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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #119

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (6/17/2004)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary-- (keywords: Cheney, War, Nuclear, Terrorism, Oil)

Two things are etched into memory right now- one is a warning by Al  
Qaeda that there would be an attack after three months time, which  
coincided with the handover in Iraq possibly (June 30th) or it could be  
July. Yet, very little if anything is being said about it, besides a  
warning in the .US that it will get 'hit and hit hard', apparently an  
indication of things to come. With all the nuclear, chemical, and  
biological (WMD) issues there is basically no public information on  
what-to-do in case of an emergency, at least in the .US now. The use of  
a 'dirty bomb' has recently been downplayed in the press (radiological  
device), possibly because of its traceability to a point of origin and  
abilities to sniff out radiation levels to some extent. Though, the  
issues of nuclear blast and radioactive fallout still concern at least  
one citizen as it is a logical sequence to consider the material  
availability and indefinite time into the future, that such an attack  
will likely occur by intent or accident. And, what to do, if one knows  
something is going to happen and there is time to act? There is said to  
be no civilian defense in the case of a nuclear attack (MAD, mutually  
assured destruction, it is assumed, by strategic intercontinental  
missiles arriving by the dozens) -- yet, what if for some reason there  
is a moment of time to prepare. What does one do? It seems that in the  
case of a nuclear blast there could be at least one thing to do, and  
that is to look at the surrounding local geography for a valley or some  
place that may be below the blast. An Army document below seems to  
confirm that landforms can provide cover from a nuclear blast, and so  
it may not be the worst thing to consider local landforms in a worst  
case scenario, just because of the threats that exist. It is written  
here with any idea of what Al Qaeda has planned, hopefully Allah is not  
willing on such an inhumane vision of the world and human  
relationships, yet as there is _no information and basically silence is  
substituing for proactive addressing of concerns by some hidden/secret  
workings of world-class bureacracy it may be a good thing to consider  
what individual can do if WMD do indeed hit. Therefore, not speculation  
as much as a vain hope that something can be done, even in the worst  
case scenarios, to try to engage these issues in some way.

Secondly, news of the 9/11 commission indicates that critical strategic  
(and electromagnetic) communications on that fateful day did not work  
as planned. And, stunningly, even on Air Force One, the presidential  
airlift, there was apparently an inability to make contact with  
Washington D.C. during this time. It reminded me of a photograph right  
after 9/11 of President Bush, used in an advertisement to 'show he is a  
resolute leader', to paraphrase typical language used to describe that  
this was not exploiting 9/11 for partisan gain, but that it showed a  
resolute leader in control of the situation. The 9/11 report, today, as  
reported and spoken of by one of the members (Gorelick, on PBS'  
NewsHour) directly contradict the photographic portrayal as seen on the  
Whitehouse.gov website: 'After departing Offutt Air Force Base in  
Nebraska, President George W. Bush confers with Vice President Dick  
Cheney from Air Force One during his flight to Andrews Air Force Base  
Sept. 11, 2001.'* Apparently, if the 9/11 commissioners are correct, it  
would seem to be that this photograph does not represent the actual  
situation as testified (not under oath) by Bush-Cheney in front of the  
9/11 commission, in that their communications were a mess at this time  
and basically did not work, nor in command and control of the situation.

see image: *Bush on AF1 airplane on telephone directing 9/11 response
screenshot: http://www.electronetwork.org/temp/911/advert.jpg

[Caption could be: .US President having trouble with electronic  
communications on Air Force One. Instead this was 'sold' as being an  
image of a leader directing the response to 9/11 in command of the  

// NORAD lost. VP Cheney conveys phantom threat against Presidential  
// (sidenote: Cheney asks for directive to shoot down planes and _waits  
// 'sometime' later, when someone walks into the room to give them the  
// after being asked if it is alright by a military officer. VP said  
// yet does not convey the information to the intercepting jets in  
// (or, as it is in the headlines now: CHENEY'S shoot down orders too  

Note: Transcript: 9/11 Commission Hearings for June 17, 2004

	'LEHMAN: President Bush told us in our interview that he was deeply  
dissatisfied with the ability to communicate from Air Force One. He  
told us that this was a very major flaw.' .. 'Has this been fixed? And  
are you personally satisfied that those communications have been  
improved sufficiently so that he will have -- a president will have the  
connectivity that he didn't have that day?' .. 'MYERS: Let me answer  
that for the record so I can be very specific on that. Let me answer  
that for the record...'

