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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #82

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (2/05/2004)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary--

Energy. Energy and duck shooting. Reminiscent of
an Enron commercial during the 2000 election night,
with a corporate person getting shot just like a
toy duck at a state fair shooting gallery. Ironic
that VP Cheney and Justice Scalia's trip, like so
many others, is habitually the shooting of ducks.
As said by news media, maybe this sends 'a signal'.

01) --top stories--

Experts Worry Terrorists Have Nuke Plans // until the last gram...

	'"If the black market could transfer technology from Europe to  
Pakistan in spite of all these sanctions and embargoes, that same black  
market of smugglers can also pass on materials from this lab to  
terrorist groups," said A.H. Nayyar, a nuclear physicist and head of  
the Pakistan Peace Coalition. "The possibility exists and needs to be  
investigated thoroughly."' ... 'The acquisition of weapons designs,  
however, would make it far easier for terrorists to make a workable  
bomb, said David Albright, head of the Institute for Science and  
International Security in Washington.' ... 'And if a terror group was  
able to obtain highly enriched uranium -- anywhere from about 110 to  
220 pounds -- it could possibly build a bomb similar in design to that  
used on Hiroshima, Japan, at the end of World War II, experts said.'  
... '"It's not something that you or I could do in our backyards, but  
it's relatively easy," Samore said.'

// have seen this trip referred to as happening in South Louisiana,
// and California and Texas, in various accounts. Lousiana just so
// happens to be where Billy Tauzin, House Committee on Energy just
// resigned (story below in 'energy' section) ... could he have also
// been one of those on the hunting trip-- he represents the state.
// it is also a short distance from Halliburton HQ some have said...
// And former Sen. Gramm arriving out of nowhere is also interesting.

Scalia Was Cheney Hunt Trip Guest; Ethics Concern Grows // via drudge

	'Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia traveled as an official guest of  
Vice President Dick Cheney on a small government jet that served as Air  
Force Two when the pair came here last month to hunt ducks.' ...  
'According to those who met them at the small airstrip here, the  
justice and the vice president flew from Washington on Jan. 5 and were  
accompanied by a second, backup Air Force jet that carried staff and  
security aides to the vice president.' ... 'Two military Black Hawk  
helicopters were brought in and hovered nearby as Cheney and Scalia  
were whisked away in a heavily guarded motorcade to a secluded, private  
hunting camp owned by an oil industry businessman.' ... 'In south  
Louisiana — the state bills itself as the "Sportsman's Paradise" — the  
Cheney-Scalia trip drew the attention of local officials because of the  
unusual security precautions.' ... '... Secret Service agents were  
there in November to study security plans for the upcoming trip. They  
returned for a second trip around the Christmas holidays...' ... 'on  
the morning of Jan. 5, a large security contingent was in place — two  
Black Hawk air combat rescue helicopters, a line of armored sport  
utility vehicles and a ring of federal agents and sheriff's deputies  
who set up a security perimeter. The area was declared a no-fly zone  
for other aircraft.'

+ Pheasant hunt dogs Cheney // Scalia. Then G.H.W.Bush & James Baker?

	'It wasn't long before Cheney headed to Falfurrias himself. On Jan.  
16, he - along with George H.W. Bush and U.S. Special Envoy James Baker  
3rd - hunted for several days on a 50,000-acre ranch owned by former  
ambassador Anne Armstrong and her husband, Tobin.' ... 'This was a few  
days after Cheney and Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia went duck  
hunting in Louisiana - three weeks after the Supreme Court agreed to  
hear Cheney's appeal in the battle over his controversial energy task  

Movement from nothing // virtual photons, and aetheric wind..?
Empty space can set objects in motion, a physicist claims.

	'Feigel draws on the well-established notion that empty space does  
contain a little bit of energy. This 'vacuum energy' is a consequence  
of the uncertainty principle — one of the cornerstones of quantum  
mechanics.' ... 'Because of the uncertainty principle, subatomic  
particles or photons can appear spontaneously in empty space - provided  
that they promptly vanish again. This constant production and  
destruction of 'virtual particles' in a vacuum imbues the vacuum with a  
small amount of energy.' ... 'He started with the fact that electrical  
and magnetic forces between objects are mediated by photons that flit  
between them. So an object placed in strong electric and magnetic  
fields can be considered to be immersed in a sea of these transitory,  
virtual photons.'


