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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #116

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (6/11/2004)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary--  (no comments)

01) --top stories--

// note: relationship between a state/.gov and sustainable  

Iraq's Allawi Assails Sabotage as Work of `Traitors' // via  

	'Iraq's interim Prime Minister Ayad Allawi said those who attack the  
country's power grid and oil pipelines are ``traitors'' and ``not  
freedom fighters,'' and he called on Iraqis to defeat the saboteurs.'  
.... '``I call on all Iraqi patriots to be vigilant,'' he said. ``It is  
our people that are sitting in the dark because of these cowardly and  
traitorous attacks, not our occupiers.''' .... '``In three weeks we  
will be a sovereign nation,'' Allawi said. ``We owe it to future  
generations to leave this land better, stronger and more independent  
than before. By working together to defeat these saboteurs, we can  
accomplish this goal in a sovereign Iraq.'''

US wins one-year freeze on nuclear sales
Anti-terror initiatives high on agenda

	'World leaders at the G8 summit yesterday backed a plan for further  
restrictions on the sale of nuclear technologies in an effort to  
prevent atomic weapons falling into the hands of terrorists or rogue  
states.' .. 'But President George Bush's broader hope of making such a  
halt permanent was blocked by concerns from European countries with  
companies that sell such equipment, US officials said.' .. 'White House  
officials nevertheless described the deal as a breakthrough. "It's a  
huge deal," said the US undersecretary of state John Bolton.'

[and] Iran Warns G8 It Will Not Halt Nuclear Program

	'G8 leaders from the United States, Britain, France,  Germany, Italy,  
Canada, Japan and Russia issued a statement on  Wednesday accusing Iran  
of dragging its feet on full disclosure  of its nuclear activities.' ..  
'"We deplore Iran's delays, deficiencies in cooperation and  inadequate  
disclosures," the statement said.'

// redline markup connecting .gov officials, institutions, & current  

Eyeballing the Prince Bandar Residence. McLean, VA // *** sat-photos  

// somewhere in some book it saidi that a certain dimension of an  
electron was
// how electricity was defined. at the time it seemed odd, as  
// was working with charges at a smaller size, or so it seemed that  
either an
// idea such as 'nano-' electricity would be needed or 'electricity'  

US plans nanoelectronics research center // nanoelectricity exists.

	'SIA is proposing the new nanoelectronics initiative as a joint effort  
of chip makers, academia and government. Under the plan, researchers  
from universities and manufacturers would collaborate to identify and  
test new production materials and techniques, which would replace  
today's technologies.'

[googled] nanoelectricity // 9 search results exist...

[googled] nanoelectromagnetic // 16 results... including patent...

// *** EM-artwork... see QT.mov panorama...

A Tapestry of Time and Terrain:
The Union of Two Maps - Geology and Topography

Robotic rock-climber takes its first steps // *** amazing. see 2nd url  

	'The spider-like robot, called Lemur, was developed by engineers at  
Stanford University and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in  
California, as a prototype for a fully autonomous rock climber. It can  
already follow a human climber up an irregular surface without any  
guidance from a controller. And it has a spookily human gait.' ....  
'The ultimate goal is for Lemur to read a scene and calculate its own  
best path up a cliff. The route would be modified as it climbed, using  
information from its own video cameras and touch sensors.'

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

The Brain May Start to Age at 40 Years

Experts Urge More Breast Cancer Screening // high-priority job-training  

	'The committee spent 18 months looking at which evolving technologies  
held out the most promise for improving early detection of breast  
cancer, and which approaches were likely to save the most lives today.'  
.. 'Several technologies are in development, but until they are  
validated experts need to stick with what's available....' ..  
'Unfortunately, access to mammography is being severely hampered by a  
number of factors, most notably an increasing shortage of facilities  
and of qualified personnel to read and interpret mammograms.  
"Facilities have been closing at a steady rate. Breast imagers are  
becoming an endangered species," Abeloff said.' .. 'According to Dr.  
Janet Joy, the study director and senior program officer at the IOM,  
the number of mammography facilities has declined 8.5 percent in the  
last four years and, between 2001 and 2003, the rate of closures  
doubled the number of openings. Fewer medical residents are choosing to  
go into this field, leaving training fellowships unfilled.'

