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<< [I have been trying to figure out how to visualize EMFs
in several conditions (floor, wall, empty space) and am
running into a conceptual dead-end. A long time ago I
had wanted to make a movie of a TV set or even take
photographs of various electrical installations (pad-
mounted transformers, powerlines, a substation which
sends its fields easily across the street at a high-rate)
and to 'make waves' visible using a video-editor to
overlay an animated graphic of undulating fields, tho
they are complex and at right angles, so it would need
to be like a sketch, but it is always relying on mediation
through technologies,  >>

hi there
i know of a researcher/artist whose work might interest you in this area. his 
name is maarten van volsem (and i think he's studying in newcastle right now 
on a ph.d.)  we worked on a project together ('optical poetics') where maarten 
and a co-collaborator (artist/sci) uwi pongs worked on creating a new camera 
which would capture/image the [visual]wave lengths, therewith capturing and/or 
framing  'speed/time' as speed-time-waves, where the 'frame' of the image was 
limited or bounded by the multiplicity of wavelengths rather than by 
conventional photographic framing.  i'm not certain if you would be interested in his 
work, but it might be useful to contact him or uwe.   and/or
kind regards
johnny g.

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