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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #102

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (4/20/2004)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary--  urls...

01) --top stories--

// this could explain the runup to the 2000 election and very low gas  

Saudi Envoy Promised Lower Oil Price, Woodward Says (Update1) //  

	'Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the U.S. has promised President George  
W. Bush the Saudis will reduce oil prices before this November's  
election to help the U.S. economy, according to Bob Woodward, author of  
a new book about the Iraq war.'

[and] Saudis Assure Bush on Stable Oil Price

	'A Saudi envoy has assured the Bush  administration that it will keep  
oil prices in a range of $22  to $28 per barrel and will not take  
actions that would harm the  U.S. economy, the White House said on  
Monday.' ... 'Prince Bandar has been the Saudi envoy to the United  
States  for 20 years and is part of the Saudi royal family, which has   
had a close relationship with the Bush family for years.'

Analysis: Nuke-for-energy deal for Kim?

	'Will North Korean leader Kim Jong Il bring a breakthrough on the  
nuclear impasse?' .. 'Kim's surprise visit to Bejing this week for a  
summit with Chinese President Hu Jintao raised hopes of progress in the  
long-stalled nuclear issue.' ... 'No details of the summit were  
available, but media reports quoted sources as saying it was focused on  
how to end the standoff over Pyongyang's nuclear arms ambitions,  
Beijing's food and energy assistance, and North Korea's economic  

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

Brain chips could help paralysed: // cyberkinetics
Scientists are to implant tiny computer chips in the brains
of paralysed patients which could 'read their thoughts'.

In a High-Tech World, Pacemaker Risks Rise // PENS, cellphones

	'Once concentrated in the workplace, devices that can disrupt  
pacemaker function are now much harder to avoid. Metal detectors hidden  
in store entrances and exits, for example, can be impossible to spot.  
Magnetic resonance imaging techniques, often considered a danger to  
those with pacemakers or implanted defibrillators, have become a common  
diagnostic procedure.'

Ethics Of Boosting Brainpower Debated By Researchers

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

Politics on the Brain? Resorting to M.R.I.'s for Partisan Signals //  

	'Shanto Iyengar, director of the Political Communication Lab at  
Stanford, said  there were so many kinds of images and other stimuli in  
a political commercial that it was notoriously difficult for any kind  
of research to pinpoint effects. But Professor Iyengar said the M.R.I.  
technology offered a promising tool.' .. '"Academic research in  
political science into the effects of campaign advertising is 90  
percent bogus, relying as it does on self-reported exposure to a  
multitude of disparate messages and images," he said. "Any efforts to  
isolate viewers' actual responses to ads —  be they neurological,  
verbal or behavioral —  is a step in the right direction."'

Wooden computers offer 'greener' desktop
Biodegradable monitor cases may reduce trash. // via wired

	'Many standard plastic computer casings contain chemicals called  
brominated flame retardants, added to improve fire safety. Once in the  
environment, the cancer-causing chemicals are thought to accumulate in  
animal and human tissues.'
  .. 'To prevent this, Sollentuna-based company Swedx are making  
computer screens, keyboards and mice encased in timber.' .. 'Swedx's  
wooden cases are custom built using wood logged from managed forests in  
China, and they decompose faster than plastic.' ... 'Producing personal  
computers also chews up resources: the creation of one computer  
requires ten times its own weight in chemicals and fossil fuels,  
according to Williams's calculations, largely due to the  
energy-intensive production of microchips. Producing a car or  
refrigerator uses one or two times its weight, he says.'

Particle physicists rescue rare vinyl recordings

	'Classic audio recordings preserved on a warped and damaged records  
could yet be rescued for future generations using an optical analysis  
technique originally developed to keep track of subatomic particles.'

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

LA Airport Hit With Second Power Outage // a little too much dereg?  

	'A malfunctioning transformer was blamed for leaving some airport  
buildings without regular electricity for nearly two hours Monday. The  
cause of the electricity problems wasn't known.' .. '"It's a little  
disturbing," said Bob Marks, regional vice president of the National  
Air Traffic Controllers Association. "This sure seems like a fragile  
power infrastructure."'