[and] Researchers Seek Clues To Healing Radiation Scars

	'Radiation fibrosis is a chronic condition that occasionally develops  
months or years after radiation to the neck, chest wall, breast,  
pelvis, or limbs. It causes the tissue below the skin to tighten,  
resulting in poor range of motion, swelling and weakness.'

Fly Ear Is Bioinspiration For Human Hearing Aid

	'Humans and some other animals can hear in stereo because their ears  
are farther apart than sound waves are wide. Thanks to our big heads,  
we can tell without looking that a cricket is chirping on the left.  
Small insects -- with the exception of Ormia -- cannot, and Hoy  
discovered the unique mechanism that lets the fly defy the laws of  

Need Sex? It's Probably Something About Stress

Loss Of Circadian Genes Results In Epilepsy // circadian rhythms...

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

Passwords can sit on hard disks for years

	'When you type in a password, it is stored in random access memory  
(RAM), where it is held temporarily until other data overwrites it or  
the computer is switched off.' .. 'But every so often, the computer  
copies the contents of its RAM onto hard disk, where it is easy prey  
for a hacker, who can read it directly or design a worm to email it  
back...' .... 'Tal Garfinkel and colleagues from Stanford University in  
Palo Alto, California, have created a software tool called TaintBochs  
which simulates the workings of a complete computer system. Within the  
simulation, sensitive data can be tagged, or "tainted", and then  
tracked as it passes through the system. Such tracking is normally  
impossible on a computer.'

Laptops Give Up Secrets Easily // 70 of 100 harddrives

	'Hard drives that end up on eBay or other public auction blocks often  
contain a plethora of sensitive business and personal data that can be  
retrieved easily, according to a European I.T. security firm.'

[and] Encryption firm says secrets for sale at auction

Snooty thieves return mobile phone // story...

Popcorn Is Used to Simulate Oil Spill

	'They plan to dump 175 cubic feet of popcorn, enough to create a  
roughly 330 by 660 foot slick, just off Norway's west coast on  
Wednesday, he said.' .. 'Then about 300 people in more than 30 boats,  
plus observation aircraft, will respond as they would if it had been a  
real oil spill from one of the many offshore oil platforms that make  
Norway the world's third largest oil exporter.'

[and] Helicopters Swarm Gas Station in Norway

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

Getting RFID Into The Skies
Testing the technology within the aviation industry is progressing  
as carriers and manufacturers seek to spot potential problems.

	'[ex.] FedEx and Boeing recently completed a 90-day joint test in  
which 40 parts on a FedEx plane--parts ranging from wheel wells to  
hydraulic pumps to smoke detectors--were tagged with passive 13.56-MHz  
RFID chips and transmitters and then read at the conclusion of flights'

Who Stole the Half-Life Source Code?
Gamers may have helped the FBI locate the suspected thieves.

	'"Within a few days of the announcement of the break-in, the online  
gaming community had tracked down those involved," says Gabe Newell,  
Valve's chief executive officer, in a statement. "It was extraordinary  
to watch how quickly and how cleverly gamers were able to unravel what  
are traditionally unsolvable problems for law enforcement related to  
this kind of cybercrime."'

Global force to 'patrol' chatrooms // Virtual Global Taskforce hunts  

	'This will not entail undercover police posing as children to lure  
paedophiles but will involve a virtual version of "reassurance  
policing": there will be an icon, flashing in the corner of the screen,  
to let chatroom participants know an officer is monitoring the online  
messages. The officer will be able to intervene to warn those engaging  
in suspect conversations.'

