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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #106

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (5/10/2004)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary--

Two notes on learning electronics. One has to do with using 'grab bags'  
to experiment with. Maybe if one knows what they are doing, it is worth  
the trials and errors. Or for uses beyond functional electronics uses.  
Though, one learning curve was ordering a bag of broken solar cells,  
which then had to be soldered one onto another, in a series, to get  
enough voltage to run a single blinking LED. It took roughly fifteen of  
these little brittle glass panels (which break into shards quite  
easily) to get the light to blink. This is about the surface area of  
the foliage of a small house plant. It was intended for a custom LCD  
which I had heard were low power but apparently not the one located at  
a local surplus shop. Working on another project, ordered a  
high-efficiency solar cell and the single device puts out twice the  
voltage under the same light as the 15+ of the previously mentioned  
cells, which definitely is a lot easier to deal with in terms of making  
things (it has wires attached already, a case, etc.).

The other part of learning has been with the Parallax homework board  
and I cannot get over the power of this little device which hooks up to  
a computer through a serial port. Even though I am a little (or more)  
slow in learning, the tangible examples are enormous. For instance, it  
is easy enough to do on one's own as a learning device, though a primer  
in basic circuits probably would help first, to get a sense of the  
components involved. There seems little reason such a device could not  
work equally well with a PDA in terms of programming the BasicSTAMP  
microcontroller, and these could be very useful in childhood education  
and above, to learn programming, but also all about sensors, etc.  
Though a USB form-factor would be needed, and PIC programmers seem to  
address a different aspect of creating a lot of things with low-cost  
microcontrollers. Yet, in going about learning in one's own way, for me  
it is trying to comprehend components and less circuits than concepts  
involved-- to find out in one exercise that one can use a potentiometer  
to change a 7-segment display makes it seem possible to program the  
chip to turn a dial and have a 16-segment go through the alphabet, by  
design. And, so too, one could have buttons and dials to choose  
numbers, an animated sequence, any number of things. And this is the  
introductory kit so it is quite a powerful tool which is not found, in  
my experience, by using or not being able to use/comprehend the  
integrated-circuit chips and circuits based on these.

Though the inventor of BEAM robotics is artful in using these and a  
solar engine, to basically make living sculptures with transistors and  
capacitors and motors and solar panels-- the breadboard or perfboard  
are gone altogether and the pieces bent and soldered as if an  
infrastructure of leads/wires, amazing. Check out 'Junkbots' in a  
bookstore or online to see some examples of this. It is inspiring  
enough to start thinking differently about the goals of learning,  
though it seems in some ways books may be most bountiful at times, even  
such things as dictionaries and a thesaurus and other references  
(almanac, etc.) to just look at the words and their relations, or  
places and their resources and ongoing events such as in the newspapers  
or even weekly paper advertisements (as the Sears catalog early 20th c.  
is often noted for documenting many of the electrical devices in a way  
not compiled elsewhere). How to communicate or to present this approach  
is not yet clear to me, and it is much slower than I first thought, yet  
it is rewarding in a way well beyond the technical, as it gives a sense  
of the whole culture. It will be great when more are able to network  
their ideas and works and even create easier ways to increase such  
learning in schools, and this is a way to not only get more engineers  
and scientists, but well-balanced thinkers from the early years,  
onward, who are capable of engaging the world in a way that education  
detached from these necessities is presently unable to.

01) --top stories--

// it is frightening to consider the consequences of when such an  
attack occurs,
// as what is needed to be done today in industries such as  
architecture are not
// being pursued before-the-event, and thus safety measures are being  
// if only in the most basic "what to do" scenario for those inside  
buildings in
// concentrated urban areas, and coordinating of weather patterns and  
city grids
// and communities, and procedures to follow by citizens-- the most  
basic safety
// measures are either not being made public or they do not exist in a  
way that
// will prepare and empower people to understand what happens when it  
// and what can be done about it, how to deal with it, and what key  
// same with nuclear detonation (blast damage) and tall buildings and  
studies of
// effects of ground-level attacks, what would one expect in a major  
city if a
// suitcase nuke did go off, what to do next? what to do before? --  
this is one
// question that necessarily needs asking in architecture, for there  
can be ways
// to limit damage in new construction, if only with earth berms and  
// patterns which may allow for levels of living based on securing  
// not the idea of a bomb-shelter for every house, but as part of a  
// as part of a neighborhood, to create robust dwellings that survive  

