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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #115

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (6/08/2004)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

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01) --top stories--

Saudi 'problem needs attention' // former top .US counterterrorism  

	'"The threat to the political and economic world posed by Saudi  
instability, I think, is greater than the threat that was posed by  
Iraq.' .. '"I'm not alone in this," he said.' .. '"I think  
Vice-President (Dick) Cheney, although he's never said it publicly, is  
very concerned that the house of Saud could fall."' .. 'Mr Clarke drew  
parallels between Saudi Arabia and Iran before the fall of its shah in  
1979.' .. '"Iran was our good American ally guaranteeing us a source of  
oil ...and suddenly the shah's regime fell and it was replaced with the  
first radical Islamic, fundamentalist, terrorist government," he said.'  
.. '"And I think that Cheney and others in the United States think that  
could happen in Saudi Arabia."'

New Documents Suggest Enron's Lay, Skilling, Washington Lobbyist Knew
About Company’s Trading Schemes In CA. by Jason Leopold

	'The documents released by FERC -- more than 400 pages of transcripts  
of      recorded conversations between Enron traders, company attorneys  
and Enron's public and governmental affairs departments that took place  
at the height of the California electricity crisis in 2000 and 2001 --  
provide the most vivid portrait to date of the company's questionable  
trading practices that set off California's power crisis.' .... 'State  
Attorney General Bill Lockyer said last week that he expects to file a  
multibillion lawsuit against Enron as a result of the company's  
manipulative trading practices detailed in the transcripts.' .... 'In  
the conversation between Shapiro and Belden, Shapiro urged Belden to  
pull back on his trading schemes in California, such as artificially  
clogging transmission lines, sending power out of state and submitting  
false data to the state's grid operator...' .... 'But despite the fact  
that Shapiro was in the know about Enron’s questionable trading  
practices, he continued to lobby powerful Washington lawmakers urging  
them not to fix the market problems in California saying the crisis was  
the state’s fault for not building enough power plants, according to  
public documents from the House Governmental Affairs Committee.' ....  
'This is the first revelation that an Enron lobbyist was briefed on the  
company's manipulative trading practices and it appears likely that  
other executives were also in the know. Shapiro wielded enormous  
influence with members of the Bush administration. On May 23, 2001 he  
met with White House economic adviser Robert McNally and Energy  
Secretary Spencer Abraham's chief of staff about Bush’s National Energy  
Policy and Enron‘s opposition to price controls in California.' ....  
'Judging by the events that followed, it appears that Bush and Cheney  
were in Enron’s corner.'.... 'That same day, May 17, 2001, Cheney and  
Bush unveiled the details of the National Energy Policy, in which  
Cheney adopted seven of Ken Lay's suggestions, according to published  
reports. Had the intimate details of Enron’s trading schemes been known  
to California officials, it most certainly would have derailed Bush’s  
energy policy, which called for keeping many of deregulation’s key  
components in place, and forcing key players, like Cheney, to return to  
the drawing board to draft a new policy.' .... 'But there’s  

[and] More Enron Tapes, More Gloating // *** online newsvideo...

	'In one tape, an employee says, "You gotta think the economy is going  
to f------g get crushed, man. This is like a recession waiting to  
f-----g happen."' .. 'The tapes show Enron tried to bring California to  
its knees.' .. 'Elsewhere on the tapes, another employee says, "This is  
where California breaks."' .. '"Yeah, it sure does man," says another.'  
.. 'And they proposed to do that by exporting energy out of the state  
so the company could drive up prices even more.' .. '"What we need to  
do is to help in the cause of, ah, downfall of California," an employee  
is heard saying on the tapes. "You guys need to pull your megawatts out  
of California on a daily basis."' .. '"They're on the ropes today,"  
says another employee. "I exported like a f------g 400 megs."' ..  
'"Wow,'' says another employee, "f--k 'em, right!"'

