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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #120

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (6/21/2004)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary-- (keyword: nuclear)

01) --top stories--

UN nuclear chief issues new alert // ~nuclear tipping point~

	'"We are actually having a race against time which I don't think we  
can afford," Mr ElBaradei said.' .. '"The danger is so imminent... not  
only with regard to countries acquiring nuclear weapons, but also  
terrorists getting their hands on some of these nuclear materials,  
uranium or plutonium," he said.' .. '"So the sooner that we start, the  
better for everybody involved."'

EM-quote from: Bush told he is playing into Bin Laden's hands--
Al-Qaida may 'reward' American president with strike aimed at keeping
him in office, senior intelligence man says // *** Nuclear WMD,  

	'In an interview with the Guardian the official, who writes as  
"Anonymous", described al-Qaida as a much more proficient and focused  
organisation than it was in 2001, and predicted that it would  
"inevitably" acquire weapons of mass destruction and try to use them.'  
... 'Imperial Hubris is the latest in a relentless stream of books  
attacking the administration in election year. Most of the earlier  
ones, however, were written by embittered former officials. This one is  
unprecedented in being the work of a serving official with nearly 20  
years experience in counter-terrorism who is still part of the  
intelligence establishment.' .. 'The fact that he has been allowed to  
publish, albeit anonymously and without naming which agency he works  
for, may reflect the increasing frustration of senior intelligence  
officials at the course the administration has taken.' .... '"What I  
think we're seeing in al-Qaida is a change of generation," he said."The  
people who are leading al-Qaida now seem a lot more professional  
group.' .. '"They are more bureaucratic, more management competent,  
certainly more literate. Certainly, this generation is more computer  
literate, more comfortable with the tools of modernity...' .. 'The most  
likely source of a nuclear device would be the former Soviet Union, he  
believes. Dirty bombs, chemical and biological weapons, could be  
home-made by al-Qaida's own experts, many of them trained in the US and  

[related quote:] "Anonymous," in TPM inteview... // *** e.g. the  
nuclear threat.

	'... [Perhaps] the most important trademark for al-Qaeda: they tell  
you what they're going to do and then they do it.' .... '... I remember  
reading in The National Interest in 2002 that a poll taken by the Saudi  
government showed 95 percent of Saudis between 18 and 40 supported  
Osama bin Laden. Domestic support is not an issue for bin Laden. He's  
always wanted to protect the oil industry in the sense of its  
infrastructure, its natural production of oil. He's found a way through  
this type of murder to affect the American economy, probably, without  
destroying the future potential of the energy industry in Saudi Arabia.  
It makes sense for all of those things he wants to do to follow this  
sort of practice.'

[and] "Anonymous," another TPM inteview... // *** .US foreign policy  
and oil.

	'... Anonymous identifies as six points bin Laden repeatedly cites in  
his communiqués: "U.S. support for Israel that keeps the Palestinians  
in the Israelis' thrall; U.S. and other Western troops on the Arabian  
peninsula; U.S. occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan; U.S. support for  
Russia, India and China against their Muslim militants; U.S. pressure  
on Arab energy producers to keep oil prices low; U.S. support for  
apostate, corrupt and tyrannical Muslim governments."...' .... 'Without  
the option to work for reform, a large portion of what Anonymous  
advocates is essentially a policy of brutal and unforgiving war...'

// contrary to the information conveyed in the last newsletter (#119)  
// dirty bomb threat remains relevant. and it is not easily traceable  
// a logistic/monitoring sense, it seems, prior to explosion) as  

Experts Say 'Dirty Bomb' Attack Likely // *** nuclear experts speak  

	'Terrorists are "all but certain" to set off a radiological weapon in  
the United States, since it will take authorities too many years to  
track and secure the radioactive materials of such "dirty bombs," a  
team of nuclear researchers has concluded.' .... 'The findings are  
being published in a 300-page book, "The Four Faces of Nuclear  
Terrorism," the result of a two-year study by the authoritative Center  
for Nonproliferation Studies, or CNS, of California's Monterey  
Institute of International Studies.' .. 'The team also examined the  
potential for terrorists to steal or build an actual nuclear weapon,  
but found that less likely than the construction of a radiological  
dispersal device, or dirty bomb.' .... 'Misunderstandings persist about  
the threat...'

