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  Hi Johnny, this sounds like an incredible project and
  I wonder if it was successful, if it was a prototype, and
  what issues were encountered. An e-mail will be sent
  to the contacts you list, requesting more information. It
  is hoped that a database will be in the future of this site
  so that these (art-science-technology) works are made
  accessible to other researchers in both public & private
  sectors. The only way I can conceive of what you have
  described is like having a UV or IR filter on a camera,
  and seeing these patterns by color. What is difficult to
  imagine is seeing actual electromagnetic waves, and-
  or, fleeting particles (if they could be seen, besides a
  cloud-chamber system). Would a typical room in a city
  be inundated with waves, almost like spider-webs all
  over the place? And, would these be vibrating, changing
  direction, coming in and out of existence, would data and
  other signals be seen in the waves- it is almost like making
  a camera that would be able to measure an environment
  at a distance, like a laser-based thermometer. In addition,
  it would seem that an oscilloscope-like visualization of
  each separate waveform would need to be captured.
  Though I am not sure even an AWACs military plane
  could do, as a real-time visualization, and so it would
  seem that some form of representation of EMFs could
be captured by video, though to get the EMFs (and the
electric and magnetic waves themselves as dimensional
objects, might require sensors placed out in the space.
There are firms who study EMFs in relation to space
  and materials, yet even their works are very focused
  it would seem, not so much environmental as specific.
  Offhand I do not know the names of the firms, yet know
  they exist and have seen their (software) visualizations.
  It is also wondered if, possibly, it would take something
  like bringing a sealed room to a specific environment,
  with a certain wavelength of light, temperature, material
  and then these EMFs would reveal themselves in a
  way that is 'in situ' and in 4+ dimensions. All fascinating,
  thanks for sharing, I am considering using YARN. ha!

  *then also, there is the spectrometer, which could be
  another way to visualize, if placed on a video camera
  and if it could somehow capture certain kinds of data.

On Sunday, October 5, 2003, at 06:17  AM, wrote:
> hi there
> i know of a researcher/artist whose work might interest you in this 
> area. his
> name is maarten van volsem (and i think he's studying in newcastle 
> right now
> on a ph.d.)  we worked on a project together ('optical poetics') where 
> maarten
> and a co-collaborator (artist/sci) uwi pongs worked on creating a new 
> camera
> which would capture/image the [visual]wave lengths, therewith 
> capturing and/or
> framing  'speed/time' as speed-time-waves, where the 'frame' of the 
> image was
> limited or bounded by the multiplicity of wavelengths rather than by
> conventional photographic framing.  i'm not certain if you would be 
> interested in his
> work, but it might be useful to contact him or uwe.
>   and/or
> kind regards
> johnny g.

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