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From brian carroll <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Sun, 7 Mar 2004 22:57:59 -0600

  A special thanks goes out to the .US
  Department of Justice and the RNC
  (Republican National Committee) for
  having visited the electronetwork.org
  site today.* This following the posting
  on the .US energy task force issues
  relating both of these organizations.

  In a way it acknowledges public ideas
  on electromagnetism may be of some
  shared interest in their shaping culture.
  Diverse events can be understood and
  related in this electromagnetic context.

  Much of what is considered ~critical~
  discourse, today, seems to be in the
  analysis of cultural events in terms of
  'digital' and 'new' or other 'media'. It is
  in general sensed that these can limit
  a more related context, less proprietary
  and-or exclusive, and separate-out an
  events from its tangible connections to
  instead compete as just another view.
  Yet if what is being researched is, at
  its core, electromagnetic and has yet
  to be addressed in these terms it may
  provide additional substance to current
  ideas and thinking, being complimentary.

  Not that there is one way to think about
  electromagnetism or imagine how it can
  be perceived or conceived-- if anything
  it is agreed to be a mystery beyond the
  simple understanding of any one person.

  The EM Newsletters have sought to be
  a proof-of-concept of a general context
  in which events can be viewed together,
  and possibly to demonstrate the idea that
  a simple 'comprehension' of all that is EM
  may indeed not be humanly possible, in
  the public sense, yet may provide also an
  inclusive and active context for relating.

  It makes it somewhat difficult to be one of
  the few who writes/shares ideas, as the
  limitations of individual knowledge or even
  the ability to describe in accurate details
  this very large scope of events also makes
  it hard to be brief, or exact. If those with a
  specific knowledge were to write, then the
  ambiguity of vague attempts at describing
  events may be put into a more accurate,
  descriptive and expert language based on
  others diverse knowledge. My contribution
  is to share a general framework and try to
  provide a context for sharing ideas here.
  The one-way aspect is itself a limitation,
  and I would probably not be sending the
  URLs to news as I can browse them my-
  self, and focus on my own research if the
  language is getting in the way of the ideas.
  Though I hope others share their sense of
  things, so that is why this project continues.

  So many are doing so much interesting work.
  It is hoped more people will contribute their
  thinking and ideas, as this helps to advance
  a general sense, but also other people's views
  and understanding, and everyone learns then.
  So, this is an open invitation to all on the list.


(*else, insurance for free-speech. quack-quack ;)
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