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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #125

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (7/12/2004)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary--

* additional thoughts on an integrated electronics systems in bicyles:  
it would seem likely that the power generated by a bicycle rider could  
easily power some high-quality (LED) lighting system and bike  
datalogger via microgenerator and some kind of temporary storage  
capacitor. so too with a horn, and maybe even a rechargable battery for  
a proximity sensor with keychain remote, for alarm-based security (no  
need for a big heavy lock, if short-term storage, possibly).

* a public thank you to the Filemaker company (  
http://www.filemaker.com ) for discounting their Pro 7 database for the  
electronetwork.org initiatives. there are about 20 concurrent things  
going on, in an attempt to continue developing ideas about  
electromagnetic education without traditional support structures. so   
after three years a major part of the website plan is now possible- to  
start to document via contact databases various individuals,  
organizations, businesses, and government agencies who are conducting  
or supporting public EM works. this is important as years of  
connections to works have gone undocumented and when a prototype  
(offline) database is designed, then it is hoped those on the list who  
are doing public works and know of others who are also in this realm,  
will add their information to the database structure to help define the  
larger community involved in exploring electromagnetism in a wide-range  
of fields and interests.

* created a do-it-yourself snoezelen (TM)-like device, to test the idea  
of sensory stimulation with a little friend who has autism. it is the  
first attempt at an actual 'finished' project (very simple, too) using  
a multi-colored LED which phases through RGB and mixed colors, inside a  
plastic case with switch and batteries, out of which sprouts a bundle  
of fiber-optic strands cut at various lengths, which then phase the  
colors of the LED inside the blackbox. not sure how to document it (no  
videocam) yet it was such a success in its purpose that any  
multi-colored lighting wand (safe for little people) would seem  
to focus on and talk about the colors.

* note: it is quite daunting to consider a few facts in relation to WMD  
recently revealed events in .US politic scene, with regard to those in  
of the nuclear suitcase (football). during hearings on 9/11 it became  
who ordered the shootdown of airplanes, in a delayed fashion no less,  
and if it
was VP Cheney who thought of giving the commands, and gave them, in any  
then beyond this, the issue of the VP's heart condition, and what has  
been said
to be erratic mood swings in the public Senate, during a very  
stressfilled time
(Valerie Plame investigation, WMD errata, war-gone-wrong, corruption,  
et cetera)
and in this context to find out that the private 'pass' that VP Cheney  
was given
to run for VP, by his own hand, was actually pre-scripted by a  
drug-abusing net-
doctor (40 grand towards online drugs) -- who gave a clean 'bill of  
health' to
a person regarded as central to the present administration's  
ideological power.
Given all of this (and much, much more!) -- consider the questionable  
record' discovery revealed just in the last week, and the issue of a  
attack of potential WMD (nuclear, say) -- and, in turn, ... the need  
for a
measured, balanced, and sane response. To put it bluntly, there is a  
close enough to the nuclear buttons in the .US, and of questionable  
to be in such vicinity - that Dr. Strangelove is a potential for  
Thus, while the abuse of net prescriptions by a VP doctor-squad leader  
is an
anomaly in the profession, most likley, it just so happens that amongst  
the corrupting and corruptible things going on, it just so happens that  
person with an unchecked power, signed off by this doctor, is also  
to any retaliatory, extra-constitutional measures, in a state of total  
That is, imagine a nuclear weapon going off anywhere in the world. Who  
going to make a judgement about what to do, in the .US, and based on  
kind of thinking, evaluation, consultation, and reasonable judgement  
regard to the rest of the world and the .US populace at large? VP  
For this reason, as 'drugs' have been connected to 'terrorists' and  
to 'terrorism' in alternative ad-campaigning, 'WMD' and 'VP Cheney' also
fit in this mold, as a question of response-- what if -- what is  
It brings up some rather unsettling possibilities for the loss of  
of the checks and balances over the most damaging of all weapons  
and who is going to be able to (non-ideologically) address ultimate  
For this reason, should any WMD attack occur, and VP Cheney is in  
it would seem possible that given the massive piling on of questionable
and even purely corrupted influences makes one wonder what might  
That is, the person closest to nukes is simultaenously the most  

for a case-in-point see, for instance, the following potential  

what is nucular? // (such questions thus deferred to VP 2nd-in-command?)

01) --top stories--

Oh, the stories he could tell! -- There'll be no more White House  
if indicted Bush crony Kenneth Lay decides to tell all. // bada-bingo!  

