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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #89

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (3/3/2004)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary--

note: realized there is a definite need for a particular kind of
program that is integrated between online websites and offline
computing devices, where one could store a variety of infomration
similar to that used by content management systems (contacts,
links, calendar) which would reside both on the desktop, locally,
and online, and automatically sync the two together so that files
and urls and other content can be shared and contributed to it.

01) --top stories--

// it is possible a smaller computing device like a PDA would better  
// the needs of students, with limited complexity and troubleshooting  
// lower costs, adaptability and multi-uses (calculator, wireless,  
// contacts, add-ons for experiments, homework, learning to program,  
// actually, it is unknown what a laptop is better at doing, for  
// in a school, than laptops, as a general device. (besides media  
// which could be serviced by a traditional computer lab with more  

Study: Laptop program causes problems for school district // via  

	'The state Department of Education in 2001 selected the Quaker Valley  
School District for the pilot program that gave Apple I-Book laptops to  
1,800 students in grades 3-12. And while teachers have found the  
equipment helpful in tracking student progress, a lack of technical  
support, malfunctioning computers and forgetful students have cost  
instructional time, the nonprofit research group Rand Corp. reported.'  
... '"For this reason, teachers ... rarely made laptop use a  
fundamental part of instruction because of a high percentage of  
students without working laptops at a given time," the report said.'

Snapshot taken of the tiniest time interval // attosecond
Electron movements pinned down to the split second.

Plastic heralds next-generation batteries // reconfigurable  
Arrays of tiny carbon rods may build tomorrow's lithium cells.

	'Normal mobile-phone batteries generate current when lithium ions flow  
between two terminals. The new technique boosts the power they generate  
by creating an array of multiple terminals out of carbon rods, and  
floating a sea of lithium ions between them.' ... 'The new battery  
could have big advantages over existing lithium cells. Because they  
combine many positive and negative terminals, the batteries can  
generate larger bursts of current than today's cells provide.' .. 'The  
batteries might also allow the levels of current to be changed by  
adjusting the number of rows that are connected together. This could be  
useful in devices such as laptop computers, says Madou, which need more  
power to start up than when running normally.'

// came across this idea of 'radiation mapping' and found this....

Application:  Radiation Mapping // image of setup
Quatech Product Used: DSP-100 two port RS232 serial PCMCIA card

	'The system is being used for mapping background terrestrial  
radiation. It is sufficiently sensitive to accurately measure the  
environmental levels of radiation. Because of the small size of the PDA  
itself, and the equipment connected to it, they system can be mounted  
on a backpack enabling walking surveys for detailed mapping of possibly  
contaminated areas. It can also be mounted on a jeep to survey larger  

[and] Indoor Radiation Mapping // DOE/EM-0407 (.pdf) // ** images
Using the Laser Assisted Ranging and Data System (LARAD)
Deactivation and Decommissioning Focus Area Nov. 1998

[and] The Australian Radiataion Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency
(ARPANSA) radiation mapping // ** diagram of human radiation cycle

[and] ETHERNET - MOBILE RADIATION DETECTOR // tool for radiological  

	'Situation: When the police get a call to go to a suspected dirty bomb  
or nuclear device site, they need maps from you showing long-standing  
radiation levels at each point, as well as current radiation levels  
from either their MoRad equipment or your MoRad detection equipment.'  
.. 'When and why are security personnel interested in radiation levels?  
Three time periods Baseline time period: Baseline mapping: Background  
varies from place to place, due to natural causes, and old pollution  
and uranium and potassium in road and building materials. Prior to  
Detonation: The terrorist moves radioactive materials into an area, for  
storage or pre-positioning a dirty bomb or nuclear bomb prior to  
detonation. After Detonation: An industrial accident, or a dirty bomb  
explosion releases large mounts of radioactive material in solid,  
liquid or airborne form.'