	'LEHMAN: Captain, were you satisfied with the connectivity you had  
with the White House, with the vice president and through him to the  
president, or directly, say, to Air Force One?' .. 'LEIDIG: We were  
connected to the White House and I was satisfied with the  
communications to the White House.' .. 'LEHMAN: Do you have any  
personal lessons learned? You're no longer there, but you certainly  
went through one of the most frantic crisis as to those arrangements.'  
.. 'LEIDIG: Sir, the most significant lesson, and I think you've, kind  
of, zeroed in on it, was the communications capabilities and the  
ability to bring leadership at the important organizations together to  
make a decision in a timely manner.' .. 'LEIDIG: We were hampered that  
day by communications. And any improvements in that area would be  

	'ROEMER: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.' .. 'Captain, just a brief follow-up  
to Commissioner Lehman's last question. He asked you: Were you  
satisfied with your connectivity to the White House and Air Force One?  
You said you were satisfied with the White House. Were you satisfied  
with Air Force One?' .. 'And I think it's been conveyed to you that in  
our interview with the president, the president said he was very  
frustrated and troubled with connections and connectivity that day.' ..  
'LEIDIG: Sir, I can't speak to the connectivity with Air Force One. I  
was connected to the White House. And my understanding is Air Force One  
was in contact with the White House situation room. I was not in  
contact with Air Force One.' .. 'ROEMER: So you have no knowledge of  
that?' .. 'LEIDIG: No, sir.' .. '(UNKNOWN): Is there no NMCC protocol  
to connect directly with Air Force One?' .. 'LEIDIG: Yes, sir, there is  
a capability to do that. On that day, we were connected with the White  
House.' .. 'ROEMER: Why weren't you using that other capability?' ..  
'LEIDIG: I don't recall, sir.''

	'BEN-VENISTE: And you recall at some point -- we have it at 10:37 --  
that the vice president of the United States reported on that call that  
there was an anonymous threat against Air Force One using the then code  
name Angel; that it was to be the next target. Do you recall that,  
sir?' .. 'LEIDIG: Sir, I think that occurred right after I was relieved  
on the watch by General Winfield (ph). I -- right after we resolved  
what was going on with United 93, around that time, General Winfield  
(ph) took over.' .. 'So I'm familiar because I've looked at the  
transcript, but I wasn't on the conference at that time.' ..  
'BEN-VENISTE: Now, let me ask General Eberhart and General Arnold  
whether that information was communicated to you in any real-time  
basis.' .. 'EBERHART (?): No, sir, not to me.' .. 'BEN-VENISTE: The  
information, according to the staff, that that was another phantom  
report, that there was no anonymous call, there was no use of the code  
name Angel for Air Force One or a statement that Air Force One was to  
be next. And yet that mythology was perpetuated for some weeks, if not  
months, thereafter. And as we know, those things -- it's hard for them  
to go away.' .. 'So to the best of your knowledge here, do you have any  
information which would suggest that there was a threat received on  
September 11th against Air Force One?' .. 'EBERHART (?): I was not  
aware of it that day nor this day, Mr. Commissioner.' .. 'ARNOLD (?):  
Nor was I.' .. 'BEN-VENISTE: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.' .. 'KEAN: That  
concludes our questions for this panel. I want to thank you all very  
much for your service and for taking the time to be with us today.'

01) --top stories--

// static facts are at odds with 'truth.' policies that don't change in  
20 years
// are, contextually, not based on the circumstances as the original.  
'truth' is
// rarely absolute except for 'true belief' it shifts, changes. except  
// a dictatorial position wills/declares 'what is' true regardless of  

Cheney Won't Back Down on Saddam-Qaeda Links -Aides // bizarre.  
terrorist wins?

	'A White House official said Cheney's assertion, which he  repeated  
this week, that the ousted Iraqi leader had  long-established ties to  
al Qaeda, were based on "facts."' ..  '"Hell no!" another  
administration official said when asked  if Cheney would retract his  
statements after the commission  investigating the Sept. 11 attacks  
found no evidence that Iraq  aided al Qaeda attempts to strike the  
United States.' .... 'Administration officials disputed suggestions  
that Cheney's  comments conflicted with the report's findings.'

// must read. absolutely incredible. (*emphasis* ~added~)


	'Vice Pres. CHENEY:  Gloria, the notion that there is no relationship  
between Iraq and al-Qaida just simply is not true.' .... [and] 'BORGER:  
  In hindsight, Mr. Vice President, are you disappointed in the quality  
of the intelligence that you received before launching an attack  
against Iraq?'.. 'Vice Pres. CHENEY:  I can't say that, Gloria.  I  
think the decision we made was exactly the right one.  Everything I  
know today, everything the president knows today, we would have done  
exactly the same thing.  Saddam Hussein was an evil man...' .... 'Now  
could we have better intelligence?  You always want better  
intelligence. If you had complete knowledge on these kinds of decisions  
and issues, you wouldn't need a president to make the decision; some  
*robot* could. The President has to make judgments.  You go to the  
president of the United States and you lay down a very strong case that  
this guy is ~all the things I've said~ plus had reconstituted his  
weapons of mass destruction program, tell him it's a slam dunk case and  
you've got the ongoing evidence of a relationship with al-Qaida and we  
had 9/11...' [note: a very pregnant non-denial denial] 'BORGER:  Now  
just to go to a few more subjects sort of potpourri very quickly, there  
is obviously as you know an ongoing investigation into who within the  
Bush administration may have leaked the name of a covert CIA operative  
to Bob Novak, who is a columnist in The Washington Post.  Can you say  
that no one in your office was involved in this?' .. 'Vice Pres.  
CHENEY:  Gloria, you need--you get the same answer the president gives  
when he gets asked this question.  This is a matter that is being  
looked at by the Justice Department.  You need to go to the Justice  
Department if you have any questions about the matter.' .. 'BORGER:   
And  that's all you'll say on that?' .. 'Vice Pres. CHENEY:  That's  

