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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #123

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (7/02/2004)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary--

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01) --top stories--

// given that the .US VP Cheney is telling-all about connections  
between various
// conflicting views, maybe he could also help clear up his view of why  
the .US
// Energy Task Force documents are off-the-public-record, and what the  
basis of
// private companies role were, in terms of drafting legislation that  
today is
// at the very epicenter of past, present, and future national energy  
// policy, driven and a prime-mover, it seems, of foreign and domestic  
// for instance, Mr. Cheney surely could elucidate what role of  
Halliburton had,
// and Mr. Ken Lay of Enron, with regard to maps for designs on Iraqi  
// if Mr. Cheney is so readily able to divelge the 'secret' information  
so as to
// justify pre-war secret rationales for war, it is also necessary to  
do this to
// justify .US Energy Task Force planning and inter-national security  

White House Security Rebuffs Attempt to Serve Lawsuit on Dick Cheney //  

	'The legal group that's made a name for itself by filing numerous  
lawsuits against the nation's leaders is having trouble serving its  
latest complaint against Vice President Dick Cheney.' .. 'Judicial  
Watch says a process server was threatened with arrest when he went to  
the White House on Monday, July 22, to deliver a copy of the legal  
complaint against Dick Cheney on behalf of Halliburton shareholders.'  
.... 'According to Judicial Watch, a White House security officer  
refused to accept any papers for the vice president. The process server  
said he was told he would be arrested if he simply dropped the federal  
court summons and complaint on the ground and left.' .. 'Judicial Watch  
notes it is a crime to interfere with the "service of process."'

[EM-related] What Next? // quote via salon.com/politics/war_room/

	'Biden: I was in the Oval Office the other day, and the president  
asked me what I would do about resignations. I said, "Look, Mr.  
President, would I keep Rumsfeld? Absolutely not." And I turned to Vice  
President Cheney, who was there, and I said, "Mr. Vice President, I  
wouldn't keep you if it weren't constitutionally required." I turned  
back to the president and said, "Mr. President, Dick Cheney and Don  
Rumsfeld are bright guys, really patriotic, but they've been dead wrong  
on every major piece of advice they've given you. That's why I'd get  
rid of them, Mr. President -- not just Abu Ghraib." They said nothing.  
Just sat like big old bullfrogs on a log and looked at me.'

// this could be verified by measuring VP Cheney for world's biggest  
brain, as
// it has been stated that Machiavelli is very much admired by his  
intel team...

[+] Sneakiest primates have biggest brains // Machiavellian  
Intelligence theory

// that the VP has a pacemaker and also skipped the public review of  
// records requisite for assuming executive office seems all the more  
// given the emphasis on brainscans, mental health, and other  

[em-quote] Kerry's VP pick must be made with Cheney in mind //  

	'After 3 1/2 years of sitting a heartbeat away from the presidency,  
Cheney has acquired a loud chorus of critics. They charge that he has  
been the administration's leading misleader on Iraq; an arrogant,  
secretive operator who tried to shut the public out from information on  
his energy task force; and a shameless wheeler-dealer who has steered  
billions in no-bid government contracts to Halliburton, a conglomerate  
he once headed.' .... '"Cheney was supposed to be a sensible, pragmatic  
vice president who kept a low profile. Instead, he's turned out to be a  
lightning rod at the center of every storm," says Chad Clanton, a Kerry  
campaign spokesman.'

AP: Warlord Fuels Nigeria Oil Delta Fight // oil, states, politics,  

	'Intensifying conflict across the delta has killed more than 1,000  
people and left villages in flames. Fighting in the west at times has  
cut up to a quarter of production in the world's No. 7 oil exporter,  
the United States' fifth-biggest oil supplier.' .... '[Oil warrior]  
Dokubo-Asari is idolized by some delta residents, who harbor bitter  
resentment toward Nigeria's government for the slow pace of development  
in oil-rich areas. Paved roads, electricity, running water, schools and  
hospitals remain scarce.' .. '"You can say he is like Robin Hood," said  
Angela Dickson, now living in Port Harcourt after fleeing the fighting.  
"Our own government is corrupt and they hate us."' .. 'Dokubo-Asari  
said he admires terror leader bin Laden for fighting "on behalf of all  
Muslims," but insisted he is not fighting a religious war and never  
targets civilians.'

