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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #101

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (4/16/2004)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary--  urls...

01) --top stories--

Probe Shows Iraq Nuke Facilities Unguarded

	'Some Iraqi nuclear facilities appear to be unguarded, and radioactive  
materials are being taken out of the country, the U.N.'s nuclear  
watchdog agency reported after reviewing satellite images and equipment  
that has turned up in European scrapyards.' ... 'No such weapons have  
been found, and arms control officials now worry the war and its  
chaotic aftermath may have increased chances that terrorists could get  
their hands on materials used for unconventional weapons or that  
civilians may be unknowingly exposed to radioactive materials.' ..  
'According to ElBaradei's letter, satellite imagery shows ``extensive  
removal of equipment and in some instances, removal of entire  
buildings,'' in Iraq.' .. 'In addition, ``large quanitities of scrap,  
some of it contaminated, have been transfered out of Iraq from sites''  
previously monitored by the IAEA.'

Signal Discovery?:  A Los Angeles scientist says living cells may make  
sounds, which might someday help doctors "hear" diseases //  

	'Working with graduate student Andrew Pelling, Gimzewski devised a way  
to test for cellular noise with a nanotechnology tool called an atomic  
force microscope (AFM). Usually, an AFM creates a visual image of a  
cell by passing its very tiny probe, itself so small its tip is  
microscopic, over the cell's surface, measuring every bump and hollow  
of its outer membrane. A computer converts the data into a picture. But  
the UCLA researchers held the AFM's tiny probe in a fixed position,  
resting it lightly on the surface of a cell membrane "like a record  
needle," says Pelling, to detect any sound-generating vibrations.' ..  
'The pair found that the cell wall rises and falls three nanometers  
(about 15 carbon atoms stacked on top of each other) and vibrates an  
average of 1,000 times per second. The distance the cell wall moves  
determines the amplitude, or volume, of the sound wave, and the speed  
of the up-and-down movement is its frequency, or pitch. Though the  
volume of the yeast cell sound was far too low to be heard, Gimzewski  
says its frequency was theoretically within the range of human hearing.  
"So all we're doing is turning up the volume," he adds.' .. 'The  
frequency of the yeast cells the researchers tested has always been in  
the same high range, "about a C-sharp to D above middle C in terms of  
music," says Pelling.'

// great article on this in the local paper yet it requires online  
// and so tried to locate basic information about it online, for what  
its worth.
// one goal should be to get wires out of the walls and into  
traditional details
// such as trimwork and floorboards or even false floors, working off  
of hubs...
// such systems could lead into audiovisual functioning of home systems  
where a
// computer is the house, using voice commands, running diagnostics,  
outside a
// PC and through a utility-like/furnace-like server, to process tasks.  
// could then monitor daylighting, take efficiency measures, help  
produce home
// power, provide security automatically or by voice, automatically  
actuate a
// set of processes given conditions with sensors, use centralized  
// and other lighting, monitor weather and air quality, seal the  
dwelling for
// HEPA conditioned air exchange, build with EM-absordant materials to  
// up signal polluted environments, provide e-commerce infrastructure  
// such as built-in postal delivery drop-box for medium-sized objects,  
// (note: if searching for images, these 'faceplates' provide media  
// (there may be some benefit to having a home-based-network, for  

Plugged Into Structured Wiring // next generation in-home wiring

	'"The standard new home today features a wiring package designed 50  
years ago," observes Mark Schmidt, with IBM Home Networking.' ... 'For  
builders, a solution is in the home’s wiring, with a new approach  
called structured wiring. Computer and communications firms are  
educating consumers to demand it.' ... 'At its basics, structured  
wiring systems let homeowners control two or more high-tech systems,  
such as computers, entertainment and security systems, lighting,  
utilities and environmental controls. Structured wiring consists of  
high-performance cables and other wiring connected to a central  
distribution hub. For instance, Wiring Americas’ Homes recommends an  
approach with multimedia outlets with connections for multiple  
phonelines over a high-speed Cat 5 cable, entertainment options over  
two high quality RG6 quad shielded coax cables and data access over a  
separate Cat 5 cable.' ... 'While there is no one killer application,  
structured wiring is a gateway to a range of advances that consumers  
find appealing, to various degrees. These include multiple phone lines,  
Ethernet LAN ports in every room, fully-featured home offices, controls  
for lights and thermostats, shared Internet access across multiple home  
computers, video feeds for viewing movies on multiple displays and  
multimedia, interactive security monitoring at the front door or baby's  

[and] Structured Wiring Benefits Homeowners and Others

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

Mobile Phone Explodes in Hong Kong

	'"I was just calling my boss to say I would be returning to work a few  
minutes late, and when I pressed the button to hang up, the phone was  
suddenly flying everywhere," the man told ATV.'