Call for new nuclear thinking // nuclear security & diplomacy...

	'Some might argue that tackling a problem like Iran or North Korea's  
nuclear programmes is difficult enough, but this new report argues that  
the only way to stem the spread of nuclear weapons is to bring all of  
these individual arms proliferation problems under one broad umbrella,  
which it calls "universal compliance".' .. 'The idea is that if  
everyone is to gain, everyone has to be seen to give something up.'

Prosecutors seeking Lay indictment // angling bigfish. via  
	'For the past 2 1/2 years, the Justice Department's Enron Task Force  
has been investigating Lay -- the company's former chairman -- and  
recently the probe has picked up steam.' .. 'Over the past few weeks,  
witnesses about Lay have appeared before the Enron grand jury in  
increasing numbers. At the same time, prosecutors have been separately  
interviewing other witnesses and shoring up details about Lay.' ....  
'Topics that prosecutors have been quizzing witnesses about include:...'

[and] EM-headline: Ken Lay won't be indicted, says lawyer

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

// amazing finding. wonder if the hearing ability of dogs (such as the  
// whistle' that is beyond human hearing) may be able to hear a  

Dogs Anticipate Epileptic Seizures: Sensitive Dogs Improve Families'  
Quality ***

	'One dog may sit on a toddler before an attack. Another dog might push  
a young girl away from stairs just minutes before her seizure. Yet  
another dog wakes up in the night 20 minutes before a child's seizure.'  
.. 'It's a remarkable ability that may develop spontaneously in some  
dogs and has recently been documented in dogs living with epileptic  
adults -- but not in children, writes researcher Adam Kirton, MD, a  
pediatric neurologist with Alberta Children's Hospital at the  
University of Calgary in Alberta. His study appears in this week's  
issue of Neurology.' .. 'These seizure-alerting dogs may reduce  
frequency of epileptic seizures, improving the families' quality of  
life, he explains.' .... 'Kirton says new research is exploring the  
abilities of animals to sense human brain activity.'

// the below article speculates that a dog might 'hear' the seizure.  
// if it heard it once, and saw the painful effects, (via Pavlov),  
could in
// experiencing the trauma learn to guard against it when noticing it  
// speculating further, as with a recent story about human  
relationships and
// the balancing of circuits, maybe animals and humans have this  
relation too.

[and] Pet Detectives: Dogs Can Detect Seizures up to Five Hours Ahead  
of Time

	'A similar study was conducted with adults in 2002 by Dr. Deborah  
Dalziel of the Department of Neuroscience at the University of  
Florida's College of Medicine in Gainesville.' .. 'While she is unable  
to account for the dogs' knowledge, she notes: "Dogs primarily  
communicate with behavior and facial expressions, so they are more  
aware than most people. It's certainly possible that they would hear  
[the seizure], see it, or even smell it."' .. 'About one in 100 people  
have epilepsy, a brain disorder which sometimes disrupts the passage of  
information through the brain and changes its chemistry, which might be  
what the dogs are perceiving. Also, most people with the disorder will  
manifest some physical change before their seizure and pets might  
notice that.'