	'Nikola Tesla used ancient Sanskrit terminology in his descriptions of  
natural phenomena. As early as 1891 Tesla described the universe as a  
kinetic system filled with energy which could be harnessed at any  
location. His concepts during the following years were greatly  
influenced by the teachings of Swami Vivekananda. Swami Vivekananda was  
the first of a succession of eastern yogi's who brought Vedic  
philosophy and religion to the west. After meeting the Swami and after  
continued study of the Eastern view of the mechanisms driving the  
material world, Tesla began using the Sanskrit words Akasha, Prana, and  
the concept of a luminiferous ether to describe the source, existence  
and construction of matter. This paper will trace the development of  
Tesla's understanding of Vedic Science, his correspondence with Lord  
Kelvin concerning these matters, and the relation between Tesla and  
Walter Russell and other turn of the century scientists concerning  
advanced understanding of physics. Finally, after being obscured for  
many years, the author will give a description of what he believes is  
the the pre-requisite for the free energy systems envisioned by Tesla.'

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

Extrasolar Planet's Atmosphere Blows Away // can't be good...

[and] Oxygen seen streaming off exoplanet // blow-off escape velocity

	'But despite their greater distances, Earth and Venus may have lost  
their original atmospheres to blow-off because of their much smaller  
masses. Impacts from asteroids and comets, as well as gas exhaled from  
the planets' interiors, may have regenerated the atmospheres.'

Nanotech spy eyes life inside the cell

Migraines Linked to Brain Lesions // migraines are electrical events.

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

Controversy Erupts over Apple Safari Update // emulative.

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

Tracking kids 24/7: Using high-tech products, parents can
instantly find out where a child is or what he's doing on the
computer. But what does this do to the parent-child relationship?

Internet engineers planning assault on spam

	'A crucial aspect of the techniques being considered is that they can  
be applied without requiring any change to SMTP and the thousands of  
email servers that use the protocol - that would be a huge and  
expensive task.'

Can Apple Keep the Worms Out?
Mac owners have long boasted of their immunity to viruses.
But with Unix-based OS X, it's a whole new ball game

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

// for what it is worth: Graham left .gov during Enron fall-out.

Texas oil-field veteran's hat in ring
Lobbying brisk to get top energy panel post

	'Barton, a former oil-patch engineer who championed the White House's  
stalled energy bill, serves as chairman of the House  Subcommittee on  
Energy & Air Quality.' ... 'Barton earned a degree in industrial  
engineering from Texas A&M and then a master's in industrial  
administration from Purdue  University.' ... 'In the early 1980s,  
Barton served as an aide to then-Energy Secretary James Edwards. He  
later returned to Texas to work as a natural  gas consultant for Arco.'  
... 'In 1985, Barton joined fellow Texans DeLay and former House  
Majority Leader Dick Armey in the House's freshman class.' ... 'Barton  
took the House seat once held by former Texas Sen. Phil Gramm and was  
long viewed as a Gramm protégé.' ... 'On Wednesday afternoon, Barton  
received a visit from his one-time mentor.' ... '"I'm just visiting my  
old friend and congressman," Gramm said.'

// cannot quite fathom this story shared by William Safire of the
// New York Times. it could be resent to the list yet it is one
// of those stories that might put things over the edge for some,
// though it goes into much more detail about how things EM-based
// are at the center of a lot of agendas, including espionage. As
// one of the many reincarnated and rebranded Nixonians, others of
// which are spreading FUD all around the planet concurrently, it
// is unknown how to process something decades prior which likely
// still is one of the 'ways things work' or are made not to, in
// the land of electromagnetism. This storytelling gives 'planned'
// obsolescence a new and much more dangerous meaning, in that it
// may not be limited to military gear that is made to go haywire,
// nor even non-nuclear materials. Imagine if a mis-design is to
// given for a nuclear warhead, and it just suddenly 'explodes'?
// how to explain something like that kind of event in fair-game
// rules? It was hard to disassociate other issues, such as the
// 'exploding cellphone battery' and other instances "the great
// electrolytic capacitor scare of 2004" as potentials for such
// electrotechnical warfare, with consumers as the casualties, if
// so. Or, say, missile silos, submarines, spacecraft, on and on.
// Morality is not a mission critical issue for technology and
// its glorification, it can go on autopilot, and is even trusted
// for its inherent goodness it seems, or unbiased objectivity.
// This is far from the functioning and design of things by the
// hands and minds of humans, which may have other intentions or
// not value certain principles. So- what if a nuclear bomb just
// 'went off' by itself, due to some sneaky custom mal-chipset?
// there's no 'winning' side of this, nor is such a now 'open'
// secret anything to brag about-- instead it indicates how
// much more dangerous the world is, EM-related, and by those
// supposed guardians of this new order of things. Unethical
// though things may be, there may also be a misguided malaise
// brought about by overconfidence in the separation of realms
// technological, social, political. Deeds do not go unpunished.
// And, by entering rogue code into public networks could bode
// ill for all things electromagnetic- that 'hidden' purposes or
// functions could exist, and even be extremely reckless in design.
// the Cold War is not over, nor was ever over, without a peace
// and a respect to replace it. This is not it, and it is scary...