[and] Smack That Cheney-Bot!
Vice President Dick Cheney keeps repeating the nonsensical claims about  
the link
between Iraq and Al Qaeda as if he has a microchip malfunction. By  

	'Like the Stepford husbands, G.O.P. bigwigs could have met in a smoky  
men's club and decided they wanted a W. who was a little less pushy and  
a little more sunny. All world domination, all the time, can be  
wearing.' .. 'The Republicans messed up their first attempt at this,  
when they took Dick Cheney to an undisclosed location to switch him  
with a replicant. Instead of an affable, reassuring presence, as he was  
in Bush I, the Bush II vice president is a macabre automaton who keeps  
repeating, over and over, as contrary evidence piles up, that Saddam  
and Al Qaeda were linked...' .... 'Mr. Cheney isn't programmed to  
process evidence that shows he was wrong; he simply keeps repeating the  
same nonsensical claims as if he has a microchip malfunction.'

// surprising about global business people and companies being unable to
// fathom the need and abilities to change: the entrepreneurship that  
// many of the largest companies the way they are: they went ahead of  
// curve, took risks, and saw a need and did something about it, they  
// not expect their profits to be locked-in to a static business that is
// the opposite of innovation- they had to earn their business through  
// engagement with issues not by denials hidden by invisible  
// global companies scared of losing their shirts -- it is inevitable  
-- it
// will happen, unless business strategies allow changes for new  

Oil chief: my fears for planet // there's money in change, too...  
Shell boss's 'confession' shocks industry // bingo. via drudgereport.com

	'In an interview in today's Guardian Life section, Ron Oxburgh,  
chairman of Shell, says we urgently need to capture emissions of the  
greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, which scientists think contribute to  
global warming, and store them underground - a technique called carbon  
sequestration.' .... 'His words follow those of the government's chief  
science adviser, David King, who said in January that climate change  
posed a bigger threat to the world than terrorism.' .... 'Mr Oakley  
said a gulf was opening between more progressive oil companies such as  
Shell, which invests in alternative energy sources including wind and  
solar power, and ExxonMobil, the biggest and most influential producer,  
particularly in the US.' .. 'In June 2002 ExxonMobil's chairman, Lee  
Raymond, said: "We in ExxonMobil do not believe that the science  
required to establish this linkage between fossil fuels and warming has  
been demonstrated."' .... '"If [India and China] choose to burn their  
coal, we in the west are not in a very good position to tell them not  
to, because it's exactly what we did in our industrial revolution."'  
[note: 200+ years ago]

Diplomat: info may show Iran nuke cover-up // industrial vs. nuclear  

	'The agency was looking at intelligence that Iran was razing parts of  
a restricted area next to a military complex in a Tehran suburb, the  
diplomats said on condition of anonymity.' .. 'Satellite photos showed  
that several buildings had been destroyed and topsoil had been removed  
at Lavizan Shiyan, one diplomat said.' .... '"It's vanishing now, so  
they need to look at it," said the diplomat, adding that the agency  
also was focusing on other sites. The diplomat did not elaborate.'

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

// it has been said there is no civilian defense against a nuclear  
// which, if considered in tersm of bunkers and a surprise attack, may  
be true.
// yet, if there were advanced warning given of such an attack, it may  
be one
// option to seek protection in the landscape, such as river valleys or  
// geographies that may not be directly hit by a blast. all speculation  
yet in
// searching online about protective landforms, this was found in a  
// manual for the military. therefore, because there is absolutely,  
still, no
// preventative measures (go shopping!) - it seems fair to share an  
idea of a
// possibility should one find themselves with warning, and time of  
// it would be good to know what types of foods would be best to eat  
// in case of certain attacks and what kind of consumer masks may limit  
// something, anything, to give a sense of what to do would be very  