// having seen such devices in use these stories are of interest as the  
// of language can be opened up that penetrates varying degrees of  
// it is using technology and science, the most advanced to the most  
// place, that also demonstrates a value beyond gadgets which do change  
// it is hoped that more and more, companies and those developing these  
// of devices receive public recognition for contributing to human  

Atek, AbleNet team up on devices for disabled kids

	'Brainerd-based medical technology firm Atek Companies said Friday  
that it has signed a $1 million contract with Minneapolis-based  
Able-Net Inc. to manufacture a new line of communication devices for  
severely disabled children who lack the ability to speak or use sign  
language.' .... 'One of the devices, a small electronic box called the  
Super Talker, offers 16 minutes of recording time and eight levels of  
prerecorded messages, directions and social scripts. The messages are  
displayed on various grids, which the user can press to communicate  
with teachers and to respond to lessons and questions. Another product,  
called Talking Symbols, says the name of an item when its picture is  

Cities will swelter on summer nights // via urban heat island effect

	'Cities that now release an average of 20 watts of heat per square  
metre will in future release 60 watts more.'

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

Suddenly, It's Hip to Conserve Energy. By TIMOTHY EGAN // hyperbolic.

Heading off a techno-trash glut // reg.req

	'"You don't need to get rid of your machines every 24 to 36 months,"  
Hiller said. "That's what the Dells and Compaqs and Intels and other  
major [manufacturers] want you to do.' .. '"We think a more logical  
approach for cost-conscious companies and schools is to zap your system  
with an upgrade kit. It makes a lot of financial sense to push out the  
buying decision another 24 months or longer. And there are energy and  
environmental considerations."' .. 'PartStock has introduced a $240  
desktop upgrade kit that can be installed at a workstation in 15  
minutes.' .. 'The kit, targeted at Dell OptiPlex, Compaq Deskpro and  
IBM PCs -- and soon Dell PowerEdge servers -- is designed to deliver  
"true Intel Pentium 4 processor performance" and extend the life of the  
computer for two or three years at a quarter or less of what new  
desktop systems cost, according to PartStock.' .. 'The price includes  
up to a three-year extended warranty and customer support from  
PartStock's southeast Minneapolis warehouse and service center.  
PartStock takes the old parts back for refurbishing or recycling.'

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

// it is guessed that multiple corporations using wi-fi in skyscrapers  
// find this material of use. interesting if it could be 'tuneable' so  
// all frequencies could be blocked or just selected ones, as computer  
// for instance, such that two microgrids overlapped and could change  
// through patterns/geometric grids that are turned and or off  

Wallpaper designed to protect Wi-Fi networks // em-architecture.

	'The FSS (Frequency Selective Surface) panels are made in the same way  
as printed circuit boards, with layers of copper on Kapton polymer.  
These materials are also used in stealth bombers and fighter jets. The  
panels come in two varieties: passive, which is permanently turned on,  
and active, where various areas can be switched on and off to enlarge  
or limit the area of the network.'

Claim:  ATM houses duplicate card reader and wireless camera.
Status:  True. // photographs. via TSCM-L...

Israeli Army Wants 'Remote Control' Border // via drudgereport.com

	'A computerized observation system will allow the army to identify  
"hostile elements" and fire deep into Gaza, Yediot said. The system  
will even choose the most appropriate weapon to use to hit a specific  
target.' .. 'In addition, the army is testing unmanned patrol cars that  
can identify and defuse explosives by remote control. Planners have  
prepared alternatives in case the technology is not useable in time,  
military officials said.'

Hi-tech trial to get truants back to school // via macsurfer.com
Wellington High School will trial a new system  that sends text or  
voice messages to parents telling them  their child has skipped class.

[and] Italian school foils cheats by blocking phone signals // ibid.
ROME: Mobile phone-savvy teenagers tempted to cheat  their way through
exams by sending text messages or scanning pictures  of tests could
be thwarted by a device that jams signals inside the  school walls.

	'The box-like units, called C-Guard, were developed by experts from   
the military and defence industries for Netline Communications  
Technologies.  They jam signals in an 80m radius in enclosed spaces.'

