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From brian carroll <>
Date Sat, 6 Mar 2004 11:29:54 -0600
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  For those who may find my writing style baffling, if
  I were to rewrite my comments last night, outside of
  the specific context in which they arise, the idea that
  was intended to be shared was that news indicates
  that the 3.5 year old Energy Task Force documents
  may be automatically opened should Judge Scalia
  recuse himself from the case, and this is connected
  in ways large and small to many if not most of the
  issues in the news, also related to electromagnetism
  (nuclear weapons, nuclear production, nuclear
  terrorism, oil contracts, war planning in an energy
  task force planning, the leaking of a covert agent
  who works on WMD over forged uranium (EM)
  documents, a CEOs of oil services companies
  being the top representers of .US government
  today, and accordingly related-policy initiatives.)
  If Judge Scalia were to step down, now secret
  documents would be opened up in this context,
  of which one person, VP Cheney, is related to
  in one degree or another of personal involvement.
  I am not writing what I actually think about this in
  political terms or directly based on details of the
  possible consequences, as it is not wise to do.
  If others have difficulty with my writing please let
  me know as I will try to adapt as best as I am able.
  Thanks. Brian

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