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From brian carroll <>
Date Fri, 5 Mar 2004 10:11:34 -0600
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  Hi Hans, hope you are doing well post-flood there and
  have safe travels. Thanks for your sharing this link. I
  found something for the Mac OSX and it has some
  of the things I was thinking about. Reminds me very
  much of the BBS (bulletin board systems) that, to me,
  were an effective means of communicating information
  prior to the take-off of the internet, in that there was a
  variety to functionality. I do not know much about the
  advance of the wiki-webs yet it seems to be another
  format for delivering content. There is a small program
  called VoodooPad Lite for the Mac OSX which has a
  built-in wiki option. I am thinking more in terms of an
  entire website with a wide variety of content/structure.

  There is something I read recently about why cable-
  modems and dsl possibly, allow smaller upstream
  connections (so people do not web-serve their own
  content) and it reminds me of the gap between the
  needs of information sharing versus corporations
  who own the operating systems, webhosts and the
  rest. PHP and mySQL, while obviously helpful to
  most people, could also be a complex issue if one
  is to migrate a site and the same technologies are
  not supported. Or, one cannot view content on their
  own home computer. It makes me wonder about a
  possible hardware strategy that, should 'servers'
  become easier to use for the consumer market, it
  would be great if these became a main computing
  device in which to build online sites (locally) and
  to serve these, archive these, change content on
  these, possibly without some of today's security
  and other hazards (lost data).  In that same sense
  it may be possible to make the 'desktop' the 'web'
  in that the online server is the home computer,
  though probably segmented out/quarantined, yet
  it would change the online landscape, potentially,
  with addressing and mailserving and the rest. If,
  a consumer-friendly server is even possible today.

  Not sure such an application (desktop to web, though
  still in HTML/XML) is possible, in an integrated sense.
  It would be like having 'office' applications for the web.

  Thanks for writing Hans, I will keep looking into this.


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