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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #121

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (6/23/2004)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts
13) deconstructing consumer electronics....

00) --commentary--  (no comments)

[special section #13 on deconstructing electronics, interesting
to see the inside of a zoom lens and the circuitry involved.... if
ever one finds themselves with a simple computer mouse that
is no longer usable or used, break it open, there's a wealth of
how electronics do and do not function inside such a device.]

01) --top stories--

// this is a short article that breeches the unthinkable question that  
// speculated about on list a few newsletters back. that is, what if  
// Arabia went 'offline' in the world oil markets, or even just in the  
// who knows what may actually occur, yet if any at any time in the  
world to
// find the capacity to adapt under such circumstances, that is with  
// knowledge, talent, possibilities, options, people, -- today may be  
// 'the best offense is a good defense' may work both ways within the  
// business, to repel changes as has been going on, and continues to do  
// possibily because of such fragilities versus enormous often chaotic  
// while at the same time making an 'energy security' policy a priority  
// is, opposite to the vision of the .US energy task force and VP  
Cheney who,
// as the response to terrorism, does not change anything in his  
planning to
// build out a new centralized nuclear industry, and subsequent  
// (nuclear star wars programs, selling/proliferation, creating new  
// energy security, or defense, to survive through adapting to  
// instedad of a refusal to change, admit, or even acknowledge the  
// connections between disastrous (and corrupted) energy policy and  
// and an internatinal end-game played out by terrorists to control  
global oil
// supplies-- which could have been the reason for the doctrine of  
// war, if it were an openly reasoned strategic decisions that needed  
to be
// dealt with-- instead, it is possible that greedy economic demands  
got the
// better of the bettors, who will not give up the oil fix for nothing,  
// if it is the death of soldiers and citizens and innocent peoples  
// in that case, the oil-terror connection is rather obvious, and to  
stop the
// influence of oil politics as the deciding factor in humanity's fates  
// likely at least provide chances for changes otherwise now made  

U.S. threatens to abandon Saudis and their oil // via drudgereport.com

	'U.S. officials said the Bush administration has warned that Americans  
would not stay in Saudi Arabia unless the kingdom takes significant  
steps to protect them. The officials said the warning came in wake of  
the Al Qaida execution of Lockheed Martin engineer Paul Johnson on June  
18.' .... 'On June 20, Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman Sen.  
Richard Lugar issued the most specific warning to Riyad. Lugar, a  
Republican close to Secretary of State Colin Powell, said that unless  
Saudi Arabia provides better protection to Americans "they're in deep  
trouble with regard to the oil business."'

World Of Worry Over Nukes // nuclear diplomacy, politics, terrorism.

	'The Bush administration is pressing for more cooperation from  
suspected nuclear weapons developers Iran and North Korea, but coming  
under criticism for neglecting the danger of nuclear proliferation.'  
.... 'In remarks to the Carnegie Endowment on Monday, International  
Atomic Energy Agency chief Mohammed ElBaradei said that "all evidence  
to date indicates that Iraq's nuclear weapons program had been  
effectively dismantled in the 1990s through IAEA inspection — as we  
were nearly ready to conclude before the war."' .. 'He claimed that  
"the Iraq experience demonstrated that inspections — while requiring  
time and patience — can be effective even when the country under  
inspection was providing less than active cooperation."' .. 'The  
Massachusetts Democrat [Sen. Kennedy] said the administration's efforts  
to rid Iraq of a nuclear program it didn't have not only has destroyed  
U.S. credibility around the world, but has made al Qaeda terrorists  
more determined to launch a nuclear attack on America.' .. 'Kennedy  
said the administration's unilateralism has caused a serious setback in  
nonproliferation policies. And he said Bush has compounded that neglect  
by pursuing research into a new type of nuclear weapon, called "bunker  
busters." The Senate last week rejected an effort to strip funding for  
the administration's research into mini-nukes.'

Lightbulb Plasma globe // tesla coiled

// thought the electrolytic capacitors would have exploded...

ESD Hazard // photos of tesla coil lightning upon circuit boards

Frame sequences of stuff being exploded with capacitor bank

UK winter Teslathon, Cambridge 30th Oct 1999

[and] Tesla coil photos // grass lit up...

