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From Howard Coffman <howard@fuelcell-info.com>
Date Tue, 13 Jan 2004 09:16:15 -0500
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>having heard of the recent developments with
>former Secretary of Commerce Paul O'Neill, in
>print and on televised interview on 60 minutes,
>it was interesting to see reference to the maps
>of oilfields and energy companies related to
>the economics of middle-east natural resources.
>first thought was: this is old news. then today a
>word has come through the press that there is
>going to be a government/treasury 'probe' into
>how the secret documents could get out and
>be put on TV (with 'SECRET' spelled out in
>big red type on them, it seemed to be)... all
>very odd, commentators said, in relation to
>all the things that could be looked into, that
>a challenge to a tightly-managed perception
>mechanism would get this response, instead
>of outing of a CIA officer, for instance, or of
>forged documents leading to war and death
>of tens of thousands (it is guessed). what is
>of great interest is that the following story is
>just breaking -- that these documents to be
>probed are not from the national security
>sector, but from the .US Energy Task Force!
>This would mean-- in the government's own
>words-- that they will need to probe how the
>document got out-- and specifically, what it
>is that got out-- in relation to justification for
>war, related to oilfields and Iraq, pre-9/11.
>one may believe this is just politicizing of an
>event, yet if one considers connecting dots
>from years of this, on list, it would mean that
>if these documents are indeed from the .US
>Energy Task Force, and are to be 'probed'
>that it is important to know how documents
>such as this can be held in 'secret' when,
>issues related to energy policy including
>but not limited to war, pollution, weapons,
>etc. are also related across the policy board.
>'Secret' O'Neill document not from Pentagon
>   Author of anti-Bush book claimed papers reveal pre-9/11 
>Iraq plan
>'The document is not from the Pentagon, however, says
>an adjunct scholar at the American Enterprise Institute,
>was "part 
>of the Energy Project that was the focus of Vice President 
>Cheney's attention before the 9-11 strikes."' ... '"The 
>document has 
>nothing to do with post-war Iraq," Mylroie said, however,
>dispatch. "It was part of a study of global oil supplies."' 
>'Meanwhile, the U.S. Treasury Department has asked the U.S. 
>general's office to investigate O'Neill's possession of the 
>because it could be classified.'
>This is big news, and very brave of O'Neill
>for bringing the war in Iraq in relation to
>the still secret .US energy task force run
>out of Enron's bunker by VP Dick Cheney.
>YES, there needs to be a probe of this
>strange relationship by the .US government.
>How in the world would these documents
>for pre-war plans be in .US energy policy?
>Oh, already have that answer: James Baker
>handed them to Sec. of Commerce Don Evans,
>by his own word, for the .US Energy Task Force.
>All are involved in the oil business by the way.
>An interesting piece of news, for what it's worth.
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