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  --energy security--

// absolutely exceptional speech, ideas, knowledge of the dynamics of  
not only
// energy security, but this in the context of the transformation of  
// some great references to the use of whale oil, edison, and more.  

Senator John F. Kerry -- "Energy Security is American Security"
Center for National Policy, Ronald Reagan Building, January 22, 2002

	'So as we have turned the corner of a millenium and century, we have  
urgent reasons to be serious about our energy future – and we have an  
extraordinary opportunity today to begin a new era in which our  
conception of how energy is produced, used and conserved is  
transformed.' .. 'The strategy I suggest to make that transition -- I  
regret to say -- must differ in many respects from that put forward by  
the current Administration, and by the Republican majority in the House  
of Representatives.' .. 'Their approach was developed during the first  
half of last year by a Task Force chaired by Vice President Cheney.  
Neither innovative private sector companies nor the public interest  
were permitted to compete fairly and openly for the White House ear.'  
.. 'Old thinking passed through the doors of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue  
far more often and easily than new thinking. Exxon Mobil, Enron or  
Chevron enjoyed an access bonanza at the expense of consumers and state  
of the art environmental technology manufacturers. The process and its  
results stand as a monument to the difficulty of forcing industry and  
institutional change.' .. 'As a result, those most heavily invested in  
the current energy system have set a course for the future which, not  
surprisingly, champions status quo policies at the expense of new ideas  
and innovation. What's worse, President Bush claims that prolonging the  
status quo will somehow ensure "energy independence" for America, and  
his party’s leaders happily echo his cry – as if by embracing their  
lack of vision we'd all be able to sit back, relax, and put our fleet  
of international oil tankers in drydock.' .. 'Common sense tells us  
that the policies that made us dependent on foreign oil – however  
repackaged in the mantle of patriotism – will only keep us dependent on  
foreign oil. America take note: if we enact the entire Bush energy plan  
we will find ourselves twenty years from now more dependent on foreign   
    oil—than we are today. The Administration has not offered an agenda  
for energy independence. That is false advertising. It has offered an  
agenda that evades the tough questions -- provided blinders where we  
need magnifying glasses -- and slogans in the place of genuine  
leadership.' .... 'So America has a choice between two competing  
visions. The Administration sees a world where our principal effort is  
to drill our way out of our problem while alternative, renewable fuels  
and technologies rise or fall on their own at the margins no matter  
what compelling reasons exist to behave differently.' .. 'I see a  
world, where even as we drill because it makes economic sense and we  
have to, our primary focus shifts to cajoling and exciting a new market  
place for those alternative and renewable energy sources because there  
are compelling reasons to do so.' .... 'Ladies and gentleman, we have  
to do better than this. Energy     security is American security. Our  
policy must reflect that we live in one world, not four or five  
separate ones and we need an energy policy of national purpose that  
confronts the hard realities and sets real priorities based on the  
needs of all Americans.' .... 'In fact, the story of computers over the  
past two     decades may be a good parallel for the story of energy in  
America and the world over the coming decades. From mainframe to P.C..  
 From big scale to small. One technological breakthrough after another.  
Leading to an even more competitive American and global economy...'  
.... '.... it is utter nonsense to suggest that the government has no  
role [in the energy market].' .... 'We can ignore the implications of  
September 11, and continue with a business as usual approach to our  
energy future. Or we can say, "Wait a minute, there is a wiser way, a  
more forward-looking way, that will leave our nation less vulnerable;  
our economy more competitive; our environment less polluted; and our  
people better prepared for the 21 st Century.' .... 'A Saudi Arabian  
oil minister and a founder of OPEC once said,     "That the stone age  
came to an end not for a lack of stones, and the oil age will end, but  
not for a lack of oil." I don’t believe that we are about to run out of  
oil But I do believe that the consequences of remaining dependent on  
oil are too great, too dangerous and wrong for this nation, and that  
now is time for national action. Rather than have our energy policy be  
the last big mistake of the 20 th century, we can make it the first  
major opportunity for security of the 21 st century.'

