~e; need for a particular kind of program

From "Hans Heiner Buhr" <h.h.buhr@gmx.de>
Date Thu, 4 Mar 2004 21:25:46 +0100 (MET)
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Hi Brian,

note: realized there is a definite need for a particular kind of
program that is integrated between online websites and offline
computing devices, where one could store a variety of infomration
similar to that used by content management systems (contacts,
links, calendar) which would reside both on the desktop, locally,
and online, and automatically sync the two together so that files
and urls and other content can be shared and contributed to it.

there was just today a special on zdnet.de (cnet) about the the so- called

to make it possible to share content and edit it, must be similiar to what
uses wikipedia ?

There is a weekly about this tools in German, but check it cnet  too.


Greetings from Samarkand/ Uzbekistan


(Iam the guy formerly lived in Georgia, Caucasus and soon return there)

PS I enjoy your newsletters a lot.

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