Tesla coil corona motor

"Quick & Dirty" Marx generator // amazing. see construction and lit  

	'The capacitors, C, are charged up in parallel via the 1M (one megohm)  
resistors, so they each become charged to the input voltage. When first  
(leftmost) spark gaps breaks down (sparks), the voltage across the next  
increases, causing it to break down, and so on for all the other gaps.  
When all gaps have broken down, the low impedance of the ionised air in  
the sparks effectively connects all the charged capacitors in series,  
multiplying the input voltage by the number of capacitors. The ionised  
air path has sufficiently low resistance that the charge resistors  
don't have any significant effect.'

Marx Three - Mission : one million volts!

// physics demonstration ideas from a physics educator...

Magnetic Files? // compass on old file cabinet - giant magnet

LED from Nothing? // coil and magnet make LED flash

Chicken Wire & Radios // *** blocking radio waves demo...

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

Toxic Pollution Rose 5 Percent in 2002 // .US, Environmental Protection  

	'The annual inventory is considered by EPA officials as one of the  
most important things the agency does, and is routinely criticized by  
some companies as too demanding and by some health and environmental  
groups as too lax.' .... 'Sen. Jim Jeffords, I-Vt., a senior member of  
the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, said the pollution  
count shows the Bush administration is largely ignoring environmental  
protection.' .... 'The biggest polluters in recent years have been  
hard-rock mining companies and coal-burning power plants, according to  
the EPA.'

[and] Many Child Deaths Blamed on Environment

	'Air pollution, unsafe water and other environmental hazards kill some  
100,000 children and teenagers in Europe each year, officials from the  
U.N. health agency said Wednesday.'

Alarm sounded for Yangtze River // super-hydro project & environment

// environmental satellites which map out types of vegatation over  
// and other types of sensing bring to mind the issue of energy  
fluctuations in
// development systems as they currently exist- a type of energy  
forecasting is,
// if it is not already, possibly able to incorporate projections of  
trends of
// increased energy use and density (urbanization) versus global energy  
// and to weigh these in relation to one another, if further/faster  
// will enable optimal use of energy planning or if it may provide more  
// to issues critical to infrastructures. this is equally applicable in  
// lands of the .US suburbs, for instance, where roads cost so much  
that they
// cannot be maintained (millions+/mile) and the oil and transport  
energy to
// go here to there and back -- this radically effects climate change  
// if countries could cross-pollinate various successes based on  
// it may be possible to share innovations rather than competitive  

Rapid Urbanization In China Warming Regional Climate
Faster Than Other Urban Areas

	'Most scientists agree that land use changes from urbanization create  
an urban heat island (UHI) that is partially responsible for the  
observed warming over land during the past few decades. The cities'  
predominance of buildings, roads and paved surfaces with little  
vegetation largely explains the UHI effect.'

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

Yucca Nuclear Dump Funding Plan Draws Industry Ire

	'A plan by Republican Sen. Pete Domenici to tack a $446 million  
surcharge on utility customers to pay for a Nevada nuclear waste site  
drew the ire of nuclear power plant owners on Monday.' .. 'New Mexico  
Republican Domenici, a long-time nuclear industry ally, has drawn rare  
industry criticism for his plan to raise fees paid by utility customers  
by 60 percent in fiscal 2005, which starts Oct. 1.' .... 'Since 1983,  
utility customers have paid a fee of 1/10 of a cent per kilowatt-hour  
to a fund that holds about $15 billion earmarked to develop and build  
the Yucca facility, which would be the first permanent U.S. nuclear  
waste repository.' .... 'Spent fuel from the nation's nuclear plants  
has been piling up for years. An estimated 50,000 tons (45,500 metric  
tons) of it is stored at 72 sites in 33 states, mostly near urban areas  
in the East and Midwest.'