Threat of 'Dirty Bomb' Growing, Officials Say // via drudge + local  

	'Concerns are growing that Al Qaeda or a related group could detonate  
a "dirty bomb" that would spew radioactive fallout across an American  
or European city, according to intelligence analysts, diplomats and  
independent nuclear experts.' ... 'They said concerns were focused on  
three Al Qaeda operatives who led experiments involving dirty bombs and  
chemical weapons and on widely held suspicions that a special wing of  
the terrorist network was planning a spectacular attack.'

[and] Dirty bomb dust proves deadly
Mortality estimates have ignored results of inhaling fallout.

[and] Ukraine Police Seize Radioactive Material

	'Ukrainian security forces seized nearly 375 pounds of a radioactive  
material seen as a likely ingredient for a "dirty bomb" and arrested  
three people, authorities said Thursday.' ... 'Cesium-137, a highly  
radioactive material, is used in soil-testing gauges in construction  
and is found in photoelectric batteries and vacuum valves. It explodes  
if it comes into contact with water, and exposure to it can cause blood  
diseases, sterility and birth defects.'

U.S. wants to remove plutonium from lab: Security concerns at Livermore  

	'Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham said Friday he wanted to remove   
weapons-grade nuclear material from the Lawrence Livermore National  
Laboratory  because of concerns over the lab's ability to protect  
radioactive material  from terrorists and its location in the densely  
populated Bay Area.'

Evidence of Iran Nuclear Plans Found // By BARRY SCHWEID. AP Diplomatic  

	'Last week, diplomats from the European Union, France, Sweden and  
Japan agreed at a meeting with administration officials in New York  
that they are concerned, too, the official said. But he said they could  
not agree on how to deal with the problem.' .. 'U.S. officials said  
last week that Iran may be running a covert military nuclear program  
parallel to the peaceful one it has opened to international inspection.'

FLASH CARD from NewsScan Daily newsletter

      "Magnetism, as you recall from physics class, is a powerful force  
causes certain items to be attracted to refrigerators." (Dave Barry)

Cursed by Oil By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN // oversimplified yet worth reading.

[and] Main Event: American Energy Policy // no comment. via  

	'Nowhere is the manipulation of September 11th more crass in its  
execution and backwards in its program than the current Republican  
effort to ram through its energy plan, a drive that follows a GOP  
pattern of using unrelated events to push its oil-industry driven  
agenda. The administration's energy proposals were outrageous and  
corrupt when first proposed, and make less sense now than they did  
then, if such a thing is possible. The reasons for this span from  
geopolitics to ecology, and together congeal into the central fact of  
the new century: how we choose to answer the Energy question will  
determine nothing less than the destiny of modern civilization.'

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

Brain curse strikes musicians // therapy for overspecializing brain  
Hearing a skilled musician play a piece note-perfect is one of the joys  
life. But do some professional musicians pay a terrible price for their  

	'Experts believe the root cause of occupational dystonia is that the  
brain somehow becomes "overspecialised" in carrying out very specific  
movements.' .. 'In short, part of the brain becomes permanently  
"rewired" so that it is highly adept at the skills it has been using  
for years but unable to learn new, more flexible movements.'

Magnetic treatment may help people with spinal cord injuries // rTMS

Fluke recalls electricity tester // fyi. modular test leads for DMMs...

Rescue Workers Say Hybrid Cars a Danger // via drudgereport.com

	'The growing popularity of hybrid vehicles is a step toward cleaner  
air and less dependance on gasoline. But for rescuers at accident  
scenes, they represent a potential new danger: a network of  
high-voltage circuitry that may require some precise cutting to save a  
trapped victim.' ... '[Rescue workers] know not to cut into a hybrid's  
doors — that's where many of the cables are — and to peel off the roof  
instead. They also now operate under the assumption that a car is  
energized, wearing rubber gloves and boots.'

Builder survives nailgun accident // x-ray image...

Love's strange effect on people // balancing circuitry...