[and] Report of Radiological Survey of Beverly Hills High School
and Venoco Oil Well Site. Prepared by California Department of
Health Services, Radiologic Health Branch. Revised November 2003. // no  

	'Based on a mapping of the radiation data logging system measurements,  
there was no indication that “spotty” or localized elevated radiation  
levels were present on the school grounds.  The HPGe measurements  
confirmed that no elevated thorium, uranium, or radium were present at  
the Venoco site or at BHHS.  As a side note, radiation data logging  
counts show lower values for grassy areas and higher values for the red  
clay soil, see Table 2.  HPGe measurements could not be analyzed at  
locations where concrete or asphalt covered the soil.  However, the  
HPGe measurements for bismuth-214 (Bi-214) and actinium-228 (Ac-228)  
were compared to the background and all values are within background  
levels.  The presence of elevated Bi-214 or Ac-228 would indicate the  
presence of elevated uranium and thorium respectively.'

North's Proposal to Discuss Electricity Rebuffed // of Nuclear  

	'The South has held out the prospect of energy aid if North Korea were  
to freeze its nuclear programs. Tuesday, Secretary of State Colin  
Powell appeared to dangle the carrot of economic aid if the North  
abandons its nuclear plans.'

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

// non-contact voltage detectors are one way to check as mentioned in a
// similar, recent story in the NYT (not water, though, it is  

Another Dog Zapped By Sidewalk Electricity
Owner Wants City To Crack Down On Hot Spots

	'"We were walking on pavement in close proximity to a manhole cover.  
She didn't come into contact with the manhole cover, but water on the  
pavement and was shocked by that. She jumped about four feet in the  
air," Hayes said.'

Batteryless implant measures blood pressure in heart

	'The implant, the size of a grain of rice, is one of a new breed of  
medical devices that requires no batteries. A radio transmitter and  
receiver held near the body provides the power and interrogates the  

Shockwave Treatement

Real pain dulled in virtual worlds

	'"In this case, we try to lure attention away from the pain signals by  
drawing the spotlight of attention into the virtual environment leaving  
less available to process incoming pain signals."' .. 'The  
psychological component is thought to interact with the physiological,  
according to the prevalent idea of how pain manifests itself, known as  
Gate Theory.' .. 'This suggests that higher order thought processes  
descend the spinal cord and influence the amount of pain allowed to  
enter the brain.'

U.S. Government Announces New Requirements For Bar Codes
On Drugs And Blood To Reduce Risks Of Medication Errors

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

Sucking energy out of the drain
Microbes in wastewater make a handy household battery.

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

// there has been a lot about the successful strategy of non-EM  
// to thwart electromagnetic surveillance (say, AWACs planes sniffing  
// this is one incredible example of how connected everything EM is  

How Tiny Swiss Cellphone Chips Helped Track Global Terror Web

	'Investigators, suspicious that the call was a signal between  
terrorists, followed the trail first to one terror suspect, then to  
others, and eventually to terror cells on three continents.' .. 'What  
tied them together was a computer chip smaller than a fingernail. But  
before the investigation wound down in recent weeks, its global net  
caught dozens of suspected Qaeda members and disrupted at least three  
planned attacks in Saudi Arabia and Indonesia, according to  
counterterrorism and intelligence officials in Europe and the United  
States.' ... 'For two years, investigators now say, they were able to  
track the conversations and movements of several Qaeda leaders and  
dozens of operatives after determining that the suspects favored a  
particular brand of cellphone chip. The chips carry prepaid minutes and  
allow phone use around the world.' ... 'Cellphones have played a major  
role in the constant jousting between terrorists and intelligence  

Foreign Electronic Surveillance in the US // 7 rules...

// hardware and software security appliances...

Through the security looking glass -- The annual RSA Conference, which  
just concluded in San Francisco, is the technology industry's premier  
security event.

'This goes no further...' // via TSCM-L

	'potentially the most powerful tool for the modern spy is the mobile  

Is going all wireless a huge mistake ? // via macsurfer.com

	'However, when you begin to think about it, this situation becomes  
scary ! Now that some large companies have begun handing out poor  
quality wireless products to their employees like promotional pens,  
even the slightest exploit can have some catastrophic consequences...  
Nowadays, any employee carries some mildly confidential information  
with him : internal phone numbers, e-mail addresses -- all kinds of  
clues that can be used as a basis for some very effective social  
engineering. At the same time, they are surrounded by HotSpots, strange  
e-mail services that involve a laptop, a Bluetooth cell phone and a  
data subscription or wireless headsets...' .. 'There is no need to be a  
security expert to see all the potential issues that this wireless  
frenzy raises... In fact, the damage is already done and many big  
corporations have taken back their wireless gizmos after having  
suffered from data losses and information leaks !'

