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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #90

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (3/08/2004)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary-- URLs....

01) --top stories--

"Explore electronics rather than exalt engineering."

-Robert Venturi SD 97

Penetration rates of major consumer products in U.S. Households //  

Kirchhoff-Lukasiewicz Machines // analog logic/computing. superb  

Top Iraqi nuclear scientist seeks war probe // ***

	'The father of Iraq's nuclear bomb program, speaking publicly for the  
first time since U.S. forces occupied Baghdad, called Monday for a U.N.  
probe of what nuclear inspectors knew before the U.S.-led invasion of  
Iraq and denied Saddam Hussein had tried to restart his atomic  
program.' .. 'Jafar Dhia Jafar said U.N. inspectors had "reached total  
conviction" that Iraq was free of nuclear weapons before the U.S.-led  
invasion yet failed to convey that frankly to the Security Council  
because of pressure from the United States.' ... 'Three days before the  
invasion last March, Vice President Dick Cheney said Iraq was "trying  
once again to produce nuclear weapons," even though ElBaradei said his  
inspectors had found no evidence of that.'

EM-quote: U.S. General Says al-Qaida Eyeing Africa // via ae-l

	'The European Command covers 93 countries from Russia to Syria, and  
all of Africa except the northeast. It is awaiting a decision from  
Washington on its proposals for a major reconfiguration of forces for  
the war on terror.' ... 'The European Command's new plans pay more  
attention to Africa and its oil supplies. The Gulf of Guinea is seen as  
a possible alternative to the oil reserves in the volatile Middle East.  
The region already supplies the United States with 15 percent of its  
oil, a figure expected to rise to 25 percent by 2015.'
// historical note: prior to and during the post-2000 .US presidential
// elections, gas prices were at record lows, esp. on the 4th of July.
// would be interesting to trend gas prices with .US policy decisions.

[and] U.S. sees cause for concern over gas // via drudgereport.com

	'The government amplified concern Thursday about rising gasoline  
prices and repeated a warning of possible shortages, but it didn't  
offer relief for either.' .. '"This administration is extremely  
concerned" about the near-record gas prices, Energy Secretary Spencer  
Abraham said, strengthening a department statement a day earlier that  
said "spikes in gasoline prices are always of concern."'

// what about a perspective from the non-"energy-task-force" populace?
// such as, the policy was never in the public interest nor does it deal
// with issues of security, and in fact proposes increasing the  
// systems of generation and long-distance transmission that went out  
// the northeast last year for millions, in addition to pushing nuclear
// power when these are the greatest threat of being attacked, while at
// the same time given zero-liability for failures to protect plants  
// the nuclear security agency judges security of non-nuclear sites.  
// total reliance on oil and gas and coal and no movement in changing a
// large base of supply through innovation, unless war is considered  

[and] Some analysts see little relief for rising costs, smaller supply

	'Shortly after taking office, Bush, a former Texas oilman, created a  
White House task force to overhaul energy policy and boost oil and  
natural gas production. Cheney, the former chief of oilfield services  
firm Halliburton, headed the panel.' .. 'The results have been mixed.'

// visualizing electromagnetism. imagery links to java applet  
// see Fig. 38:  Creating and destroying electric energy., Fig. 36, 41,  
// and Figure 68:  The azimuthal radiation pattern at one instant of  
// from a quarter-wave antenna.

Produced by The TEAL/Studio Physics Project
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
For The MIT Course Physics 8.02:  Electromagnetism I
MIT OpenCourseWare // ocw.mit.edu

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

Deep Brain Stimulation Restores Quality Of Life For Parkinson’s Patients

	'A tiny electric wire deep in Carlene Morehead’s brain constantly  
sends signals that tame overactive neurons, restoring her ability to  
walk, talk and enjoy time with her family.'

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

// mentioned this what seems like a long time ago: that insurance is
// a strategy for addressing catastrophic effects of not changing of
// energy policies/strategies, say, and that this is not going to help
// adapt the larger systems to prevent problems, and insurance companies
// will not be able to do anything to encourage change, until after the
// fact, making new standards for buildings, etc, to adapt. a rear-view
// policy if ever there was one, yet then to have an insurance company
// go public with the message may indicate the seriousness of the issue.
// their business model could be to help others recover after such  
// of if this is not a viable strategy, to do everything to prevent  
// events which could, potentially, put them out of business as a  
// if insurance companies demanded highest-standards for energy and  
// efficiencies in new housing construction and other industries,  
// the bar for coverage, to prevent exacerbating the situation and work
// towards shaping a different outcome, hopefully others will do the  