// note: this is the third snake-caused power-outage in as many  

[weird news] Snake Causes Transformer Fire, Outage // via  

Iraq Pipeline Watch
Attacks on Iraqi pipelines, oil installations, and oil personnel:

// 'polarization' is another electromagnetic word used in a political  

Circling the Wagons // political 'polarization', 'filters', 'biased'  

	'The overall impression one gets from these political scientists is  
that politics is a tribal business. Americans  congregate into rival  
political communities, then  embrace one-sided attitudes and  
perceptions. That suggests that political polarization is the result of  
deep and self-reinforcing psychological and social forces.' .. 'This  
theory doesn't explain how the country moves through cycles of greater  
and lesser polarization. Still, I have to say, depressingly, this  
picture of tribal and subrational partisanship does accord with the  
reality  we see around us every day.'

Iraq Government in Control of Oil Sector // *** who ran/controlled it  

	'Iraqi officials declared Tuesday that the interim government has  
assumed full control of the country's oil industry ahead of the June 30  
handover of sovereignty from the U.S.-led occupation administration.'  
.. '"Today the most important natural resource has been returned to  
Iraqis to serve all Iraqis," Prime Minister Iyad Allawi said. "I'm  
pleased to announce that full sovereignty and full control on oil  
industry has been handed over to the oil ministry today and to the new  
Iraqi government as of today."' .... '"We are totally now in control,  
there are no more advisers," Ghadbhan said. "We are running the show,  
the oil policies will be implemented 100 percent by Iraqis."'

[and] Iraqis Paying 5 Cents a Gallon for Gas // *** anarchic car culture

	'Before the war, forecasters predicted that by invading Iraq ( news  
-web sites ) and ousting Saddam Hussein ( news -web sites ), America  
would benefit from increased exports of oil from Iraq, which has the  
world's second largest petroleum reserves.' .. 'That would mean cheap  
gas for American motorists and a boost for the oil-dependent American  
economy.' .. 'More than a year after the invasion, that logic has been  
flipped on its head. Now the average price for gasoline in the United  
States is running $2.05 a gallon — 50 cents more than the pre-invasion  
price.' .. 'Instead, the only people getting cheap gas as a result of  
the invasion are the Iraqis.' .. 'Filling a 22-gallon tank in Baghdad  
with low-grade fuel costs just $1.10, plus a 50-cent tip for the  
attendant. A tankful of high-test costs $2.75.' .. 'In Britain, by  
contrast, gasoline prices hit $5.79 per gallon last week — $127 for a  
tankful.' .... 'Analysts say the U.S. gas subsidies can't last forever  
— and Iraqis may be in for an unpleasant shock when they end. In the  
meantime, however, the American taxpayer continues to foot a huge bill.'

// 10,000 miles of unprotected electrical transmission powerlines in a  
// one option might be to massively decentralize power in smaller  
// larger industrial generators and-or portable gas plants to feed  
local grids.

[and] Attacks hint tactics in Iraq are changing // via drudgereport.com

	'Coordinated sabotage attacks on fuel and transmission lines around an  
enormous power plant south of Baghdad shut the plant down last weekend,  
American and Iraqi government officials said Tuesday, raising new fears  
that insurgents were targeting major sectors of the Iraqi  
infrastructure as part of an overall terror plan.' .... 'More worrisome  
than this specific act of sabotage, Haris said, is the pattern of  
attacks on the electrical grid around the country. He estimated that  
the high-tension lines that are the backbone of the grid have been  
attacked an average of twice a week recently, and he expressed  
irritation at what he said had been a refusal by the Coalition  
Provisional Authority to provide security for the lines.'

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

An Eye On The Tongue // **

	'Sitting blindfolded with a device equipped with 144 pixels in his  
mouth, any journalist would wonder about his career choice. But after a  
few minutes of experimentation, you have to recognize that the system  
developed by neuropsychologist Maurice Ptito of Université de Montréal,  
together with colleagues in Denmark and the United States, to allow  
blind people to "see with their tongue" appears strangely effective. In  
just the first few minutes, the subject is able to build up a fairly  
clear picture of the letter "T" placed in various positions and  
transmitted by electrical impulses to the device on his tongue.'