[EM-quote] Pandas Defaced, Artists Devastated
At Least 7 Statues Vandalized in D.C. Since Last Month's Unveiling

	'At least seven of the 150 life-size statues produced for the  
PandaMania public art project have been vandalized since their  
unveiling last month, say officials with the D.C. Commission on the  
Arts and Humanities, which is running the program.' .. 'Three were  
defaced with graffiti. A security camera at the World Wildlife Fund  
headquarters in Foggy Bottom captured a young man, beer in hand, prying  
a piece off the For a Living Planet panda at 2 a.m. one Saturday.'

GPS cellphones blank out during 911 calls

	'The interruptions in the flow of voice data from the cell phone occur  
when the GPS chip requires more processing time than it has been  
allocated, and cuts into the resources normally reserved for voice  
transmission. "The voice blanks out as the resources of the chip go  
towards contacting the satellite," explains Nelson.'

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

Huge Blast at Algiers Electricity Center, 11 Hurt

	'They said the cause of the blast was not immediately clear,  but a  
local resident, who asked not to be named, said: "It's  pretty clear  
this was a car bomb. Just look at that burned out  car."'

// it is curious how electrically-developed the Mideast is, and if this  
is an
// equalizing development or if it is a megalopolis  
super-electrification of
// existing places versus rural/remote-geography programs, to bring  
power to
// people and subsequently the modernity that arrives part and parcel  
with it.
// from the histories of the .US during massive electrification, it  
would seem
// an almost paradigmatic change of the nature of things occured, with  
all the
// bad and good that can consist of, going through tumultuous cultural  
// which took centuries before, now decades for a fundamental  
// in the .US it changed the nature of work, the distribution of  
wealth, the
// creation of a new culture and scale of interactions, the role of  
women in
// the workforce, potentially the factories of the North were pivotal  
in the
// ending of slavery, the delivery of information, among many kinds of  
// thus, it is always wondered if maybe some of the horrific things  
today may
// be changed in their circumstances, over time, in places where women  
// work, or people are secondary or non-citizens in their own country,  
by the
// transition to different forms of organization, potentially  
// and this, it could be argued, could be related to electrification  
// there is also something very specific in relating electricity-based  
// and that of tradition and especially religious views- which may be  
said to
// be opposed as there is certainly a mysterious (unknowable) aspect to  
// magnetism, which can challenge religious kwowledge if not integrated  
with it.
// nuclear power is one area the complex intercultural aspects come  
// e.g. religious aspect of a 'nuclear bomb' may be considered a divine  

$300b Mideast boom to spur electricity sector - UAE // ~drastic  

	'The $300 billion development boom under way in the Middle East,  
particularly the AGCC countries, is presenting massive business  
opportunities for lighting and electricity sectors in the region.'

Power sector needs more than just a price hike // interesting. .CN

	'On the demand side, higher electricity price will raise all users'  
awareness of energy saving. Differential seasonal electricity  rates  
can help a lot in discouraging unchecked growth of energy-consuming  

'Provide cheap electricity to the poor' // *** Africa's Johannesburg  

	'Introducing a "stepped block tariff" would compensate small-scale  
electricity users, said Richard Worthington of Earthlife Africa  
Johannesburg.' .. 'He said the initial block of electricity could be  
charged at a lower rate under such a tariff, becoming more expensive  
the more that it was used.' .. '"This would have the twin effects of  
correcting the unfair benefits enjoyed by big electricity consumers, as  
well as encouraging efficient use and conservation of electricity," he  

U.S. Is Quietly Spending $2.5 Billion
 From Iraqi Oil Revenues to Pay for Iraqi Projects

	'The spending program, which was started unannounced, has been  
undertaken in consultation with Iraqi ministers, despite misgivings  
that the oil revenue belonged to Iraq and that it should be set aside  
for use when Iraq's sovereignty is restored, scheduled for June 30.'  
.... '"There are two ways of looking at this," the official said.  
"First is the absolute need to find jobs for millions of young people  
who need training. But second is to increase the capacity of companies  
and of the oil infrastructure to become healthy and employ more Iraqis  
in the future."'