Insurer warns of global warming catastrophe // via drudgereport.com

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

Report Finds Republican Aides Spied on Democrats // political  

	'The 65-page report concluded that the two Republican staff aides,  
both of whom have since departed, improperly read, downloaded and  
printed as many as 4,670 files concerning  the Democrats' tactics in  
opposing many of President Bush's judicial nominees.' ... 'Senator  
Patrick J. Leahy of Vermont, the committee's ranking Democrat, said,  
"This report indisputably shows that this secret surveillance was  
calculated, systematic and sweeping in its scope."' ... '[Republican  
Senator Bill Frist of Tennessee, the majority leader] said that it was  
fundamentally wrong to consider the Democratic strategy documents as  
confidential, because they were easily accessible.' ... 'In an  
interview, Mr. Miranda said  that the report did, however, confirm his  
contention that there was no "hacking,"  by which he meant that no  
security walls that needed passwords had been breached.'

// without liabiity it is the customer's responsibility for providing  
// security in systems of ISPs, webhosts, corporate, and e-commerce  

Firms Look to Limit Liability for Online Security Breaches // criminal.

Cell phone software creates bogus backgrounds

	'SoundCover, developed by a Romania phone software company called  
Simeda, can add artificial traffic and road works to a call at the  
press of a button. It can mimic a thunderstorm, the dentists drill or  
even a circus during a call.' ... 'The trick involves blending the  
outgoing voice audio with another looped audio track.'

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

Turks to clear mines for oil hunt -- Turkey has said it will
start removing mines from its border with Syria in May to
allow for exploration of possible oil deposits in the area.

Firms Reach Deals to Drill for Saudi Gas // .US loses bid for  

	'Saudi Arabia boasts the world's fourth-largest deposits of gas, but  
the government had never before invited foreigners to make competitive  
bids for rights to explore for this resource. The four winning  
companies, including two from Russia and China, said they expected to  
invest several billion dollars to develop any gas they discover.' ..  
'U.S. firms were conspicuous for their absence among the winners of  
these landmark deals...' ... 'Although Saudi Aramco announced the  
awards in late January, the deals did not become official until now.  
The contracts are to last for 40 years, with exploratory surveys and  
drilling to begin immediately.' ... 'Yahya Shinawi, the ministry's  
director general in charge of technical affairs, said he was surprised  
to see a U.S. "super-major" like ChevronTexaco participate even to this  
extent.' .. '"You don't usually see super-majors in frontier areas.  
They usually come in later," after other, less cautious companies have  
already found gas or oil, he told reporters.' ... 'Purvis added that  
the auction's outcome appeared to be "a political play" concerning  
Russia and China....'

Welcome to PowerPod // great idea. via gizmodo.com

	'The PowerPod Corporation was created to implement modular system  
design for the international and domestic market, addressing concerns  
of world funding organizations and countries providing mechanisms for  
distribution of these systems in developing countries.  The system was  
designed to address issues of safety, weather resistance, ventilation,  
and security.'

World Trade Center's Freedom Tower to Feature Wind Turbines // got wind?

	'If built as planned, the Freedom Tower's use of wind turbines would  
be the world's first large-scale integration of wind turbines into a  
building. Wind turbines are generally not suited for urban environments  
because of the turbulence created by nearby buildings, but the height  
of the Freedom Tower may overcome that difficulty. According to the  
architect, Skidmore, Owens, and Merrill LLP (SOM), the building's  
location at the confluence of the Hudson and East Rivers is expected to  
allow the turbines to generate electricity at least 40% of the time,  
enough to cover the building's base power demand.'

Magnetics Technology Center // via electronics-qa

// various 'electricity' headlines from google newsalert....

ULSTER electricity bills hike 'is twice rate of inflation'
Belfast Telegraph (subscription) - Belfast,Nothern Ireland,UK
FOR political power, TDP to buy electricity
Newindpress - Chennai,India
ELECTRICITY production up 6.9%
Business Day, South Africa - Johannesburg,South Africa
COMPETITION leads to lower electricity rates
Detroit News - Detroit,MI,USA
USING electricity to test for breast cancer
News 8 Austin - Austin,TX,USA
FIRE destroys seventy electricity poles
GhanaWeb - Accra,Ghana
INDIA News: For political power, TDP buys electricity
Keralanext - Kerala,India
TURKMENISTAN to Supply Electricity to Turkey
Times of Central Asia (subscription) - Bishkek,Kyrgyzstan
HAILEY firm reviving Iraq's electricity
INDUSTRIAL-PURPOSE Electricity Usage Hits 11-Month Low
Korea Times - Seoul,South Korea
PROPOSED electricity plant dealt a setback
Bellingham Herald - Bellingham,WA,USA
ELECTRICITY Bills Likely to Jump When Price Caps Expire
Washington Post - Washington,DC,USA
COMMITTEE probes " sabotage " claims in electricity sector
B92 - Yugoslavia
FG Urged to Establish Electricity Commission
AllAfrica.com - Africa