RFID blocker tags may soothe privacy fears // mounts DOS attack on RFID  

Logging on could require a swipe card // gain security, lose anonymity?

Computer viruses, worms set costly Internet record

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

Gadgeteer Hands On Review : Kill-A-Watt Electric Usage Monitor

[and] Inside the Kill A Watt // dissection with images

// wonder what would happen if every house had one of these units
// integrated with home power, just like satellite dishe add-ons.

Mitsubishi Electric Launches Stand-Alone
Photovoltaic Electricity Generation System

	'Mitsubishi Electric intends to take an active role in the  
electrification of currently non-electrified areas in countries such as  
China. The stand-alone PV system was developed with just such an  
intention in mind. Annual PV production capacity will increase to 130MW  
after 2005, and the company aims to improve the popularity of clean  
energy resources by adding a smaller sized module to the product  

U.S. oil execs rush to renew ties with Libya // via drudgereport.com

	'Industry sources and Libyan officials said representatives from  
several oil companies will begin streaming into the North African state  
over the next week. They include Amerada Hess, ConocoPhillips, Marathon  
Oil and Occidental Petroleum. All of these companies were operating in  
Libya before U.S. sanctions froze their operations in 1986.'

EM-quote: Investors Cheer Surprise Choice // .RU's crucial role in  
energy future

	'He said Fradkov would be a blow to oil and metals tycoons who enjoyed  
close ties with Kasyanov but could open the way for new reforms.  
"Fradkov is very experienced. His appointment will mean a clear shift  
away from the domination of the policy agenda by natural resource  
businesses," Lebedev said.'

Saudi Electricity Company approves new projects worth SR 5 billion

// thought there was going to be a test of using superconductive lines
// for long-distance power delivery in the near-term, also. what may be
// related is if the rights-of-way buried cable, but in vaults that were
// able to protect from EMFs if they are not doing so now. to counter
// known issues by designing and implementing better delivery systems.

To Avert Blackouts a Sag-Free Cable

	'THE electric power grid may be complex, but the way that transmission  
lines fail is simple. As the current travels through them, they heat  
up, their metal cores expand, and the lines sag. Utility companies  
monitor how much power is being sent through a line and weather  
conditions like air temperature, but if a line gets hot enough and sags  
low enough to come near the ground or vegetation, it can  
short-circuit.' ... [On composite core powerlines] 'Mr. Arrington said  
that eliminating the steel had the additional advantage of reducing  
electromagnetic fields in the cable. With its steel core surrounded by  
current-carrying wire, a standard cable is like an electromagnet. But  
since the composite core contains no metal, there is much less of an  
electromagnetic effect. That means less energy is dissipated during  
transmission, Mr. Arrington said.'

[compare to] High-Voltage Electrical Powerline cutaway...

06-- electromagnetic current & human affairs

Turn on, plug in, and then tune out -- More and more workers using
headphones to groove to music and block out workplace distractions // *

Iraq Video Dealer's Death Raises Flags

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

What Programming Language Should You Learn? // via macsurfer.com

(202) 456-1111 // telephone number of .US White House via M.Dowd, NYT

Natural ELF Whistler Radio (Part 2) // via electronics-qa list at  

	'Each single stroke can initiate a whistler. Therefore, the more  
strokes occurring within a given lightning strike, the less pure  
sounding the resulting whistler will be and the wider it will appear on  
the time display of a spectrograph or waveform analyzer....' ...  
'Longer lightning strikes may also result in a slightly less pure  
whistler tone. Some horizontal strikes have been reported to have been  
90-miles (140-km) long, while some vertical strikes were said to be  
nine miles (14-km) high. Lightning strikes with many multiple strokes  
may account for the "swish" sounds.'

// the result of a reality-tv experiment mentioned a few newsletters  

Arab 'Marriage' TV Show Ends After Sparking Furor // links via  

[and] Arab Big Brother show suspended  -- The Arabic satellite TV  
MBC has suspended its version of the reality TV show, Big Brother.