The Farewell Dossier // EM subterfuge and geopolitics. incredible.

	'Intelligence shortcomings, as we see, have a thousand fathers; secret  
intelligence triumphs are orphans. Here is the unremarked story of "the  
Farewell dossier": how a C.I.A. campaign of computer sabotage resulting  
in a huge explosion in Siberia — all engineered by a mild- mannered  
economist named Gus Weiss — helped us win the cold war.'

[&] Teen hacker triggered nuclear terrorism alert // drudgereport.com

U.S. Army Engineer Rides Iraq's Oil Range

	'Col. Bobby Nicholson's job  securing a major part of Iraq's oil  
infrastructure is a lot  like running a sprawling Texas ranch.' ...  
'The Army engineer has to watch out for predators, hire  workers and  
like the U.S. ranchers of old -- who drove herds of  cattle across  
miles of hostile lands to sell at auction -- make  sure every barrel of  
oil makes it to market from an area in  which sabotage remains a  
constant worry.' ... 'Nicholson told Reuters that restoration work was  
already  producing results with a fairer distribution of energy   
resources to all Iraqis. Under Saddam Hussein, energy was  parceled out  
to those who were in favor and withheld from those  who were not.' ...  
'Working through area sheikhs, Nicholson has even hired  local tribes  
to watch the pipelines and power lines. That is a  page taken straight  
from Saddam and Iraq's colonial history  under the British.'

China Vows Force to Open Oil Shipping Lanes

	'According to a report in the state-owned Wen Wei Po newspaper, Zhang  
Yuncheng, a specialist in the government-run Institute of Contemporary  
International Relations, said China would face an energy crisis if its  
oil shipping lanes were attacked.'

When Blade Meets Bat:  Unexpected bat kills threaten future wind farms

Department of Energy: Office of Intelligence // 2005 fades to black

Bush Budget Calls for Oil Drilling in Alaska Refuge

Gas on Ice -- New hope for extracting natural gas from solid
formations adds a hopeful ingredient to the energy future.

	'Hydrate forms when gas, usually methane, mixes with water under just  
the right temperature and pressure conditions. A lattice-work of frozen  
water molecules encases each molecule of the gas, creating a flammable,  
ice-like substance.'

Western Kazakhstan Oil Pipeline Ruptures

2 oil giants in Russia set rules in demerger

	'The deal between Yukos and Sibneft, Russia's No. 1 and No. 3 oil  
producers, respectively, broke down after the arrest on Oct. 25 of  
Yukos's former chief Mikhail Khodorkovsky.' ... 'Significantly, agents  
for Khodorkovsky and the magnate Roman Abramovich - and not the two oil  
companies - signed the protocol.'

How Stars Work -

Oil & Gas 1999-2003 from Ethicalquote.org // via ae-l

06-- electromagnetic current & human affairs

US father names son 'Version 2.0'

	'Jon Blake Cusack, from Holland, Michigan, told local newspapers the  
US practice of adding "Junior" or "II" after a boy's name was too  
common.' ... 'So, when his son was born last week, he decided on the  
name Jon Blake Cusack 2.0, as if he were a software upgrade.'

Bush, Blair, Among Peace Prize Nominees // WMD or no WMD...

EM-related quote from: Purity of the Powells by Maureen Dowd

	'... The F.C.C. asked CBS for a Super Bowl halftime tape to determine  
whether standards were violated. What, the F.C.C. can't pop for a TiVo?  

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

Sounds inside the womb revealed

	'The researchers made the recordings by removing a sheep fetus from  
the womb and inserting tiny electrodes into its inner ear. The implants  
picked up the electrical signals generated in the ear in response to  
sound. The team then returned the fetus to the womb and played it human  
speech through a loudspeaker next to its mother's body.'