Solar to Keep Army on the Go  // *** solar panel fabrics, tents.  
solartent: <http://www.wired.com/news/images/0,2334,64021-13127,00.html>
nanosolar fabric:  
shingles: <http://www.wired.com/news/images/0,2334,64021-13129,00.html>

	'In modern warfare, portable power for communications technology is  
every bit as important as firepower and manpower.' .... 'Using plastics  
as the basis for solar panels will result in a faster manufacturing  
process than silicon fabrication plants, said Russell Gaudiana, vice  
president of research and development at Konarka. Gaudiana likened the  
process to producing photographic film (he previously worked at Kodak),  
and said the solar panels can be printed in any color. "Our solar  
panels can be woven into any fabric, including tents, clothing or  
roofing material," he said.'

// domestic supply (like basic metals) could be considered a national  
// cause and production could be boosted if taken in regard to energy  
// as the basis for cultural (e.g. social-economic) stability for the  
// so instead of putting metals into factory-made tanks and guns, it  
could be
// that factories start to make solar panels to meet the present/future  
// and in doing so, prevent the loss of power, of greater orders of  

[and] Europe Eclipses U.S. Solar Shift // boost for energy security  

// it should also be noted that destruction of oil pipelines, recently,
// which are what the powerplants use for fuel-- was an inside (.IQ)  
// it is unlikely the .US is keeping the power off: saboteurs are doing  
// the .US leaves, and saboteurs and Iraqi insurgents, will turn power  

Today's topic: Life in Baghdad. By Peter Y. Hong LOS ANGELES TIMES

	'Ali is describing how the Qadrs have lived without regular  
electricity -- for more than a year -- to someone who has always taken  
power for granted: an American...' .... 'On this night -- before the  
U.S.-led coalition transferred authority to an interim Iraqi government  
-- the 15 members of the Qadr family have welcomed a reporter into  
their spacious two-story concrete and brick home. They have agreed to  
set aside their considerable pride to show someone who has always had  
air conditioning, hot showers, chilled water and clean clothes what it  
feels like to lose those comforts and more.' .... 'Everyone sleeps  

// if true, this should probably be in the 'top stories' category...

Speed of light may have changed recently // on Earth!

	'A varying speed of light contradicts Einstein's theory of relativity,  
and would undermine much of traditional physics....' .... 'The threat  
to the idea of an invariable speed of light comes from measurements of  
another parameter called the fine structure constant, or alpha, which  
dictates the strength of the electromagnetic force. The speed of light  
is inversely proportional to alpha, and though alpha also depends on  
two other constants (see graphic), many physicists tend to interpret a  
change in alpha as a change in the speed of light. It is a valid  
simplification, says Victor Flambaum of the University of New South  
Wales in Sydney.' .... 'Throughout the debate, physicists who argued  
against any change in alpha have had one set of data to fall back on.  
It comes from the world's only known natural nuclear reactor, found at  
Oklo in Gabon, West Africa.' .. 'The Oklo reactor started up nearly two  
billion years ago when groundwater filtered through crevices in the  
rocks and mixed with uranium ore to trigger a fission reaction that was  
sustained for hundreds of thousands of years...' .... '... "there is no  
accepted varying-alpha theory", warns Flambaum. Instead, there are  
competing theories, from those that predict a linear rate of change in  
alpha, to those that predict rapid oscillations...'

[wiki] Fine-structure constant

	'One controversial explanation of the value of the fine-structure  
constant invokes the anthropic principle and argues that the value of  
the fine-structure is what it is because stable matter and therefore  
life and intelligent beings could not exist if the value were something  

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

// (multi-media) sensory therapy for autism, dementia...