Fla. Baby Gets World Smallest Pacemaker
Child Will Always Need Pacemaker // via drudgereport.com

Spinal electrodes could cure incontinence

A Black Box for Human Health // accelerometers

	'Like the black boxes in cockpits that record an airplane's flight  
information, the Crew Physiological Observation Device, or CPOD,  
continuously records activity from multiple sensors. But instead of  
simply saving the data for later analysis, the CPOD can transmit in  
real time to doctors. It can even warn the wearer of dangerous shifts  
in heart rate, blood pressure, temperature and other vitals.'

Drivers warned against loud music:  Listening to loud music while  
driving can
seriously hamper reaction times and cause accidents, new research  

	'Conrad King, consultant psychologist to the foundation, said: "It is  
important that drivers choose their music carefully when driving, as  
up-tempo music has been shown to cause drivers to have double the  
amount of accidents as those listening to slower music.' .. '"In  
general, if music is above 60 beats per minute, listeners experience a  
faster heart rate and increased blood pressure.' .. '"It doesn't matter  
if you listen to opera, classical or the latest rave music. It's the  
speed of the beat that counts."'

When 'Switched On' Muscle Stem Cells Morph To Resemble Nerve Cells

Study Finds Nerve Damage Can Affect Opposite Side Of Body
	'Reports of opposite-side sensory effects of injury date back to the  
American Civil War. However, no connections are known to exist between  
nerve cells supplying corresponding areas on the left and right  

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

Plan to build emissions scrubber // wind scrubbers...

Weighing the results of PC recycling:
PC makers want you to clean out your garage. // HP & IBM led... now  

	'By making its recycling goals public, Dell will likely put pressure  
on competitors such as Hewlett-Packard and IBM to follow suit. That  
could help encourage more recycling and establish a de facto method of  
measuring recycling trends for the PC industry as a whole. It could  
also help quell criticism that the industry has been slow to act on  
what environmentalists and legislators have deemed a growing pollution  

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

Attackers infiltrating supercomputer networks

No Chip in Arm, No Shot From Gun // chipping-gunlock

Dancers X-rayed at clubs // via wirednews

FCC Loosens RFID Rule for Homeland Security

	'The Federal Communications Commission has adopted a new rule allowing  
the use of more powerful radio frequency identification (RFID) tags in  
U.S. commercial shipping containers. The agency cites improved homeland  
security as its motivation for loosening the rules. Transportation  
personnel will be able to determine more easily what is in containers  
and whether the contents have been tampered with, says the FCC.' ...  
'According to the FCC, the Third Report and Order issued Thursday  
increases the maximum signal level permitted for RFID systems operating  
in the 433.5-434.5 MHz band to facilitate more reliable transmissions  
with greater range than the rules previously allowed. The 433 MHz band  
is available for unlicensed operation in many countries around the  
world, so manufacturers can produce a single model of a device for use  
in both the United States and other countries.' .. 'The new rule also  
increases the maximum permitted transmission duration for RFID systems  
from one second to 60 seconds, resulting in a sixty-fold increase in  
the amount of data that can be transmitted. The increased data flow  
will allow workers to scan the contents of an entire shipping container  
at once.'

PCs Infested with 30 Pieces of Spyware

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

em-quote: Russia to evacuate 800 experts

	'Russia will today begin evacuating from Iraq 816 people, including  
its citizens and people from other parts of the former Soviet Union,  
who were mostly involved in rebuilding the country's shattered energy  
infrastructure.' ... 'Last night, Sergei Lavrov, the foreign minister,  
stressed that the action did not mean Russia was withdrawing from Iraq,  
a country where Moscow has multi-billion dollar energy interests.'

