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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #117

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (6/14/2004)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary--  (keywords: Cheney, nuclear, corruption, war)

01) --top stories--

// there may be one other thing worth considering in terms of nuclear  
// change. it is almost inevitable that nuclear technology will  
transform and it
// may already have done so in some .gov labs and, this future  
(cleaner, better,
// etc.) nuclear technology may not be as available given decisions  
made today.
// that future could reasonably be jeopardized if nuke weapons  
surprises arose.

Iran Rejects Restraint on Nuclear Program // continuing international  

	'Toughening its stance in advance of a meeting of the U.N. nuclear  
watchdog agency, Iran on Saturday said it would reject international  
restrictions on its nuclear program and challenged the world to accept  
Tehran as a member of the "nuclear club."' .... 'Kharrazi warned that  
failure in settling the debate over Iran's nuclear dossier will be a  
"failure for all," including Iran, Europe and the IAEA.' .. 'The  
minister confirmed Iran's efforts to buy 4,000 magnets needed for  
uranium enrichment equipment, saying the issue was blown out of  
proportion. He did not say where the magnets were bought.'

[and] Iran rejects curbs and demands to join the 'nuclear club'

[and] Iran holding back over nuclear programme, UN says

	'Iran is not fully co-operating with UN inspectors and must come clean  
about the full extent of its nuclear programme, the head of the  
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said yesterday, a warning  
echoed by the United States.'

[and] U.S. Urges Iran to 'Come Clean' on Nuclear Program

	'State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said it was  clear from  
recent Iranian statements that Tehran "is pressing  ahead in its  
program to produce fissile material," and that a  "troubling lack of  
cooperation with the IAEA continues."' .. 'Boucher called on the IAEA  
board of governors this week to  adopt a "strong resolution that calls  
on Iran to cooperate with  the IAEA and to resolve all the outstanding  
issues regarding  its nuclear program."' .. 'But U.S. officials stopped  
short of calling for the matter  to be referred to the U.N. Security  
Council.' .. '"It's clear that the agency's investigation and   
verification work in Iran must continue for the foreseeable  future,"  
Boucher said.' .. '"As long as the process at the (IAEA) is moving  
ahead, as  long as they're continuing to bring information to light and  
  find out new things ... we think that's the appropriate way to   
proceed at this moment," he said.'

Alive and well - the radio star helping Iraq to find its voice // ***
	'In the studio in a Baghdad compound protected by armed guards,  
Mudarris presides over a discussion on whether women should be  
government ministers in Iraq.' .... 'They call in from Kirkuk in  
Kurdistan and from Qam on the Syrian border; from the vast sprawling  
Shia slum of Sadr City; and from Baghdad's wealthiest neighbourhoods.'  
.. Largely members of the educated elite, all said their piece - most  
favouring a strong role for women - and through it all Mudarris charmed  
her Iraqi listeners, dispensing her views and joking with her  
listeners.' .... 'Callers simply phone in and say what they think,  
several hundred vying to get on the air each day. Mudarris asks them  
what kind of future they envisage for Iraq, a question which in the old  
days would have delivered her to the same fate as her sister-in-law.'  
.... 'When I test this claim around Baghdad, I find that Mudarris has a  
remarkable following. In his electrical goods store on Karrada Street,  
Nadir Adman Abdul Massi, a Christian merchant, says: 'She is respected  
because she has the real Iraqi mentality. She doesn't spice things up.  
She just asks it straight.''