ISNA -- International Snoezelen Association // EM-architecture...

Welcome to ROMPA® - the home of Snoezelen (R)

[and] Sensory therapy.

	'So what is ‘Snoezelen’ ?' .. 'The word ‘Snoezelen’ is not a  
scientific name. It was developed from a combination of two Dutch words  
which roughly translate as to ‘sniff’ and ‘doze’. It was hoped that  
this may conjure up the lazy, relaxed feeling that ‘Snoezelen’ was  
capable of producing. It is a concept that endeavours to provide  
sensory experiences within a controlled environment.' .. 'The concept  
was developed in Holland approximately twelve years ago but it now can  
be found in many different parts of the world including America, India,  
Europe and Japan. The word ‘Snoezelen’ is a trade mark of ROMPA which  
describes a multi-sensory environment.' .. 'Although ‘Snoezelen’ is  
often recognised as a room specifically designed to stimulate all the  
senses it is important to remember that these experiences can be  
replicated in everyday life. This suggests that everyone may experience  
‘Snoezelen’ regardless of their         disability.'

[and] google search for Snoezelen

EMFacts Consultancy // via bioelectromagnetics list

	'EMFacts Consultancy , founded in 1994 by Don Maisch, has produced a  
wide range of reports and papers dealing with various health issues  
related to human exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation.' .. 'This  
website was established in 1997 as an independent source of information  
on the possible health and safety issues arising from human exposure to  
Electromagnetic Energy (EME).' .. 'This consists of both 50 and 60  
Hertz (Hz) Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) from our use of electricity and  
Radio-frequency/Microwave (RF/MW) Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) from  
telecommunications.' .. 'This site is designed to be utilized as a  
resource by individuals, groups, organisations and communities who are  
trying to empower themselves by gaining a better understanding of the  
complex issues involved with this important environmental issue.' ..  
'"That which is looked upon by one generation as the apex of human  
knowledge is often considered an absurdity by the next, and that which  
is regarded as a superstition in one century, may form the basis of  
science for the following one." - Paracelsus'

// from recent articles had thought stray voltage referred to  
high-voltages on
// city lamp-posts due to wiring or underground conduits chargeing  
sewer caps.

[and] StrayVoltage.org

	'StrayVoltage.org is brought to you by the La Crosse Tribune, a site  
dedicated to covering the important agricultural and environmental  
issue of stray voltage. The Tribune coverage of this story by Local  
News Editor Chris Hardie has won five Wisconsin journalism awards and  
was nominated for a 2000 Pulitzer Prize. On Feb. 1 the coverage  
received first place in the Wisconsin Newspaper Association  
Enterprise/Interpretive reporting category. Journalism judges had this  
to say about the coverage: "This is a fair treatment of a long-disputed  
issue. In a class of 57 contenders it stood out. The whole series is  
outstanding. It gained attention of officials." Recently, the Society  
of Environmental Journalists cited www.strayvoltage.org as a "Link of  
the Week" giving the page its highest ranking.'

// here are some of the links in the 'resources' section of  


	Animals Show Effects of Stray Voltage, how dog kennels are affected.

	Stray voltage in the aquarium

	Problems in the commercial poultry business.

[and] Researchers demonstrate stray voltage measurement techniques

	'Stray voltage is small amounts of electricity that leaks from power  
lines or farm wiring and affects cows. The state has defined stray  
voltage as at least 1 volt of 60-hertz electricity at the point of cow  
contact, but some farmers and electrical researchers think that  
definition is not adequate. The research project will look at the  
impact of other frequencies on cows.' .... 'Alumbaugh is using a  
remote-reference magnetotelluric method to measure the electrical  
currents, a process that records measurements from the earth with the  
help of global positioning satellites. He said the method is often used  
for geologic mapping, mineral and oil exploration and water exploration  
but has not been employed in measuring electrical ground currents.'  
.... 'The power grid uses a 60-hertz electrical frequency. Alumbaugh  
found both 60-hertz and 180-hertz currents in the ground even at the  
remote sites but said that was expected. The higher frequency of  
180-hertz is called the third harmonic and is common on the power  

