~e; on EM sabotage by design

From human being <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Tue, 3 Feb 2004 16:17:53 -0600

// cannot quite fathom this story shared by William Safire of the
// New York Times. it could be resent to the list yet it is one
// of those stories that might put things over the edge for some,
// though it goes into much more detail about how things EM-based
// are at the center of a lot of agendas, including espionage. As
// one of the many reincarnated and rebranded Nixonians, others of
// which are spreading FUD all around the planet concurrently, it
// is unknown how to process something decades prior which likely
// still is one of the 'ways things work' or are made not to, in
// the land of electromagnetism. This storytelling gives 'planned'
// obsolescence a new and much more dangerous meaning, in that it
// may not be limited to military gear that is made to go haywire,
// nor even non-nuclear materials. Imagine if a mis-design is to
// given for a nuclear warhead, and it just suddenly 'explodes'?
// how to explain something like that kind of event in fair-game
// rules? It was hard to disassociate other issues, such as the
// 'exploding cellphone battery' and other instances "the great
// electrolytic capacitor scare of 2004" as potentials for such
// electrotechnical warfare, with consumers as the casualties, if
// so. Or, say, missile silos, submarines, spacecraft, on and on.
// Morality is not a mission critical issue for technology and
// its glorification, it can go on autopilot, and is even trusted
// for its inherent goodness it seems, or unbiased objectivity.
// This is far from the functioning and design of things by the
// hands and minds of humans, which may have other intentions or
// not value certain principles. So- what if a nuclear bomb just
// 'went off' by itself, due to some sneaky custom mal-chipset?
// there's no 'winning' side of this, nor is such a now 'open'
// secret anything to brag about-- instead it indicates how
// much more dangerous the world is, EM-related, and by those
// supposed guardians of this new order of things. Unethical
// though things may be, there may also be a misguided malaise
// brought about by overconfidence in the separation of realms
// technological, social, political. Deeds do not go unpunished.
// And, by entering rogue code into public networks could bode
// ill for all things electromagnetic- that 'hidden' purposes or
// functions could exist, and even be extremely reckless in design.
// the Cold War is not over, nor was ever over, without a peace
// and a respect to replace it. This is not it, and it is scary... What
// if the .US spaceshuttle went down for similar reasons? Is this
// something to triumph in? Genie is out of the bottle as a result.

The Farewell Dossier // EM subterfuge and geopolitics. incredible.

	'Intelligence shortcomings, as we see, have a thousand fathers; secret 
intelligence triumphs are orphans. Here is the unremarked story of "the 
Farewell dossier": how a C.I.A. campaign of computer sabotage resulting 
in a huge explosion in Siberia  all engineered by a mild- mannered 
economist named Gus Weiss  helped us win the cold war.'
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