	'"This programme is a threat to Islam. This is entertainment for  
animals."' ... 'The Arab version of Big Brother, which has been renamed  
Al-Ra'is (The Boss) in Arabic,  put 12 housemates - six men and six  
women - from around the Arab world in a purpose-built house on Amwaj  
Island in Bahrain.' ... 'The show was criticised for being too  
liberal.' .. 'It ended [when one of last contestants] refused to get  

Bell System Memorial

Satellite tags to save dolphins // endangered species (150 dolphins  

	'To test the efficacy of satellite tracking on the South Island-based  
Hector's dolphins, the DOC plans to attach tiny satellite tags - two  
matchboxes in length and 50 grams in weight -to the dorsal fins of  
three dolphins.' .. 'The transmitters are attached with nylon-coated  
pins, with fasteners that are designed to eventually corrode and  
release the tag from the animal.' .. 'For the transmitter to work, it  
needs to be above water, so the trial aims to find out if the swimming  
style of New Zealand's small dolphins, which do not dive very deep but  
do not surface for long, will allow enough useful data to be  
transmitted.' ... 'For the local Maori tribe, Ngai Tahu, the plan makes  
good sense and they have given it their backing.'

Radar to stop snowploughs gouging roads

	'Radar waves at a frequency of about one gigahertz can 'see' through  
these layers, reflecting off larger rocks below and being detected on  
their return. Unfortunately, these waves, which have a wavelength of  
about 30 centimetres, offer insufficient resolution for spotting  
objects such as small rocks and tyre chains under the snow.' .. 'To get  
around this problem, the team used 'left- handed' materials as a  
focusing device. Such materials bend waves in the opposite direction to  
most lenses. This effect can be used to create a radar beam that is  
effectively narrower than the wavelength of its constituent waves.' ..  
'The result could be used to provide a full picture of objects beneath  
the snow, says Lasky, rather than simply telling plough operators that  
there is 'something' in the road up ahead. "We're not trying simply to  
see if there's something there - we want to use it as an imaging  
device," he says.'

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

Static Electricity Experiment: Bending water with a balloon

What Exactly Is A Capacitor? // photos. the future of...

// it would be great to have a cultural aspect present here, not just
// businesses and R&D arms but also for prioritizing (beyond RFIDs
// as panacea) to what sensors are and could do-- as there are a lot
// of choices that technocratic approaches will never consider, nor
// ill effects (technology can do no wrong). Design students, schools,
// ethicists, these types of representors would be crucial for balance.
// plus, it is one of the most fascinating developments in electronics.
// every industry will, it would seem, be potentially affected by these.

Wireless Sensor Technology Forum // (checks & balances needed)

	'SUMMARY: The Department of Commerce's National Telecommunications and
Information Administration (NTIA), United States Patent and Trademark
Office (USPTO), and Technology Administration (TA) will host a half-day
forum on sensor technologies, entitled ``From RFID to Smart Dust: The
Expanding Market for Wireless Sensor Technologies.'' The first panel
will address the future market for sensor technologies by examining a
variety of wireless sensor technologies, along with the current and
potential future uses by industry and government. Panelists will
include researchers, market analysts, and industry and government
users. The second panel will address public policy issues facing sensor
technologies such as spectrum use, privacy and security, and
intellectual property. Panelists will include representatives from
companies and government, as well as public policy analysts.' ..  
'DATES: The Wireless Sensor Technology Forum will be held from 9 a.m. to
1:15 p.m. on Thursday, April 1, 2004.'

Quantum Dots Deliver Photons One At A Time // NIST on 'what is a photon'

A New Step In Spintronics:
'Organic Spin Valves' Shown Feasible For New Electronic Devices

	'Shi says the field of spintronics was born in the late 1980s with the  
discovery of the "giant magnetoresistance effect." Resistance is a  
measure of how much a material resists the flow of electrical current  
or electrons. The giant magnetoresistance effect occurs when a magnetic  
field is used to align the spin of electrons in the material, inducing  
a large change in a material's resistance.' ... 'Spintronics "has  
quickly revolutionized magnetic recording technology and is going to  
revolutionize random access memory (RAM) made of semiconductors," Shi  

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

// had this idea: with the larger screens showing up as displays on
// digital photographic and video cameras, it would seem that these
// often rechargeable (energy intensive) devices may be also useful
// as portable television receivers if the chipset was small enough,
// as everything would seem to be there to support it (screen, power).

