense, if it were a public event, like the trial of a corrupt  
// for some who this would be a public event even if on TV, not in a  
// square, all the similar functions are available, only scaled  
// the same for sports arenas and broadcasts. or the olympics, being  
held in
// a local area, but the space-time-place encompassed is the world  
media. in
// this sense, to greater or lesser degrees (specific to a particular  
// many publics and privates may exist in EM media today, multiple  

Iraqi Group Threatens to Kill Zarqawi // broadcast video is 'public'  

	'In a videotape sent to the al-Arabiya television station, a group  
calling itself the "Salvation Movement," questioned how al-Zarqawi  
could use Islam to justify the killing of innocent civilians, the  
targeting of government officials and the kidnapping and beheading of  
foreigners.' .. '"He must leave Iraq immediately, he and his followers  
and everyone who gives shelter to him and his criminal actions," said a  
man on the video.' .. 'The video marked the first time that an Iraqi  
group made such a public threat against al-Zarqawi.'

U.S., Australia Sign Pact to Work on Missile Defense

	'President Bush has made building a missile defense system a  top  
priority, despite critics' questions about its cost and  viability and  
the shift of the U.S. security focus to  counterterrorism after the  
Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.'

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

Abraham criticizes high cost of oil // .US Secretary of Energy

	'Questioning the "faulty" logic of hedge funds and other speculators  
who are keeping prices elevated, Mr. Abraham said they are not taking  
into account "the fact that 675 million barrels of oil" from the  
reserves would be available to replace any shortfall from the 25  
million barrels of oil being shipped out of the Middle East each day.'  
.... 'But the overriding reason for record-high prices, most analysts  
say, is the heightened threat this year of supply disruptions in Iraq  
and Saudi Arabia, the world's largest producer, at a time when oil  
supplies are being stretched to the limit to accommodate robustly  
growing demand.' .... 'Mr. Abraham emphasized that the U.S. oil supply  
is secure and not likely to be seriously disrupted by terrorists or  
other threats.'

[and] Pressures at home bedevil Opec ministers // see last paragraph:  
	'Behind the debate among Opec members on a reasonable price for their  
oil lies the urgent need among many of these oil-dependent nations to  
finance growing government expenditure in the face of rising  
unemployment and population growth.' .... 'Oil and gas export revenues  
still account for more than 80 per cent of total export revenues for  
Opec members, and provide the largest funding source for government  

-- Shell overstated profits by $276 Million
-- Brent Crude Oil Futures Rise to Two-Week High After Iraqi Pipeline  
-- Oil Pipeline Cut By Saboteurs 
-- Oil Prices Rise on Threats to Supply 
-- Analysis: Iran upbeat on oil forecasts, analysts sceptical
-- Iraq, Nigeria Outages Push Oil Higher  

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

Dictionnaire des Arts Médiatiques

// saw this 'design award' story prior to this link, and as mentioned  
in the
// comments below, it would be a great interface. providing the PC  
would be
// one way to allow a home-server to connect to something like a dumb  
// and in terms of design, may 'best' what is considered the 'consumer  
// one could upgrade a computer without changing its interface or  

And no, you can’t have one // Bloomberg (Stock Market) Terminals design  

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