US Cash for Bulgarian Wind Electricity

06-- electromagnetic current & human affairs

Soldier Electrocuted at Ft. Benning // (atmospheric?) charged metal  

	'``There are very few metal structures on the range and he either  
touched it or leaned up against it,'' Jackson said. ``We've had some  
very bad weather. Every afternoon there are a lot of electrical storms  
moving through.''' .. 'Marcum's uncle, Paul Henley, noted the irony  
that Marcum had served as an apprentice electrician for his father in  

[EM-related] Cheney needs to step aside  for good of Bush, party.
By James P. Gannon. An open letter to Vice President Cheney

	'Nobody knows better than you do that you have become a lightning rod  
for criticism, and a favorite target for your party's political  
opponents. Fair or not, it is simply too easy to paint Dick Cheney as a  
tool of the oil industry, a too-eager advocate of war in Iraq and a  
too-gullible supporter of the now-disgraced Ahmad Chalabi, who fed the  
Bush administration false intelligence on Iraq. Your former company,  
Halliburton, is a political albatross around your neck, weighing down  
not only you but also President Bush.'

// having seen refence to bursting dams on occassion, it seemed to be  
'few and
// far between' though maybe it is not. this is the first reference to  
one on
// this list. though, apparently dams are used in warfare for  

Water From Burst Dam Floods Brazil City // construction flaw.

China Urges ISPs to Pledge 'Patriotism'

	'"The basic principles of self-discipline for the Internet industry  
are patriotism, observance of the law, fairness and trustworthiness,"  
Xinhua [News Agency] said.'

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

American Idol Christian Version to Debut

	'"It is our goal to wrap God's message — His love — in acceptance, and  
in a way that blends seamlessly into `pop' culture while still  
upholding the values we, as Christians, value most," Wright  
Generation's mission statement reads.'

How Cell Phones Work:

Faster Ethernet for the masses // 10-gigabit

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

Supercomputer ranking method faces revision

[and] Earth Simulator still supercomputer champion // Big Mac goes  

	'It has held the record since June 2002, when the Japanese behemoth  
knocked an IBM computer off top spot. It can complete almost 36 million  
million floating point operations per second (teraflops), which are  
calculations involving decimal points.' .. 'At about half that rate is  
Thunder, built at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) in  
California, followed by ASCI Q, from Los Alamos National Laboratory. A  
Chinese supercomputer made the top ten for the first time this year,  
made by Dawning Information Industry in Shanghai and coming in tenth  
with eight teraflops.' .... 'A supercomputer is an array of processors  
or "nodes" that work in parallel to solve a computationally challenging  
problem, for example modelling weather systems or the flow of oil  
through rocks.'

[and] Sony prepares to make the Qrio smarter than us // robot brain

Tunes create context like language // comprehension and coherence...
Maths shows why tonal music is easy listening.

	"The key in which a piece of music is written is one factor that  
influences which notes are more or less likely to come next. The  
repetition and elaboration of particular melodic phrases is another."  
.... 'Zanette says the finding implies that the reason many people find  
it unsatisfying to listen to atonal music is not simply because its  
harmonic and melodic structures are unfamiliar, but because the meaning  
or context of the piece is constantly changing.'

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

MTI demos fuel cell prototype // for small electronics/gadgets

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

Ranks breaking over North Korea: South Korea and China move away from  
US negotiating position as six-party talks reconvene Wednesday in  

	'As the states closest to North Korea both geographically and  
diplomatically, China and South Korea will ask the US to rethink what  
one high-level source in Beijing calls an "unrealistic" position. Both  
Beijing and Seoul are even prepared to discuss allowing Kim Jong Il to  
pursue a nuclear-energy program that is "peaceful," sources say.'

Army Sets Up Video-Game Studio 

	'The U.S. Army, riding the success of its action video game America's  
Army , has set up a video-game studio with industry veterans to write  
other kinds of software to simulate training for a variety of armed  
forces and government projects.'