	'"Men, in some way, had become more like women, and women had become  
like men," Donatella Marazziti of the University of Pisa told New  
Scientist magazine.' ... 'Researchers at University College London have  
discovered that being in love can affect key circuitry in the brain.'  
.. 'They found that the neural circuits that are normally associated  
with critical social assessment of other people are suppressed when  
people are in love.'

Doctors 'cause radiation burns'

[and] Experts Comment on Angioplasty X-Rays

	'Cardiologists should educate themselves about the radiation risks and  
take steps to reduce them, for example, by keeping the radiation source  
as far away from the patient as possible, and by moving the beam in  
extended procedures to avoid exposing the same patch of skin, Rehani  

Air-fresheners cause a stink // indoor-smog. (wonder about 'ionizers')
Fears raised as plug-ins linked to cancer compounds.

	'The researchers studied the reactions between ozone gas and fragrance  
molecules such as pinene and limonene, which are emitted by  
air-fresheners that plug into electrical outlets. Ozone, produced at  
ground level when vehicle exhaust emissions react with sunlight, is a  
common urban pollutant, and environmental bodies have set limits on  
outdoor levels of it.' ... 'Some people actually use ozone generators  
in their homes to remove unwanted odours and 'clean' their air, which  
could create indoor ozone levels that are much higher than those in the  
study. There is currently no regulation of household ozone levels.'

[and] ozone (definition by webster's) // ionization/ionosphere and  
ozone hole?

	'~n. an allotropic form of oxygen in which three atoms form one  
molecule (O_3). It has a pungent smell, is produced by a silent  
discharge of electricity, and is present in the air after a  
thunderstorm. It is used commercially for sterilizing water, bleaching,  
purifying air etc. _ozonic, _ozoniferous, _ozonize, _ozonizing,  
_ozonized, v.t. to convert into ozone || to treat or combine with ozone  
_ozonizer ~n. an apparatus that converts oxygen into ozone by passing a  
silent electrical discharge through it [Fr. fr. Gk ~ozein, to smell]'

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

CDs, DVDs: Human After All // ~rot

	'Part of the problem is that most people believe that it's the clear  
underside of the CD that is fragile, when in fact it's the side with  
the label. Scratches on the underside have to be fairly deep to cause  
skipping, while scratches on the top can easily penetrate to the  
aluminum layer. Even the pressure of a pen on the label side can dent  
the aluminum, rendering the CD unreadable.'

Satellite data confirms climate change
Global warming anomaly may succumb to microwave study.

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

A Question Still Unanswered: How Did the Blackout Happen? // case  

	'Investigators did identify how local failures could become larger  
difficulties in a way that had not been previously known: protective  
devices called relays could be tricked into shutting down power lines  
if they sensed short-circuits that did not actually exist. But the  
report only hinted at solutions.' .. 'The report has drawn mixed  
reactions from electricity experts. While some said it was thorough and  
balanced, others said that it reflected a bias by its overseer, the  
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, to de-emphasize ways that  
deregulation of the electric market might have affected the system's   
reliability and vulnerability.'

"reverse engineering of a censored document."

[and] Illuminating Blacked-Out Words // unredacting FOIA archives...

	'In January, the  State Department  required  that its documents use   
a more modern font,    Times New Roman, instead of Courier, Mr.  
Naccache said. Because Courier is a monospace font, in which all  
letters are of the same width, it is  harder to decipher with the  
computer technique. There is no indication that the State Department  
knew that.'

Pakistan tightens nuclear control -- Pakistan's cabinet has approved
a draft bill to tighten rules on the export of nuclear technology.

Urban Vulnerability And Network Failure: Construction And Experiences
Of Emergencies, Crises And Collapse // via cryptome.org

Israeli firm develops suicide bomber detector // laser particle sniffer

Sasser Worm Rips Through Internet; Banks, EU Hit

	'"We've had to go back to plotting on paper charts rather than using  
the computer mapping system," said a UK Maritime and Coastguard  

Teen 'confesses' to Sasser worm

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

Saudis Urge OPEC to Hike Oil Output

	'Naimi's statement represents a shift in Saudi oil policy. In March,  
the kingdom was reportedly the chief advocate of a decision by the  
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries to cut production in  
anticipation of a lower demand for oil during the spring and summer.  
Several members had opposed the cut at the time.' ... 'Traders said  
last week they were increasingly worried about the possibility of  
attacks against petroleum industry targets in the Middle East at a time  
when supplies are tight and demand is strong.'