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

Cool Idea—South Africa’s First Appliance Label is Launched  

	'... Energy efficiency labels had their start in the US and now span  
the globe, says Executive Director of the Collaborative Labeling and  
Standards Program (CLASP), of the Alliance to Save Energy in  
Washington, DC, who shepherded this label process. On hand for the  
unveiling, Egan was optimistic about the potential impact of the new  
label. "Elsewhere in the world where appliance labels have been  
introduced consumers often feared increasingly efficiency appliances  
would result in increased product costs to consumers. And manufacturers  
worried that profits would suffer with increased efficiency. However  
real prices of major appliances such as refrigerators and air  
conditioners have been falling since the late 1970s despite increases  
in efficiency, increasingly stringent standards, and mandatory labeling  
for energy efficiency ratings."'

Germany sees conference strengthening industrialized world's
commitment to renewable energy // via Energy News Briefs...

Nigerian Oil  Strike Continues for Second Day

	'For the second day, millions of workers represented by the Nigeria  
Labor Congress (NLC) heeded the union's call to stay home in protest  
against the rising prices of fuel.  The protest has closed offices,  
schools, stores, and businesses across the country, and police are  
patrolling the streets.  But oil companies are reporting the strike is  
not affecting exports.'

KeySpan Hosts Iraq Minister of Electricity;
Will Discuss Iraq's Energy Issues With Energy Experts

ANGRY mayor denies fiddling electricity meter
Independent Online - South Africa

Black-out, price leverage to save electricity

	'Beijing will have to  temporarily cut off electricity to some users  
this summer in order to ensure a  supply for others, entire blocks or  
big users that are of more importance,  senior officials say.' ....  
'This summer, nearly two-thirds of the country's 31 provinces,  
municipalities  and autonomous regions are reportedly ready to restrict  
electricity use.' .... '"We are facing a stern electricity supply  
situation now," Zhang said.'

Oil market stability needs cooperation

	'The OPEC, founded in 1960, groups  Algeria, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq,  
Libya, Kuwait, Nigeria,Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the  United Arab Emirates  
and Venezuela, and produces about a third of the world's  crude oil.'  
.... 'OPEC has attributed the factors behind the oil price highs mainly  
to the robust  growth in demand in the United States and China,  
geopolitical tensions and  refining and distribution industry  
bottlenecks in some major consuming regions,  coupled with more  
stringent production specifications.' .... '... [W]hile  stressing its  
own efforts to achieve order and stability in the world oil  market,  
OPEC has called on non-OPEC producers and consumers to take appropriate  
  measures to address the challenges facing the industry, including the  
structural  changes.'

BIG Plans for Roads And Electricity
AllAfrica.com - Africa // Kenya

Pumping Energy To Nanocrystals From A Quantum Well

06-- electromagnetic current & human affairs

Suicide by Pseudoscience // *** inflating the .US cultural-bubble...

	'When politicians dictate science, government becomes entangled in its  
own deceptions, and eventually the social order decays in a compost of  
lies. Society, having abandoned the scientific method, loses its  
empirical referent, and truth becomes relative. This is a serious  
affliction known as Lysenkoism.' .... 'Politics without objective,  
honest measurement of results is a deadly short circuit...'

"Doh!" named Britain's favorite TV comedy catchphrase // Homer... Homer  

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

Aura satellite to scan Earth's atmosphere

	'Aura will be the first satellite to get a global picture of the  
troposphere - the layer of the atmosphere we actually live in, from  
ground level up to around 10km. It will use four instruments that  
detect infrared, ultraviolet and radio waves to measure temperature and  
pressure, and the concentrations of dozens of different trace chemicals  
such as methane and CFCs.' .. 'It will also probe how the atmosphere  
cleans up pollutants. Much of this vital cleansing chemistry is thought  
to happen in the transition zone between the troposphere and the  
overlying stratosphere above. But no-one is sure, so Aura will examine  
the region in detail.'