INDIA News: And now, electricity from bamboo
Keralanext - Kerala,India

Former Shell Chairman Was Told of Reserve Issues

06-- electromagnetic current & human affairs

A mystical union: A small band of pioneers is exploring
the neurology of religious experience  // via wirednews.com

	'In the first of what he hopes will be a series of experiments, Dr  
Beauregard and his doctoral student Vincent Paquette are recording  
electrical activity in the brains of seven Carmelite nuns through  
electrodes attached to their scalps. Their aim is to identify the brain  
processes underlying the Unio Mystica —the Christian notion of mystical  
union with God. The nuns (the researchers hope to recruit 15 in all)  
will also have their brains scanned using positron-emission tomography  
and functional magnetic-resonance imaging, the most powerful  
brain-imaging tools available.'

// announcement from the bioelectromagnetics list

'The Institute for New Energy and TeslaTech are conducting a joint  
alternative energy/medicine conference July 29-August 1, 2004 in Salt  
Lake City, UT.  Researchers and inventors interested presenting a paper  
or otherwise supporting this conference should contact Steve Elswick  
... or Hal Fox ... immediately. Speaking slots are limited with  
priority going to those who have WORKING HARDWARE! Categories include  
Tesla Technology, plasma technology, Tesla Turbines, fuel cells,  
implosion, energy medicine, emerging health issues,  etc. The looming  
energy crisis makes this a particularly timely conference!...'

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

Robot Recreation. The Next Step in Toy Robot Evolution // BEAM, Tilden

	'The secret of RoboSapiens is a philosophy called BEAM, or Biology,  
Electronics, Aesthetics, and Mechanics. Essentially the robots are  
designed with simple control circuits instead of complex computer chips  
and vast arrays of transistors. The simple controls are connected to  
sensors and the mechanics of the robot itself, in essence creating a  
machine that mimics a biological counterpart.'

GIS to improve Kingdom's electricity , water services - Bahrain

	'The GIS project will provide services to the ministry's directorates,  
which are related to collecting and updating the base layers needed in  
electricity and water environment, developing the GIS-based  
applications and providing training to the ministry's staff, and also  
enforcing the spatial data standards within the ministry and other  
ministries.' .. 'Shaikh Abdullah said: "A GIS team will be formed in  
which many GIS applications will be developed to improve the  
performance of the ministry."'

Berlin trial site for mobile TV reception // via macsurfer.com

	'"TV is the biggest media, and the last one missing from mobile  
phones," said Jukka Henriksson, chairman of the DVB-H project.'

TV set which doubles up as a mirror

// is this a 'new' sensor or a heat-sensor/thermistor or something
// that already exists that has been applied to this situation...?

Carnegie Mellon Develops New Sensor To Detect Computer Hard Drive  

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

THE FLIP FLOP // *** electroamgnetism and political-science...
Build your own Flip Flop circuit and learn how it works 

	'In this project we examine one of the most valuable circuits to be  
invented - the flip flop . Originally it was designed with VALVES,  
along with its simpler version (without the two capacitors - called a  
bi-stable Multivibrator ), it was realised it could store a "bit" of  
information. The bi-stable Multivibrator circuit required an input  
pulse to the left side of the circuit and the load (say a globe) stayed  
ON when the signal was removed. A pulse to the other side of the  
circuit turned the globe OFF. This was the first time an electronic  
circuit had stored a "piece of information." This was the beginning of  
consists of two identical halves and is called a Flip Flop because one  
half is ON while the other half is OFF . The ON half is keeping the OFF  
half OFF but it cannot keep it off indefinitely and gradually the OFF  
half turns ON...'


[and] The Edge-Triggered RS Flip-Flop & JK Flip-Flop

[and] Flip-Flops -- Introduction/Various Types...

SR Flip-Flop // interactive...

// if card readers become part of computers, for security/e-commerce
// reasons as mentioned in recent news, this card fit into the scheme...

Chameleon Card Changes Stripes // programmable cash/credit card

	'Chameleon Network , in Concord, Massachusetts, plans to replace the  
stacks of credit, bank and customer-loyalty cards burdening modern  
consumers with a single, rewritable Chameleon Card, which works just  
like an ordinary card with a magnetic strip.'