[and] Saudi deal shrugs off safety fear
Saudi Arabia and Japan's Sumitomo have agreed to create a giant  
complex, in what Riyadh hopes is a sign that foreign investors are  
still keen.

China imports electricity from Russia // ...for the first time

	'    Materials provided by the Heilongjiang Provincial Academy of  
Sciences show that currently Russia generates over 1 trillion kilowatt  
hours of electricity annually and most of its power stations are  
located in Siberia and the Far East areas, where output of electricity  
far exceeds demands.'

Pakistan builds new nuclear plant -- China is to help Pakistan build a  
nuclear power plant in the north of the country, the two sides have  

	'Pakistan has a parallel nuclear establishment, which runs its  
nuclear-weapon and missile technology programme.' ... 'Since Islamabad  
is not a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, its weapons  
programme is not open to international inspections, says BBC Islamabad  
correspondent Zaffar Abbas.'

The Oil Crunch

	'We can neither drill nor conquer our way out of the problem. Whatever  
we do, oil prices are going up. What we have to do is adapt.'

How governor may stave off the next electricity crisis // Kalifornia

	'Now the man who replaced him, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, is  
confronting the same issue, and while the stakes at the moment do not  
appear to be as high, they could be soon. Electricity reserves are  
minimal, and with demand growing again in a recovering economy while  
supplies remain stagnant or perhaps even shrink, California faces the  
prospect of renewed shortages in the near future.' .. 'In response,  
Schwarzenegger outlined his vision for the state's role in electricity  
regulation. Interestingly, he waved off the Legislature, saying that  
the most important work that needs to be done can be accomplished by  
regulators at the Public Utilities Commission, without further  
lawmaking. That effectively makes Schwarzenegger responsible for what  
happens from this point on, a position he appears to relish.' .. 'The  
governor says he wants to create a vibrant, two-tiered electricity  
system, in which the largest users -- hotels, big box retail stores,  
factories -- shop around for their own power and enter into contracts  
with private generators to provide it.' .. 'Smaller businesses and  
residential customers would remain with the regulated utilities, and  
the utilities would be required to go through a competitive process  
before buying or building new generation.'

06-- electromagnetic current & human affairs

EM-quote: Federal Suit Charges U.S. Marshals With Violating
Gannett, AP Reporters' Rights in Scalia Case // em-media

	'The U.S. Marshals Service has been accused of violating two  
Mississippi journalists' Constitutional rights by seizing the  
reporters' tape recorders last month during a speech by U.S. Supreme  
Court Justice Antonin Scalia.'

As Energy Thieves Turn Crafty, Utility Turns Up Battle of Wits //  

	'The fraction of  electricity stolen in the United States once   
hovered around 1 percent, said Mr.  Roussell of the industry research  
group,   but in recent years it has been closer to 2 percent.  While  
the percentage change may seem small, it adds up  billions of dollars.'  
... '... The utility uses a computer program that flags sudden drops in  
use of electricity or gas. To monitor  new methods of stealing,  
inspectors post queries on the Internet asking how to get around the  
meter. Mostly, the utility's tip hot line receives calls from people  
annoyed by filching neighbors or bragging bosses.' ... 'Customers also  
try to siphon off electricity from the city by tapping into lamp poles  
— a method that is difficult to catch because it is hit and run...'

Too sexy for Italian television // locally, weather geek rules.

Puppy Dials Ambulance, Crew Responds

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

Gore makes cable TV buy

	'"This is not going to be a liberal network or a Democrat network or a  
political network in any way, shape or form," Gore, 56, said. He added  
that he hopes to counter the trend toward "consolidation and  
conglomeratization" of the media industry and contribute to its  

How Cell Phones Work:

3-D TV Is Closer Than You Think

Computer problems delay Air Canada flights // short...

