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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #118

00) Commentary (6/16/2004)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary-- (keywords: Cheney, War, Halliburton, Nuclear, Oil)

Great story from the local paper on Falcons below, plus BEAM robot art.

01) --top stories--

// full-spectrum lighting or customizing the lighting to certain
ambiances is
// something LEDs seem uniquely capable of doing, adapting. what is not
// is why a white-LED would be a single-unit device, if mixing light
does it
// not require all primary colors to make a white light, thus, three

Saving the world by building a better light bulb // excellent.
Edison's 19th century invention still burns on, a wasteful
contributor to global warming. There's got to be a better way.

[and] Mixing Primary Colors // flash-- mix [white] light and colors

[and] RGB Color Board with Java Script // must see (web designers, esp.)

'The incandescent light bulb's near-perfection is, however, a mixed
blessing. Electric light was invented in early 1800s by Humphry Davy
and perfected later that century, in the form of a long-lasting bulb,
by Thomas Edison. Innovation in incandescents has been remarkably
static since then; the lights we use today have not changed
substantially for decades. This is because the bulbs are so good.
Incandescent bulbs so easily and reliably produce so much high-quality
light that for the longest time we were all a bit blinded to their
greatest flaw, inefficiency. More than 90 percent of the electricity
consumed by a light bulb is wasted on heat.' .... 'Lumileds is one of
the dozens of companies looking to eventually produce what might be the
holy grail in lighting -- a practical, efficient, high-quality white
LED, something that might become a true replacement for Edison's bulb.
There are many steps, and many hurdles, on the way to that goal,
though, and for the moment the company is focusing on more conventional
markets, one of which is traffic signaling.' ... '"Because they're
digital devices, you can do all the control digitally," Scott says.
"What they're doing [in stage/concert lighting] is they'll look at each
light -- imagine this fixture containing red, green and blue LEDs --
and address each color to produce new and different colors. They'll
create waves and washes of color onstage, things that are impossible
with anything else."'

// Casus belli... Ipse dixit ..Quod erat demonstrandum ..Res ipsa

BUSH backs Cheney on assertion linking Hussein, Al Qaeda

'Bush has previously said there was ''no evidence" linking Hussein to
the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, but he and other members of his
administration have continued to say they believe there were ties
between Hussein and Al Qaeda. In a speech to the conservative Madison
Institute in Orlando on Monday, Cheney called Hussein ''a patron of
terrorism" and said ''he had long established ties with Al Qaeda."'
..... 'Cheney's statement comes amid questions about whether the Bush
administration used faulty or misleading intelligence in saying that
Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, which was a justification for
Bush's decision to go to war against Iraq.'

[versus] 9/11 staff: No al Qaeda cooperation with Iraq // *** see above.
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The panel investigating the September 11, 2001,
terrorist attacks found that there was "no credible evidence that
Iraq and al Qaeda cooperated on attacks against the United States,"
according to a staff report issued on Wednesday.

'Bin Laden is said to have requested space to establish training
camps, as well as assistance in procuring weapons, but Iraq apparently
never responded.' .... '... "Two senior bin Laden associates associates
have adamantly denied" any relationship, the report said.'

[and] Em-headline from the Washington Post
9/11 Panel Finds No Collaboration Between Iraq, Al Qaeda
WHITE House Cautiously Confirms Iraq's Terror Ties
GOPUSA - Pearland,TX,USA

// the stealing of electricity has been in the news many times, how
// try to get free services for whatever justifications. though, this
// of the theft of materials which compose the fundamental
// in effect the dismantling of existing grids and subsequent
// could be tragic in terms of human development, clean water,
economics, an
// entire ability to keep pace with change and stabilize a living
// in war, the ability to deny power is a 'god-like' act, in which one
// 'turn off the lights' so to speak, controlling day and night/light,
// cooling, cooking, transit, the ability to exist. it can be seen in
// the power of power and its strategic importance as a control, though
// is equally important and serious that countries that are
transforming in
// such a way as with basic electrical services, that this is not
// for 'some money' -- it is hard to put into words yet it is also in
// Reagan staffer's p.o.v. piece in the business section below-- that
// is just another commodity, or electricity for that matter. it is
not. it
// is a funamental source from which other economics sustain themselves
// can grow or adapt or change to address circumstances. else, it is a
// electrical question, entirely different in terms of what is
possible. a
// country without electricity is a country without telephones, a 20th
// indicator of development standards as with televisions per capita.
// today is also to include 'computers' and issues of the digital
// there is no ability to even use computers if grids are being
// there is something about this story that is incredible to consider,
// it is a question of poverty or of greed by some (for money) versus
// ability of a country to have the most basic services to sustain
// it is as if it is a violation of a countries future for scrap metals.