[and] Dairy Cattle and Electricity // illustration. url via  

// the one reference to cows and electricity prior to strayvoltage.org  
was of
// the work of Sen. Paul Wellstone (killed in a plane crash prior to  
// in the .US state of Minnesota) early in his career - which dealt  
with the
// public rights of ways for powerlines, and potential adverse effects  
of the
// lines on cattle and farm equipment. though the article below and the  
// above would seem to indicate that there is a more general issue  
related to
// electrification of the farm, and building electically safe  

[and] Save Animals From Electricity // design issue?
A Support Group for Farmers with Power Quality Problems

Electricity leakage kills three in Gansu

Op cures two-year bout of hiccups
Surgeons have succeeded in curing a man who had non-stop hiccups for  
two years.

	'He is believed to have become the first person in the world to  
undergo surgery to fit a device to control stimulation of a major  
nerve.' .... 'They attempted to correct the problem using a device  
called a Vagus Nerve Stimulator (VNS).' .. 'This uses electrical  
impulses delivered by a generator implanted in the chest to two tiny  
leads wrapped around the nerve in the neck.' .. 'The dose of  
stimulation is programmed by a doctor, and delivered automatically.' ..  
'The technique has already been successfully used to treat seizures  
that have failed to respond to other types of therapy.' .. 'The  
surgery, which can easily be reversed, requires just two small  

Powerful Laser Could Revolutionize Cancer Treatment // ion therapy.

Viagra for women?: Drug targets female brain to boost sex drive.

	'Now a hormone-like drug may hit the spot, by targeting not the  
genitals, but the brain.' .... '"People may get the sensory input, but  
they don't think, 'ooh I'm horny'," [Pfaus] says.'

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

Mayor Daley's Green Crusade: The longtime Chicago mayor has vowed
to make his city the greenest in the nation. // via archnewsnow.com

	'Many of the lessons learned from renovating CCGT have been  
incorporated into a comprehensive building standard based on LEED but  
adapted to the unique conditions of Chicago. So rather than have one  
fantastic building that sits like an island in a sea of inefficient and  
outmoded architecture, all new city buildings are mandated to use green  
building technologies, and millions have been committed to retrofitting  
existing buildings.'

Study: 99 Percent of Spam Originates Across Foreign Borders // offshore  

	'The [Commtouch] company found that in the first half of 2004, drugs  
-- prescription or otherwise -- were the most pitched product,  
representing 29.53 percent of all global spam.' .. 'During this same  
period, spammer offers for mortgage loans and refinance deals was  
second to drug advertisements, and "organ enlargement" offers came in  
third, at 7.05 percent of all spam messages.' .. 'Also during the first  
six months of 2004, pornography and casino spam messages declined to  
rates of 3.1 percent and 0.45 percent of global spam, respectively.'  
... 'Following China was South Korea, at 10.91 percent, then the United  
States, at 9.47 percent...'

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

EM-related: Long executive reach distinguishes Cheney // *** readme.txt

	'In recent weeks ... the astonishing range of Cheney's influence has  
been on display in virtually every controversy involving the  
administration.' .... '...Cheney can channel all his ambition into this  
administration. Without having to accumulate debts for a future  
campaign, he's beyond the normal political controls: No one can ward  
him off by threatening to embarrass him politically. And he can offer  
the president unwavering loyalty.' .... '...he's made himself the  
president's prime policy adviser...'

Homeland Security Warns Against Internet Explorer // ~stop using IE  
until fixed.