[related] Vice President Cheney Dodges Yucca Mountain // VP is nuclear  

	'The fundraiser benefited Nevada Congressman Jon Porter, and gave  
Cheney a chance to advance the White House agenda. But it's what the he  
didn't talk about that is getting a lot of attention here Thursday  
evening.' .... '"We know we have a difference of opinion with this  
administration on that issue." Nevada Senator John Ensign says when it  
comes to Yucca Mountain state lawmakers have ~agreed to disagree~ with  
the Bush Administration. John Morgan paid $250 to hear the speech. He  
sees the financial benefits of Yucca Mountain, but was looking to the  
Vice President for guidance on the issue.   "Yeah, I'm interested to  
see what's going to happen. I think we could use the money out of Yucca  
Mountain. That's a deep hole they can put a lot of stuff down there."'

[and] NUCLEAR SECURITY // (waste to weaponry) GAO. via cryptome.org
Several Issues Could Impede the Ability of DOE’s Office of Energy,
Science and Environment to Meet the May 2003 Design Basis Threat

	'Historically, DOE has striven to keep its most critical assets at a  
low risk level and may insist on immediate compensatory measures should  
a significant vulnerability develop that increases risk above the low  
risk level. Compensatory measures could include deploying additional  
protective forces or curtailing operations until the asset can be  
better protected.'

Interesting old adverts for electric stuff.

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

Chicken Wire & Radios // ***

// security fix dissolves entire industries built upon dysfunctional  

Microsoft Security Software Strategy Roils Sector

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

Investigators Suspect Inside Help in Iraqi Pipeline Blasts // press  

	'The two southern explosions — in which the bombs  were placed with   
precision amid the welter of buried gas, water, oil and petrochemical  
pipelines crisscrossing the open desert — had immediately raised  
suspicions that someone inside the company may have been involved.'  
.... 'Experts from the former regime, the official asserted, are  
helping the militants understand the complicated petroleum circulatory  
system that is the basis of Iraq's economy.'

// note: deregulation is not by itself a comprehensive energy policy...

Electricity blackouts of 2003 prominent in Survey // the experts are  

	'New Zealand’s electricity supply worries are being echoed around the  
world, according to the latest Capgemini Global Utilities Survey,  
released this week.' .. 'The survey is based on interviews with senior  
utilities executives worldwide, including representatives of all of New  
Zealand’s major gas and electricity companies.' .... '“The electricity  
blackouts experienced in London, Italy and New York in the last  
northern summer were reflected in the survey respondents’ uncertainty,  
particularly in terms of how electricity markets will work to ensure  
sufficient supply and reliable delivery of electricity,” Mr Hancock  
said.' .. 'He said the survey highlighted a lack of clarity  
internationally on who is responsible for securing electricity supply.'  
.. '“The events of 2003 reawakened concerns about deregulation and its  
challenges and benefits.  This year’s survey shows that there are some  
important questions to consider around regulatory uncertainty,  
political intervention and a lack of long term price signals to support  
investment,” he said.' .... 'Mr Hancock said the survey pointed to the  
need to continually review and renew electricity market design, to  
ensure markets continue to deliver reliable electricity at appropriate  
prices over the long term.'

// if the ozone hole is a problem, what about holes by way of gigawatt  
// how might it effect migratory patterns or those who encounter energy  

NASA Spaces on Energy Solution // 'benign' wireless power  

	'Brandhorst said satellites in geosynchronous orbits -- and always in  
sunlight -- could continuously collect solar radiation and safely beam  
the energy to Earth as microwaves or through lasers. He said the  
satellites could be repositioned to deliver energy to receiving  
stations in multiple locations.' .... 'Bush has repeatedly said that  
the United States must become less reliant on foreign sources of energy  
as a matter of national security, but his administration has given  
solar power from space the cold shoulder. While his administration has  
allocated millions of dollars for research into alternative fuel  
sources such as nuclear fusion and hydrogen , according to John  
Mankins, assistant associate administrator of advanced systems at NASA,  
there has been no funding for space solar power since 2001.'