Cable Thievery Is Darkening Daily Life in Mozambique // ***

'The trade is profitable enough that criminal gangs in both Mozambique
and South Africa are staging increasingly bold thefts. So far this
year, Eskom has registered five thefts of heavy high-tension cables,
potential killers carrying 275,000 volts of electricity.' .. 'Last
month, said Beulah Misrole, Eskom's top risk manager, thieves made off
with a 400,000-volt line, even taking down huge metal pylons to reach
the cable.'

Saboteurs Cut Iraqi Oil Exports, Test Government

[and] New attack on oil pipeline in Iraq, top oil security official

'Saboteurs blasted a key southern pipeline for the second time in as
many days Wednesday, shutting down Iraq's oil exports, and gunmen
killed a security chief for the state-run Northern Oil Co.' .... '"What
you are seeing here is effectively a terrorist war against Iraq's
critical infrastructure, including the oil infrastructure," coalition
spokesman Dan Senor told CNN. "It is an effort to basically,
economically, impoverish the Iraqi people."' .... 'OPEC president
Purnomo Yusgiantoro said Wednesday he would ask major oil producing
countries who don't belong to the cartel -- such as Mexico, Oman,
Angola and Russia -- to boost output to compensate for the loss of
Iraqi exports. However, the director of Russia's Federal Energy Agency
rejected the call, saying Russia did not have enough spare capacity,
the Interfax news agency reported.'

Mind over video game // in the beginning...
Using thought alone and with some electrodes placed on
the surface of the brain, four volunteers were able to
control a video game, U.S. researchers reported Monday.

'"You can't keep wires directly from the brain to the outside world
indefinitely because of the increased risk of infection," Leuthardt
added. "We have to create a wireless system."' .. 'Leuthardt and Moran
centered about 32 electrodes over the sensory motor cortex of the brain
and a region called Broca's area, which is associated with speech.'

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

Study: Laser Therapy Ineffective for Acne

New Technique Developed For Deciphering Brain Recordings
Can Capture Thinking As It Happens

'The significance of the advance is that thought processes occur on
the order of milliseconds--thousandths of a second--but current brain
imaging techniques, such as functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging and
traditional EEGs, are averaged over seconds. This provides a "blurry"
picture of how the neural circuits in the brain are activated...'

// houses (exterior/interior) could use such a technology to create
power too...

Power implant aims to run on body heat // thermoelectric...

'Life-saving medical implants like pacemakers and defibrillators face
a big drawback: their batteries eventually run out. So every few years,
patients need surgery to have the batteries replaced.' .... 'The
"biothermal battery" under development by Biophan Technologies of West
Henrietta, will generate electricity using arrays of thousands of
thermoelectric generators built into an implantable chip. These
generators exploit the well-known thermocouple effect, in which a small
voltage is generated when two of the junctions between two dissimilar
materials are kept at different temperatures.'

Memory fails you after severe stress

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

DOE official in charge of cleanup resigns // radioactive nuclear

'The resignation is the third of a senior Energy Department official
closely involved in nuclear waste cleanup or environmental management
in just over two months.' .... '...Roberson has been criticized by some
lawmakers for threatening to withhold as much as $350 million in
nuclear waste cleanup funds unless states with tanks of high-level
radioactive waste do not agree to a reclassification of the waste so it
would not have to be transported to Nevada for disposal.'

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

Cabir Virus First To Attack Cell Phones

'"This is a proof of concept worm," Panda CTO Patrick Hinojosa told
NewsFactor. "We won't see it spread very rapidly, because there are a
number of physical limitations to keep it from mass replicating."'

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

Iran Threatens to Rethink Cooperation with UN

'Some Iranian hard-liners have suggested following North Korea in
pulling out of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty rather than
submitting to U.N. inspections. But Tehran has made no such official
threat. Withdrawal could bring international isolation.'

U.S. expects Japan to stop oil deal if Iran case goes to U.N.

French power strikers target PM
French power workers have stepped up their protests against plans for
the partial sell-off of the country's state owned electricity firm EdF.