	'While Reed was a good ally for Enron, the really big-name lobbyist  
was Baker. Lay hired the former secretary of state (then back in  
Houston) in early 1993, just 33 days after the first Bush  
administration left the White House. Lay put Baker to work lobbying for  
contracts in Kuwait, Turkey, Qatar and Turkmenistan. But it's not at  
all clear that Baker knew what he was doing. One former Enron employee  
who specialized in developing power plants told me that Baker didn't  
know anything about the electric power business and that the only  
reason Lay hired Baker was that he wanted to be Baker's pal.' .. 'In  
fact, Baker and Lay did become chums. A short time after Baker went on  
Enron's payroll, the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy at  
Rice University began awarding the prestigious Enron Prize -- an honor  
that soon was bestowed on a variety of Bush family friends, including  
Colin Powell, Mikhail Gorbachev and, just before Enron's bankruptcy,  
Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan.' .... 'Lay might discuss why  
Enron was so eager to fly the Bushes around the country. In 2000, Enron  
provided jet service to the Bush campaign on an ongoing basis. The  
company's fleet of six jets had already been made available to George  
H.W. and Barbara Bush whenever they wanted to fly to Kennebunkport,  
Maine, and other destinations. But the key use of Enron jets came  
during the Florida recount, when Enron provided jets to the Bush  
campaign on four occasions.' .... 'Perhaps the most intriguing  
information Lay could impart involves his meetings with Cheney and his  
energy task force in early 2001...' .... 'Or better still, what might  
Lay tell us about the California energy crisis?...'

[and] White House downplays Bush-Enron ties // 3 years and counting...

	'Trying to distance Bush from Lay, [White House press secretary Scott  
McClellan] said Lay had supported many politicians, Democrats as well  
as Republicans. Altogether, more than 250 members of Congress from both  
parties have received Enron contributions.' .... 'He also said that  
"it's been quite some time" since Bush and Lay talked.'

[and] No Hope For Enron's Kenneth Lay

	'... When the federal government issues an indictment for securities  
fraud--which it does not do often--it almost never loses.  That's a  
general rule, and it should apply in spades to a case where the  
government has so much at stake.'

[and] Edwards Hits Bush On Ken Lay Links

// in the .US the long-term burial of nuclear waste has been an ongoing  
// and the effort to address radioactive/nuclear waste on a national  
scale is
// something, probably, relevant to all nuclear countries; including  
the cost,
// the security, the environmental and health issues, and the  
limitations of
// today's knowledge towards dealing with massive amounts of nuclear  
// in this way, countries which also have similar concerns will also  
need to
// deal with storage/disposal, and at great cost, and possibly, without  
// term solutions. an issue like ground-water contamination or other  
// would have devastating effects if anything went wrong anywhere in  
the world.
// this is why it is wondered if 'pooling' resources by nuclear states  
// enable the whole range of nuclear states to be able to afford the  
best and
// most safe options for long-term storage and to prevent against  
// secret programs could deter even this amount of basic necessary  
// and it likely will take more than money to find any such nuclear  

Court Deals Blow to Effort to Bury Nuclear Waste in Nevada // world  

	'The government's 17-year effort to bury nuclear waste at Yucca  
Mountain in Nevada suffered a significant setback today when a federal  
appeals court said that the rules on radiation leaks could not be  
limited to the site's first 10,000 years, as the Environmental  
Protection Agency had decided.' .... 'Over the long term, rainwater  
percolating through the mountain and then flowing underground to wells  
is the most likely way that the public would be exposed. Because  
nuclear waste breaks down over time, eventually becoming harmless,  
predicting doses requires calculating the rate at which different  
radioactive materials will decay and how fast each would flow through  
the soil, based on its chemical and physical characteristics.' ..  
'Nuclear materials are measured according to their half-life, or the  
time it takes for half the radiation to die away. Half-lives for the  
isotopes reaching Yucca vary from decades to millions of years, periods  
that the judges called "beyond human comprehension."'

[related] Reports: S.C. Atomic Waste Tanks Damaged // via  

	'"[The 40 year old steel tanks] obviously are getting older and will  
not last forever," said Charles Hansen, an assistant waste disposition  
manager with the U.S. Department of Energy. "This is highly  
radioactive, and there is a concern to get that waste out as soon as  
possible. There's always some potential for inadvertent leakage into  
the environment."'