A.N. WHITEHEAD an introduction to mathematics, first impression 1911

Music Electronics Archive

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

Miniature fuel cells may oust batteries

	'...cellphone giant Nokia warned last week that battery technology is  
not keeping pace with advanced phone functions.'

Cooking Technology: Cool Concept // cook with EMFs. via energy  
Induction range combines high performance and cool-surface cooking.

	'A new residential and commercial electric kitchen range that uses  
magnetic induction to provide superior cooking performance at record  
energy efficiency has been developed by a California company with  
support from the Electric Power Research Institute, Palo Alto, Calif.'  
... 'Commercial restaurant operators are seeking cooking equipment that  
is faster, more energy efficient, and cooler to operate in their  
kitchens, while residential customers want faster, safer, and  
easier-to-clean equipment that is very responsive to controls.' ...  
'Induction ranges generate a high frequency, alternating current  
magnetic field to heat an iron-based cooking pan through a  
ceramic-glass cooking surface. The changing magnetic field induces eddy  
currents within the base of the ferrous cookware. As with a magnet, the  
energy transfer to the pan is instantaneous and can be controlled  

Camera lens mimics human eye // electric fluid-focus lens...

// this is a great word. it is unknown if J.M. coined it though
// its fits expertly between the bureaucrat and the technocrat

EM-word: gizmocrat // (and gizmotocracy?) also used in 2001 by J.M.

	'We've now looked over the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms report on the  
matter issued last week.  And it seems clear that his investigators  
were prevented from finding out whether or not this happened because of  
their lack of subpoena and other standard law enforcement powers.' ..  
'For instance, if you look at pages 21-22 of the report (we've uploaded  
these sections to the TPM Document Collection), you see that Jason  
Lundell -- the little gizmocrat who first discovered he could get  
access to the memos -- was also responsible for "speaking with the  
Department of Justice Legislative Affairs and Legal Policy  

[and] gizmocrat // coined? (August 19th, 2001 -- 1:30 PM EST // link )

	'The second half of the last decade was unquestionably the heyday of  
gizmocracy -- rule by gizmocrats.  Not technocrats, mind you.  But  
gizmo-crats. Technocrats are the Robert McNamaras , the IBM white shirt  
and black tie types, the big urban planners.  Gizmocrats are another  
breed entirely, like Marc Andreessen , the dudes who invented the Palm  
Pilot , and those over-educated, furry-chinned web designers who create  
all the bells and whistles on web sites ( Talking Points actually spent  
a couple years in grad school as one of those ).  In other words, a new  
ruling class of people who create things we really don't need but are  
just a whole lot of fun to have.'

[nope] Source: Twin Cities Reader*-
~Date: January 18-24, 1989 Headline: [none]
Photo: _Mystery Science Theater 3000_ host Joel Hodgson becomes "The
Gizmocrat" at the Comedy Gallery Riverplace, starting Wednesday.
[Hodgson in usual plublicity shot.]  Page(s): 34
Note: Plublicity spot for Hodgson's stand-up act.

Cheap 3D scanner nearing the desktop

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

// this approach to nuclear diplomacy may become cause for serious  

Iran Says U.N. Should Wrap Up Nuke Review // non-negotiable hard-line  

	'[Hasan Rowhani, Iran's top nuclear negotiator,] also reiterated past  
suggestions that Iran considers a resumption to its uranium enrichment  
program only a matter of time. Iran temporarily stopped its enrichment  
program last year as a goodwill gesture of its intent to cooperate with  
the IAEA.' .. '"There is nothing permanent. We signed the additional  
protocol ... we voluntarily suspended uranium enrichment, and when to  
resume is in the hands of our system (the ruling Islamic  
establishment)," Rowhani said.' .. '"We want Iran to be recognized as a  
member of the nuclear club, that means Iran to be recognized as a  
country having the nuclear fuel cycle, and enriching uranium. This is  
very difficult for the world to accept," he said.' ... 'Rowhani said  
Iran's decision to sign the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty's  
additional protocol and temporarily suspend uranium enrichment  
"nullified a U.S. conspiracy."'