	'B-5.  PROTECTION -- The best protection from the immediate effects of  
a nuclear detonation is cover in fighting positions, culverts, ditches,  
or behind hills.  Soldiers face away from the explosion, close their  
eyes, and cover all exposed skin. They stay down until the blast wave  
passes and until the debris stops falling.  Then, they check for (and  
treat) injuries, check damage to equipment and supplies, and prepare to  
continue the mission.' .. 'a.  Radiation is the only nuclear effect  
that remains after a nuclear detonation.  It can last for days or even  
years, and it can cover a large area.  Since radiation cannot be  
detected by human senses, radiac equipment must be used to detect its  
presence.  The procedures for radiological monitoring, surveying, and  
reporting must be prescribed by SOP.  (For more information, see FM  
3-3.)' .. 'b.  If the reconnaissance platoon stays in a fallout area,  
all soldiers stay in positions that have overhead cover if possible.   
They cover their mouths and noses with scarves or handkerchiefs to  
prevent from inhaling radioactive particles.  The teams continually  
monitor the radiation level in the area.' .. 'c.  Once the fallout has  
passed, soldiers brush the radioactive dust off their clothing and  
scrape the dirt from the area around them. Radiacmeter operators  
continue to monitor and report radiation levels. All soldiers wash  
themselves and their equipment when possible.  The time the platoon  
stays in a contaminated area depends on the amount of radiation that  
the soldiers have been exposed to, the intensity of the radiation, the  
protection available, and the needs of the mission.'

CB attack can occur without warning.  Soldiers must know exactly what  
to do and how to do it without hesitation.  Their lives depend on it.'  
.. 'a. Chemical Attack .  A soldier's main protection against a  
chemical attack is his protective mask.  The mask protects against  
inhaling chemical agents.  If an attack is imminent or if chemicals  
have already been employed, soldiers should mask--...' .. 'b.  
Biological Attack .  Information on the enemy's use of biological  
agents is passed from higher to lower.  The best local defense against  
biological warfare is strict enforcement of all preventive medicine  
(prescribed immunizations) and field sanitation measures and high  
standards of personal hygiene.  Leaders must ensure that water and food  
resupply is obtained from approved sources.'

VR tool re-creates hallucinations // new media psych: a trip for  

	'In a survey conducted by fellow researcher Jennifer Tichon, students  
said they could adequately diagnose mental illnesses like schizophrenia  
that include hallucinations, but said they didn't really understand  
what it was they were diagnosing.' .. 'The hallucination simulation  
software is a three-dimensional environment something like the game  
Quake, said Ericsson. The researchers interviewed a patient to get  
descriptions of a set of real-life hallucinations, then depicted them  
in the software.' .... 'The environment is a model of a psychiatric  
ward. "As the user navigates through the ward, hallucinations occur,"  
said Ericsson.' .... 'The technical challenge to creating the virtual  
psychiatric ward was finding a scenegraph that achieved high enough  
frame rates to make the model realistic enough, said Ericsson...' ....  
'The researchers' next step is to increase their library of  
hallucinations by interviewing more patients.'

Early Intervention Lessens Impact Of Autism
Contrary to popular fears that half of autistic children will never  
new findings by the University of Michigan show just 14 percent of  
children are unable to talk by age 9 and 40 percent can speak fluently.

	'Autistic spectrum disorders impact the normal development of the  
brain processes related to social interaction and communication skills.'

When will you hit menopause? Ultrasound test predicts 'reproductive  

	'... Scientists can now [...determine...] how many eggs are inside a  
woman's ovaries, and thus how many reproductive years she has left.'  
.... 'The technique measures the size of a woman's ovaries by  
ultrasound, which produces images of internal body organs using  
sound-waves...' .... 'The number of a woman's eggs peaks at several  
million in the female fetus. As a woman ages, the number of eggs  
declines and the ovaries shrink. At menopause, there are only about  
1,000 left.' .... 'The warning would help women to pursue assisted  
reproduction techniques ... before her egg count falls too low.'

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

How Spam Works:

[and] Where SPAM comes from // .MN

[and] Governor Tim Pawlenty ... wearing a SPAM shirt.

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

// makes one wonder if there may be a network-based attack planned by  
Al Qaeda
// in regard to upcoming threats, if the network could be brought to a  
// note: the North American (NE) power outage was speculated as  
// being the result of a terror-hack-attack, though this notion  

Major website blackout blamed on massive attack

Espionage May Have Driven The Evolution Of Bee Language

	'Bees are among a very limited number of species, besides humans, able  
to abstractly encode information about the physical world into signals  
understood by receivers. While scientists do not know what kind of  
communication the two species of bees employ within their hives, Nieh  
says his team's finding that they are able to spy on each other's  
olfactory markings sheds light on the long-standing mystery of why some  
other stingless bees and honeybees evolved one of the most  
sophisticated forms of animal language, strategies that would allow  
them to inform their kin about distance and direction to a food source  
while inside the hive.'

US fever over political 'bugging' // 32 years ago, from the archives...
Adam Raphael, Washington. Monday June 19, 1972. The Guardian

	'Why five men were needed to do the job and why they were using  
relatively obsolescent bugging devices is still uncertain. "It is  
fantastic," said one local wire-tapper today. "That kind of bugging  
equipment went out with high button shoes. Those guys have got to be  
circus bums."'

US firm spread hostage video // terror-hack. via drudgereport.com

Wireless Eyes May Be Watching // ~a multitude of cameras.~ via TSCM-L...

	'A recent survey by the Custom Electronics Design and Installation  
Association showed security concerns were the top reason customers  
wanted wireless products. In fact, 31 percent said a centralized home  
security system was the most important home networking system.' ..  
'Home theaters were second at 19 percent.'