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

Brain implants 'read' monkey minds // missing link of monkey business:  

	'By decoding the signals from 96 electrodes in a region of the brain  
just above the ear – called the parietal cortex - the researchers were  
able to predict 67 per cent of the time where in their visual field  
trained monkeys were planning to reach...'

TV 'linked to short-sightedness' // modernist myopia by way of PC/TV  

-- U.N. Aims to Bring Spam 'Epidemic' to End

Solar storms may have torn away Mars water: NASA

Hi-fi failure helps to brighten beer // anti-Hefeweizen

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

NASA to Put 'Aura' Around Earth // Will Steger just weighed in, too...

	'If all goes as planned, the bus-sized satellite will spend the next  
six years circling the globe every 99 minutes from a position 438 miles  
above the ground. The satellite's four instruments will take daily  
readings of 27 different chemicals in the atmosphere, relaying data  
back to ground stations in Norway and Alaska. Scientists will then  
analyze the data to learn as much as possible about the effects of  
natural and manmade pollutants on the environment, the rate at which  
the climate is changing and the destruction and replenishment of ozone  
at different altitudes.'

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

Handheld terahertz wand to unmask terrorists // spectral  

	'Terahertz waves occupy a relatively unexplored part of the  
electromagnetic spectrum between microwaves and infrared. By sending  
short pulses of terahertz waves at a person and recording what is  
reflected it is possible to image the materials hidden next to the  

Blackout Hits Athens Month Before Games // powergrid hackattack?

	'The midday blackout knocked out air conditioners as afternoon  
temperatures soared to 104 degrees.' .. 'In one embarrassing moment for  
the government, Transport Minister Mihalis Liapis was making a test run  
to showcase a new Olympic rail link from central Athens to the airport  
- and got stranded en route when the power failed.' .... 'The  
domino-effect outages were traced to an imbalanced flow of electricity  
that shut down four power-generating stations, according to a senior  
government official who spoke on condition of anonymity.' .. 'Greece's  
Public Power Corp. did not explain what caused the blackout, saying  
only that it knocked out four major plants. The company - an Olympic  
sponsor - blamed the state-owned grid operator for the outage.'

// sounds like a feasible way to stop improvised explosive devices  
(IEDs) too.

Police test hi-tech zapper that could end car chases // via  

	'Police forces in Britain and the US have ordered tests of the new  
system that delivers a blast of radio waves powerful enough to knock  
out vital engine electronics, making the targeted vehicle stall and  
slowly come to a stop.' .... 'The bulk of the device is designed to fit  
in a car boot and consists of a battery and a bank of capacitors that  
can store an electrical charge. Flicking a switch on the dashboard  
sends a burst of electricity into an antenna mounted on the roof of the  
car. The antenna then produces a narrow beam of intense radio waves  
that is directed at the vehicle ahead.'

More Firms Monitor Outbound E-Mail // via macsurfer.com

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

Drought's effect on electricity // hydropower and energy security...

Power Outages Test Iraqis' Heat Endurance // D.I.Y. distributed  

	'The outages are the thing that Iraqis single out as the defining  
evidence of the perceived failure of 14 months of U.S. occupation.'

EM-quote from: Coalition of the Billing 

	'Oil is the universal contraband...' .... 'If wars for oil are bad and  
terror is worse, this Coalition of the Billing is a logical blend:  
global free-marketing at gunpoint. It's above the law, beyond the law,  
and worst of all, irreplaceable and utterly necessary to power the  
planet's nations, cities, and homes...'

194 arrests since Jan for illegal electricity connections
Jamaica Observer - Jamaica
WEST Nile to Get More Electricity
AllAfrica.com - Africa
POWER failures due to illegal electricity connections
Vaal Weekly - South Africa
WHY your electricity bills are soaring
MSN Money - USA
MANDATE for low-price electricity
TVNZ - New Zealand
ELECTRICITY boards to oppose coal price
Business Standard - New Delhi,India

Triangle Makes Own Electricity -- Zimbabwe Independent (Harare)

	'SUGAR producer Triangle Ltd has begun generating its own electricity  
power, at a time when industry is under threat of power cuts and  
interruptions by the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (Zesa).' ..  
'In April the company started using sugarcane residue to produce  
baggasse which is used to power a small generator. Between April and  
December the company is using power from its own plant.' .... 'Since  
2000, a number of local firms have had their operations paralysed  
because of Zesa's power interruptions and load shedding. This week Zesa  
announced that it was introducing load shedding due to shortage of  
suppies.' .. 'Muchatibaya said power produced at Triangle was used for  
both irrigation and to provide energy to 60 000 people who make up the  
Triangle community.'