Cheney firm is investigated // SEC, Cheney, corruption, natural gas  

[and] PROCUREMENT -- White House Officials and  Cheney Aide Approved
Halliburton Contract in Iraq, Pentagon Says  // ~the oil strategy~

	'The newly disclosed details about Pentagon contracting do not suggest  
improper political pressures to direct business to Halliburton, the  
Houston-based company that Vice President Dick Cheney once led.' ..  
'But they raise questions about assertions by Mr. Cheney and other  
administration officials that he knew nothing in advance of the  
Halliburton contracts and that the decisions were made by career  
procurement specialists, without involvement by senior political  
appointees.' ..  'Kevin Kellems, a spokesman for the vice president,   
had no immediate comment on the new disclosures.' .... 'In a letter  
faxed Sunday  to Mr. Cheney and given to reporters, Representative  
Henry A. Waxman, the minority leader of the panel, asked him for all  
records of his office's communications on the oil contracts and for  
records of Deputies Committee meetings where the Halliburton deals had  
been discussed.' .. '"These new disclosures appear to contradict your  
assertions that you were not informed about the Halliburton contracts,"  
Mr. Waxman, Democrat  of California,  wrote. "They also seem to  
contradict the administration's repeated assertions that political  
appointees were not involved in the award of the contracts to  

[and] Pentagon Auditors Criticize Halliburton Billing // ***

	'Pentagon auditors have found  "deficiencies" with Halliburton's  
billing system for billions  of dollars of work in Iraq, according to a  
military audit  released by a Democratic lawmaker on Monday.' .. 'The  
audit on Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg Brown and Root  (KBR), the U.S.  
military's biggest contractor in Iraq, was  released by California Rep.  
Henry Waxman to back up claims of  misuse of U.S. taxpayer funds in  
Iraq by the Texas firm, which  was run by Vice President Dick Cheney  
from 1995-2000.' .... 'Waxman's office released statements from five  
former  employees of Halliburton and one sub-contractor who complained   
of waste, fraud and abuse by the company in Iraq.' .... 'In a related  
development, New Jersey Sen. Frank Lautenberg  called for U.S. Attorney  
General John Ashcroft to appoint a  special counsel to investigate  
whether Cheney helped  Halliburton get deals in Iraq.'

Saudi Oil Crown Slipping Away? By Peter Zeihan // Jun 08, 2004

	'Attacks against expatriates working in the Saudi Arabian oil patch  
have accelerated in tempo and intensity during the past several months.  
If this trend is not reversed -- which is not likely -- Riyadh will  
slowly fall from its current position as the kingpin of global energy  
markets. Oil prices will be both higher and more volatile, Saudi social  
stability far less guaranteed and OPEC less a force to be reckoned  

// fascinating report of how electrical engineering differs in .US/.IQ  
// note: without electrical power the ability to pump oil is  

In Race to Give Power to Iraqis, Electricity Lags // ***. No. 1 goal  

	'Tripped up by problems ranging from sabotage to its reliance on  
by-the-book engineering, the United States has failed by a wide margin  
to meet its long-stated goal of reviving Iraq's electricity output for  
the start of the searing summer.' .. 'The American-led occupation  
missed its goal by as much as 30 percent, starving air-conditioners,  
lights, factories and oil pumps. That has damaged the occupation's  
efforts to foster stability and good will among a populace already  
traumatized by the failure to guarantee their security.' .... 'The  
reasons for the shortfall are both obvious and subtle. They include  
insurgents' attacks on plants and power lines, the harassment and  
killing of engineers, pullouts by companies  doing repair work, and  
problems finding spare parts for outdated Iraqi equipment.' .. 'Some  
Iraqis also complain that Western engineers have been unable to grasp  
the complexities of a creaky electrical grid that is a patchwork of  
ancient Russian, German, Yugoslavian, Chinese and American equipment.  
The Iraqis say that the engineers, often Americans, reflexively reach  
for fancy new gear costing tens of millions of dollars that can take  
months or years to order, ship and install.' .... 'According to an  
internal Iraqi government report obtained by The New York Times last  
week, more than 100 of the main electrical lines and nearly 1,200 of  
the towers supporting them have been damaged or destroyed since the  

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

Being Bilingual Could Protect Your Brain

Providing Electricity // *** using home generators during power outages

[followup] Mammogram wait times can often exceed three months // .US

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure


04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

// note: newspapers provide long-term daily trends of readers for  
// both filling out the forms and matching mandatory cookies for  