06-- electromagnetic current & human affairs

Blind Get Earful of Spam Daily // any .gov R&D on secure e-mail  

	'For the millions of blind and visually impaired Internet users around  
the world, using text-to-speech software is often the only way to check  
e-mail. But as the spam problem gets worse, more and more of those  
users are finding that having their e-mail read aloud can be a  
minefield. Listening to the next message in the inbox may reveal an  
important letter from an old friend or, more often, an embarrassing ad  
for penis-enhancement therapy.' .. 'For many users -- especially  
youngsters -- the messages amount to an assault on the ears that is  
just not acceptable...' .... 'It's a process that has become so  
unbearable that some blind users say they are giving up on e-mail  

// EM-related headline from the drudgereport.com website...

Execution of American Paul Johnson Resonates Most-Searched Event on  

Bahrain hot for cool phone number // 911 mirrored front to back.

Mike's Electric Stuff

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

// sensors could be built-into every chimney, such as pressure-sensors  
for winds
// or various types of force, e.g. an accelerometer for a tornado or  
sheer wind.

Brick Chimneys Can Double As Strong-motion Sensors In Earthquakes

	'In the days immediately following the quake, the researchers surveyed  
60,000 chimneys, block by block, over about 30 square miles. They  
identified 1,556 damaged chimneys and noted that damage was heavily  
clustered in certain areas, particularly at the north end of West  
Seattle and, to a lesser extent, in Bremerton's residential  
neighborhoods just north of the naval shipyard.'

TV and Radio Towers // .EU

The Silicon Graphics Refrigerator Project

Port of Los Angeles Opens Green Shipping Terminal

	'The Alternative Maritime Power (AMP) terminal boasts  electrical  
technology used by U.S. Navy ships since World War  II but long  
resisted by the shipping industry as too costly and  time-consuming to  
implement, environmentalists said.' .. 'The system was officially  
unveiled on Monday at a berth  leased by China Shipping Line, which  
agreed to retrofit 11 of  its Los Angeles-bound ships for the new  
terminal.' .. 'Ships that use the port's electric power system instead  
of  idling their diesel engines for days at dockside while cargo is   
unloaded will cut nitrogen oxide emissions by an amount  equivalent to  
69,000 diesel truck miles, port officials said.' .. 'The ports of Los  
Angeles and Long Beach, among the world's  largest ports, annually  
generate more than 4,000 tons of  smog-forming air pollution -- making  
them the largest source of  air pollution in Southern California,  
environmentalists said.'

[and] New electric-power system starts working in Los Angeles Port

	'The ceremony was held in front of China Shipping Group's Xin Yang  
Zhou, which will be the first container ship in the world to make use  
of the port's new electric-power system.' .... 'The amount of nitrogen  
oxide emitted by one AMP ship in one port visit will be cut by an  
amount equal to let a truck "to drivearound the world almost three  
times," said the port's Theresa Adams Lopez.'

Top green car motors into the UK // if only it used flexible solar  
The world's best-selling electric car, the Gem made by Daimler  
Chrysler, has
had its UK premiere at this year's Mobility Roadshow. // via gizmodo.net

'Wireless pebbles' track glaciers // ingenuity...

	'The low-powered pebble probes are placed near the bottom of the  
glaciers and move with the ice, recording temperature, pressure, speed  
and the makeup of the glacier's sediment.' .. 'They are positioned at  
the base at a depth of about 60-90m after a hot water drill, like a  
powerful carwash, has drilled a hole deep enough.' .. '"They send back  
their signals to the surface by radio, and these are picked up on a  
surface base station, which also records temperature and velocity.' ..  
'"It has a webcam and snow meter, and it is able to track the position  
of these probes we have put in," said Dr Hart.' .. 'The base station  
then sends the information by radio to the monitoring team's campsite.  
That data is then fed into a computer and put online to make it  
available instantly to glaciologists around the world.' .. 'At 14cm  
long, the tough polyester shells housing the probes are designed to be  
as much like a pebble as possible.' .. 'That way, they match the way  
sediment that gets caught up at the bottom of glaciers flows with the  
ice and meltwater.'

A Marketer's Dream: Your Cell Phone // Spamattack. via macsurfer.com
The world's 1.3 billion handsets offer marketers a potential direct
link to consumers, and they're starting to exploit it

	'Cell-phone companies are figuring out how to use text messages to  
give young customers a feeling of privilege.' .... 'The winners will be  
companies that build up piles of cell-phone numbers whose owners opt-in  
for advertising.'