	'What does work [to prevent exploitation] is to disable scripting and  
ActiveX controls in the Internet zone, CERT says. To properly secure  
the computer, Active scripting and ActiveX controls would also need to  
be disabled in the local machine zone...'

TI, ARM Partner on Handheld Security

Closed Coke Cans Not Allowed At Air Force Base Due To GPS Threat

Wi-Fi finds the way when GPS can't // place lab

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

// IAEA: more nuclear power is less nuclear power? regulation by nuke  

Nuclear share of electricity predicted to fall // nuke policy/police  

	'New nuclear power stations are being built in Asia and Eastern Europe  
but hardly anywhere else, according to a new global analysis by the  
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).' .... 'The [International  
Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)], based in Vienna, Austria, is charged by  
the United Nations with both promoting and regulating nuclear power.'  
.... 'To make a significant dent in emissions of the greenhouse gas  
carbon dioxide, Makhijani says 2000 large nuclear stations would have  
to be built worldwide over 40 years. "This would be a huge  
proliferation, safety and economic issue," he warns. "Nuclear power is  
the wrong approach to addressing global warming."'

Halliburton warns of additional losses // via drudgereport.com

Russian electricity for North Koreans? // nuclear diplomacy...
Plan could help defuse nuclear crisis

	'...non-nuclear energy emerging as a key to defusing the North Korean  
nuclear weapons crisis...' .... 'Last week in Beijing, North Korean  
negotiators said that one price for freezing their nuclear bomb program  
would be the supply by outside nations of two million kilowatts of  
power a year, roughly the output expected from two nuclear reactors  
that were to be built under a 1994 international accord designed to end  
North Korea's nuclear weapons program.' .... 'Behind North Korea's  
demands for energy supplies is a massive power shortage that has led to  
the impoverishment of this once industrialized nation.'

Distributed Generation (DG) // infographic

STORM cuts electricity for 14000 in Warren
Vicksburg Post - Vicksburg,MS,USA
ALCOA Cancels Plans for Quebec Smelters on Electricity Costs
Bloomberg - USA
ELECTRICITY Workers Warn On Move to Proscribe Labour
AllAfrica.com - Africa
BATAAN nuke plant costs $155000 a day but no electricity
Philippine Star - Manila,Philippines

Power restored after blackout hits most of S'pore // via  

	'Power was fully restored two hours after a blackout hit many parts of  
Singapore at around 10pm on Tuesday night. The power outage was caused  
by a disruption in natural gas supplies from Indonesia...'

No electricity, no water - just soaring bills // South Africa...

	'"We have not had electricity for seven years and my wife has got  
pneumonia from the cold and the paraffin stoves, yet they keep sending  
us bills.' .. '"I have paid thousands from my pension to the council  
and to the lawyers, but my bill keeps rising. I now owe R41 000 and I  
will never be able to repay it," [Kommando] said.'

Electricity board officials manhandled // and retaliation. (microstory)

	'nreliable supply of electricity forced the people and even the police  
to manhandle the executive engineer and other officers of the  
electricity board on Wednesday morning in Biharsharif.'

Romania pushes electricity privatization // state -> international  

06-- Electromagnetic current & human affairs

// the role of building shared international infrastructures. UAE about  
// a fascinating account of another model for oil-state cultural  
// especially rich is the story of civilization during the role of  
paper media.

The Road to Tech Mecca: Open markets and oil, satellite nets and Islam.  
Welcome to the city-state of Dubai, the new media capital of the Middle  
East.// ***