Online News Registration May Not Deliver // with disinfo margin of  
error +/- 65%

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

// such solar developments could be replicated all over the world  

Shell Solar to bring electricity to more remote Chinese villages // **

	'The 26 villages, which have a total of about 1,300 households, will  
have a total installed solar power capacity of 200kWp.' .... 'In China,  
Shell Solar has also provided cost-effective and reliable solar power  
solutions for telecommunications, pipeline cathodic protection, water  
pumping, traffic signalling and grid-connected rooftop systems in more  
than 50 projects. This adds up more than 5,000 kWp of installed solar  

Balance of Power | A Smokescreen called Electricity Reforms // .IN

	'Of the total energy generated, barely 40 per cent is billed, while 20  
per cent is lost in theft and another 20 per cent in technical losses.'  
.... 'In the case of the Enron project, the MSEB was forced to pick up  
Dabhol power at Rs 7 a unit, while being denied any leeway in raising  
consumer tariffs.' .. 'SEBs have not covered themselves with glory, but  
they should not be made to perform the dirty task of subsidising  
inefficient private players.'

Power struggle plays out on electricity grid
Angry Iraqis facing summer swelter as occupiers unable to keep lights on

	'Before the war, Baghdad residents enjoyed about 20 hours of  
electricity a day. Today, they're lucky to get eight, usually broken  
into runs of two hours or less.' .... 'For most, the power shortages  
are baffling, and they blame the U.S.-led coalition.'

Multi-billion dollar development boom lights up electricity sector
The development boom under way in the Middle East, particularly
GCC states, is presenting massive business opportunities
for lighting and electricity sectors in the region.

Utility Rejects Pay for Rehnquist Flight // .US Supreme Court Judge

Lines of the Paterson, Passaic, & Rutherford Electric R'y and the  
Jersey City, Hoboken & Rutherford Electric R'y, and the Paterson  
Central Electric Ry., Charles A. Johnson, president, James A. Morrisse,  
vice president. // 1894 map

06-- electromagnetic current & human affairs

'Star Trek' got it right on computers // interesting...

	'_Information is universal_ -- "Star Trek's" IT has clearly solved a  
problem that corporations struggle mightily with in the present:  
integrating information companywide so it can easily be exchanged   
regardless of the technology platform.' .. 'On "Star Trek," databases  
connect with each other seamlessly, both at the technical (messaging)  
level, and semantically. The Enterprise can download information from  
an alien computer, or even an ancient civilization, and analyze the  
information immediately. In current jargon, they have achieved true  
"open systems."' .. 'Unlike artificial intelligence, this is a  
realistic goal. The barriers to seamless connectivity between different  
systems depend on the maturation of computing as a process discipline,  
rather than fundamentally new scientific discoveries.' .. 'Compare this  
with the history of electricity. Imagine if each electrical appliance  
required a unique electrical outlet, rather than a uniform one. This  
was computing until recently, where each application had to be tailored  
to the system it was running on.'

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

Telegraph stations in the United States, the Canadas & Nova Scotia.

Telegraph chart, America and Europe.

NASA Reveals 'Spectacular' Images of Mysterious Saturn Moon

Australia's lifeguards go hi-tech // **

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

A Ridiculously Brief History of Electricity and Magnetism // thanks *

IAGA Paleomagnetic Databases // GIS...

1.  Global Paleomagnetic Database - Ver. 4.5 (Gpmdb97 or Gpmdb00)
2. Archeomagnetic directional database (Archeo97 or Archeo00)
3. Magnetostratigraphy Database (Magst97 or Magst00)
4. Paleointensity Database (Pint97 or Pint00)
5. Paleosecular Variation for Lavas 0-5 Ma - Ver. 4.1 (Psvrl97 or  
6. Secular Variation from Lake Sediments (Secvr97 or Secvr00)
7. Polarity Transitions Database (Trans97 or Trans00)

Magnetic Field of the Earth // see map on the right...