[and] Iraq workers snub Russia airlift
About 300 Russians and other former Soviet workers have decided
to stay in Iraq, refusing to join Moscow's massive airlift operation.

	'Evacuees included the employees of Russia's biggest contractor in  
Iraq, energy firm Tekhnopromexport, as well as a smaller number of  
businessmen,  journalists and Russian women married to Iraqi  
nationals.' .. 'The director of another energy firm, Interenergoservis,  
told Russian agencies 288 of his employees would stay.' ... 'The  
abducted employees, five Ukrainians and three Russians, had told  
reporters they were freed after the gunmen discovered they worked for a  
company from Russia, which opposed Iraq's occupation.' ... 'Russian  
firms are involved in reconstruction projects in power, transport, oil  
and gas sectors in Iraq.'

- Oman to privatize water, electricity networks
- Californians Warned to Conserve Electricity
- Teenager Killed When Stealing Wire From Electricity Mains

Election News India > Electricity might determine the fate of TDP

	'If there is one issue that could tilt the balance in the coming polls  
in favour of the Congress-led alliance in Andhra Pradesh and mar the  
prospects of the ruling Telugu Desam Party (TDP), it is the supply of  
free electricity to farmers.' ... 'Chief Minister Naidu, however, is  
taking on the Congress on the issue of supplying free power.' .. 'He  
claims the promise of free power can never be implemented, as it is not  
feasible to supply free electricity.'

New Jersey Challenges California as Solar Capital of U.S. //  

06-- electromagnetic current & human affairs

Editorial: Questions linger over Scalia, Cheney ties - 04/13/2004
Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has been taking some heat
recently for refusing to step down from deciding a case involving
his pal, Vice President Dick Cheney. He's also been under fire during
the last several days after a U.S. marshal erased two reporters'
tape recordings of a speech he was giving to high school students.

// having read the introduction to the ARRL handbook, the story of the
// internet beginning with arpanet and darpanet seems like an afterword,
// compared to early radio networks and also, packet-radio which sounds
// as if it can store and relay radio messages, even amateur television.
// many seem to learn of electronics through HAM radio skills, if only
// more of this was going on, in terms of learning how things work...

@ Issue: Long Code for a Small Symbol

	'THE French say petit escargot; the Dutch call it a monkey's tail. On  
a qwerty keyboard, it's Shift-2. And next month, amateur radio  
enthusiasts will call it dit-dah-dah-dit-dah-dit.' .. 'That is when the  
symbol @ officially becomes the newest character in the Morse code.'  
... 'oday, a handful of ham radio enthusiasts communicate in Morse code  
as a hobby and also use it during power failures.'

Brain Areas Identified That 'Decode' Emotions Of Others

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

Levitating trains make a racket
Magnetic trains more annoyingly noisy than the old-fashioned kind.

Chill Pill May Cool Cell Phones

EM-quote: Thunderstorms disrupt airports, electricity service; more  
likely today

	'A line of vicious thunderstorms left thousands of customers through  
Palm Beach County without power Monday. Lightning from the same storm  
drilled a 4-inch-deep pothole in the main runway at Palm Beach  
International Airport, disrupting flight schedules throughout the day.'

The Brains Behind BlackBerry
Research In Motion's co-CEOs keep taking wireless e-mail to the next  

New Blu-Ray video disk is made of paper // beyond red laser DVDs...

	'Because the wavelength of the blue laser is smaller, more information  
can be read from this type of disk.' ... '"Oil is a limited resource  
but paper can be recycled," said Sony spokesman Taro Takamine. "One of  
the initial advantages of the paper disk will be a decrease in the  
amount of raw material needed to produce a disk."'

Searching in the Third Dimension

	'... a voxel is the basic element of a three-dimensional object that  
is represented in a computer. Each voxel represents the volume of the  
object at any given point.' .. 'In Ramani's program, for example,  
stored CAD designs and entries sketched by users are converted into  
voxels. Then voxel patterns are compared for similarities. Because the  
voxels represent volume rather than just shape, the program can sniff  
out, say, a coffee cup, which is mostly hollow but might have a solid  

Fire-fighting fluid leaves computers intact

	'. The electronics had not shorted out because the liquid is  
non-conductive, unlike water. And while "the liquid did get into the  
components, their heat caused it to evaporate" into the air, [Benke]  

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

Storage Limits On Our Visual Hard Drive: Scientists have discovered the  
of the brain responsible for the old adage, "out of sight, out of mind."