Nerve cells free to swap careers // patterns of ~electrical temperament
Flexible brain-wiring could guard against epilepsy.

	'The nervous system is not hard-wired, according to research on spinal  
cord cells in tadpole embryos. Nerve cells can change their function as  
they develop, responding to their own electrical activity rather than  
playing a role that is preordained by genetics, say US biologists.'  
.... 'The team finds that certain patterns of electrical activity in a  
young nerve cell can override its basic genetic instructions, changing  
the way that the cell will communicate with its peers...' .... 'In the  
brain, nerve-cell circuits need balance: if inhibitory connections do  
not match excitatory ones then the system will go wild, as in an  
epileptic seizure...' .... 'Their results imply that the developing  
brain normally tends towards equilibrium...'

Engineers Visualize Electric Memory As It Fades: // ferroelectrics...
While the memory inside electronic devices may often be
more reliable than that of humans, it, too, can worsen over time.

ASKK Smart Braille // via local newspaper and engadget.com

Film Found On Windows After 9/11 Reveals Higher Level Of Pollutants

	'Diamond's earlier research in Toronto showed a similar factor of 10  
difference between window films in urban and rural locations, so the  
concentrations near Ground Zero could have been as much as 100 times  
greater than surrounding rural areas, she deduces.'

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

// The .US national security advisor is critiquing the bias of foreign  
// programming, as biased no less? isn't this an industry issue, not  
// more forceful arguments arrive by late night comedians on  
// this could be a tabloid magazine cover story: White House screams  
Al-J bias!

White House decries Al-Jazeera as biased // bizarre. Fox News can't say  

	'President Bush's national security adviser on Monday criticized  
Arabic-language broadcaster Al-Jazeera for "purely inaccurate"  
reporting, suggesting the Qatar-based satellite station was presenting  
a biased account of developments in the Middle East.'

Game Boy toughs it out // via engadget.com

	'Former Army fitness instructor Geoff Wiseman tested five of the most  
popular gizmos to find 'hardest gadget ever'.' .. 'The challenges saw  
the devices being dropped in mud, being driven wildly in an off-road  
vehicle and subjected to a clay pigeon shoot and paintball fire.'

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

First quantum cryptography network unveiled

	'...Qnet is the first network consisting of more than two nodes to use  
quantum cryptography - a more complex challenge.'

Web-linked cameras let parents play Big Brother // via NewsScan...

	'Want to monitor your house from the office? Connect one of the  
cameras to an Ethernet or wireless computer network at home, then  
navigate your browser to a Web site linked to an Internet address  
assigned to the camera.' .. '"It's going to be one of the biggest  
trends in the surveillance market over the next few years without a  
doubt," said Simon Harris, a senior IMS analyst. "The companies that  
don't have good product offerings for (Internet) network surveillance  
are going to lose market share."'

Water to Boost Satellite Snooping // fuel-cell + solar panel. 1 kilowatt

	'The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is working with Proton  
Energy Systems on the Water Rocket program, which would develop a  
satellite that exploits a "closed loop" regenerative fuel cell: Solar  
power electrolyzes water into hydrogen, then the hydrogen is converted  
into electricity and water.' .. 'Walker said that having a replenishing  
fuel supply would give the military new options for maneuvering  
satellites. "I believe (that moving to self-sustaining satellites) will  
have far-reaching implications for military, aerospace, homeland  
defense and commercial applications," said Jan Walker, a spokeswoman  
for Darpa. "Maneuvering a satellite can improve the satellite's  
coverage, change its arrival times to counter denial and deception and  
improve survivability, as well as extend a satellite's lifetime,"  
Walker said.'

Vietnam Orders Internet Use Monitoring

	'The move comes after the communist country sentenced several  
dissidents to long prison terms over the past two years for using the  
Internet to criticize the government and promote democracy.'