ZDyke 'forced out' by BBC governors

Fury at India phone card ban

Row over GPS jamming still divides US and Europe

Moon mission will 'talk' to web surfers

	'California-based company TransOrbital has signed a deal with US  
computer manufacturer Hewlett-Packard to allow internet users to  
contact its craft, Trailblazer, as it travels through space.' ...  
'Trailblazer will be equipped with a computer built by Hewlett-Packard  
that will receive messages sent via a website back on Earth. It will  
then send a brief acknowledgement to indicate that the message was  

Reverse ventriloquism: // ears are eyes...
We can be tricked into trusting our ears over our eyes.

New Middle East television network planned

	'The president also said the United States next week will launch a new  
Middle East television network called "Alhurra," which is Arabic for  
"the free one."' ... '"Through all these efforts, we are telling the  
people in the Middle East the truth about the values and the policies  
of the United States, and the truth always serves the cause of  
freedom," Bush said.'

Plug in to broadband-- Why wait for fast internet connection via
a phone line or cable when your home's electrical wiring could do
the job? Michael Pollitt investigates the potential (and the
pitfalls) of internet via the mains // via macsurfer.com

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

NASA works to resolve bug that threatens twin Mars rovers // reformat

Smart cellphone antennas boost coverage

Modern alchemists make two new elements // chemistry in 1.2 seconds
Heavy elements approach fabled 'island of stability'.

	'Uranium, the heaviest element found in nature, has an atomic number  
of 92, meaning it has 92 protons in its nucleus. Atoms bigger than this  
are more likely to break apart spontaneously in radioactive decay,  
because the strong nuclear force that holds protons and neutrons  
together gets weaker as more particles jostle for space at the core of  
the atom. Also, protons have a positive charge and the more there are  
the greater the strain on the nucleus due to the repulsion between  
them. Eventually the nucleus shatters, spraying out smaller, more  
stable atoms.' ... 'But physicists have predicted ‘islands of  
stability’ at atomic numbers 114, 120 and/or 126, where the protons and  
neutrons might be able to jostle themselves into a shape that minimises  
contact between the protons. That would allow the nucleus to hang  
together for much longer than its neighbours in the periodic table.  
Creating such elements may give scientists access to unusual and  
exciting chemistry.'

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

World's Smallest Bible // PermaFiche

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

// quite interesting reading. one would presume, also, that
// such intelligence would improve public diplomacy as a tool
// for engaging these complex issues and not just warfaring...

EM-quote from: Speech of CIA Director George Tenet

	'My provisional bottom line today: Saddam did not have a nuclear  
weapon, he still wanted one, and Iraq intended to reconstitute a  
nuclear program at some point.' ... 'We have not yet found clear  
evidence that the dual-use items Iraq sought were for nuclear  
reconstitution. We do not yet know if any reconstitution efforts had  
begun. But we may have overestimated the progress Saddam was making.'  
... 'One final spy story. Last year in my annual worldwide threat  
testimony before Congress in open session, I talked about the emerging  
threat from private proliferators, especially nuclear brokers...' ...  
'Working with our British colleagues, we pieced together the picture of  
the network, revealing its subsidiaries, its scientists, its front  
companies, its agents, its finances and manufacturing plants on three  
continents. Our spies penetrated the network through a series of daring  
operations over several years.' ... 'Through this unrelenting effort,  
we confirmed the network was delivering such things as illicit uranium  
enrichment centrifuges. And ... we stopped deliveries of prohibited  

// saw a TV news item on the importance of achieving a nuclear
// state for .pk, which is not that different than how the .US
// and it is imagined, others, also document these historical
// transformation (the first nuclear pile reaction, in il.us,
// prior to making the first bomb)... in any case, detonations
// in .pk apparently happened in a mountain of some kind and
// a fiberglass replica of this mountain exists in center city.

Scientist 'admits' selling nuclear secrets-- Pakistani officials
say the country's top nuclear scientist has admitted to leaking
nuclear secrets to groups working for Iran, Libya and North Korea.