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

Noisy secret of Mona Lisa's smile // funny graphic.

	'Christopher Tyler and Leonid Kontsevich at the Smith-Kettlewell Eye  
Research Institute in San Francisco manipulated a digital image of the  
painting by introducing random visual noise - the equivalent of the  
snow seen on a badly tuned TV set - and asked 12 observers how they  
rated the resulting expression on a four-point scale from sad to  
happy.' .. 'As would be expected, noise that lifted the edges of her  
mouth made Mona Lisa seem happier, and those that flattened her lips  
made her seem sadder. More surprising though, was how readily the  
visual noise changed people's perception of the Mona Lisa's expression.'

Holograms: High art or just a gimmick?

Electronics firms take step toward compatible gadgets //  

[and] Major Electronics Firms Push Digital Living // New Digital  

	'The alliance members intend to create interoperable consumer devices  
that communicate via Internet Protocol. Other standards expected to be  
supported are Wi-Fi , Universal Plug and Play, and IEEE 1394 FireWire.'

The Incredible Shrinking Chip // EPROM side-by-side, then and now...

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

Mini Transistors May Give Microprocessors a Maxi Boost // **  
"This is the first demonstration of a nanotube operating in the  
frequency range
of microwaves -- electromagnetic waves with faster frequencies than  
waves," says American Chemical Society spokesperson Jason Gorss. For  
and computer users, the discovery could mean speeds up to "1,000 times"  

	'Burke and his colleagues varied the voltage on an electrical circuit  
made from a carbon nanotube sandwiched between two gold electrodes.  
They discovered that the circuit operated at a frequency of 2.6  
gigahertz (GHz), which means electrical current could be switched on  
and off in about one billionth of a second.' .... '"I estimate that the  
theoretical speed limit for these nanotube transistors should be  
terahertz (1,000 GHz), which is about 1,000 times faster than modern  
computer speeds," Burke said.' .... 'High-speed nanotube transistors  
could be useful in a number of applications, such as "very low noise  
microwave amplifiers that could increase the range in which cell phones  
operate," Burke explained.' .. 'Nanotubes might also form "integrated  
nanosystems," doing the work of two components in one chip -- noise  
filtering and amplification, for instance.' .. '"Ultimately, we would  
like more sophisticated circuits on a single chip," Burke told  

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

Mission Linguistic: // see movie (software/video-game training)
Interactive Technologies To Teach GIs Arabic Language And Culture

EM-headline: Iran parades sailors on TV

// there's some saying that goes: That's like the pot calling the  
kettle black.
// it would seem to apply to the story below, in that the UN is  
currently under
// review for massive corruption in the oil-for-food program in Iraq,  

U.S. Manages Iraqi Oil Money Sloppily - UN Watchdog // newly known  

	'The U.S.-led occupation is sloppily managing billions of dollars of  
Iraqi oil money and moving at a glacial pace to guard against  
corruption, an international watchdog agency charged on Tuesday.' ....  
'The Coalition Provisional Authority has yet to award contracts for  
equipment to meter Iraq's oil production, leaving a door open to  
smuggling, despite earlier saying it had awarded the contracts, the  
International Advisory and Monitoring Board said.' .. 'The U.S.-led  
administration also has delayed completing audits of the State Oil  
Marketing Organization, the state-owned firm that markets Iraqi oil,  
the U.N.-mandated agency said.' .. 'In addition, authorities in Baghdad  
have put off for three months a request by the board that it turn over  
U.S. audits of sole-source contracts funded with Iraqi oil money and  
awarded to Halliburton last year without competitive bidding, the  
watchdog agency said....' [VP Cheney-related] 'The U.S. audits of the  
Halliburton contracts paid with Iraqi oil money, initially requested in  
March, had not yet been handed over despite repeated requests, the  
board said.'

[ref.] The Pot Calling The Kettle Black
(to say something about someone else which is actually true of you  
yourself ...)

EM-quote from: Eyeballing the Office of Special Plans // new strategic  

	'As the move toward war began gaining momentum in late August 2002,  
Feith   created another new organization, the Office of Special Plans.  
Its purpose   was to conduct advance war planning for Iraq and one of  
its most important   responsibilities was "media strategy." Above all,  
the office was Top Secret.'