	'The locals will proudly tell you that the [oil] tanker port, Jebel  
Ali, is so big that it's one of only three man-made objects (including  
the Great Wall of China) visible from space.' .... 'Behind the excess,  
there's an equally audacious initiative to transform Dubai from yet one  
more oil-dependent state into a world capital of media and commerce.  
Using its short-lived oil wealth, the emirate has built "free zones,"  
areas earmarked for economic liberalization, technological innovation,  
and political transparency. Among these, three sprawling industrial  
parks stand out. The first, Internet City, is a bid to make Dubai the  
Arab world's IT hub. Next is the International Financial Center, a  
stock market headquarters meant to match Hong Kong's, London's, and New  
York's, and to trump the region's 13 other exchanges. And there is  
Media City, home to Al Arabiya, which aspires to replace Cairo as the  
Middle East's media capital while broadcasting the emirate's vision of  
openness across the area.' ....  '[The] cosmopolitanism has been an  
essential ingredient for progress.' .... {regarding Arab media culture}  
'... Al Jazeera's assault on governments was revolutionary, but its  
reporting and presentation of the news followed the time-tested  
regional model - be emotional, sensational, and heavy on rhetoric.'  
.... 'Like television everywhere, the [Al Arabiya] channel's  
programming reflects the culture's concerns...' .... 'Islam may have  
been the impetus for the Arab conquests, but Islam isn't the reason the  
civilization thrived. Instead, the credit goes to a philosophy of  
openness founded in commerce and cultural exploration:...' ..... 'In  
many ways, Dubai has reincarnated these ideals...'	(author: Lee Smith  
(lhs462 at hotmail) is writing a book on Arab culture, to be published  
by Scribner next year.)

// could not locate the news story which described (with the help of  
// the situation in Sudan -- the case was presented by way of satellite  
// of the devastation of an 'ethnic cleansing campaign' as described  
// in this way, the use of satellite photos to show where a village  
once was,
// and the subsequent rape and pillage is documented and recorded in  
this way.

Powell in Sudan: 'We have humanitarian catastrophe' // *** em-record is  

[imagery] Darfur Humanitarian Emergency -- Satellite Imagery

Sudan during the genocide

Sudan after the genocide began

Yale Genocide Studies program: Satellite Maps...

	'Maps and Satellite Images -- '"Political history is made up of three  
parts. The first consists of the industrious study and collation of  
documents; the second is topographical and includes the survey of  
cities, places, rivers, harbours, and in general the special features  
of land and sea and the distances of one place from another; while the  
third is concerned with political activity". - Polybius, The Rise of  
the Roman Empire, Book XII, 25e.'

[found the article...]  Satellite photos show destruction
in nearly 400 villages in western Sudan, U.S. aid chief says

	'USAID released updated figures Thursday saying satellite photos of  
578 villages in the Darfur region found that 301 were destroyed, 76  
damaged and 199 intact. Two were determined to be old ruins.'

China to censor text messages // filtering policy.

	'Last year, Chinese people sent more than 220bn text messages, more  
than half of all messages sent in the world, according to China's  
Xinhua news agency.'

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

EM-quote: Dick Cheney Booed When Shown On Screen At Yankees Game //  

	'Cheney was booed when he was shown on the right-field videoboard  
during the seventh-inning stretch.'

BBC outlines 'radical' manifesto:  The BBC has set out its "radical"  
vision for
how it should operate in the 21st Century as part of its charter review  

	'In setting out the BBC's nine point manifesto, Mr Thompson stressed  
the BBC was committed to building a digital Britain, through TV, radio  
and the internet.' .. '"We can help build an infrastructure, but  
digital Britain will only come to life if it also becomes a creative  
space in which the best ideas and the best talent can meets audiences  
who are hungry for originality and quality," he said.'

Chart of Most Downloaded Music to Be Launched

Russia sends eight satellites into orbit in one rocket

	'Itar-Tass quoted the space forces' press service as saying that the  
satellites, including one from France, one from Italy, three from Saudi  
Arabia and three from the United States, entered their target orbits at  
10:46 am Moscow time (0646 GMT) and were handed over to the customers  
for operation.'

Teched-Out Cars Bug Drivers // *** computer-car crash. beware space  

	'"There is certainly a list of amazing electronic gremlins across all  
these cars," said Donald Buffamanti, publisher of AutoSpies.com , a  
website featuring automotive news and rumors about high-end vehicles.'  
.... 'And while some automakers force car owners to sign nondisclosure  
agreements to avoid bad publicity when their electronics go haywire,  
the Internet is abuzz with the horror stories.'