06-- Electromagnetic current & human affairs

A PC Pioneer Decries the State of Computing:  Hewlett-Packard's Alan  
Kay, who
played a pivotal role in the invention of the personal computer, says  
should think more creatively about the potential of technology. // **  

	'"The sad truth is that 20 years or so of commercialization have  
almost completely missed the point of what personal computing is  
about."' -- Alan Kay

Bloggers Suffer Burnout // blogon, blogin, blogout, blogoff (sod off?)

AOL debuts service for disabled // relay services via IM-chat...

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

Squid TV
a guide to streaming television stations that broadcast from around the  

Mysterious message linked to Google // billboard advertising. via  

	'According to a software developers' blog hosted by New York's Fog  
Creek Software, the message: { First 10 digit prime in consecutive  
digits of e }.com--decodes to http://www.7427466391.com/ and a further  
mathematical test which at first eluded decryption.' .. '"This was from  
a huge billboard on [Highway] 101!" said one blogger. "These guys must  
have money!" Further investigation revealed that the server running the  
initial puzzle site seemed to be housed at Google.com's Mountain View,  
California, HQ.'

Cell Phone Call Saves Girls Surrounded By Rattlesnakes // via  

Transparent Desktop Opens Doors  // screen as window. pair programming.  

New satellite Internet boon to rural areas // consumer Ka-band

Spacecraft Fleet Tracks Blast Wave Through Solar System // *** space  

	'The material launched by the huge solar storms last fall blasted by  
Earth at five million miles per hour (eight million km/hr) and raced  
past spacecraft near Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn on its way to  
NASA's twin Voyager spacecraft at the fringes of the solar system.'  
.... 'There are at least two kinds of solar storm effects: prompt  
radiation, and shocks that accelerate electrically charged (ionized)  
atomic particles...' [The later, shock] storms created a new radiation  
belt near Earth that lasted for several weeks...'

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

Cassini returns dazzling images of Saturn's rings // UV

EM-misquote, from: Townshend fuming over Fahrenheit row

	'Last year, the Stupid White Men author Moore approached the The Who  
guitarist to ask the star permission to use his song Won't Get Fooed  
Again in his controversial documentary Fahrenheit 9/11, which  
criticises George Bush's administration.'

[and] definition of foo // (& Robert Crumb...)

	'2.  [very    common] Used very generally as a sample name for  
absolutely    anything, esp. programs and files (esp. scratch files).'

The silent monopoly // remember ARM chips latter-day Psions. via  

'Light On A Chip' Potential Seen By Scientists Spoofing Natural  

	'When light hits the surface of a metal such as silver, as well as a  
reflection, another form of light is excited at the surface. This  
light, bound to the surface as a small mixture of light and electrons,  
is called a surface plasmon, its behaviour likened to waves on the  
surface of a 'sea' of electrons. For many years a curiosity, the  
properties of plasmons have only recently been fully explored.' ....  
'This work suggests that engineered surface plasmons could be as simple  
as drilling holes in a perfectly conducting material.'

Global Team Of Physicists Upends Standard Model With Discovery
Of Neutrino Oscillation, Mass // the Super-Kamiokande collaboration...

Investigating Digital Images: What's Real And What's Phony? // forensic  

	'Farid's algorithm looks for the evidence inevitably left behind after  
image tinkering. Statistical clues lurk in all digital images, and the  
ones that have been tampered with contain altered statistics.' ..  
'"Natural digital photographs aren't random," he says. "In the same way  
that placing a monkey in front of a typewriter is unlikely to produce a  
play by Shakespeare, a random set of pixels thrown on a page is  
unlikely to yield a natural image. It means that there are underlying  
statistics and regularities in naturally occurring images."'