	'Air Canada spokesperson Laura Cooke says the company decided to  
ground  flights because the malfunction affected safety-related  
decisions –  everything from takeoff times to how much fuel an aircraft  

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

// 3 bits enable ambiguity in-between the true (111) and the false  

Memory stores three bits in one // ** nanowire FET, paradox

	' A memory chip based on the researchers' prototype would be able to  
hold 40 gigabits, which is a little more than a DVD's-worth of data,  
per square centimeter, and the method has the potential to hold 10  
times that. Today's flash memory chips hold of about 1 gigabit per  
square centimeter.'

// conservation of information and massively parallel architectures...

[and] Y switches set up low-power logic // ** (wasted  

	'... researchers are looking into are Y-branch switches, which have  
the potential to use less energy because they turn circuits on and off  
by directing electrons in one of two directions rather than opening and  
closing the circuit. Computer chips heat up when electrons are blocked  
and their energy is dispersed as heat.' ... 'The key to reversible  
computing is designing logic gates that have the same number of inputs  
and outputs by configuring them to operate in both directions.  
"Throwing away information costs energy, and in conventional logic this  
is done all the time," said Erik Forsberg, a researcher at the Joint  
Research Center of Photonics of the Royal Institute of Technology and  
Zhejiang University.' ... 'For example, the Not AND, or NAND, gate,  
which is a common component of computer circuits, has two inputs but  
only output, said Forsberg. "You enter two bits of information into  
this gate but you only get one bit of information out, so effectively  
you've thrown away a piece of information," he said. "This surplus  
energy you get from discarding information will heat up your system."'  
... ' Y-branch switches can be used as a replacement for transistors if  
they are smaller than about 200 nanometers because electrons travel  
through them in an unbroken path rather than bouncing around as they do  
in ordinary circuits...'

Diplomat blames Irish media for hatred of America // on the media  

	'The ex-diplomat claimed that the Irish media were dominated by 'an  
invasion of the body snatchers from a planet peopled by time-warped  
1960s radicals and Marxist revisionist historians'....'

[and] Esteemed journalist lectures on ethics // em-media. via  

	'"All over the country there are offices that look like newsrooms and  
there are people in those offices that look for all the world just like  
journalists, but they are not practicing journalism," [L.A. Times  
Editor John S. Carroll] said. "They regard the audience with a cold  
cynicism. They are practicing something I call a pseudo-journalism, and  
they view their audience as something to be manipulated."' ... '"I do  
think that a lot of newspaper people have made a lot of strategic  
mistakes," he said. "They cut back space on things people really need  
to know."'

Particle no-show pans former find // .mn!
Physicists unbowed as fail to detect dark matter.

	'The new detector is four times more sensitive than any previous  
experiment. To shield it from high-energy particles from outer space,  
the machine is based 700 metres underground in an abandoned iron mine  
in Soudan, Minnesota. The detector is also chilled to within a tenth of  
a degree of absolute zero to reduce vibrations from surrounding  
molecules.' .. 'The detector itself consists of sensors attached to six  
germanium and silicon crystals. If a particle strikes one of the  
crystals, it causes the crystal to ring like a bell, and the sensors  
detect the vibrations.' .. 'However since it started running in  
November last year, the detector has not seen a single WIMP. The  
negative result puts an upper limit on the number of interactions that  
can be occurring over a certain period of time,  says Harry Nelson, a  
physicist at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He presented  
the results at the American Physical Society's annual meeting in  
Denver, Colorado, on 3 May.'

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

Oil soars despite overproduction
Oil prices have hit a fresh 13-year high despite an admission from the  
cartel Opec that its members are still pumping way beyond their quotas.

