~e; GIS and EM environments

From brian carroll <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Fri, 11 Jun 2004 15:55:42 -0500

  having a long-time interest in GIS (geographic information
  systems), more than a decade ago having seen the .US
  pipeline network plotted this way and since hearing about
  GRASS, the free unix-version GIS software, many efforts to
  gain access to these tools has been explored yet nothing
  to date had been workable. experimenting with a java-based
  software (ArcExplorer) and not really knowing how it actually
  works, made two maps showing a geography of EM 'clouds'
  of wireless access. the maps are tests, via photomontage of
  many screenshots, so some things are a bit off. Though the
  idea in Map #1 was to show what is 'in the air' in terms of a
  single EM wireless service and its overlapping of competing
  wireless companies (a detail of the state of Minnesota). they
  are very similar to a landscape contour map yet 'in the sky'
  as a topography, amidst signals also from innumerable radio,
  wi-fi, television and other types of signal activities. Map #2 is
  an attempt at a .US map of providers yet the resolution is too
  small to show all the names (which are shown by scale). All
  but small portions of the west (mountain ranges, it is assumed)
  are blanketed in wireless services that overlap. In any case,
  a few examples of free GIS data of which infrastructures could
  be looked at in geographical relation to place & environments.

Detail of local overlapping cellular coverage areas

(somewhat inaccurate) US map with Cellular companies

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