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

Powered by the sun and hydrogen // great. proto-house in .my (via  

	'Called the Solar-Hydrogen Eco-house, it is the first in the world  
that is fully self-sustainable and runs entirely on hydrogen. The house  
is part of UKM’s new fuel cell and automotive research centre. It was  
jointly designed and developed by Prof Kamaruzzaman Sopian, director of  
UKM’s Advanced Engineering Centre, and architect Shah Jaafar.' ... 'The  
eco-house relies on a photovoltaic (PV) hydrogen production and storage  
system to power household appliances and a fuel cell that can convert  
the chemical energy into electricity.' ... 'The system uses solar power  
to convert ionised water into hydrogen through the process of  
electrolysis. Forty-two multi-crystal PV panels which can produce a  
total peak power of 5kWp are mounted on the rooftop....' .... 'Shah  
drew inspiration from traditional Malay architecture, which he says  
possesses a bio-climatic environment and is in harmony with nature.'

Cut energy use or face consequences: Premier // Ontario.ca

	'"If we don't act soon, Ontario will face an energy crisis," said  
McGuinty.' .. '"Simply building more generation is not going to be  
enough to meet the challenge."'

Shell Oil Office Attacked in Philippines

[and] WRAPUP 1-Shell report exposes lies on reserves; CFO sacked

[and] Lies, cover-ups, fat cats and an oil giant in crisis
Shell admits deceiving shareholders; Sacked chairman savaged in report

Solar Photovoltaic Module Manufacturing and Solar Electricity
Production Project Announced in Northern New Mexico

	'Dan Reicher, President of New Energy Capital, said, "We are excited  
by the momentum we see in New Mexico for solar energy, and by Governor  
Richardson's leadership in bringing rural communities, utilities and  
entrepreneurs together to realize the benefits of solar energy in  
northern New Mexico". Reicher was formally the U.S. Assistant Secretary  
for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy at the Department of Energy.'

powerplant efficiency industry-wide: 33% (66% loss) // via ae-l...

Consumers face new era of electricity price surges // .nz
Electricity prices are set to rise by 15 per cent this winter -
and forecasters predict that's just the beginning of the hikes.

Nigerian oilmen sacked over scam

06-- electromagnetic current & human affairs

Saudi presenter shows beaten face
A TV presenter who says she was beaten by her husband has allowed  
to show pictures of her swollen face to highlight domestic abuse.

	'"I want to use what happened to me to draw attention to the plight of  
women in Saudi Arabia," Ms Baz said.' .. 'Every morning for the past  
six years, Ms Baz has been the smiling face of a family programme on  
Saudi television. She is well-known and loved in the kingdom.' .. 'The  
BBC's correspondent Kim Ghattas says this is probably the first time  
ever that a case of domestic violence has received media coverage in  
Saudi Arabia.'

[and] em-related quote: Saudi Islamic Doctrine Hard to Control

	'As modernity seeped in and Western investors arrived, the clerics  
desperately resisted threats to the purity of Wahhabism -- the  
telegram, radio, television and later girls' schools.' ... 'The part on  
extremism, with a margin of error of between 1 and 2 percentage points,  
found that 48.7 percent think favorably of bin Laden's sermons but only  
4.7 percent would want him as their president.'

Israeli Nuke Whistleblower Makes Appeal

	'Vanunu wants to live abroad, Seller said. In addition, he would like  
to be in contact with his adoptive parents, who are Americans from  

[and] Israel Bars Vanunu from Leaving for a Year Once Free

	'The ban was due to "a tangible danger...that Vanunu wishes  to  
divulge state secrets, secrets that he has not yet divulged  and which  
have not been previously published," a Defense  Ministry statement  
said.' ..  'Vanunu's brothers voiced fears for his safety during the   
year he will be forced to stay in Israel, where the former  nuclear  
technician is widely despised as a traitor for  revealing Israel's  
nuclear secrets to a British newspaper.'

// it is possible to reconstruct electromagnetic data from damaged  

Sharon Son Said to Destroy Tapes in Probe // em-media as evidence.

	'The son of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon testified Tuesday that he  
destroyed potentially incriminating tapes relating to a corruption  
investigation targeting him and his father because he no longer needed  
them, a report said.' ... 'On Tuesday, Gilad Sharon was called before  
an Israeli magistrates court to explain why he had failed to abide by a  
previous court order to give investigators tapes and documents related  
to the real estate deal.' ..  'Testifying for the first time on the  
issue, Gilad Sharon said he had destroyed the tapes of his deal with  
real estate developer David Appel shortly after finalizing the  
agreement because he no longer needed them, Channel Two TV reported.'  
... 'Gilad Sharon was ordered by Israel's Supreme Court to turn over  
the tapes and documents last month. At the time, his lawyers said he  
would comply, but it might take time because much of the material was  
in the hands of others.'