EM-headline: London Underground Strike // electric-rail subway...

EM-quote from article: Will the new Walkman run over iPod?

	'[Sony] has sold 340 million units of the Walkman over the past 25  
years, including CD- and MD-based models.'

Birds Show Superior Listening Skills // absolute pitch, relative pitch

The Norm (6/28/04) // cartoon on cellphones/computers...

The Norm (6/29/04) // cartoon on cellphones and text...

[related] Student Thumbs Her Way to Cell Phone Text Record

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

Digital Evolution Reveals The Many Ways To Get To Diversity // alife

	'"We show why more than one species can exist in a place," Ofria said.  
"We've found that in a place where resources are finite, there are  
limiting effects of productivity."' .. 'The Alife program, called  
Avida, is basically an artificial petri dish in which organisms not  
only reproduce, but also perform mathematical calculations to obtain  
rewards. Rather than sugar, their reward is more computer time that  
they can use for making copies of themselves. The digital organisms  
come in different “species” – identifiable by the mathematical  
functions they perform.' .. 'Avida randomly adds mutations to the  
copies, thus spurring natural selection and evolution. The research  
team watches how the bugs adapt and evolve in different environments  
inside their artificial world.'

Busting the Biggest PC Myths // DOS (4), surge protectors (5). via  
We expose the bad advice that wastes your time and money.

	'Warning: The newer the microprocessor, the more susceptible it is to   
         power spikes. The greater the number of transistors packed into  
a chip, the          less tolerant it is of excess voltage, says  
Wilson. If you use an aging          computer without a surge  
protector, it may survive a spike. A newer PC, on the          other  
hand, will fry.'

Apple's Human Interface Issues // an interesting critique. via  

Canada's First Space Telescope Finds Stellar 'Flat Liner' // digicam  

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

Nanowires get connected: Nickel vapour creates tiny transistor network.

	'Although researchers can shrink individual components of circuits to  
the nanoscale, they cannot wire them together without conventional  
connections, which are hundreds of times bigger than the components  
themselves.' .. 'It's akin to joining the latest Pentium chip to your  
computer with enormous crocodile clips and jump leads. "You lose most  
of the advantages you had in this very small structure," says Charles  
Lieber, a chemist from Harvard University, Massachusetts.'

Developer calls Apple's Tiger a copycat
Apple Computer is predicting that rivals will mimic Mac OS X Tiger, but  
developer says it's the new Mac operating system that is doing the  

Tech Company Gets Hypersensitive // there's no information on the  
sensor itself!

	'A small Israeli company has developed a sensor technology it says is  
10,000 times more sensitive than what's available today in products  
like heart monitors and MRIs. The tiny company is poised to capture a  
chunk of a $50 billion market, analysts say.' .. 'The technology will  
lead to one of the first remote sensing devices that can provide  
readings from several feet away without physical contact, according to  
executives at Nexense...'

[and] Nexense technology // the sensing...

	'Three years ago, Nexense made a scientific discovery that represents  
a true break through in sensing technology. At the heart of our  
discovery is the way we are able to measure time with molecular  
precision through Direct Digital Measurement (DDM), and our ability to  
convert any physical phenomenon into time. Forget everything you know  
about sensing technologies and how they work. Nexense technology  
creates a new dimension. Using exciters and receivers, no bigger than a  
grain of rice, this technology can use the medium to be sensed as the  
sensor itself in essence creating sensor-less sensing.' .... 'The  
Nexense technology is based on internal propagation of a  
cyclically-repeating energy wave from a primary location, which is then  
received by a secondary location. It next detects a predetermined  
reference point in the energy wave and continuously changes the  
frequency of an exciter to the point where the number of waves equals  
an integer. By utilizing the change in frequency, a measurement of the  
predetermined parameter is produced.'