[and] Warhead Blueprints Link Libya Project to Pakistan Figure

[and] Dr. Qadeer Khan's Unbelievable Admission

	'Regarding to his meet with Musharraf, Qadeer said, “The president was  
extremely kind and understanding. We discussed this ongoing affair --  
international campaign against Pakistan about nuclear matters. I  
explained to him all the things. I gave him the background, what was  
happening, what had happened. He appreciated the frankness with which I  
gave him the details. He will discuss with the Cabinet, with the prime  
minister and other colleagues and then he will take a decision how to  
proceed about it -- how to close this matter."' ... 'The credit goes to  
Pakistan for aggressively getting to the bottom of the issue and in  
reassuring the international community that it is a responsible nuclear  

EM-quote: Sharon considering calling referendum as Al Aqsa Brigade
officials consider ''withdrawal plans'' as Palestinian victory

	''For their part, Israel's security services claim Abu Hamdan last  
month tried to penetrate into Israel a Palestinian suicide bomber, a  
resident of the Askar refugee camp, who according to the Israelis,  
carried with him an explosive device hidden in a computer.'

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

The fire next time // Sony Electronics Q & A (vs Apple's audiovisuals)

	'We're seeing this more and more, as consumer electronics companies  
are gradually shifting emphasis from audio and video technologies to  
information technology, and this is definitely the way we have to move  
in order to stay ahead.'

// no competition with China? complexity beyond true-belief marcom.biz

Size Matters : Nanotech? Check. Molecular medicine? Got it. GE's Jeff  
Immelt is building the future, one billion-dollar business at a time.

	'How would you like to have Thomas Edison and Jack Welch as your  
warm-up acts? Four days before 9/11, Jeff Immelt took the wheel of the  
global empire of media properties, financial services, consumer  
electronics, and jet engines collectively known as General Electric.  
Today, the 47-year-old CEO is betting billions of dollars on everything  
from nuclear energy to the next Friends . As helicopters whirled in and  
out of GE headquarters in Fairfield, Connecticut, Immelt talked about  
China, wind power, and why he won't listen to John Doerr.'

[and] Citibank Launches Credit Card for Chinese

	'As China slowly loosens restrictions on foreign banks, local banks  
are joining with foreign partners to boost competitiveness by upgrading  
their products, management and technology.'

[and] China becomes NO.1 TV, cell phone, monitor producer

	'Facing rapid progress in this regard, high-ranking officials and  
researchers have remained level-headed.' ... 'They said that domestic  
firms should step up their innovations to earn advantages in  
intellectual property, while integrating themselves with advanced   
technologies and overseas capital.' ... 'Science and Technology  
Vice-Minister Deng Nan said local companies will be at a disadvantage  
if they do not devote more efforts to research and development.' ...  
'"Two-thirds of high-tech patents and inventions were registered by  
foreign companies last year," Deng said.' ... 'She also called on  
domestic high-tech firms to intensify the integration of financing for  
science and technology, and to improve the environment for investment  
and financing.'

Sony to invest in gadget chips

// a different observation about Apple's strategy that has been
// of curiosity. a strategy of 'computers' or more specifically,
// (x-) servers as DIY supercomputers, and successful media pod
// devices, while the traditional PC or 'hub' is stalled within
// an entertainment context (audiovisual media, not information
// for ideas but communication of ideas). what seems strange is
// that simple programs such as e-mail are being forgotten and
// no innovation is occuring with web browsers, databases for
// developing data-based content in some extricable archival
// format (that is, information can be used into the future, it
// is not locked in old software, old protocols, old processors).
// computer security, stability, longevity, interface design,
// information design and structure, interoperability of formats,
// such things come down to an music player format war between
// betamax and vhs, or between itunes and wma files, and every-
// thing else with personal computing, possibly, is left behind...

Apple Defends Its iLife:   Apple Computer may have finally found a
market niche it can dominate. But can it become the newest consumer
electronics giant? Tim Beyers thinks that while the long-term outlook
may be uncertain, the short term at least is looking pretty healthy.

'A New Kind of Workforce' Emerges // via macsurfer.com

[and] Tech Hiring: No Longer an Oxymoron
The worst of times seems to be over as an uptick in IT spending
spurs recruitment, especially for the experienced and the versatile

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

// in the .US 'masterpiece theater' was funded by an oil company
// who may have now stopped their funding of it this past year.
// the role of EM power, media, and technology companies can
// often be seen in the branding of stadiums (eg. Enron Field).

EM-quote: Fabergé Collection Bought by Russian for a Return Home

	'Mr. Vekselberg is the fourth richest man in Russia, according to  
Forbes Magazine, with a fortune estimated at $2.5 billion. He is the  
chairman of the Tyumen Oil Company and Siberian-Urals Aluminum.'

Database of Virtual Art

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