// it would be interesting to model the demographics of a given  
convention in
// terms of gadgets and data available on those gadgets, most probably,  
both in
// security terms for their loss, their street value, but also for the  
// that could result, and get a sense of what the gathering of certain  
// in a single place may bring together, in terms of data rich  
targeting, such
// that if corporate accounts were on laptops with data to steal, it  
coul be
// quiet a heist if identity theft attacked all these accounts at one  
time, say
// a half-trillion dollars that happens to arrive with a 3-day (R&R)  
// thus, might 'countermeasures' need to exist for convention centers  
or some
// kind of insurance policy should concerted attacks happen in physical  

Thieves steal laptops, cell phone at crime prevention fair // what if:  

Spy Work in Iraq Riddled by Failures // *** uranium from Niger  

	'America's high-tech collection of communications intelligence and  
imagery from satellites and sensors is also under fire.' .. 'Experts  
say the NSA's powerful eavesdropping equipment netted hints of illicit  
activities in intercepted e-mails, telephone calls and military  
messages. In many cases, however, intelligence analysts were unable to  
identify who was talking to whom, or even about what, according to  
officials.' .... '"It's scandalous," said Sharon Squassoni, an  
intelligence expert at the Congressional Research Service. "The  
satellite analysts couldn't tell the trucks were red."' .... 'Several  
mysteries remain concerning the prewar intelligence...'

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

French Workers Cut Champs Elysees Power

	'French electricity and gas workers hit  central Paris in their anti-  
privatization strike on Wednesday,  briefly slashing power to the  
Champs Elysees, the presidential  palace and the U.S. embassy.' ..  
'Workers also curbed the top European power exporter's power  flow to  
Spain and hit operations at Gaz de France 's terminals  and storage  
facilities, the CGT union said.'

[and] Protesters Cut Power to Eiffel Tower // 15 minutes...

	'Protesters are worried that opening the door to outside investment  
will ultimately put utilities in private hands, threatening their jobs  
and retirement benefits.' .. 'French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre  
Raffarin, whose private house in western France suffered an outage  
Tuesday, insisted the government would not back down.' .. '"We will  
follow this reform through to the end," Raffarin told TF1 television.  
"Power outages here or there won't stop us."'

EM-quote: 'Bin Laden overruled Taliban leader to order assault' //  

	'While the report shows that the September 11 plot was planned over  
several years, al-Qaeda faced numerous obstacles in carrying out the  
plan. Mr Mohammed, who was captured by US forces in March 2003, told  
interrogators that he initially wanted to hijack 10 aircraft and hit  
other targets such as nuclear power plants and buildings on the west  

Yukos trial starts with defiance // .RU oil oligarch

	'The judges also fulfilled one of President Vladimir Putin's promises  
regarding the case, agreeing to open the trial to media coverage,  
though not to television cameras...' .... 'The court room at the  
Meshchansky Court here in Moscow has little spare space for observers  
from the news media or the public, however, and the opening on  
Wednesday morning produced a jostling rush for seats by scores of  
Russian and international journalists...'

06-- electromagnetic current & human affairs

// private (religious) programming via mass media, a.k.a. ~spiritual  
// note: .US public subsidizes EM spectrum real-estate for private TV  

TV Networks Seek Ratings in Higher Power // was Reality TV, now  
Metaphysical TV.

	'"People have wanted spiritual entertainment for a long time, but the  
powers that be said, 'No. Nobody will buy that,"' [Della Reese] told  
Reuters. "Now it's come to the place where you know there's nothing  
else going to save you but the grace of God."' ... 'Network executives,  
too, have become believers. In a media landscape of increasingly  
fragmented viewership, they say the success of religious fare elsewhere  
in U.S. pop culture is shaping their age-old quest for the Holy Grail  
of commercial television -- a mass audience.' .... '"If they're looking  
for an untapped market, this is it," she said, noting polls that show  
most Americans profess a belief in God and nearly half counting  
themselves as born-again or evangelical Christians.' .. '"Americans are  
a very religious people, but our popular culture expressions have not  
always reflected that," [Jana Riess] said. "Those same people who read  
the 'Left Behind' books would also like to see films and television  
shows that reflect their values and their spiritual principals."'

Emory Researchers Study The Effects Of Zen Meditation On The Brain

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

Magnetic Levitation: QUESTION: What is magnetic levitation? How does it  

	'The forces acting on an object in any combination of gravitational,  
electrostatic, and magnetostatic fields will make the object's position  
unstable.' .. 'The reason a permanent magnet suspended above another  
magnet is unstable is because the levitated magnet will easily overturn  
and the force will become attractive. If the levitated magnet is  
rotated, the gyroscopic forces can prevent the magnet from overturning.'