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

Intel makes manufacturing move in China // fab changes. via  

	'The company will license 0.35 and 0.25 micron CMOS process technology  
to Nanotech Corp., based outside of Shanghai in Changzhou, Jiangsu  
Province. Intel will also help train Nanotech staff and sell enough  
200-mm wafer equipment to the firm to produce 15,000 wafers per month.'

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

Geissler Tubes // see bottom-left tubes from the Pressler Collection...

THE FOUR-LETTER WORD Kinetic-Electronic Sculpture by Raymond Weisling

	'The Four Letter Word is an electronic light sculpture. It was created  
by Raymond Weisling in 1973, using Nixie tubes that had just then been  
removed from the New York Stock Exchange quotation boards, and were  
available on the surplus electronic market. These tubes are neon-filled  
cold-cathode devices that have individual cathode segments arranged to  
form letters when turned on in combination. The letters are 2.5 inches  
(6.3 cm) tall, and bright orange in color.'

Display and counting tubes // note: Jasper Johns' 0-9 paintings & Nixie  

	'Nixie Tubes: These neon-filled numeric displays, also known as  
'numicators', consist of an outer mesh anode, with ten cathodes (or  
11/12 with decimal point/points) shaped to form numbers. They were  
popular in the 1960s and early 70s when the first logic ICs became  
available, the 7441 or 74141 TTL devices often being used as a driver,  
and can still sometimes be seen in old electronic test equipment...'

Nixie & Dekatron Tubes

New Life For Nixies: Novel digital clocks get their glamour from
the Nixie tube, the mother of electronic numerical displays

Nixie Tube Clocks and the Nixie Wristwatch // **

Nixie Clock Gallery // **

// quite spectacular clock-making, using a variety of technologies  
// luminescent (EL) strips, dot-matrix, tubes, LEDs, magnets for  

Mike's digital clocks // HIOX symbol on 'huge nixie clock, 2000'.  

Mobile Phone Masts Go Undercover // ** image. via engadget.com
(Antenna masts disguised as crucifixes are too much for some.) European
companies are finding ingenious ways to disguise ugly, but necessary,  
phone antenna masts. Customers can pick everything from trees to  

Landscape photography // 12 tips with examples. via macsurfer.com...

'Hardcore' electronics from the twisted pair!
The Hottest, Hardest most explicit, Datacoms fettishism site in the  

Links - Valve and Vintage electronics.

Lighting Exhibit // url via electricstuff.co.uk

13-- deconstructing consumer electronics

Aibo in Pieces by Tinkerer // Sony's robot-dog dissected for learning...

	'Aibo's head assembly is complicated because it contains the camera,  
the infrared sensors, and all the motors to move the head back and  
forth, up and down and tilt side to side. The tilt and look left /  
right motors are in the head, while the look up and down motor is in  
the neck / shoulder assembly. The head has the standard external module  
connector, plus it has an additional 26 pin connector. This is the same  
connector as is found under the panel on Aibo's back. This is most  
likely used for video and Infrared information.'

Click here to see Aibo's modules . Aibo is modular

Aibo's Leg Module

Aibo's Tail Module

Aibo's Head Module

Aibo's Internals

	'This top view shows the exhaust fan which is just below the vents on  
Aibo's back ... This is the front which shows the accelerometer which  
is located just behind the power button on Aibo's chest.'

inside Philips Genie GSM cellphone
guts of various GSM phones...

inside NISIS Quickpix Qp-1 digital camera/webcam
inside US Robotics Palm Pilot
inside Sony Vaio PCG-C1XN notebook // see batteries...

Canon EF 75-300mm Zoom lens // *** circuit boards in zoom lenses,...

	'The 'mechanical brain' of the zoom mechanism. Precisely shaped slots  
move the various lens elements along the barrel as the outer aluminium  
tube is adjusted. On the left (gold) is an encoder which tells the  
camera what the zoom setting is - a set of contacts on the stationary  
part of the body join different permutations of tracks as the barrel is  

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