Robots get sensitive:
Electronic skin could give machines a sophisticated sense of touch.

	'Our own skin contains a battery of touch receptors that produce nerve  
signals when pressed. For gentle pressures, the main sensors are tiny  
bulbs of layered tissue called Meissner's corpuscles.' .. 'Their  
behaviour is mimicked in plastics such as polyvinylidene fluoride,  
which generate an electric field when squeezed and are used to make  
pressure-sensitive pads for computer keyboards and other  
touch-triggered devices.' .... '... the [electronic] skin must be  
covered with a whole bank of individual sensors, each of which sends a  
signal when pressed...'

Sound With Space And Motion // Motion-tracked binaural sound (MTB)

	'The new method records through multiple microphones (eight for voice,  
16 for music) spaced around a head-sized ball or cylinder. The sound is  
played back through headphones with a small tracking device attached to  
the top to follow head movements. As you turn your head while  
listening, the system mixes sound from different microphones,  
reproducing what you would hear if you were in the room.'

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

// this is an example of a diagramming technique that could be used for
// various ways of representing electromagnetic concepts & situations,
// such as for media, power, and technologies in relation to eachother.

A simple view: // *** venn diagram of the terror...

Free Iraq... Ivo Skoric // op-ed. via syndicate-l

	'The war was not for Iraqi oil. But against it....'

U.N. Nuke Expert: Iran Plans Not a Danger // bilateral .RU-.IR  

	'Achieving peace in the Middle East is directly linked with a  
restriction on nuclear and conventional arms, he said Tuesday.' ..  
'ElBaradei said he is convinced that a "parallel dialogue on peace  
issue and on safety" is needed, adding it would be one of the goals of  
his visit to Israel.'

// if a matter of life and death to see around a corner, having one big  
// verus a tiny disposable mobile-bot with wireless camera, as a basic  

Remote-Controlled, Throwable Robots Developed At Carnegie Mellon In  
With U.S. Marine Corps Are Being Sent To Iraq For Testing // robotic  

	'The architect behind Dragon Runner is Hagen Schempf, a principal  
research scientist in Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Institute. During his  
career, Schempf has designed robotic systems for asbestos removal,  
nuclear waste remediation and cleanup of underground storage tanks  
containing toxic materials.'

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

// charges related to "The Energy-Task- (cough!) Enron-Task-Force"  

Indictment of Enron's Lay Seen Next Week // via drudgereport.com

	'[Former Chairman, Ken] Lay, 62, guided Enron for years, shaping the  
once-obscure pipeline company into the nation's seventh-largest  
corporation and a world-leading energy trading concern.' .... 'Lay -- a  
political ally of President Bush and his father, former President  
George H. W. Bush -- returned to Enron's chief executive post after  
Jeff Skilling resigned, shortly before the company imploded in late  

// a few EM-headines of ubiquitous news stories...

-Crude oil futures prices drop to two-month lows
-Shell investors vent fury on 'incompetent' board
-Survey: U.S. gas prices continue to fall
-Oil prices slide after Iraq handover
-GM and Ford suffer sharp fall in June sales
-Poll: Cut traffic, even if it means higher taxes // .US

// stock-market systems make use of the terminology of circuit breaking
// and fuses, when the market starts going in a tumltuous direction...

Check out How Circuit Breakers Work:

RFID to affect four million jobs // bye-bye barcoder. via NewsScan...

	'The analyst predicted that, over the next three years, manufacturers  
will spend approximately $2bn on RFID tags and $1bn-$3bn on  
infrastructure, with consulting and systems integration accounting for  
the largest portion of infrastructure spending.' .. 'In the later  
stages of an RFID rollout, local and wide area networks are expected to  
play an ever more important role in providing end-to-end visibility  
into supply chain operations.'

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

To Be Cool, Tech Taps the Past // (interface) ~mid-century modern  

"Voci Marconia" - Brad Jirka

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