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

RESTORED electricity ends days of hardship
Fort Worth Star Telegram (subscription) - Fort Worth,TX,USA

Sustainable energy future has a long way to go // *** see point #2 and  

	'The final session of the four-day conference endorsed a Political  
Declaration, an International Action Program (IAP) and Policy  
Recommendations for Renewable Energies, which were praised as a new  
milestone since the World Summit for Sustainable Development in 2000.'  
.. 'In the Political Declaration, ministers and government  
representatives from 154 countries promised to expand the use of  
renewable energies and raise energy efficiency to combat climate change  
and poverty.' .. 'But many problems and challenges need to be addressed  
for the fulfillment of such tasks.'

NAMIBIA vulnerable as electricity demand in SA grows
Namibia Economist - Windhoek,Namibia
CRANE knocks out electricity
Elko Daily Free Press - Elko County,NV,USA

South Florida Man Charged With Electricity-Theft Scam Suspect
Allegedly Charged Homeowners To Ensure Bills Would Be Low

	'FPL said it used a few tricks of its own to catch the cheaters.' ..  
'"Things such as remote meters, where we've already put a meter at  
another location that monitored the same amount of electricity that was  
used at that house, and the two meters don't jibe," said Bill Swank, an  
FPL communications official.'

The Politics of Electric Power Deregulation // Reagan -> Deregulation  
-> Enron?

	'Berry proposed breaking up the industry's traditional, vertically  
integrated structure of generators, transmission lines, and  
distribution facilities into separate entities with generators  
competing for sales across common transmission lines to local  
distribution outlets. Under such a system, Berry thought, generators  
would be in competition with each other to serve more than one utility  
distributor.  Thus, the generators selling electricity at the lowest  
cost would have the most utility customers. The days of utility  
generators' enjoying monopoly status would be over.' .. 'Although most  
of Berry's colleagues dismissed his proposal, a number of key staffers  
at the Department of Energy thought that his suggestion was consistent  
with the notion of deregulating monopolies-a centerpiece of Reagan  
administration thinking.'

Private electricity sales regulations issued:
The regulations will govern the use of the Israel Electric Corporation’s
network. Home consumers can also produce electricity.

Kyrgyzstan may supply 1 Bln kWh of electricity annually // exports to  

	'Kyrgyzstan  has offered  to  supply  electricity to the border  
regions of southern Sinkiang, where electricity supplies are low.  
Electricity supplies from Kyrgyzstan would cost China much less than  
electricity supplied  from central China.  Moreover, western China has  
a severe energy shortage. The electricity supplies could improve  
environmental conditions in the region where  coal-powered heat and  
power plants that China prefers cause pollution.'

06-- electromagnetic current & human affairs

The Mentality Of Homo interneticus:  Some Ongian Postulates
by Michael H. Goldhaber // via STS-L...

	'Because typical experiences will differ, the mentality of
the typical Internet user, or Homo interneticus, is likely to be
significantly different from that of the typical reader of printed works
or of writing or of the typical member of purely oral cultures. These
differences include deep assumptions about time and space, authority,
property, gender, causality and community.'

// the below quote is excerpted from its article because it makes a  
// reference between electrification (lights) and development issues  
// are visulized in maps of e-lights, referred to as a global nervous  
// this infrastructure is in various stages of development, and in  
// photos (i think) also fires from wars and forest fires are also  

[EM-quote] from: Rating Reagan: A Bogus Legacy. By Robert Parry

  	'... One only needed to look at night-time satellite photos to see  
the disparity between the glittering city lights of North America,  
Western Europe and parts of Asia compared to the darkness across the  
Soviet bloc.....'

// an interesting obituary with regard to EM-related issus of today,  
such as
// alzheimer's disease, em media-politics, nuclear treaties, missile  

Ronald Reagan Dies at Age 93 // rest in peace. importance of 'content'.  