David Lebedoff: E-letters to the editor are restricting the range of  

// at the G8 summit there was a photo in the local newspaper of one of  
the new
// electric vehicles as the NY Times reported a week ago. the exact  
photo could
// not be located online (it was a front-shot of the .US car w/stars &  
// yet it had an almost Model-T look to it, as an updated version,  
// if it is also is to demonstrate some encouragement towards such  
vehicles to
// address issues of oil supplies, pollution, need of short-trip  
drives, etc.

electrical vehicle photos

[and] Bush's buggies keep summit green // 7am.com called them  

Research Shows Dogs Understand Language // MRIs await...

	'German researchers have found a border collie named Rico who  
understands more than 200 words and can learn new ones as quickly as  
many children.' .... '"You don't have to be able to talk to understand  
a lot," Fischer said. The team noted that dogs have evolved with humans  
and have been selected for their ability to respond to the  
communications of people.'

EM-headline: Country music radio full of pro-war songs // .US

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

// the ICE House: Irradiation of Chips and Electronics. beware space  

Los Alamos Helps Industry By Simulating Circuit Failures From Cosmic  
Rays // **

	'When cosmic rays from deep space strike Earth's upper atmosphere,  
they ultimately create neutrons that shower down on the Earth's  
surface. These neutrons pose little health hazard because the radiation  
dose is relatively low. However, each neutron can interact with silicon  
and other elements in integrated circuits to produce charged particles,  
with potentially disastrous impacts on memory and chip function.' ....  
'Each individual neutron has an exceedingly small probability of  
damaging a single bit and thus disrupting circuit performance. However,  
since new electronic devices require more and more bits, manufacturers  
are seeing errors more frequently...' .... 'Customers who have brought  
electronic devices to LANSCE's ICE House represent a who's who of the  
global electronic and avionics industries.'

Electrical Engineers Pocket Reference v1.3 // PDA freeware...

	'The reference information includes 7400 logic pinouts, operational  
amplifier pinouts and circuits, 555 timer pinout and circuits, resistor  
color code and more.'

Detection and recording of Schumann resonances and other  
electromagnetic phenomena at frequencies below 50 Hz. By Hans Michlmayr

GOOGLE: define Schumann resonance // geomagnetism...

Riemann hypothesis may have been solved

Apple rebuked over G5 speed-lead claim - again // via macsurfer.com

Website Analysis Isn't a Game // webstats-citysim

	'VisitorVille employs a graphical, urban metaphor to present  
information about customers' real-time Web-traffic flow. A company's  
entire Web presence is seen as an urban or suburban neighborhood, with  
each individual Web page presented as a building. The more visitors on  
a site, the taller the buildings, and the brighter the lights on each  

[non-EM] China finds more wild pandas // though, biodiversity and rare  

ERIC_NO: EJ554208
TITLE: Multimedia Modules for Electromagnetics Education .
AUTHOR: De Los Santos Vidal, Oriol; Iskander, Magdy F.
JOURNAL_CITATION: Computer Applications in Engineering Education; v5 n4  
p257-67 1997
ABSTRACT: Multimedia technology is an invaluable teaching and learning  
resource.  One advantage of technology based education is the ability  
to combine  practical applications, visualization of complex  
mathematical and abstract  subjects, virtual labs, and guided use of  
simulation software. This article  describes several multimedia  
tutorials for electromagnetics education for use as stand-alone tutors  
and as demonstrations to complement class  lecture. (PEN)
MAJOR_DESCRIPTORS: Computer Assisted Instruction;  Computer Simulation;  
  Engineering Education;  Multimedia Materials;
MINOR DESCRIPTORS: Computer Uses in Education;  Educational Resources;   
Educational Technology;  Higher Education;  Scientific Concepts;   
Tutoring;  Virtual Reality;  Visualization;
IDENTIFIERS: *Electrical Engineering; *Electromagnets; Virtual  
REPORT_NO: ISSN-1061-3773

Geography Network

	'The Geography Network is a global network of geographic information  
users and providers. It provides the infrastructure needed to support  
the sharing of geographic information among data providers, service  
providers, and users around the world. Through the Geography Network,  
you can access many types of geographic content including dynamic maps,  
downloadable data, and more advanced Web services.'

