~e; electromagnetic craftwork

From brian carroll <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Thu, 10 Jun 2004 22:05:58 -0500

  just took a few photos of some EM projects that
  are part of the experiment in learning more about
  electronics. have some other photos related to the
  electronic display (HIOX) that will be sent later on.

  1) one of the hands-on projects is the second set of
  'initials' made through electronics displays. the first
  used a dual 7-segment LED display to spell out two
  initials of a full name, with the circuit being activated
  by a magnetic reed switch and a magnet which turns
  it on when nearby. it is battery powered, and a variable
  resistor for brightness. soldered on generic circuitboard.

  the second experiment has been with a wrist-watch-sized
  LCD (which was found at a surplus store, around 20 cents
  or it may have been under a dollar, i forget). the back of the
  LCD has pins like an integrated circuit, yet they would not
  fit into a common solderless breadboard because spacing
  is different between the pins on each. the solution was to
  get 'hook clips' which latch onto the tiny pins and test which
  legs create which segments on the LCD, which was a 7-
  segment which is used for displaying numbers 0-9 usually,
  though LCDs also come in 16-segments and graphic-based
  ones which are just pixels, I think, which require chips and
  binary code to send signals to get something to display. not
  sure, still learning. 	in any case, the negative/cathode pins
  of this small LCD were then soldered onto a shared wire,
  and the other single anode/positive pin was left alone and
  these, then were hooked up to a high-efficiency solar panel
  which, under overcast sky displays three letters of initials....



2) the other thing of this nature has been stalled but took a
photo of where it is now, basically a piece of wormwood or
fossilized/petrified tree that had small rocks that must have
etched into it a pattern with tides out on a Bay Farm island
in Alamada/Oakland, California beach-- well, it sat for many
years as an interesting object and after studying electronics
and learning more about circuits and circuit boards and in
having a large fascination with the aesthetics, the idea that
this 'wormwood' was similar in concept to a circuit board as
both were 'etched' brought on the idea of painting it like a
circuit board in various hues of green and black and silver,
then the idea was to put a lot of EM wildlife on it, like small
transistors, big chips like caterpillars and beetles, almost a
taxidermy event. though things are moving much slower in
that such interesting bugs have yet to be found and a trial
of desoldering PCBs has yet to begin because of weather
as breathing in lead and toxic fumes inside is not much fun.
in any case, here are a few photos of the petrified circuitry...



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