	'Although Mr. Reagan was an outspoken anti-communist who described the  
Soviet Union as an "evil empire," he forged a constructive relationship  
with the reform-minded Gorbachev, who ascended to power midway through  
the Reagan presidency.' .. 'The two leaders held five summits,  
beginning with a 1985 meeting in Geneva. At a 1987 summit in  
Washington, they signed the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF)  
Treaty, the first pact to reduce U.S. and Soviet nuclear arsenals.  
After a follow-up Moscow summit in 1988, Mr. Reagan proclaimed a "new  
era" in U.S.-Soviet relations.'.... 'There is general agreement,  
however, that the meetings between Gorbachev and Mr. Reagan and later  
between Gorbachev and President George Bush eased the transition from  
Cold War to peace. Alexander Bessmertnykh, deputy Soviet foreign  
minister during the Gorbachev-Reagan summits, said at a 1993 conference  
at Princeton that both Mr. Reagan and Gorbachev were more farsighted  
than their advisers in their idealistic determination to reduce nuclear  
arsenals.' .... 'Mr. Reagan's commitment to freedom was matched by an  
abhorrence of nuclear weapons. This view has been traced variously to  
his longtime interest in science fiction, his acceptance of the  
biblical prophecy of Armageddon and to an experience on July 31, 1979,  
when he toured North American Aerospace Defense Command headquarters at  
Cheyenne Mountain, Colo., and learned that the American people were  
defenseless in the event of a Soviet nuclear attack.'

	[EM media-power and politics]  'Theodore Roosevelt termed the  
presidency a "bully pulpit," and Franklin D. Roosevelt gave this pulpit  
a new dimension in the radio age with folksy "fireside chats." Mr.  
Reagan, a former Democrat who had voted three times for FDR and admired  
him, adapted the bully pulpit to television.' .... 'Mr. Reagan gave  
weekly Saturday radio speeches to the American people, a practice  
continued by his successors. He was particularly effective in prepared  
television speeches delivered from the Oval Office. Drawing upon skills  
forged in his earlier careers in radio, films and television, Mr.  
Reagan set the standard in using television to promote his presidency.'  
.... '... Taft Schreiber, the MCA vice president in charge of  
television productions, asked Mr. Reagan to host "General Electric  
Theater," a new series of weekly dramas that became the most popular  
show in its 9 p.m. Sunday time slot and by 1956-57 was rated third  
among all TV shows.' .. 'Mr. Reagan's contract with General Electric,  
initially for $125,000 a year and soon raised to $150,000, introduced  
him to a new generation of young people, many of whom would later vote  
for him. It also provided an unusual political apprenticeship. The  
contract required Mr. Reagan to spend 10 weeks a year touring GE  
plants, giving as many as 14 speeches a day. "We drove him to the  
limit," said Edward Langley, then a GE public relations man. "We  
saturated him in Middle America." Out of this saturation came the  
polished and patriotic speech that Mr. Reagan delivered for Goldwater  
in 1964, two years after his GE contract ended.'

// note: Nancy Reagan has weighed in on the need for stem-cell research  
so as
// to search for a cure for Alzheimer's disease, among many other  

[and] Definitions of Alzheimer's disease on the Web:

The Symptoms and Progression of Alzheimer's Disease

The Whole Brain Atlas // ***

Tour of a brain with Alzheimer's Disease // imagery... movies, choose:  

The New Brain Scans
Scientists generate images of gene expression in the Alzheimer's brain

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

Study: Banding Harms Birds // hydrodynamic drag...

	'Out of this group, 100 were outfitted with electromagnet transponder  
tags (TIRIS), which are extremely small devices weighing .0282192 ounce  
that are implanted under the skin. Antennae buried underneath paths  
commonly used by the penguins on the island allowed researchers to  
track the tags with handheld readers.' .. 'Fifty of the 100 penguins  
also received flipper bands. These tags, which researchers have used  
since the 1950s, are durable, inexpensive bands that can be seen with  
the naked eye.' .. 'Over the five years of the study, unbanded penguins  
fared much better than the banded birds. They arrived earlier at the  
colony for courtship and breeding, produced 54 chicks versus the 28  
counted for banded birds, and had a greater survival rate.'