Brain learns like a robot-- Scan shows how we form opinions.

Super-thin crystals promise fast memory // the ferro-electric effect

	'Ferro-electricity is exhibited by crystals called perovskites, in  
which the most favourable arrangement of ions produces an overall  
separation of charge called a dipole.' .. 'Memories based on  
ferro-electricity consist of a series of thin perovskite films, and  
store data by switching the dipole using an applied electric field. The  
dipole flips because the positioning of the ions in the crystal shifts  

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

Virtual fences to herd Wi-Fi cattle // cow-pda

	'Butler and his colleagues have written software that transmits the  
chosen GPS co-ordinates of a virtual fence to head-collars worn by the  
cows in the field.' .. 'When a cow strays towards these co-ordinates,  
software running on the collar triggers a stimulus chosen to scare the  
cow away, such as a sound or a small electric shock - this is the  
"virtual" fence. The software also "herds" the cows when the position  
of the virtual fence is moved.' .... 'The warning currently being used  
is one of a library of sounds intended to scare a cow, including  
roaring tigers, barking dogs and hissing snakes.'

// it would seem a TiVo-like device could start to encroach on the  
// supposedly staked out by the media-center PCs and also, WebTV  
surfing, in
// a way that video-game machines were sometimes speculated to be a  
// for mass internet access via TV. the one drawback today, it would  
seem, is
// the screen quality in comparison to computer monitors-- yet with  
// HDTV the TV could be 'the screen' which is superior to others in  
terms of
// size, speakers, etc. or many screens, networked from a tele/datacom  
// in which various feeds of information/energy/communications could be  
// distributed to many devices, many screens, computers,  
// it is wondered if the DVR is somewhat akin to the cassette tape  
player in
// an older stereo system stack, added to a blade home server, router,  

TiVo Breaks Into Home Networks // future internet-access, non-PC  

	'TiVo is thinking beyond the DVR to how the company can play a role in  
the digital home, said Greg Ireland, an analyst with IDC. Because cable  
and satellite providers are essentially giving away DVRs, "it's very  
difficult to compete on price, so you have to compete on features,"  
Ireland said.'

'Wobulation' doubles projectors' resolution

	'HP's wobulation -- a term loosely derived from the word "wobble" --  
works by shifting an image slightly in one direction or another by a  
distance less than the width of a single pixel, changing the image  
according to where the projection beam is directed. The overlapping  
images together can create details finer than the original pixel  
width.' .. 'For example, a 1024-by-768 pixel display, augmented by  
first-generation 2X wobulation, would have an effective resolution of  
2,048 pixels by 1,536 pixels. Using the later 4X wobulation, it would  
have 4,096 pixels by 3,072 pixels.' .. 'Wobulated images lack the  
"screen door" grid of thin black lines that separate each pixel with  
conventional digital projection technology.' .. 'Wobulation requires  
Texas Instruments technology called Digital Light Processing (DLP),  
which controls what light is displayed by rapidly swivelling tiny  
mirrors on a microchip so that tiny beams are projected on a screen or  
are deflected elsewhere...'

Digital pen takes on mouse // utility. via macsurfer.com

	'Dr Rekimoto's lab has extended the drag and drop technique used in  
most PC software to create a 'pick and drop' technique.' .. 'So the  
owner of a handheld computer can pick up a file from their device,  
using a special pen, and drop it onto the screen of another computer,  
by placing the pen on its screen.' .. 'He refers to this approach as  
'direct manipulation'. It allows people to visually select and move  
information in physical space, rather than having to understand  
abstract concepts of networks and servers.' .... 'Dr Rekimoto showed  
that the pick and drop gestures could also be used with digital  
whiteboards, where the pen might be used to select and apply a colour  
from a palette, or identify and place images from a picture library.'

Room Designed That Puts Customers to Sleep // room as robot...