Designing a Smarter Shoe // bionic 'sensor shoe'. Hall-effect sensor  

	'Adidas, the 83-year-old German sporting-goods maker, is about to turn  
that fantasy into biomechanical reality in the form of a running shoe  
for men and women. Sleek and lightweight despite its battery-powered  
sensor, microprocessor and electric motor, the shoe, named 1, is  
expected to be in stores by December and will cost $250.' .. 'Adidas  
executives say the shoe is no gadget-dependent gimmick. Instead, its  
designers say it represents a leap forward in wearable technology. Each  
second, a sensor in the heel can take up to 20,000 readings and the  
embedded electronic brain can make 10,000 calculations, directing a  
tiny electric motor to change the shoe. The goal is to make the shoe  
adjust to changing conditions and the runner's particular style while  
in use.' ... 'The shoes will have push-button controls, light-emitting  
diodes to display settings and an instruction manual on a CD-ROM that  
will advise wearers on, among other things, how to change the battery  
after every 100 hours of use.' ... 'Mr. DiBenedetto said he was  
surprised to learn that no one had ever precisely measured cushioning  
compression while a shoe was in use. To do that, he  and Mr. Oleson  
inserted a sensor about the size of a sparrow's eye into the top of the  
heel of a standard Adidas running shoe, and a magnet smaller than a  
dime in the bottom of the heel, creating a magnetic field that the  
sensor could measure. As the heel was compressed, the sensor, known as  
a Hall sensor, measured the corresponding changes in the magnetic field  
strength to a tenth of a millimeter, 1,000 times a second.'

Makers of white-box supercomputers hit their stride // short history of  

	'While computers such as NEC's Earth Simulator are still preferred for  
some tasks, such as weather prediction, researchers have found that  
most applications can be run on clusters of two- and four-processor  
assemblies from Intel or Advanced Micro Devices running Linux.' ...  
'The cluster paradigm--independent machines connected with a high-speed  
network--has been around for more than 15 years, according to Dave  
Turek, leader of IBM's "Deep Computing" team...'

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

Bomb Explosion Damages Iraqi Oil Pipeline // oil-warfaring  
(eco/soc/pol) Dow...

	'Insurgents bombed an oil pipeline in southern Iraq, setting off a  
huge blaze and slashing daily Iraqi oil exports by about 25 percent, or  
450,000 barrels per day, an official said Monday.'

EM-quote: US to use air force to clear way for Cuba transmission // no  

	'Mr Bush also endorsed sending military C-130 transport aircraft into  
the skies near Cuba to ensure the transmission of TV and Radio Marti,  
two US propaganda channels that have been routinely jammed in Cuba  
since 1990.'

Digital Cameras Change Iraq War Perception // via drudgereport.com

	'"With the technology now, the amateur photographer is as capable as a  
professional journalist and is operating with the same tools: Digital  
camera, laptop and an Internet connection," said Keith W. Jenkins,  
photo editor of the Washington Post Magazine.' .. '"The embedded  
process was supposed to give government a better handle on what  
journalists were doing, but now you have this whole rogue operation of  
civilians with digital cameras who have access to things the media  
don't," he said.'

[and] em-related quote from: World of Hurt by Maureen Dowd

	'Rummy was having a dickens of a time figuring out how a control-freak  
administration could operate in this newfangled age when G.I.'s have  
dadburn digital cameras.' .. 'In the information age, he complained to   
senators, "people are running around with digital cameras and taking  
these unbelievable photographs and then passing them off, against the  
law, to the media, to our surprise, when they had not even arrived in  
the Pentagon."'

Israeli-U.S. Laser Downs Long-Range Missile in Test // via  

em-quote: Accident Kills Stryker Brigade Soldier // cause under  

	'A U.S. soldier from the Army's Stryker Brigade was killed Saturday in  
an "electrical accident," the U.S. command said.'

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

Mideast instability main cause of oil price rise: Algerian minister

EM-quote: Mideast tensions send oil price soaring // via  

	'Mr Kleinman said more attacks on oil plants or terminals could send  
prices above $40 a barrel.'

[em-related] U.N.: Trade Not Enough for Poor Countries //  
infrastructure first.

	'Countries can't benefit from easier access to foreign markets unless  
they get help to improve their infrastructure, train staff and attract  
investment, said Rubens Ricupero, secretary-general of the U.N.  
Conference on Trade and Development. Without that help, nations simply  
can't supply the products even if consumers want to buy them, he said.'

EM-quote: Gorbachev Criticizes U.S. Trade Policies
	'[Gorbachev] ...criticized the Bush administration for ignoring world  
opinion to reject the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, aimed at reducing greenhouse  
gases worldwide, on the grounds that it would hurt the U.S. economy.'

China adjusts electricity prices

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

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