EM-Headline: Al Qaeda behind attack on BBC team in Riyadh

US press losing credibility: survey // perspective...

	'Many journalists surveyed believed today's news reports contain more  
and more "untrue" and "casual" contents, which have increasingly roused  
people's doubts on the news quality. According to the survey, 51  
percent "national" reporters and 46 percent local reporters say the  
American press is tending towards a wrong direction. Besides, those who  
think present-day news have gone astray from being "accurate and  
objective" rose from 30 percent in 1995 to 45 percent this year. As  
high as 86 percent journalists say the American press pays inadequate  
attention to international events and 40 percent admit they often add  
their own opinions into news reports.'

Plug Pulled on Rome Radio Stations Covering Bush Protests

	'Italy's largest electric company pulled the plug on two left-wing  
radio stations the morning of U.S President George W. Bush's visit to  
Pope John Paul II at the Vatican.' .. 'The outage -- described as  
"strange maintenance work" by Enel, Italy's 60 percent state-owned  
utility -- forced Radio Città Aperta and Radio Onda Rossa off the air  
as they were preparing to broadcast extensive coverage of street  
protests against the president's visit.' .. '"The stations lost  
electricity for four hours, all the morning, during several 'actions'  
of the civil disobedience movement," Francesco Diasio told MediaChannel  
by email....' .... 'A spokesman for Enel declined to comment on the  
Monte Cavo outage.'

Electric land speed record attempt all set // ABB e=motion car

	'The needle-shaped car is 10 metres long, but just 60 centimetres high  
and 75 cm wide. Thanks to the [52 lead-acid car] batteries, it weighs  
1.6 tonnes but can produce 650 horsepower - about half a megawatt. The  
car is propelled by a drive inverter and two spindle motors like ones  
used in industrial tools worldwide.' .... 'Griffith calculated that a  
belt drive used in machine tools would be an efficient way to transmit  
power to the rear axle. A common inverter changes the direct current  
from the batteries into an alternating current for the two motors.'

Mars rovers prepare for a dramatic last act // cast into the crater...

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

Lesson 1: How Do We Know Light Behaves as a Wave? -- Polarization

	'A light wave which is vibrating in more than one plane is referred to  
as unpolarized light. Light emitted by the sun, by a lamp in the  
classroom, or by a candle flame is unpolarized light. Such light waves  
are created by electric charge which vibrates in a variety of  
directions, thus creating an electromagnetic wave which vibrates in a  
variety of directions.' .... 'It is possible to transform light into  
polarized light . Polarized light waves are light waves in which the  
vibrations occur in a single plane. The process of transforming  
unpolarized light into polarized light is known as polarization . There  
are a variety of methods of polarizing light. The four methods  
discussed on this page are :

	Polarization by Transmission
	Polarization by Reflection
	Polarization by Refraction
	Polarization by Scattering....'
Polarization Concepts // imagemap

Wikipedia - definition of Polarization

	'In electrodynamics ,polarization is a property of waves , such as  
light and other electromagnetic radiation . Unlike more familiar wave  
phenomena such as waves on water or sound waves , electromagnetic waves  
are three-dimensional, and it is their vector nature that gives rise to  
the phenomenon of polarization....' .... 'Observing polarization  
effects in everyday life: Polarization of visible light can be observed  
using a polarizing filter (the lenses of Polaroid ® sunglasses will  
work). While viewing through the filter, rotate it, and if linear or  
elliptically polarized light is present the degree of illumination will  
change. The blue sky is polarized because of the nature of the  
scattering phenomenon, which also produces the color. An easy first  
phenomenon to observe is at sunset to view the horizon at a 90° angle  
from the sunset. Another easily observed effect is the drastic  
reduction in brightness of images of the sky and clouds reflected from  
horizontal surfaces, which is the reason why polarizing filters are  
often used in sunglasses.'