	'"Nobody who's come in here for 30 minutes hasn't fallen asleep," said  

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

Saboteurs blow up Iraqi oil pipeline, cutting into scarce  electricity  

	'More than a year after the occupation began, power cuts are common  
nationwide, in some places topping 16 hours a day. Demand is rising  
with the advent of summer, with temperatures already topping 100  

A Routine Drill at a New York Power Plant, With a New Focus on  
Terrorism // nuke

	'The emergency drill  was the same exercise performed every other year  
at the plant, but for the first time, the script involved terrorism.  
The event, which involved more than 1,000 state and local officials in  
addition to the F.B.I., Norad and the White House, challenged local  
governments, including Putnam, Westchester, Rockland and Orange  
Counties, to respond to a staged crisis that started around 8 a.m. and  
lasted until 4. The possibility that a plane could crash into the plant  
has been a source of concern ever since Sept. 11, 2001, when a 767, the  
same type of plane used in Tuesday's exercise, flew over the plant on  
its way to the World Trade Center.' .. 'During the drill, officials  
pretended to mobilize firefighters, dispatch helicopters and redirect  
traffic. Evacuations of parts of Westchester, Rockland and Orange  
Counties were simulated. Operators at the plant were confronted with  
mechanical malfunctions that caused Indian Point to shut down, and they  
also faced a major valve rupture, which leaked radioactive water. But  
much to the disappointment of those who are skeptical of the plant's  
emergency plans, there was no simulated leak of radiation, leaving many  
unconvinced of the drill's effectiveness.' .... 'Nils J. Diaz, the  
chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, speaking from his office  
in Washington, said he thought that the drill went well.'

[Excerpt] Give 'em enough rope:  From Rush to Newt to Bob Dornan to Ari
Fleischer, the right wing's most outrageous (and hateful) comments of  
the past
decade. An exclusive excerpt from "Take Them at Their Words: Shocking,  
and Baffling Quotations From the GOP and Their Friends, 1994-2004."

	'"I read your book. When you get through, you say, 'If I could put a  
nuclear device inside Foggy Bottom [home of the State Department], I  
think that's the answer.' I mean, you get through this and you say,  
'We've got to blow that thing up.'" -- Pat Robertson, talking to Joel  
Mowbray, author of "Dangerous Diplomacy: How the State Department  
Endangers America's Security," "700 Club," as reported in Chicago  
Tribune, 10/12/03'

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

Cost of U.S. electricity going up // 4 percent

	'The actual electricity price peak will come this month and then  
gradually decline, just as gasoline prices have begun to decline  

// it is wondered if 'oil' is separated from 'power generation' as it  
seems they
// can be synonomous in certain contexts, and-or seen as entirely  

China's demand is not big enough to influence the global crude oil price

	'At the Ninth International Energy Forum, Zhang Guobao, the Vice  
Director of the National Development and Reform Commission, gave a  
clear illustration of China's standpoint. He said that the rise of  
international crude oil price is mainly subject to the influence from  
the situation in the Middle East and speculation activities in the  
market, and it is unrealistic for some outsiders to ascribe the rise in  
the crude oil price to the increase of China's demand. He analyzed that  
though China's net crude oil import rose quickly in 2003, the total of  
China's net crude oil import accounts for only a small portion of the  
world's total trade volume of crude oil; therefore, China's demand for  
oil, although being increased, is not enough to influence the global  
price of crude oil.'

[and] China's two oil giants raise prices of refined oil

[and] BEIJING to introduce seasonal electricity prices

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

Cross-shaped antenna from Radio Vatican // ** 1st image temporarily  

[and] ADDX-Bildarchiv Hörfunk: Vatikan // more photos...

[other] antenna related photos/imagery...

QSL Collection  1964-1965 // graphic design of shortwave cards...

[and] The DL8AAM QSL Collection:

Mother Goose & Grimm cartoon // on Reality Television shows...

[and, related] Stepford Is Us // NYT op-ed

	'At what point, though, does a myth about recognition, acceptance and  
truth become just the opposite — a tale of artifice and disguise?' ..  
'Myths often contain the seeds of their own inversion, and so it is in  
this case...'

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