// the use of 'tasers' as security devices raises a question of  
non-legal use
// for assaults in robberies which has yet to be reported on. will stun  
// make weapons more available to people for their protection, while  
also allow
// weapons for more effectively robbing people through non-lethal  

As Shocks Replace Police Bullets, Deaths Drop but Questions Arise //  

	'"This is 100 percent more humane," said Officer Tom Burns, who has  
carried a Taser gun for the past two and a half years on bicycle patrol  
in Seattle.' .. 'The newest Tasers are an advanced version of  
technology that was developed in the 1970's but was not considered by  
the police to be effective until recently, The electrical pulses travel  
from the gun through two 21-foot-long wires that look like a  
stretched-out Slinky tipped with barbed probes. If the probes pierce  
skin or a layer of clothing two inches thick or less, the jolt  
contracts the muscles and throws the suspect off balance. It makes the  
suspect unable to move, and gives the police a full five seconds with  
every "tasing" to handcuff the suspect. The police say that 50,000  
volts is a safe amount of electricity to absorb and that suspects shot  
with a Taser recover immediately.' ... ' The newest models cost $799  
each, according to Taser International, the leading producer of the  
weapons. But company officials, who have seen their stock skyrocket  
over the last year, say the savings to police departments that might  
otherwise be sued over violent confrontations or shootings is  
potentially huge.' .. 'The police and other supporters of the new  
technology also say there are built-in safeguards to prevent abuse of  
the guns. Each Taser, which is powered by batteries, has a data port  
that records each shock and is used by police departments when they  
prepare incident reports, allowing supervisors to count how many times  
a Taser was fired.'

A race to make a robot soldier // DARPA-hippies. where's Hunter S.  

	'The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency hopes the race will  
boost efforts to build robotic soldiers to fight battles without  
risking troops' lives. Congress has mandated that by 2015, one-third of  
all American operational combat ground vehicles be unmanned.' ...  
'Bruckheim acknowledged that the garage raised eyebrows. Williams'  
makeshift workshop is strewn with saws, disemboweled robots and metal  
parts. In the back yard sits a Volkswagen van with a Grateful Dead  

[and] No Riders: Desert Crossing Is for the Robots Only

	'Mr. Levandowski, who is leading the Berkeley motorcycle team, took a  
year off from graduate school, paying for the project in part by  
renting out rooms in his home, and sought out teammates by posting  
fliers around campus.' .. 'Since then he has started a company, Robotic  
Infantry, to develop both commercial and military applications from his  
research project. "We see the race," he said "as an opportunity for  
creating a new platform for robotics."'

The Veep and Pakistan -- Cheney Helped Cover-Up Nuclear Proliferation
in 1989, So Pentagon Could Sell Pakistan Fighter Jets. By JASON LEOPOLD

	'In 1989, the year Khan first started selling nuclear secrets on the  
black-market; Richard Barlow, a young intelligence analyst working for  
the Pentagon prepared a shocking report for Cheney, who was then  
working as Secretary of Defense under the first President Bush  
administration: Pakistan built an atomic bomb and was selling its  
nuclear equipment to countries the U.S. said was sponsoring terrorism.'  
.. 'But Barlow's findings, as reported in a January 2002 story in the  
magazine Mother Jones, were "politically inconvenient."' .. '"A finding  
that Pakistan possessed a nuclear bomb would have triggered a  
congressionally mandated cutoff of aid to the country, a key ally in  
the CIA's efforts to support Afghan rebels fighting a pro-Soviet  
government. It also would have killed a $1.4-billion sale of F-16  
fighter jets to Islamabad," Mother Jones reported.' ... '"It was the  
most dangerous nuclear situation we have ever faced since I've been in  
the U.S. government," Kerr said in an interview with Hersh. "It may be  
as close as we've come to a nuclear exchange. It was far more  
frightening than the Cuban missile crisis."'

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

LOCAL capitalists set sights on electricity trading ventures
Manila Bulletin - Manila,Philippines

INCREASED electricity generation helps industrial sector growth, ...
Daily News - Columbo,Sri Lanka

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

// PDF of a stunning chart of the .US radio spectrum. just
// saw a book which documents each section of frequency,
// page by page, through the entire EM spectrum. this chart
// could be considered electromagnetic artwork by its merits in
// graphic design and how the spectrum is allocated. ***

U.S. RF Frequency Allocation Chart. October 2003 // via TSCM-list
Courtesy of U.S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE. National Telecommunications
and Information Administration. Office of Spectrum Management

Loft Recreates Edison’s Light Bulb // via gizmodo.com

Book: Exposing Electronics // artefacts
edited by Bernard Finn, Smithsonian Institute, Washington DC

Art That Speaks to You. Literally. // sound art

In Qaddafi's Realm, Shadows of the Caesars // benefit of nuclear  
diplomacy *

// electromagnetic artworks, circuit boards, very nice...

The Circuit Board Gallery

// if taking apart a keyboard, this is what one will see- mylar
// sheets that are pressed together when depressing a key...

[and] Keyboard Circuit Triptych, 2000

// very nice work here, circuit board bags. suitcases, sparkplug  

Metamorphosis - Just when you thought you'd seen it all...
Distinctive recycled crafts & collectibles sourced
throughout Africa delivered to you in your home.

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