'Electricity supplies to the homes of Prime Minister Jean-Pierre
Raffarin and other politicians have been cut.' .... 'Other politicians
affected by similar action included culture minister Jack Lang and
former PM Michel Rocard, while the holiday home of the head of France's
main business federation was also hit.' .... '"There is no going back,"
EdF chief executive Francois Roussely said of the planned part
privatisation on Europe 1 radio.'

Squirrels use infrared against snakes
Heated tail display warns off would-be predators.

'It is the first time that an animal has been shown to send a
deliberate signal using infrared radiation, or heat, says Aaron Rundus
of the University of California, Davis,...' .... 'The snakes do much of
their hunting by detecting heat, using sensitive structures called pit
organs in their faces. The new discovery shows that the squirrels take
advantage of this sensitivity by broadcasting their message in a
language the snakes can understand.'

06-- electromagnetic current & human affairs

The entrance to Wat Tham Krabok, a Buddhist temple that is home to at
16,000 Hmong refugees in Thaila // photo. note common aesthetic of

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

Koreas switch off loudspeakers // also, both Navys are communicating
North and South Korea have ended the propaganda broadcasts they have
blasted across their common border since the end of the Korean war in

'Giant North Korean speakers broadcast martial music and praises to
the country's rulers.' .. 'The South responded with popular music and
lectures on freedom and democracy.' .... 'The decision to end the
broadcasts came as part of an unprecedented agreement between the two
countries' militaries aimed at easing tensions.' .. 'In the coming
weeks and months, propaganda speakers along the border will be
dismantled, along with electronic signboards designed to flash

How-To Tuesday: Make your own Pirate Radio Station with an iPod //

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

Scientists Provide New Understanding Of Manganites

'... "If the computer industry is going to continue to miniaturize
electronics beyond silicon's current limitations, it will probably be
necessary to look at materials like manganites, where, for example,
nanoscale structures such as coexistent metallic and insulating phases
can be built within media that are otherwise homogenous," Lookman said.'

Oscilloscope Tutorial // via solarbotics

[and] XYZs of Oscilloscopes

'Nature moves in the form of a sine wave, be it an ocean wave,
earth-quake, sonic boom, explosion, sound through air, or the natural
frequency of a body in motion. Energy, vibrating particles and other
invisible forces pervade our physical universe. Even light – part
particle, part wave – has a fundamental frequency, which can be
observed as color. Sensors can convert these forces into electrical
signals that you can observe and study with an oscilloscope.
Oscilloscopes enable scientists, engineers, technicians, educators and
others to “see” events that change over time.'

BBC to Open Content Floodgates 

Universe started with hiss, not bang // audio file of the first million

'The variations in the cosmic background radiation expose the relative
clumpiness of the early cosmos at a variety of different scales. These
density variations began as quantum fluctuations in the moments after
the big bang, and then propagated out as sonic waves. The denser
regions became the seeds of galaxies and stars, which is why
astronomers are so interested in them.' .. 'Translating the observed
frequency spectrum directly to sound yields tones far too low for ears
to hear - some 50 octaves below middle A - but transpose the score up
all those octaves and you can listen to it.'

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

Man honored for work on Xcel's falcon brood boxes // ***

'Anderson went on to establish the Raptor Resource Project and create
the power-plant nest-box program for Xcel Energy Inc. On Monday, he was
honored for his 15 years overseeing the nest-box program at Xcel's
Allen S. King power plant in Oak Park Heights.' .... 'Anderson built a
nest box for a falcon named Mae and installed it on a catwalk about
halfway up the 785-foot smokestack. Mae became the matriarch of the
power-plant nest-box program and raised a record 37 falcons in the
small wood box overlooking the St. Croix River before she was killed in
a territorial battle earlier this year.' .... 'During the 1950s,
peregrine falcons became almost extinct in the United States, because
of now-banned pesticides like DDT. Anderson said the power-plant
nest-box program was instrumental in helping remove the falcons from
the endangered species list in 1999.' .. 'Power plants are excellent
nesting sites because they are near rivers and offer protection from
predators, he said. Power plants around the world now install nest
boxes, and Anderson personally oversees the nest-box programs at a
dozen Xcel plants in Minnesota and Colorado.'

// saw a falcon sitting on lightpole alongside a downtown freeway

[and] Doug Grow: A widespread success story // Falcon project...


'"I used to be one of those guys who preached gloom and doom,"
Anderson said. "But when you do that, you see eyes glaze over. People
want to believe there's hope. Hope stirs action. This is a success
story."' .... 'Yes, a success story -- and an unlikely one, for this
project has linked conservation with power plants...' .... '"It's an

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