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From human being <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Tue, 13 Jan 2004 01:10:24 -0600

having heard of the recent developments with
former Secretary of Commerce Paul O'Neill, in
print and on televised interview on 60 minutes,
it was interesting to see reference to the maps
of oilfields and energy companies related to
the economics of middle-east natural resources.
first thought was: this is old news. then today a
word has come through the press that there is
going to be a government/treasury 'probe' into
how the secret documents could get out and
be put on TV (with 'SECRET' spelled out in
big red type on them, it seemed to be)... all
very odd, commentators said, in relation to
all the things that could be looked into, that
a challenge to a tightly-managed perception
mechanism would get this response, instead
of outing of a CIA officer, for instance, or of
forged documents leading to war and death
of tens of thousands (it is guessed). what is
of great interest is that the following story is
just breaking -- that these documents to be
probed are not from the national security
sector, but from the .US Energy Task Force!

This would mean-- in the government's own
words-- that they will need to probe how the
document got out-- and specifically, what it
is that got out-- in relation to justification for
war, related to oilfields and Iraq, pre-9/11.
one may believe this is just politicizing of an
event, yet if one considers connecting dots
from years of this, on list, it would mean that
if these documents are indeed from the .US
Energy Task Force, and are to be 'probed'
that it is important to know how documents
such as this can be held in 'secret' when,
issues related to energy policy including
but not limited to war, pollution, weapons,
etc. are also related across the policy board.

'Secret' O'Neill document not from Pentagon
   Author of anti-Bush book claimed papers reveal pre-9/11 Iraq plan

'The document is not from the Pentagon, however, says Laurie Mylroie, 
an adjunct scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, but was "part 
of the Energy Project that was the focus of Vice President Dick 
Cheney's attention before the 9-11 strikes."' ... '"The document has 
nothing to do with post-war Iraq," Mylroie said, however, in a 
dispatch. "It was part of a study of global oil supplies."' ... 
'Meanwhile, the U.S. Treasury Department has asked the U.S. inspector 
general's office to investigate O'Neill's possession of the document 
because it could be classified.'

This is big news, and very brave of O'Neill
for bringing the war in Iraq in relation to
the still secret .US energy task force run
out of Enron's bunker by VP Dick Cheney.
YES, there needs to be a probe of this
strange relationship by the .US government.
How in the world would these documents
for pre-war plans be in .US energy policy?
Oh, already have that answer: James Baker
handed them to Sec. of Commerce Don Evans,
by his own word, for the .US Energy Task Force.
All are involved in the oil business by the way.
An interesting piece of news, for what it's worth.

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