Satellites Record Weakening North Atlantic Current // *

	'The current, known as the subpolar gyre, has weakened in the past in  
connection with certain phases of a large-scale atmospheric pressure  
system known as the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO). But the NAO has  
switched phases twice in the 1990s, while the subpolar gyre current has  
continued to weaken. Whether the trend is part of a natural cycle or  
the result of other factors related to global warming is unknown.' ...  
'Satellite data makes it possible to view the gyre over the entire  
North Atlantic basin. Measurements from deep in the ocean, using buoys,  
ships and new autonomous "robot" Seagliders, are important for  
validating and extending the satellite data...'

Turin Shroud 'shows second face'

How Bits And Bytes Work

How Car Computers Work // **

	'Controlling the engine is the most processor-intensive job on your  
car, and the engine control unit (ECU) is the most powerful computer on  
most cars. The ECU uses closed-loop control, a control scheme that  
monitors outputs of a system to control the inputs to a system,  
managing the emissions and fuel economy of the engine (as well as a  
host of other parameters). Gathering data from dozens of different  
sensors, the ECU knows everything from the coolant temperature to the  
amount of oxygen in the exhaust. With this data, it performs millions  
of calculations each second, including looking up values in tables,  
calculating the results of long equations to decide on the best spark  
timing and determining how long the fuel injector is open. The ECU does  
all of this to ensure the lowest emissions and best mileage.'


Carbon Found To Be Older Than The Solar System

	'"Our findings are proof that there is presolar organic material  
coming into the Solar System yet today," Floss said.'

Glowing Microspheres Improve Fluorescence Measurements

	'Fluorescent markers often are used to "tag" antibodies, cancer cells,  
specific genes or other biomolecules. For example, the brightness of  
the signal from a sample can indicate whether a disease is getting  
worse or is in remission...'

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

Spray-on electronics move closer to reality: // *** amazing.
If recent research projects bear fruit, it won't be too many years  
magazines play videos and semiconductors roll out of inkjet printers.

	'Workers at Xerox and TDA Research independently unveiled methods this  
week for making transistors out of plastic rather than silicon, in ways  
that could be commercially viable.' .. 'Such a shift in materials could  
drastically reduce the cost of computer displays because chipmakers  
would not have to build multibillion dollar factories to make  
semiconductors to power these devices.' .. 'Just as important, it could  
greatly expand the range of objects that connect to the Internet,  
because electronic connections would be handled by a thin film or  
moldable material, rather than rigid chips....'

Sneak Peeks at Tomorrow's Office
 From wraparound computer screens to "electronic assistants"
that summarize data, here's what you have to look forward to

Wi-Fi on Steroids Heads for U.S.  // iBurst vs. WiMax (802.16)

Space technology hits the slopes // dual use
	'... Lachaud's skis have... a piezo-actuator. This actuator contains a  
crystalline material that changes shape when an electrical current  
passes through it. A vibration detector in the ski sends electrical  
signals to the actuator, triggering subtle adjustments to the ski's  
shape that changes its stiffness, controlling vibrations and thus  
producing an optimum film of water.'

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

Purported Bin Laden 'Truce' Is Rejected // em-media

[and] New Target and Tone: Message Shows Al Qaeda's Adaptability //  

	'Bin Laden and other  top  al Qaeda leaders have long recognized the  
value of a well-run communications operation. Among  al Qaeda's four  
operational committees before  Sept. 11, 2001, was one labeled "Media  
and Publicity,"  Rohan Gunaratna wrote in "Inside Al Qaeda."' .. 'Part  
of its function was to be familiar with  Western culture and politics  
-- many top leaders studied at U.S.  universities -- and to construct  
speeches that would terrify  Westerners and secular Arabs in addition  
to soliciting Muslim followers and potential recruits. The network also  
has had the capacity to stage, tape, edit and distribute audiotapes and  
videotapes that are unusually high in quality for such an outlawed,  
underground group.' .. '"All his videotapes are carefully  
orchestrated," said terrorism expert Bruce Hoffman, who called  al  
Qaeda  proficient in "strategic communications."'