TV set which doubles up as a mirror

// it would be inspiring if ~information and ~knowledge were the focus  
// efforts, not just the plague of extending audiovisual  

Coming soon ... to a screen near you // Home <-> Portable Media Center

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

UN nuclear chief upbeat on Iran
The head of the United Nations nuclear watchdog has praised Iran's  
co-operation with global non-proliferation efforts as a "sea change".

Nuke Negotiators Try to Avoid '94 Repeat // Libya's leadership offers  
new option

	'The talks involving the Koreas, the United States, China, Japan and  
Russia ended Saturday without any breakthroughs, although negotiators  
agreed to meet again by July and to have lower-level officials work on  
the complex details of the dispute.' ... 'U.S. officials point to Libya  
as a possible role model for the North.'

// * nuclear survivor lives to tell story of the threat of nuclear  
weapons *

Japan Faces Anniversary of U.S. Nuke Test

	'On the night of March 1, 1954, the No. 5 Fukuryu-maru was trolling  
for tuna off the Bikini atoll in the Pacific.' .. 'Suddenly, fisherman  
Matashichi Oishi saw the midnight sky flash orange and a rumbling shook  
the trawler. As he and 22 other crew members rushed to the deck, tiny  
white flakes began to fall on them like snow.' .. 'An underwater  
volcano, they thought. But it was something far more destructive: an  
American hydrogen bomb.' ... 'No follow-up studies have been conducted  
on those other boats and nobody knows the total number of fishermen who  
might have been affected, says Kazuya Yasuda, curator of Tokyo's No. 5  
Fukuryu-maru Exhibition Hall, where the boat is now on display.' ..  
'The exhibit includes a crew diary and artifacts like a glass bottle of  
the "ash of death" -- radioactive flakes of coral vaporized in the  
blast -- that fell on Oishi and the rest of the crew. The exhibit was  
renovated ahead of the 50th anniversary of the Bikini bombing'.

[and] Bikini nuclear detonation as painted by Joy Garnett (1998, NYC)

India Nuke Chief Defends Atomic Security

	'Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee said last week that India  
was increasing security measures in view of the transfer of nuclear  
knowledge from Pakistan to Iran, Libya and North Korea.' ... 'At all of  
India's nuclear installations, electrified fencing and four barriers  
manned by armed guards protect critical areas, while high sensitivity  
detectors are installed along the gates, according to a top scientist,  
who spoke on condition of anonymity.' ... '"Fundamentalists, terrorists  
wanting to attack nuclear facilities -- this is something India has had  
to contend with for the last 10 to 15 years," said Gopalakrishnan, who  
returned to India last year after a research program with the Belfer  
Center at Harvard University during which he visited top American  
nuclear facilities.' .. '"The kind of terrorism the West woke up to  
since 9/11 has been known to us and has troubled us over for the last  
two decades."'

Breakthrough Mine-detection Turns Ocean Floor 'Transparent' //  

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

Decline Seen in Science Applications From Overseas // via  

Cost of Mini IPod Raises Questions // Newton's (TM) apple, again?

Energy and metals fuel Russia's hot market

Goodbye To The Chip Of The Future? // The Itanium experience...

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

Giorgione the modernist- New discoveries about a puzzling painter //  

	'What the Venetians have done is to use infra-red technology on a  
number of paintings to provide a glimpse of the layers of painting and  
drawing under the surface. Here, revealed for the first time, are the  
numerous changes made by the artist before settling on the finished  
version we see now. The drawings that have become visible are a new  
resource for students. "What has become clear with the infra-red  
discoveries," says Jaynie Anderson, the author of an influential  
monograph on the artist, "is that Giorgione was a radical modernist  
when he drew. Giorgione doodled as he worked out compositions, just  
like 20th-century artists."'

// noticed some electromagnetic jewelry...

mini-fuse necklace + earrings

Resistor Chain Necklace

Recycled Circuit Board Earrings - Black

Recycled Circuit Board Earrings - Green
Circuitry earrings are truly the jewelry for our times

Circuit Post Earrings

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