Evolution Theory to 'Breed' Better F1 Racing Cars // (no cellular  

  // incredible steering wheel interface, as if a nintendo-built fighter  
  // the bright/neon knobs and a screen on the steering wheel, when most  
  // car crashes are from people switching the radio station or  
cellphone talk.
  // remote data analysis, real-time diagnostics, wireless, sensors,  

[and] Computers Chase the Checkered Flag // ** (future speed design)

  	'The wheel, about half the size of those in most passenger cars, is  
essentially a computer, with electronic controls governing hundreds of  
elements  of the car's performance and a display giving Schumacher an  
instant reading on his status, from his lap speed to his location on a  
course map.' .... 'Once in the driver's seat, he sits alone. But as he  
races, his Ferrari team can track even the most minute aspect of the  
competition, capturing data in multi-megabyte wireless bursts each time  
the team's cars flash past the pits, often in excess of 200 miles an  
hour.' .. 'The data is transmitted to a computer center in the team's  
garage on the pit lane, where it is analyzed by more than a dozen  
technicians. It is simultaneously sent over the Internet to a larger  
data center in Maranello, Italy, where more complex analysis is done to  
help the team boss, Jean Todt, plot strategy from his seat in front of  
a computer screen on the pit wall and talk by radio with the drivers.'  
.... '... The Ferrari team's wireless data system provides data on more  
than 500 aspects of performance - readings that can enable the pit crew  
to tell the driver whether he is handling the car correctly through the  
corners, to gauge whether parts are about to fail and take preventive  
action, or to plot strategy based on tire wear.'

Fragments boost 3D TV // ** 3Mbs and ~virtual gravity~

	'The formidable technical challenge in presenting real-time,  
free-viewpoint three-dimensional video is the enormous amount of  
information contained in the stream of video information.' .... 'Key to  
the method is a way to issue updates to a three-dimensional image by  
inserting, deleting and updating just the changed portions of a video  
frame. These changes from multiple cameras are processed and merged  
into a single video stream. This way the three-dimensional geometry of  
the image does not have to be recalculated for every frame, which  
reduces computational load and network bandwidth consumption, said  
Würmlin.' .. 'The system calculates two-dimensional pixels from  
multiple cameras to determine the position, orientation and color of a  
set of irregular points in the three-dimensional space. The method  
represents these dynamic point samples, or three-dimensional fragments,  
independently of each other.'

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

// dendrites sound somewhat similar to a capacitor in how they  
function. or r/c.

Gray Matters: New Clues Into How Neurons Process Information // **
	'The team found that the summation of information within an individual  
neuron depends on where the inputs occur, relative to each other, on  
the surface of the cell.' ..... 'While recording the voltage at the  
cell body, the team would deliver shocks through one or two stimulating  
electrodes directed to different locations in the dendritic tree, for  
example, to the same or different dendritic branches.' .. 'They would  
then compare the voltage response at the cell body as the two inputs  
were activated first separately and then together.'

Super rich can afford their own language // new acronym: Ultra-HNWIs...
'High net worth individuals,' 'mass affluent' among descriptions

	'Those whose art collections and oil wells put them in a category of  
their own expect "platinum treatment," once reserved for institutions.  
That could include offering sophisticated financial tools, such as  
those that measure a portfolio's risk in the face of market swings.' ..  
'These ultra-HNWIs have, according to the Chappuis,  
"multi-jurisdictional needs." This might mean they have a villa in  
Tuscany and an apartment in London, as well as a mansion in  
Connecticut.' .. 'They get their own "Family Office," a team of  
professionals serving their accounts under a single umbrella (sometimes  
referred to as a "virtual network").'

Fractals show machine intentions // em-arch

Natural Protection - How Animal Camouflage Works

Web Addresses Extending Their Global Domain

	'The usefulness of Internet addresses could expand even more if  
various experiments pan out. Airlines, for example, are exploring how  
they might let people type such strings as "1876.aero" into their Web  
browsers and get status reports for individual flight numbers. Also in  
the works is an object-naming system that would link radio-frequency  
identification tags in retail and manufacturing goods to Internet  
addresses. The idea is to track items in stores, manufacturing plants  
and other locations via the Internet. An addressing system for physical  
objects -- some call it "the Internet of things" -- could vastly expand  
usage of the domain system.' .. 'Yet the overarching trend affecting  
Internet addresses today is hyper-growth outside the United States --  
and outside the ".com" registry...'