Presidential Candidates Respond to "New Energy for America" // IBEW,  

The Ten-Point Plan for Good Jobs and Energy Independence // USWA, UAW,  

	1. Promote Advanced Technology & Hybrid Cars
	2. Invest In More Efficient Factories
	3. Encourage High Performance Building
	4. Increase Use of Energy Efficient Appliances
	5. Modernize Electrical Infrastructure
	6. Expand Renewable Energy Development
	7. Improve Transportation Options
	8. Reinvest In Smart Urban Growth
	9. Plan For A Hydrogen Future
	10. Preserve Regulatory Protections

The Energy Security Initiative

	'For more than 42 years, Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR)  
has been a leading advocate of responsible, health-protective public  
policy.  Now, as our nation’s energy policy continues to degrade the  
environment, global and national security, and the health of the  
public, PSR has forged an innovative project linking resources and  
expertise from the fields of environmental health and global security.'  
.. 'This collaboration, the Energy Security Initiative, is  
investigating the health, environmental, and security impacts of the  
current nuclear and fossil fuel-based energy system.  The Energy  
Security Initiative is also dedicated to working with public health  
professionals and environmental and security experts to persuade  
policymakers of the tremendous health and security benefits that will  
accompany the adoption of a decentralized, sustainable energy  

Brittle Power: Energy Strategy for National Security

Energy Security - .pdf FILES // Rocky Mountain Institute...

	'S83-08 ,The Fragility of Domestic Energy ,The Atlantic Monthly  
(PDF-312k) This lay summary of Brittle Power: Energy Strategy for  
National Security shows that our complex, interdependent systems for  
the production and delivery of energy are vulnerable to simple but  
devastating acts of sabotage. It also shows that a more efficient,  
diverse, dispersed, renewable energy system can make major failures  
impossible. This article appeared in The Atlantic Monthly (November  

S01-06 ,Critical Issues in Domestic Energy Vulnerability, Aspen
Clean Energy Roundtable (PDF-280k) // *** Amory Lovin's handout  

Alliance to Save Energy :  ASE promotes energy efficiency worldwide to  
achieve a
healthier economy, a cleaner environment, and greater energy security:  
efficiency is the quickest, cheapest, cleanest way to extend our  
world's energy'

Energy Supply Security // information...
	U.S.  Domestic Policy -- Comprehensive National Energy Strategy
	National energy policy from the U.S. Department of Energy web site.

[and] Office of Energy Assurance

	'Welcome to the DOE Office of Energy Assurance (OEA). OEA supports the  
national security of the United States by working in close  
collaboration with the Department of Homeland Security, State and local  
governments, and the private sector to ensure the reliable and secure  
operation of the Nation's energy systems.' .. 'America's energy  
infrastructure is the backbone of commerce, transportation,  
communications, government, health care, and home life in the United  
States. Any prolonged interruption of the supply of basic energy - be  
it electrical, natural gas, or oil products - would be devastating to  
the nation and its people. We increasingly depend on robust, secure,  
and reliable energy systems to power our economy, maintain our national  
security, and provide for the well being of our citizens. Because  
energy is part of an interdependent network of critical physical and  
information infrastructures, it must be protected from terrorist acts  
as well as natural hazards.' .. 'The Office of Energy Assurance leads  
the Federal response to energy emergencies, guides technology R&D that  
will improve the security and reliability of the Nation's energy  
systems, provides training and support for stakeholders, and works to  
assess and mitigate energy system vulnerabilities. OEA conducts its  
program based on a foundation of partnerships with the Department of  
Homeland Security, other DOE programs, other Federal groups, State and  
local governments, and private industry. Click here to learn more about  
the OEA program.'

Energy Situation Analysis Report // Last Updated: June 26, 2003...

[and] DOE/OEA Energy Assurance Daily // e-mail newsletter?

open-source DHS DAILY REPORT // great resource...

Energy Security: Institute for the Analysis of Global Security

[and] IAGS Recommended Reading // note: oil and terrorism connection.

China's Quest for Energy Security // free .pdf, 2000

Green Paper : Towards a European strategy for the security of energy  
Energy security // image of solar independence panel...

World Alliance for Decentralized Energy // Caterpillar, Siemens, Rolls  

	'The World Alliance for Decentralized Energy, was established in 2002  
as a non-profit association whose mission is to accelerate the  
worldwide development of high efficiency cogeneration / CHP and  
decentralized renewable energy (DE) systems that deliver substantial  
economic and environmental benefits.'

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