Geomagnetic Data Home

US/UK World Magnetic Chart -- Epoch 2000 // map...

[and] Isostatic Residual Gravity of Nevada...

Surface Gravity Prediction in the Conterminous USA // about, images...

// curious about the icon on the website below, which looks like an  
// in Le Corbusier's notebooks (published as books) there were such  
poles on
// the edge of his drawings of buildings and ideas, a peripheral  

Xenakis // creator...

	'"The  general shape is Le Corbusier’s, while the internal structure  
was developed by  me, based on discussions with the monks. […] the  
glass panes under the rows of  cells and the church are almost  
exclusively my work. The same applies to the round  chapels with the  
‘guns of light’ and ‘machine-guns of light’ that stick out of  them. I  
positioned them so as to catch the light of the sun during equinox."   
(Balint Andras Varga, Conversations with Xenakis , Faber & Faber,  
London,  1996, p.23)'

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

Inventor plans 'invisible walls' // 3D retro-reflectum material is  
The inventor of an "invisibility" cloak has said that his next project
will be to develop the technology to allow people to see through walls.

	'Tachi: "My short-term goal would be, for example, to make a room that  
has no outside windows appear to have a view to the outside, then the  
wall would appear to be invisible."'

Are PDAs Simply Finished? // conceptual change required.

Seagate to Market Mini Hard Drives

	'Eyeing consumers' voracious appetite for digital media storage,  
Seagate Technology LLC will soon have a slew of new products to  
capitalize on the booming demand for mini hard drives.'

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

CHENEY, in Florida visit, claims ties between Hussein, al Qaida  
Miami Herald (subscription) - Miami,FL,USA
CHENEY Discusses War On Terror In Orlando
WESH.com - Winter Park,FL,USA
CHENEY Cites Progress in Afghanistan, Iraq
Defenselink.mil - USA
NEW Evidence Shows Cheney Continues Relationship with Halliburton ...
U.S. Newswire (press release) - Washington,DC,USA
CHENEY claims al-Qaida linked to Saddam
Seattle Post Intelligencer - Seattle,WA,USA

Western Power Workers Killed in Iraq Car Blast // GE Energy Products  

	'The western workers, who included two security contractors employed  
to  keep workers safe, were among 12 people who died when three 4x4  
vehicles were blown up.' .... 'Granite Services Inc provides  
engineering and technical services to the power generation industry and  
is understood to have been in Iraq helping to re-establish power  
turbines, which were destroyed during the war.'

Come to hell with Halliburton - the pay's good

Army Shows 1st Uniform Redesign Since '81 // .US digital. via  

	'The pattern for the new camouflage coat and trousers is a mix of  
light green, tan and gray. Moran said it was designed to allow soldiers  
to blend into urban, desert and forest environments; it is similar to  
the Marines' digital camouflage uniform except that it has no black in  
the pattern.'

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

Oil Down as Shortage Fears Ease

Skeptics Question Wi-Fi's Viability // dark fiber, dark wi-fi?

	'Faster than you can say "industry bubble," skeptics are asking  
whether wireless Internet connections will become similar to the wired  
Internet of the late 1990s — hot but rarely profitable.'

World's most and least expensive cities

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

200 LED bike helmet // image...

242 . 055 . transfektion // bon. integrative...

Diagrams by ThreeTwoOne dot org // must see...

Uncle Sam and his search light looking over the "Port Arthur route". //  
1896 map


[and] AESTHETICS essay on robotics

	'How do I make my robot look good?  That is a large question, and a  
very subjective question at that.  The following is my approach to BEAM  
aesthetics.  I hope that you can find some useful tips here that will  
make your experience with BEAM more enjoyable.  This paper deals mostly  
with free formed bots, but many of these techniques are useful with you  
circuit board designers out there.'

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