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

// artifically intelligent robotic extensions of larger em  

Internet ups power grid IQ // *** em-architecture. robot for dwelling  

	'Despite decades of advances in building controls, electric grid  
management tools and communications technology, buildings remain fairly  
isolated and uncoordinated consumers of electricity.' .. 'Researchers  
at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have devised a system that  
leverages communications across the Internet to adjust building power  
use.' .... 'The building management software was tailored for use with  
Internet-based demand-response systems -- modified to interpret XML  
signals, for instance -- under programs sponsored by the California  
Energy Commission.' .. 'Berkeley researchers wrote an XML schema based  
on work by Infotility Inc., an energy market information software and  
Web services company.' .... 'Beyond price, systems could be programmed  
to respond to changes in air quality, to participate in emissions  
trading schemes, to tap into sustainable energy sources, to coordinate  
the responses of groups of buildings, and possibly to minimize local  
brownout threats and price spikes, according to Connors. "There's still  
some wiggle room. But, all in all, it's a very cool beginning," he  

Quantum Dots See In The Dark:
Nanodevices Promise Improved Night Vision Goggles, Medical Sensors And  

	'The atmosphere is opaque to most infrared, but it is transparent for  
a narrow "window" between 8 and 12 microns. Night vision goggles,  
military target tracking devices and environmental monitors utilize  
this range of wavelengths.' .... 'Unlike their alternatives, quantum  
dot infrared detectors strongly absorb radiation shining perpendicular  
to the plane of an array of quantum dots.' .. 'By contrast, the  
alternate quantum well detectors don't pick up radiation that shines  
straight down on them.'

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

// reporting from New Scientist on US-UK Non-Proliferation Treaty  

Conspiracy threat to anti-nuke treaty // *** Mutual Defense Agreement  

	'The US and UK governments will this week be accused of conspiring to  
break the international agreement to prevent the spread of nuclear  
weapons.' .. 'The claim will be backed by detailed evidence of the  
large-scale collaboration by the two countries to develop their nuclear  
arsenals, an activity that the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT)  
is specifically designed to prevent.' .. 'The claim comes from the  
British American Security Information Council (BASIC), a think tank  
based in London and Washington DC. Although the UK and the US  
cooperated on nuclear matters throughout the Cold War, the extent of  
their collaboration since then has never been documented.' .. 'However,  
BASIC has managed to glean something of the scope of the collaboration  
from official sources. The figures show that the collaboration remains  
surprisingly strong, despite the commitment of both countries under the  
NPT to disarm.' .... 'The exchanges of personnel, information and even  
nuclear materials are part of a US-UK accord known as the Mutual  
Defence Agreement, which is at the heart of the "special relationship"  
between the two governments. Signed in 1958, it allowed the two  
countries to exchange anything to do with nuclear weapons short of the  
weapons themselves.' .. 'This covered expertise, technology, bomb  
components and nuclear explosives such as plutonium and highly enriched  
uranium, but the extent of the cooperation has always been a closely  
guarded secret.' .... 'The agreement was last renewed in 1994 and runs  
out in 2004. The US and UK are now finalising another 10-year  
extension, which they hope to sign within the next few days. This has  
prompted BASIC to challenge the legal and moral legitimacy of the  
renewal.' .... '"The [Mutual Defence Agreement] is inconsistent with  
the spirit and letter of the NPT," he told New Scientist . Before the  
agreement is renewed, he suggests it ought to be referred to the  
International Court of Justice in The Hague.'

NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION: Limiting the Nuclear Club---Iraq, North Korea et  
J. I. Katz. Department of Physics Washington University, St. Louis.  

	'Although Stalin controlled atomic bombs for the last four years of  
his life, and hydrogen bombs for some fraction of that time, there was  
no catastrophe. A man and system which murdered tens of millions of  
people with bullets, famine, and prison camps never used the most  
powerful weapons in history. Even the boundaries of the Soviet occupied  
territories and sphere of influence, which had rapidly expanded in  
1945-48, did not grow further after the Soviet development of nuclear  
weapons in 1949.' .... 'Iraq is the most serious case of attempted  
proliferation.  Its intent has  been proven and its leadership is  
aggressive.  It is now defeated.  The present [1993] close inspection  
regime is unique, and negates any short-term  threat.  It is important  
to recognize that the political will to maintain  the trade embargo and  
to do political battle when Iraq obstructs inspection  will not last  
indefinitely, and has weakened since the Gulf War.  It is now   
essential to plan a permanent control regime on which we may depend for  
the  indefinite future, after the present trade embargo is relaxed and  
Iraq  becomes again a wealthy oil exporter.  The aggressive intent of  
Iraqi  regimes, and the political culture which produces it, must  
prudently be  assumed to be immutable, and the control regime may have  
to be maintained for many decades, or even longer.'

Sweeping stun guns to target crowds // wireless EM guns, crowd control,  

	[examples] 'A weapon under development by Rheinmetall, based in Dorf,  
Germany, creates a conducting channel by using a small explosive charge  
to squirt a stream of tiny conductive fibres through the air at the  
victim ( New Scientist print edition, 24 May 2003).' .. 'Meanwhile,  
Xtreme Alternative Defense Systems (XADS), based in Anderson, Indiana,  
will be one of the first companies to market another type of wireless  
weapon. Instead of using fibres, the $9000 Close Quarters Shock Rifle  
projects an ionised gas, or plasma, towards the target, producing a  
conducting channel. It will also interfere with electronic ignition  
systems and stop vehicles.' .. '"We will be able to fire a stream of  
electricity like water out of a hose at one or many targets in a single  
sweep," claims XADS president Peter Bitar.'' [plus laser system...]