Putin backed Iraq threat // President Putin gave advanced warning of  
The Russian president told officials Saddam was planning to attack the  

	'Two years ago, in an interview with British documentary makers after  
the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, Putin said he had personally warned Bush a  
day or two before the assault that some kind of terror operations  
seemed to be in the works at that time.' .. 'In that interview, as in  
his latest one, Putin did not specify where or when an attack was to  
have taken place, and U.S. officials have said that the information  
provided by the Russians was not detailed enough to be acted on.'

Former PM Says Japan Considered Going Nuclear

	'The experts estimated Japan could attain a nuclear capability in five  
years at a cost of 200 billion yen, but that it would be impossible for  
Japan to develop nuclear weapons without a testing ground, Nakasone was  
quoted by Kyodo as saying.' .. '"I have always opposed (Japan having)  
nuclear weapons," said Nakasone, long known for his hawkish views.' ..  
'"However, the talk would be completely different if the United States  
removed its nuclear umbrella," he said. "Japan would have to consider  
many possibilities, including nuclear weapons."'

India and Pakistan Kick Off Nuclear Talks // nuclear diplomacy...

	'India and Pakistan began their first  ever talks on Saturday on how  
to reduce the risk of nuclear  war, six years after each successfully  
tested nuclear bombs.' .... '"Nuclear trust is so important. It will  
create a better  atmosphere and form a stronger basis for proceeding on  
other  issues including Kashmir," Chopra said.'

[and] India, Pakistan Establishing Nuke Hotline // nuclear  
India, Pakistan to Establish Hotline to Lower Risk of Nuclear Flare-Up

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

// if working on an assemblyline with a scoreboard tallying one's  
// per person, it seems a new type of Taylorism, a EM-management that  
// make statistics and computation trump human mechanisms- if  
// is valued to the level of evaluating humans as machines (if used  
this way)
// the eventual solution for such perfection and oversight would be  

Productivity 1, waste 0 // automating the human assembly line,  

	'North Star Machine Co. Inc. thinks it's got the antidote to small  
manufacturers' struggles with inefficiencies, downtime and the global  
pressure to produce more with less.' .. 'Enter the "Lean Manufacturing  
Scoreboard" -- an affordable, computerized device that the Savage  
company believes can give small industry the high-tech management tools  
needed to boost output. The device is intended to be used by  
blue-collar workers, machine operators and plant managers at small  
firms.' .. 'The industrial scoreboard, for which North Star sought a  
patent this month, captures each worker's product quantity,  
parts-per-hour output and downtime. The data is displayed on a large  
liquid-crystal display screen that is visible 300 feet away, is updated  
every three seconds and helps workers and managers identify production  
slowdowns quickly.'

EM-headline: Iraqi Pipeline Sabotage Costs US$1billion

Too late to rebuild IT? // good to read...

	'The bigger worry is that the United States is falling behind from an  
infrastructure standpoint, while the education system is (charitably  
speaking) in worsening shape. Yet how many elected officials are  
particularly vocal about the implications of a nation in decline?  
Instead of acknowledging the existence of competitive threats and  
challenges, we get grandstanding politicians looking to bash Benedict  
Arnold CEOs who dare hire foreign employees.'

EM-quote from: Tough sell for a new business // nanobiz. registration  

	'Unfortunately, [the Governor's] difficulty understanding the  
importance of measuring the thickness of adhesives, coatings or other  
materials in billionths of a meter is a common problem among political  
and business leaders. The complexity of this science could keep  
nanotechnology from becoming the next billion-dollar industry in  
Minnesota, Wyrobek said.'

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

Apple I home computer, 1976

Pixie: The Pixie (PXE-DCM) is an elegant and complete control system  
fits in a standard single-gang back box. Pixie offers intuitive control
of virtually any display system with a remote control, be it a video
projector, plasma screen, or LCD monitor. // via engadget.com...


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