// from: CFD-based Computational Electromagnetics
// <http://www.arl.hpc.mil/PET/cta/cea/emcc/projects/Show7683.html>

Figure 1. Color contour plot of the magnitude of the magnetic field on  
the surface of an engine nozzle augmentor.  Plot shows axial incidence   
with vertical polarization. Red is high magnitude and blue is low.  
-131k color gif

We Weren't Made To Multitask // CISC monoprocessing...

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

Solar-Powered Gadgets on the Move // portable solar panels recharge  

// here's a great opportunity for potentially using solar panels to  
// batteries rather than the electrical grids, if at all possible. or  
// some type of shared charging system shared by several people. or so  
// might address the issues of infrastructure and added power  

Every fourth Chinese to have cellphone by year-end // via NewsScan  

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

The Wrong Proliferation Message // NYT editorial. Cheney's  

	'The only research involving nuclear weapons should involve finding  
ways to discourage their spread. It's mind-boggling that the  
administration seems more interested in finding new uses for them.'

Bush's Nuclear 'Football' in Vatican Hallowed Halls

	'While George W. Bush and Pope John Paul talked peace in the Vatican  
on Friday, a military aide held a bulky black attache case containing  
the codes the U.S. president would need in order to launch a nuclear  
war.' .. 'It is known as "the football." It has been all over the world  
and on Friday it entered the hallowed halls of the Vatican.' .. 'It was  
never very far from the president. While he and the pope were speaking  
alone in the pontiff's private study, it was in the next room.' ....  
'Asked on Friday why the leather strap was not being used, Montanus  
told Reuters with a sly smile: "We have various ways of keeping track  
of it."' .. 'The football has been to some strange places....'

Slashing the West's oil arteries

	'The oil crisis has also forced its way onto the agenda of the leaders  
of the G8 group of countries, who meet in the US state of Georgia on  
Tuesday, obliging them to go back to basics. Initially formed as an  
economic forum for the leaders of the world’s top industrial nations,  
the G8 has increasingly come to be dominated by international political  
issues. But not this time. The attack on petrochemical offices in Saudi  
Arabia has concentrated the minds of the leaders on the fundamental  
vulnerability of their economies to events that are not under their  

Question for Discussion: How did President Reagan's preparations
for the United States to fight and win protracted nuclear wars
in the 1980s affect American society and culture?

	Reading: Reagan "Evil Empire speech" (web) ;
	Reagan speech on the evil nature of the Soviets (web) ;
	Reagan "Strategic Defense Initiative" (web) ;
	Reagan's Campaign for a Winnable Nuclear War (web) ;
	Soviets Prepare for Threat of U.S. Attack (web)

	Video :Terminator: Judgement Day (1991), The Day After (1982)

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

ENERGY Flow : If you want lower costs - use less electricity
Belfast Telegraph (subscription) - Belfast,Nothern Ireland,UK

U.S. addiction to oil puts it at mercy of risky characters

	'The Department of Energy estimates that about 45 percent of the price  
of  gas at the pump reflects the cost of crude oil. About 23 percent  
covers state  and federal taxes, and the rest pays for refining,  
distribution, marketing and  industry profits.' .... 'Ultimately, it's  
up to U.S. consumers to wean themselves from their  costly addiction to  
oil, which increasingly is coming from less-than-stable  parts of the  
world. And this will require some tough love.' .. 'In other words,  
higher gas taxes.'

Enron faces suit in California  over rigging power market

	'The legal action, to be launched later this week, is expected to  
coincide with a decision by a New York court over whether to approve a  
restructuring plan from Enron that could see the company emerge from  
Chapter 11 bankruptcy.' .... 'It is unclear if California will be able  
to reclaim the full $9bn even if it wins its legal action. Enron  
currently has $11bn in assets, compared with $65bn in 2000, but is  
facing numerous lawsuits with claims totalling $134bn.'

Chips could brake bulls // via macsurfer.com
TI forecast, Intel probe among contributors to possible opening stock  

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

Building a picture frame -- The "junk"-top revival  // *** via  

	'There were many ideas how to build a picture frame using  
"off-the-shelve" modules. This article describes the process how to  
build one out of an old laptop.'

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