Radio Record Paints Chilling 9/11 Picture // hijacked planes. ~37  
minute gap.

	'"We have some planes. Just stay quiet and you'll be O.K. We are  
returning to the airport," a hijacker, believed to be Mohamed Atta, the  
alleged ringleader of the 19 hijackers, told the passengers of American  
Airlines Flight 11. The tape was played for the audience at the  
commission's hearing.' .. 'That transmission was the first inkling  
federal air traffic controllers had of the hijacking of American  
Airlines Flight 11 shortly after takeoff from Boston's Logan Airport at  
8 a.m. EDT. Atta had been speaking to the plane's passengers, but the  
radio transmission was received at the FAA's Boston Center.' .. 'As FAA  
controllers tried desperately to contact the plane, which had changed  
its transponder code, they picked up another transmission, also  
apparently from Atta.' .. '"Nobody move. Everything will be O.K. If you  
try to make any moves, you'll endanger yourself and the airplane. Just  
stay quiet."' .. 'Controllers tried to contact the military, even  
trying to raise a military alert center in Atlantic City, N.J., unaware  
that facility had been phased out. The FAA finally reached the  
appropriate military office at 8:37 a.m.' .. '"We have a problem here,"  
the FAA's Boston Center told NEADS, the North East Air Defense Sector.  
"We have a hijacked aircraft headed towards New York, and we need you  
guys to, we need someone to scramble some F-16s or something up there,  
help us out."'

Nuclear agency admits Iran error:  The UN atomic energy agency has
admitted wrongly reporting that Iran withheld information from it.

	'The IAEA reported in June that Tehran had failed to inform it about  
importing magnets for advanced centrifuges which can produce  
weapons-grade uranium.' .. 'However, it now says Iran made an oral  
statement about the magnets in January.' .... 'But IAEA Director  
General Mohamed ElBaradei played down the importance of the admission.'  
.. '"This is not a major mistake. Iran could have corrected it," he  
said.' .. 'He added that "this technical correction doesn't change the  
fact that we need more transparency from Iran" in reporting on its  
nuclear programme.'

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

EM-headline: Signals Are Mixed as U.S. Retail Sales Rise

// the way China and other countries who are developing newer  
// today could provide techniques for growth and adapting to emerging  
and also
// existing conditions in the realm of all countries. those in  
economics and in
// policy likely have some handle on governments and energy policies in  
terms of
// development strategies. yet China also seems to be very active in  
its dealing
// with its rapid development, and like the solar projects these could  
// options to other countries in how to address a wide-range of issues  
in terms
// of city planning, infrastructure, and geography, even democratic  
// in the sense that, taken together, maybe someday the .US will be  
utilizing an
// approach developed in Africa or China or South America or Eastern  
Europe in
// learning how to better integrate its suburbs as peripheral nodes  
than as the
// foci of an unsustainable megacity built on industrial techniques of  

China raises electricity prices to cool down overheated industries //  
EM policy.

	'In order to curb blind expansion of the industries consuming large  
amounts  of electricity, the Chinese government has decided to adopt  
differentiating  power prices for six raw material sectors,namely  
alumina, ferroalloy, calcium  carbide, caustic soda, cement and steel.  
Punitive higher power prices will apply  to enterprises that fail to  
meet the requirement of national industrial policy.'

Will power crunch upset global investors? // see above.

	'While most believe the current passion of investors will not cool,  
investors could choose to move plants to provinces such as Sichuan, and  
Hubei or cities like Chongqing where electricity demands are more   
easily met.' .. '"Those provinces rich in energy supply will be  
investment targets," Zhang Jianyu, a visiting scholar with Tsinghua  
University told China Daily.' .... ' Xu Dingming, a leading official  
with NDRC's Energy  Bureau said China's output of primary energy was  
equal to 1.603 billion tons of  standard coal last year, up 11 per cent  
over the previous year.' .... 'But demand outpaced supply as shortages  
of coal, power and oil were reported in many areas of China, whose  
economy grew by 9.1 per cent last year, and more than 7 per cent in the  
two years before 2003.' .. 'Xu said China is now in the middle stages  
of its  industrialization phase characterized by faster development of  
energy-extensive  machinery, auto, iron and steel sectors.' .. 'Urban  
residential consumption of energy also rose dramatically due to the  
country's fast pace of urbanization and improved standard of living.'  
.. 'The per-capita energy consumption for urban residents is 250 per  
cent more than that of their rural cousins, said Xu.'

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

Art Unfolds in a Search for Keywords // could be patented technology

	'"Imagination Environment" starts with a live television news  
broadcast that is displayed at the center of a wall-mounted array of  
nine computer monitors. A software program scans the broadcast's  
closed-caption stream and selects keywords that prompt Internet  
searches for images. Seconds after the live audio is heard, the news  
broadcast is surrounded by pertinent photographs and illustrations on  
adjacent screens, as well as some images completely unrelated.'

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