Pakistan Says It's Sharing Info on Nukes

	'A high-level South Korean official confirmed Tuesday its government  
had received information linked to the Times report from Pakistan and  
"related countries."' .. '"But we are trying to further confirm it as  
there are many unclear points about its contents and circumstances,"  
the official said on condition of anonymity in Seoul.'

Cheney Pressing China on N. Korea Nukes

	'``Time is not on our side,'' the official quoted Cheney as telling  
the Chinese.'

Cheney Warns of Asian Nuclear Arms Race // while selling arms and nuke  

	''``The people of Asia are particularly vulnerable to the threats of  
(weapons) proliferation,'' Cheney said. ``Many countries that have the  
means to develop the deadliest weapons have refrained from doing so.'''  
.. 'But he said a continued North Korean nuclear threat could persuade  
other powers in the region to develop their own nuclear weapons,  
triggering a new arms race across the region ``and the likelihood that  
one day those weapons would be used........'''

EM-related quote: The fever to fell Saddam // em-media,  
em-surveillance, WMD...

	'"McLaughlin's version used communications intercepts, satellite  
photos, diagrams and other intelligence. 'Nice try,' Bush said when he  
was finished, according to the book. 'I don't think this quite -- it's  
not something that Joe Public would understand or would gain a lot of  
confidence from.' He then turned to Tenet, McLaughlin's boss and said,  
'I've been told all this intelligence about having WMD and this is the  
best we've got?' 'It's a slam dunk case,' Tenet replied, throwing his  
arms in the air. Bush pressed him again. 'George, how confident are  
you.' 'Don't worry, it's a slam dunk case,' Tenet repeated."'

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

China's online-auction market heats up

Apple to halt N. California production

[and] Calpers says to withhold votes from entire board

China's boom fuels fears of slump: China has recorded another quarter  
of rapid
growth, fuelling fears that the economy could overheat. // relates to  

	'At some point, however, rampant investment are likely to cause supply  
bottlenecks, particularly in markets for raw materials such as fuel,  
metals and building supplies.'

Hiring Techies Is as Tricky as Ever:  Although job seekers are  
the top talent is still hard to come by, making creative recruitment a  

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

Ancient Islamic Texts Crumble in Africa

	'... scholars say irreplaceable Islamic texts representing a historic  
era of Muslim culture, including West Africa's unique part in it, are  
decaying to oblivion in sweltering homes.' .. 'Tens of thousands have  
been rescued and put in safe storage here and abroad, but many more are  
scattered around Timbuktu -- private heirlooms handed down from parents  
to children over the centuries.' .. 'The Timbuktu texts "are probably  
among the most important unused scholarly materials in the world," said  
Chris Murphy of the U.S. Library of Congress, who was co-curator of an  
exhibition of 23 of the manuscripts in Washington last year.' ..  
'Timbuktu today is city of 30,000 people surviving on foreign aid, a  
spotty tourist trade and sales of bricks. Near-naked children with  
dust-caked grins fill the streets, and homes lack electricity or  
plumbing. There's only one Internet connection in the entire town.' ..  
'But in the late 1300s, the salt, spice and slave routes were bringing  
wealth -- and Islam -- to West Africa's northern desert. Timbuktu grew  
into a city of 100,000 and an international seat of learning.' ..  
'Timbuktu scholars penned intricate Arabic-language manuscripts about  
mathematics, poetry, medicine, law, astronomy, zoology, history and  
Islamic thought.' .. 'Centers such as this helped preserve Western  
learning during Europe's Dark Ages.' ... 'Mohamed Galla Dicko, director  
of Timbuktu's government-financed Ahmed Baba Institute museum, says the  
20,000 texts he cares for in air-conditioned rooms are "just a tiny  
part of what's out there."' .. 'In 2000-01, his institute made digital  
images of about 2,000 texts with $150,000 from the U.S.-based Ford  

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