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

// what a great idea, it would be interesting to know if clay as a  
// could also be cooled in a low-power system. also, it is wondered if  
// how the 'peltier' function/junction (one side of a material heats  
up, the
// other side gets cold) may someday be able to work in reverse, where  
// outdoor, heated tile could turn something on the other side cool, as  
// result. or if the clay could be cooled in some way that could also  
be a
// mass produced product (all over the world), of some ceramics or  
// which could cut the costs and energy use of massive refrigeration.  
one of
// the major efforts in electrification was associated with domestic  
// such as with washing clothes by hand versus a machine, and  
// has been a major turning point in changing the dynamics of daily  

A refrigerator that needs no electricity // ***

	'After two years of experimenting, Mansukhbhai Prajapati, a potter  
from Wankaner town in Rajkot district, 200 kilometers from the state's  
principal city of Ahmedabad, has designed a refrigerator that not only  
comes at an affordable price - but also runs without electricity.' ..  
'Made entirely from clay, the refrigerator keeps water cool as also  
fruits, vegetables and milk fresh for days - and retains their original  
taste, too, Prajapati claims.' .... 'Prajapati has been flooded with  
inquiries about his invention. He is hopeful it will not only help in  
fulfilling the needs of the lower middle class but will also serve as  
an inspiration for inventing other products that can save electricity.'

Video diary from beyond the grave // beware the halloween hackers...
A US inventor has come up with a hi-tech way of allowing the deceased to
talk from beyond the grave - by fixing video screens to their  

	'He said computer equipment could also be installed in the tombstone  
that connected up to the internet, enabling people to programme their  
messages to be delivered long after they have died.' .. 'The tombstone  
could be coin-operated or swiped with a credit card...'

High-Tech Vehicles to Drive Automotive Chip Demand

	'Besides power chips, which can be used to control hybrid car motors,  
image censor chips are expected to meet strong demand as they help car  
makers offer cutting-edge safety features.' .. 'Image censors, which  
are used widely in camera phones and digital cameras, can be embedded  
on the surface of automobiles to monitor the moves of vehicles around  
them and override drivers' steering, if necessary, to avoid a crash.'  
.. 'They can also observe the facial expression of a driver. If they  
find signs of drowsiness, such as frequent blinks, an alarm would go  
off to give the driver a warning.'

Grassroots hackers create file-swapping wireless iPod // bluepod P2P  

	'... a small two-man smartphone software company based in Bucharest.  
Best known for its Symbian Series 60 software, Simeda recently  
introduced a small piece of file discovery software for wireless Pocket  
PCs which implemented Apple's Rendezvous service. Now they've gone a  
step further, and begun to make the iPod truly social.' .. 'In a bundle  
that hooks a Pocket PC up to an iPod - with the iPod as a USB slave  
device - the entire contents of the yuppy's music hoard can now be  
shared with the rest of the world: via streaming or file transfer.'

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

Atomic Veterans History Project // via cryptome.org

	'The Atomic Veterans History Project contains over 600 personal  
narratives about the military duties and memories of US Servicemen who  
witnessed these atomic and hydrogen weapons tests. Many veterans have  
sent photos, certificates and newspaper articles which we have added.  
There are over 500 photos from the recently declassified DOE atomic  
test films. Over 2500 files (stories, pictures and documents) are  

EM-quote: Missing Marine mystery deepens // via drudgereport.com

	'"We don't know whether this group is simply an Internet address. ...  
We don't know if they were simply fabricated.  We have no idea what's  
going on here," says terrorism expert Steve Emerson.'

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

The Energy-Information Environment

	'... As technological development shapes our concepts of the future,  
those artists working with new tools and processes, need to weigh the  
eco-cultural worth of their endeavors, against their merely being  
narrow-minded advocates of technological consumerism...'

// the Stanford technocrat academic is wrong: "it is the policy,  

Alternative energies are looking good again // ***
One of today's more promising growth engines could come from
an industry that harks back to beanbag chairs and Jimmy Carter.

	'Companies promoting solar power and other alternative-energy concepts  
are rapidly attracting venture funding, research grants and, just as  
important, the interest of many of the tech industry's deep thinkers  
and influential figures.'

// had not heard of a four-way PC before. wonder what the economic &  
// difference may be between a larger mainframe and even more access  

Schools Debate Price of PCs and Corporate Altruism

China, U.S. resolve chip tax issues

	'Ultimately, the elimination of the tax will probably lead to more  
chip exports from around the world.'

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

[non-em] ANIMATED VERSION of AD QUADRATUM generation // ***

[non-em] Latest Revisions at Ground Zero // www critique. via  

Body movement to create music // musical therapy. via macsurfer.com

	'Scientists are developing ways of capturing human movement in three  
dimensions which would allow music to be created with the gesture of an  

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