Electricity poles giving poll shock to villagers

	'Before the last assembly elections, a number of villagers in the  
Nawanshahr segment were allegedly cheated by the politicians. They were  
promised 24-hour power supply, but for that they had to deposit some  
money. The gullible villagers did that.' .. 'As the elections drew  
closer, the candidates, to show their credibility, got electric poles  
erected in the villages and later even wiring was installed, but not  
the transformers.' .. 'However, over two years have passed and the  
poles are standing as mute witnesses to the manner in which the voters  
were cheated. "Look at those poles over there. We deposited the money,  
but there is no electricity. We feel cheated," said Choor Singh, social  
activist of Bajjon village, pointing to the ‘election poles’, as he  
dubbed them.'

Birders Mourn Webcam Falcon // mn.us

	'Birders around the world are mourning the death of Mae, the first  
known peregrine falcon to nest at a power plant, who became an Internet  
star through a webcam that allowed thousands to watch her during  
nesting season.'

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

Britons Go 'Toothing' for Hi-Tech Sex with Strangers // bluetooth  
anonymous sex

	'Although clearly not what the industry had in mind, toothing may lead  
operators toward similar, more mainstream projects.'

// gas is cheaper than bottled water in the .US?! both fuel-efficiency  
+ gastax

A Fuel-Saving Proposal From Your Automaker: Tax the Gas

	'... in one unlikely place, higher gas taxes are seen as the only  
nonwacky way to cut oil consumption. That's Detroit, the manufacturing  
center for the nation's largest oil-consuming product, the automobile.'  
... 'In the first week of April, when prices for premium gasoline  
averaged $1.96 a gallon in the United States, the price of a similar  
grade in Germany was $5.19, and $5.34 in Britain, according to the  
federal Energy Information Administration.' .. 'In interviews at the  
New York International Auto Show this month, top executives of General  
Motors and the Ford Motor Company , both of which make and sell a lot  
of cars in Europe, reiterated their support for high gasoline taxes -  
as opposed to stricter fuel economy regulations.' ... '"If you want  
people to consume something less, the simplest thing to do is price it  
more dearly," Mr. Wagoner [the chairman and chief executive of G.M.]  
said.' ... 'Europe is not relying on taxes alone. The European Union is  
phasing in its own fuel economy regulations, in the form of requiring  
automakers to reduce the amount of global-warming emissions that their  
cars create.'

600 Macs, 4,000 Lines, One Giant Leap for DVD's // vs 1,080 HD/480 tv  

	'ON the second floor of an unassuming office building on the edge of  
Burbank, John Lowry is forging what might be the future of the DVD —  
and, with it, the way that classic films will be stored, preserved,  
telecast and watched.' ... 'What he is doing will make a DVD look  
nearly as sharp and detailed as a 35-millimeter film print. It will  
produce images with six times the resolution of today's high-definition  
television sets. In video quality, it could turn home theater into a  
true rival of the neighborhood cineplex.' ... 'Some time in the next  
decade, though, DVD's will probably be supplanted by high-definition  
DVD's. High-definition TV may evolve into ultra-HDTV....'

Hezbollah's unconventional quiz:  A game show aired by Lebanese militant
group Hezbollah's satellite television channel has raised eyebrows.

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

// A key to any data management would seem to be
// related to 'archives' (as information archaeology,
// potentially) and how to access a built-up system
// of thinking over a period of time. This is, in my own
// experience, related to major crashes or clean-install
// upgrades in which mail and other data files are to be
// burned onto CD and stored, beyond easy access or
// continued organization of old and new data after the
// phase-changing event (from live to dead information).
// When it leaves 'memory', literally, it is lost, vanished,
// unless recalled or somehow kept in the system. So,
// one hardware aspect may be, with bigger harddrives
// that 'raid' storage may partly be used for K.M. storage
// and CDs for archiving the information constellations
// that grow over time, possibly it will take DVDs to be
// able to store audiovisual filetypes in some format,
// yet to keep things organized may also happen by a
// type of self-organization and fuzzy-system which is
// to bring mapping and other technologies into play.
// Though, maybe this is just an interface, though not
// for a software or the OS itself, but for the 'harddrive'
// (or, data or mediadrive, or avdrive) itself. In that, to
// take what may be Apple's golden opportunity, to
// use a database like 'file'-maker for the file-system,
// and to then make this the harddrive which can be
// interfaced as the 'finder' in various ways, it could
// be just one aspect of an OS which separates out
// 'the software' and 'the hardware' with information,
// hopefully some knowledge-building capacities,
// which could then be used, for instance, to mirror
// a part of this filesystem online, automatically, to
// include an interface to take the drudgery out of
// online design and content-management where
// all systems are reliant upon every other system,
// in order to re-present 'knowledge' in some way.
// in this way data offline could be presented also
// online and yet, also remain archived, changing,
// and its interface separated from the data content.

