~e; VP Cheney and current EM events

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Date Fri, 6 Feb 2004 12:24:34 -0600

Apparently no news organizations are republishing
this story, yet it is very important to all current news
events and also is very related to electromagnetism
in its cultural role- from issues of war, to strategies to
control natural resource, to businesses related to the
industries and how they interface in the world, to who
is represented by governments and how they operate,
to threats to peoples, through these same forces, with
WMD, weaponry, forged documents about Uranium,
then the role of media in the outing of covert agents,
to the .US energy task force and its being stalled in
the (supreme) court, who just happens to be seen on
an unofficial duck hunt with the Judge of the case
using Airforce 2, to a residency in nuclear bunker...
here are a few important quotes, a must-read report:

The day Cheney was rocked to the core
By Jim Lobe

	'While Tenet didn't say anything explicitly about Cheney, he certainly 
didn't do much to dispel the increasingly strong impression in 
Washington ... that, of all of Bush's senior advisers, Cheney and his 
staff worked hardest to hype what the intelligence community was saying 
about the threat posed by Saddam Hussein's alleged weapons of mass 
destruction programs.' ... 'While the intelligence community had 
concluded that Saddam wanted nuclear weapons, Tenet declared, it also 
made clear as of late 2002 that Saddam had none, and that he probably 
would not have been able to make one until some time between 2007 and 
2009, at the earliest.' ... 'That assertion, of course, raises a major 
question. If the intelligence community agreed that Saddam had no 
nuclear weapons, where did Cheney get the information that would 
substantiate his statement on the very day that the US launched its 
invasion last March: "And we believe he has, in fact, reconstituted 
nuclear weapons."' ... 'The answer, according to Democratic members of 
the Congressional intelligence committees, who have become increasingly 
outspoken in recent days, is that Cheney and his staff had an 
independent source of "intelligence" outside the formal intelligence 
community.' ... 'In the legal profession, Tenet's reply ["the rest of 
it, I don't know."] is called a negative pregnant, an apparent denial 
that suggests that further questioning may be fruitful....' ... 'But if 
Cheney felt displeased by Tenet's performance, things only got worse - 
much worse - later in the afternoon.....' [outing of CIA officer 
Valerie Plame by staff, possibly Cheney himself, during time of forged 
Uranium docs...]

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