Humans vs. Computers, Again. But There's Help for Our Side. //  
knowledge mgmt

EM-related: Bush's choice to replace Carlin raises concerns //  

	'Under Carlin, NARA is leading the Electronic Records Management  
e-government project and the Electronic Records Archives project.' ..  
'For the Quicksilver records management project, NARA has established  
guidance to transfer e-mail records, permanent scanned text and Adobe  
Portable Document Format documents, and digital photography records.'

India Implements Computerized Voting // the future.

	'This year, in a staggered vote that runs through May 10, India's 660  
million registered voters will be able to exercise their franchise on  
one of approximately 1 million computerized voting machines in an  
electronic, ballot-less election.' ... 'The change in India is having a  
deep impact on politics.'

Robotic Floats Shed New Light On Iron Hypothesis

	'Programmed to descend to depths of up to one kilometer several times  
a day, the floats measured concentrations of particulate organic carbon  
and documented its export, within and outside the fertilized area,  
below 100 meters. They showed that for every atom of iron added to the  
water, the plankton carried between 10,000 and 100,000 atoms of fixed  
carbon below 100 meters upon sinking, well beneath the zone of  
light-stimulated plant growth.'

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

Broadband Internet use up sharply, survey finds // .us

	'Consumer frustration has largely been responsible for the jump, the  
survey's author, John Horrigan, said.'

[and] Convergence of a different kind: data and electricity on one  
Wireless access points, voice over IP, USB cameras said to be driving
demand for Power over Ethernet // 802.3af protocol = PoE
		'The new standard supports up to 15.5 Watts of power per device, and  
with 100 devices connected to the network that's as much as 1500 watts  
of power needed in addition to what's required to run the switch  
itself. The second issue is wall power; it needs to have the capacity  
to support the power requirements.'

M.I.S.S. Audio/Visual Sofa

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

New Efforts Needed To Address Cleanup After 'Dirty Bomb' Attack

	'A radiological dispersal device (RDD), or "dirty bomb," combines  
conventional explosives with relatively easy-to-obtain radioactive  
materials from industrial or medical applications. Several studies have  
suggested that a dirty bomb attack would not cause extensive  
casualties, but would be more likely to spread panic and economic  
disruption, leaving a potential environmental mess in its wake.' ...  
'Federal, state and local officials are developing emergency response  
plans, but there are no common standards outlining safe contaminant  
levels after the cleanup of a dirty bomb, say the scientists. A variety  
of current radiation regulations would apply by default, but none of  
these is appropriate for a dirty bomb scenario, according to Deborah  
Elcock, an environmental policy analyst at Argonne and lead author of  
the paper.' ... 'If these [RDD] issues are not brought into the open  
prior to an event, the consequences of an attack could be portrayed as  
more severe than they actually are, the authors say.'

Brazil Refusal on Inspection Angers IAEA // nuclear diplomacy.

	'"Brazil's reticence could lead other countries to follow suit," and  
make the agency's job of policing nuclear programs more complicated,  
said the diplomat.'

Robot plane drops bomb in test
Another step for remote-control warfighting // via drudgereport.com

	'The military sees such aircraft taking part in its most dangerous  
missions, such as bombing enemy radar and surface-to-air missile  
batteries, in order to clear the path for human pilots.'

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

Videogame Sales to Slow in 2005 - Report

Survey: Denmark Tops E-Commerce Use // beyond technopoly...

	'The study ranked Britain No. 2, with the top five rounded out by  
Sweden, Finland and Norway, all Nordic countries.' ... '"Here is where  
Europe — and especially Scandinavia — excels," the Economist  
Intelligence Unit found. "Smart government initiatives are contributing  
to the steady rise of the northern European countries, Singapore, Hong  
Kong and Korea, and the relative stagnation of such e-enabled but  
uncoordinated markets as the United States."'

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

Downtown Vegas Sees Big Picture  // LED barrel vault
	'Fremont officials figured that competing for attention and market  
share with the Strip's mega-resorts would require a titanic effort, so  
their new LED display features more than 12.5 million LED lamps with  
4.1 million pixels and the capability to show 16.7 million different  
colors. The whole screen runs the equivalent of more than four football  
fields.' .. 'All that will provide visitors with a rotating schedule of  
eight-minute shows at the top of after-dark hours that will feature a  
mixture of animation, live action and music. That's similar to what's  
already offered, but the graphics will be exponentially better, and the  
display will cost significantly less to maintain and will be able to  
broadcast live video feeds for special events.'

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